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18WT 022:  To Mask Or Not To Mask!

May 31, 2021 Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

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18WT 022:  The show starts out with bunny ears as Janet distracts Patrick from his beginning monologue and thanking people. Episode twenty-two is not why Janet does Bunny ears, she is totally distracted today and a bit off left field. Patrick has his hands full.

Patrick continues to tease Janet about drinking her tea in a large tea cup with her pinky up. They tried a new program for transcribing, and it didn’t work. It froze the frame, and this led to a lot of laughter. They continue to discuss a blooper real and a behind the scenes real using the go pro that Janet forgot they had. They discuss placing it and more laughter ensues as they talk about the batteries they ordered and how they came in a box that was way too large.   They had to have a box large enough for the label. Patrick hopes that by the 25th episode they will have a behind the scenes show. Janet says lets do a bonus show instead, Patrick agrees.

Janet brings up the drawing and hopes everyone has received their cup and t-shirt that was shipped out to the winners! And with that they start the show, finally!

Janet wants to talk about masks. Patrick talks about anti-maskers, stores still requiring masks and that it is not being enforced. A good example they say is they were in Walmart. They still have a person at the door making sure that everyone has a mask on. Then fifty foot inside the door people taking them off. They saw an employee ask someone to put their mask back on and they guy just said no. The employee could not enforce it and had to walk away. Patrick brings up security and where are they. Janet responds that they are in plain clothes and there for shop lifters not people wearing masks.

In their area, you are not required to wear a mask indoors or outdoors if you have had both shots and are two weeks out.   And then Patrick throws out the F-bomb and they get off track. This brings up Janet’s’ Dad and cussing.

They reel it back in on to mask or not to mask. They decide to debate the situation, based on research and personal experience.

The biggest one Janet hears is “It’s my right, it’s my freedom, I don’t have to do it because the man tells me to”. They feel they are being discriminated against and it is violating their freedom. However a mask protects everyone. I protect you; you protect me.

Janet says she gets the freedom thing because when she was a kid in the 1800’s seatbelts were not required (Patrick laughs and says 1800’s). They could ride in the back of pickup trucks when they were kids. Motorcycle helmets were not required in any state back then. Now most states do require them. Kids used to be able to ride anywhere in a car, front seat, back of a truck, it didn’t matter. Now kids under a certain age, height, and weight must ride in the back seat. Now if a kid is in the front seat, you get a ticket. It is not about freedom; it is about safety. People talked about freedom then also.

Janet says she doesn’t think that masks are going away, people need to get used to it. It is just like “no shirt, no shoes, no service” she says. Who wants to go into a restaurant and sit by a guy with his stinky feet and no shirt? Rules protect people. If you want to go eat without shoes or a shirt, go to the beach and eat at a cabana.

If you do not like the rule of wearing a mask, Patrick says and a business requires it just go shop somewhere else. Janet brings up how long people have been wearing masks in Japan. They agree it is from the air quality there. However the air quality in Phoenix sucks also. Patrick does not believe masks are going anywhere soon.

They say that after your second shot you don’t need to wear a mask at all. Patrick is posting a link to our new covid shot glass collection.   Patrick brings up the changes to the website, 18wheeltalk.com

Janet tells about a friend who says she could walk into a Circle K that is filled with people with covid, with her being buck naked, roll around on the floor and not catch covid. Now Janet might be misquoting her, but that is the jist of it. They laugh because they know she listens, and they love her to pieces. She wears a mask when she has to. They both agree that when they have to wear a mask they do. If it is a small group, they don’t wear one. If they are in Walmart, masks are on. People just need to be reasonable, use your brains.

A lot of people feel the virus isn’t real, tell that to people that have lost loved ones. Janet says that her favorite reason for not wearing the mask is that it gives you carbon monoxide poisoning. From breathing in through the mask. If you have a mask, you cannot breath through, you have the wrong mask.

Patrick tells of his old job, he was an essential worker and when everything began, he wore a mask and a gator. He always wore masks during flu season because he worked with idiots. When he first heard about covid, he began wearing a mask and started getting boxes of masks. He insisted that Janet due more to sanitize her car for Lyft and Uber. She was already a clean freak and had all the sanitizers and wipes and gloves and sprays. So when the shortages began in the stores, they did not have to rush out and buy a bunch, they already had plenty.

