18WT #070: To CB Or Not To CB That Is The Question?

June 27, 2023 Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

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Episode #070

Janet: Went into it. It was talking about the movies.

Patrick: Oh, okay. Well that works.

Janet: Yeah. And then I kind of backtrack a little in that second paragraph there to explain that.

Patrick: That's okay.

Janet: I like to backtrack a little and explain myself explain it to me.

Patrick: Okay. Welcome to the 18 Wheel Talk podcast show.

Janet: Did you start?

Patrick: I did.

Janet: God bless amer

Patrick: I told, I told you I was pushing the button. Oh, and action.

Janet: Oh, action. Welcome.

Patrick: My bad.

Janet: Okay. And start.

Patrick: And, alright, let's rewind. Welcome to the 18 wheel Talk podcast Show.

Janet: Welcome, welcome. Thank you.

Patrick: Often imitated, never duplicated yet.

Janet: This is true, the green.

Patrick: I have yet to see somebody imitate what we do

Janet: Well they try.

Patrick: Well, they try, but

Janet: Never successful. The green, the blue, big rig,

Patrick: unless you and me are on the show, it's never gonna be successful.

Janet: You're just not gonna let me say it.

Patrick: Sorry. Sorry. go ahead.

Janet: The green the blue the Big Rig in the background. The big rig, if you're looking at the green, the blue, the big rig, the 18 Wheel Talk podcast show.

Patrick: Sound like a sound, like a ship horn.

Janet: I can't imitate it. I could go get one. Air horn.

Patrick: No, it's okay.

Janet: The neighbors would be complaining for a mile, but that's okay.

Patrick: It's okay. Oh, those goddamn, those truckers next door. I swear.

Janet: Hey, when he gets, quits playing the drums and the bass side. Yeah. Right? Yeah. He has every Right. Any who?

Patrick: Any who. Welcome to our show, and if this is your first time joining us, welcome in. Welcome to the family. Be sure to. Sign up to our fan club, go to the number one, the number eight wheel talk.com, and just down the right there on the homepage there, it says, join the fan club. Click that button, little information to put in. And you're in like Flynn.

Janet: Who was Flynn by the way?

Patrick: Um, uh, the Hustler dude. The guy that, that, uh, the guy that, uh, created Hustler Magazine.

Janet: Oh, okay.

Patrick: That's where the saying came from.

Janet: I didn't know that

Patrick: you're in like Flynn.

Janet: I didn't know that.

Patrick: Yep. Yep.

Janet: Okay.

Patrick: Stupid Knowledge. Remember the Stupid knowledge episode that we did?

Janet: Oh, that's right.

Patrick: Yeah. That's where the in, in like Flynn came from.

Janet: My bad.

Patrick: We, it was so popular, we had to do part one and part two. We had so much shit to talk about.

Janet: This is true.

Patrick: Anyways, uh, Janet and I have been in the trucking industry for at least a combined 40 plus years.

Janet: Oh, you told me it was 400 years.

Patrick: No, four D

Janet: oh forty.

Patrick: 40.

Janet: It's that New York accent of yours.

Patrick: Yeah, I bet.

Janet: I thought you said 400.

Patrick: No, no. We've been, uh, to together, combined. We got 40 plus years in the industry and we're just sharing our knowledge with you over the airwaves.

Janet: We share because we care.

Patrick: Yes. Yes we do. Whoop, whoop.

Janet: Hope you learned something. Hope we were entertaining you.

Patrick: Oh yeah. There's a guy I work with.

Janet: Mm-hmm.

Patrick: Every time he listens to a new episode.

Janet: Okay.

Patrick: He, he hits me with like a barrage of 20 questions. I'm gonna have to start charging

Patrick: him by the question.

Janet: Charge him by the question

Patrick: Yes. Question.

Janet: I was gonna say how much we charge him per question. I wanna know.

Patrick: Um, i, I figured with the, the way he barrages, I could probably get $20 a question.

Janet: Ooh.

Patrick: I know, right?

Janet: I'm liking this. Yeah.

Patrick: I was like, dude, you gotta warn me when you're gonna like barrage me with questions.

