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Rant #001

June 17, 2021  Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

Rant #001  Today is going to be a Rant! This is number one and the Swear words will fly! Warning the Explicit language is strong in this one!   Janet wants to talk about the whole PUA thing with money going to unemployment and housing and food and all was supposed to end in September. Then all of the sudden states began announcing that it was ending in July but that wasn’t good enough! Like here in Arizona they said July 10th but in actuality ended it on May 10th. So she is all WTF is going on with the Government?! So they said screw you little guy. Governor Ducey is responsible says Patrick and Janet says let’s not talk about Governor Douchebag.

As of this point 25 states have dropped out of the Federal Unemployment Benefits Program. Which has ended the support that thousands upon thousands of families have depended on nationwide. And the Government won’t intervene, even if they could. Janet says “slow Joe” wouldn’t do it if he could, others call him President Biden. They change back to the subject.

Long term unemployed like free lancers like gig workers, Lyft drivers, Uber drivers, Concert promoters, Artists, musicians, stage hands all lose their aid entirely. And the government says, “you will still have enough money”. But as Patrick points out, we are still in a pandemic, we still have the possibility of getting Covid-19 because not everyone is vaccinated. And all the variants because some asshole in China set some virus off in some lab. And it got out of control, they released the G.D. virus. They finally admitted that it came from a lab ad got out of control.

Out of control 200x And the Fucking covid vaccines aren’t even FDA approved. And now the Governors are blaming everything on the labor shortage and saying nobody will work because of the extra money discourages people from working. Economists disagree because they took the money away and now how do people with kids go to a job interview if they cannot afford a babysitter? You cannot take your kids to a job interview.

Patrick retired from his trucking job; felt he was forced out. He applied for unemployment and probably won’t get it. 90% of the places he looks at won’t hire him since he doesn’t have a high school diploma or a G.E.D. So he wants to know what unemployment expects from him.

And like me Janet says, she was driving both Lyft & Uber. Unemployment expects her to magically come up with the money to bring the car up to par to drive again. Brakes, tires, etc.., costs real money. And she continues that “fear of contracting Covid” is not a reason to not work. And she was disqualified because she was sick, and they wouldn’t even take a doctors’ note for proof of being too ill to job hunt. Suck it up buttercup Patrick says, go job hunt.

Even if I wanted to go back to my old job Patrick says, and Janet interrupts to say, “you aren’t going back there”. They still owe him money; he is not going to apply at an ex-employer.

Back to unemployment, you must job hunt on four different days and apply for four jobs. Janet disagrees that this is not the way to job hunt! She loses her breath she is so upset. Her Mom she says, taught her that to job hunt you look in the Sunday paper and get your list together and on Monday get your resume together. Make any calls that you need to. Then on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, you go out and job hunt.   All in one day, make a loop, save gas, save time figure out the path that will make the most use of your effort. Do not waste your time and gas on jo hunting four different days. She usually did it on Tuesday, she would go apply at all the places so that if she got a call back, she was available Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Patrick explains that it was the same for him you go out one day and get it all done after putting your plan together on a Monday. It works and the unemployment system doesn’t.

Patrick asks how is unemployment going to know? She replies that they say they are going to call. He says how are they going to make all of those phone calls. They continue to rant at how they both did all the hunting in one day and so did Janet’s niece about 5 years ago.

Patrick points out that with the oil being highjacked, gas prices are now crazy. And not everyone can afford to go out and job hunt 4 days a week and waste gas or afford a bus pass, they get expensive. This sets Janet off into math and how the maximum benefit in Arizona is $240 minus taxes which is about11%, that comes to about $213 times 4.3 weeks in a month that comes to $915 a month. Which does not even pay the rent on a one-bedroom apartment in this state. Not that she knows math, and then they both take a deep breath.

Patrick is like breath Janet Breath! Fire came out of your eyes and Janet dropped the F-Bomb!   This totally throws Patrick off as they laugh about bunny ears (a different episode) and him getting distracted. They attempt to mentally rewind. Janet continues that we were talking about money and one-bedroom apartments.

So then Janet had a worker tell her to go file her taxes to get the money to fix everything on the car. Which pissed her off. She got like $100 back last year. Because of her disability she cannot have a normal schedule. Then they explain her migraines and how bad they get. Somedays drugs don’t work, only sleep and pugs do.

At least as a ride share driver, she set her own schedule. Because she is immune compromised, Patrick insisted she quit driving as soon as Covid hit. She was already doing the Covid protocol 6 months before Covid hit.

Then they wrap back to the virus coming from a lab and how the government wants everyone to have a microchip instead of regular I.D. Now money is going away because we are still in a pandemic.

Janet uses herself as an example. She was on the phone with a woman from unemployment. On May 10th President slow Joe Biden (Kamal Harris, the puppet master) said that you must accept a suitable job. The woman from unemployment said that is the law. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics more than 1 in 4 Americans have been unemployed for over a year.

Janet was told by the woman to just start driving for Lyft again. She explained that the car need work and she needs the money for it. She asked the woman where she is supposed to get the money and was told to apply for a grant. Janet told her that she applied for a grant, she applied for 10 grants and didn’t get them. Because you either have to have 99 employees and be worth millions or know how to scam the system to get a grant and unfortunately, she told the woman I’m fucking honest. So at twenty minutes she drops her second F-bomb and Patrick is laughing.

Janet is really pissed off because these 25 states lost $495 Billion by taking away the benefits for unemployment and housing. The money goes back to the federal government. If the states had kept the money in their system, they could have taken part of the money and used it for child care, for schools, to help people get back to work.

Now the federal government puts it back in the general fund so they can pay $200 for a fuckin hammer (third time she says). Patrick says tell me how you really feel, and she says it pisses me off.

They talk about her being a Veteran for a minute or two and Patrick makes her laugh as always.

But that is Janet’s’ rant, they took away $495 Billion that could have helped a lot of people and didn’t. Now we are paddling downstream she says.

Rant over! Peace Bitches they both say, (now five in one day).