So let’s go back to masks, if you cannot breath through the mask, it is too thick. Janet bought a Bears neck gator and it never occurred to her that it would be thick because of the winters being cold in Chicago. Doctors and nurses wear multiple masks without any problem.

Janet knows someone who feels they are being discriminated against by being told to wear a mask. Janet told the person that they wear wrong, they were actually on the high priority list to sign up for the vaccine and chose not to. So, it is their own fault that they are being told to wear a mask, not discrimination.

Janet apologizes that this is not a funny podcast. However they really wanted to talk about this issue and compare it to other similar issues.   Patrick points out that he reluctantly got his vaccine, and they are not FDA approved. If he has to get a yearly shot, it is not a vaccine. He won’t get another one. Janet agrees with him. She then points out that pets and headless people don’t have to wear masks. Patrick wants to put Frankie the pug in a mask. Patrick understands the need to be vaccinated. He was under pressure from people to get the vaccine. He got the shot for people he loves. Janet says she would feel horrible if she got the virus and gave it to someone she loved. That is why she got her vaccine.

They both got their first shot when it was announced that the women got blood clots from the Johnson and Johnson shot. Then they debated like ten-year-old’s how long it had been since they got their second shot. This brings up Patricks’ mental problems and his sister got thrown under the bus! Elizabeth won’t ever hear this and they joke about it. Patrick knows people who felt like they had the flu for maybe two days. Their house phone interrupts them, and Kyle doesn’t answer it. Janet had the shots and was really tired and her arm ached. Patrick had a sore arm for a day. Janet wasn‘t sure if her tiredness was from the shot or from her being ill with diverticulitis for so long.

Anyway Janet says she heard people say masks weren’t cool. Her reply is look at bikers, what do 90% of them wear. They wear a mask, a scarf, a gator, something over there face. So if big od tough bikers can do it, so can you. Patrick replies that he wears a mask so he can rob a bank. All he need is sun glasses and a hat. They joke around as Patrick points out Janet’s red glasses. Then Janet points out that bank robberies have gone up here in the valley, people wearing beanies, masks and sun glasses.

They agree wearing a mask is the right thing to do. You can support your team, a designer one, a favorite saying, an 18 Wheel Talk one, plenty of options. You protect your children, your grandparents by getting a shot.

Patrick stops and puts on his conspiracy theory hat. He always says that it was a virus released by the government. They created it, tested it and it got out of control. They want to put a microchip in your hand that has everything in it. Your i.d., banking, ss#, everything. There are already companies, major companies here in the U.S. that already have done this and continue to do this to their employees. Who is to say that the shot doesn’t have the nanites to track you.

Good reasons to wear a mask, for women if you are broke, it saves on makeup. Patrick says that it what he does. They agree that for everyone with acne it covers it up. You also save on lipstick. Janet points out that all the celebrities have incredible masks, diamond studded and everything.

Even while the states are opening back up, they believe that masks should be left on. For instance, you go to a club and the sign on the door says “if you have had your vaccine, you do not need a mask. If you have not had your vaccine, please wear a mask”. However you cannot look at a person and tell if they have had their vaccine or not.

They think private clubs can enforce this, but open/free entry clubs cannot enforce the vaccine/mask rule. Just like airlines, they are requiring proof of vaccine to fly. Janet points out that there are fake vaccine cards of course.

People are still scared of getting their vaccine, they are usually the ones that stay home. Patrick points out that the government told us all to stay home without martial law. And like sheep most people did it. Which put a lot of people in a pickle. They said stay home and we did, it is on us. Now everyone wants a bail out. People that should have got it did not, and multi-billion-dollar companies did.

In closing, some of the why not to wear masks are real, wash you mask when it is dirty. Masks all have a time limit for use. Get a mask that you like, do not shop, or go to a place where you don’t like their mask requirements.

They thank you for the rant, hope you are entertained, don ‘t want to mask their pugs. They like wearing a mask on the motorcycles. They were falling apart without you.

They want to ask your help in supporting breast cancer at 18wheeltalk.com/bcsupport they have t-shirts to support breast cancer. One of them they turned their logo pink, Janet loves that one! And from now until October they are going to take ½ of all the profits of those shirts and hopefully be able to write a big check for breast cancer support. If you have a facility you would like to have a shout out given on the show, email us at Patrick@18wheeltalk.com