18WT 000: Meet Your Host!

August 02, 2019 - Patrick Heller

   An introduction to the man behind the mic, your podcast host, this is the background of one man who lives two stories south of hell and is living his dream or a version of it! Hear him Bitch about it, Talk about it and tell you how he came to live in Phoenix, and to drive that 18-wheeler the last 25+ years. This is his story, of life behind a wheelbarrow, welding and finally "Living the Dream" of life on the road. His chosen path has led him cross country, hauling many loads with little sleep and seen the regulations change over the years. Join him as he shows how he overcame challenges and talks to others and Bitches about it and Talks about it together. 


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The music used in the show is by the Agape Blues Company whose music includes many original songs, Christian hymns and contemporary worship songs played in a blues style, as well as traditional blues music with Christian lyrics. They use both homemade and traditional instruments in creating our unique sound. You can find info about the group here. A future podcast(s) will feature Scott Heller- vocals and cigar box guitarist from the group.