Janet: There's that one movie where that chick goes, yeah, yeah, yeah,

Patrick: yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Janet: Yeah, I like that. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Patrick: yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So what are we talking about today, miss Janet?

Janet: To CB? Or not to CB? That is the question.

Patrick: I didn't know we were doing Shakespeare, but Okay.

Janet: No, not to be to CB.

Patrick: To CB. Or not to CB.

Janet: That is the question.

Patrick: That is the question.

Janet: Yeah. So, you know, we're talking about back when

Patrick: did you talk on the CB when you drove?

Janet: Yeah.

Patrick: So did I all the time

Janet: because when we were driving, CBs. You had a CB, that's how you communicated yeah.

Patrick: Yeah. If you didn't have a CB, you didn't know what the hell was going on because

Patrick: cell phone, cell phones were not as popular back then.

Janet: This is true

Patrick: as they are now. Yeah. So this is why we're doing this episode,

Janet: there was a lot of people that didn't have cell phones.

Patrick: Yeah. Or couldn't afford 'em.

Janet: Yeah. Well, because they couldn't afford 'em. Or the ones they had were limited plans, limited minutes,

Patrick: limited. Wherever you're going,

Janet: I'm not gonna waste my time, my money.

Patrick: You're out of the state that your providers in, so therefore you, you're you're in

Patrick: roam.

Janet: Yeah. Or it was a company cell phone.

Patrick: Yeah.

Janet: I liked those little yellow and black with the walkie-talkie function.

Patrick: Nextel phones.

Janet: Yeah. Those, those were pretty cool. I had one of those for a while.

Patrick: Yeah the company I, I worked for had started out with those. Yeah. And then they decided to get rid of it and

Janet: God is nextel still in business even?

Patrick: I don't think so. I think, I think Sprint bought him out. And Sprint got bought out by what? T-Mobile.

Janet: I think so. Everybody buying is buying someone out.

Patrick: Anyways. Shameless plug.

Janet: Shameless plug. Anyway. So to CB or not to CB?

Patrick: That is the question.

Janet: That is the question. So,

Patrick: so do you CB or not CB currently

Janet: let us know.

Patrick: Currently not CB,

Janet: but we own at least one.

Patrick: I I own it. At least I know I have at least three

Janet: and I have at least one. That's why I said I know we still own cbs.

Patrick: I have, I have a, I have a Washington base. You know? Out of the president series, I got a Washington base and I have. Two cobras

Janet: and I have a Cobra 40 channel.

Patrick: I got, I got and

Janet: I know where the whips are.

Patrick: Yep. I have, I, I have, one of my cobras is a, is a Cobra 29. It's an old model. Mm-hmm. It only goes, it doesn't even go up to 40 channels.

Janet: I think we have two of those. Cuz I had a 23 channel also.

Patrick: And, and the, then I got a newer model. Yeah. I got a, I got a Cobra Ltd, Cobra 29 Ltd. I had upper and lower side bands.

Janet: Yep.

Patrick: So,

Janet: yeah. Now my Cobra 40 channel, my dad gave me

Patrick: well, my, my old Cobra 23 channel. I, I took it to a radio, uh, place. To have it looked at, you know, I, I was gonna say, Hey, let, let's tweak it and peak it, uh, as they, as they would say the lingo. And the guy opened it up and he says, dude, you're, you're fine. He says, you just need to put a nice whip on and you're good. You're golden.

Janet: I liked that one. It was down the, um, Um, going down to New York City from Albany. Off of, um, I 80 or 84.

Patrick: Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Middletown. Yeah. Yeah. There's a big truck stop down there that had a radio, radio shop,

Janet: but before you, before the TA, you took a, you went west and then you went north towards the TA and the guy was on the left hand side before the TA.

Patrick: Yeah, exactly. I was just gonna say, there's a TA. Theres a TA near near where it is. Yep.

Janet: It's like I could drive you to it.

Patrick: Yeah, I believe that. I think it's Middletown, Middletown New York, 84 17 ish. Somewhere in that neck of the woods.

Janet: I could drive you to him though.

Patrick: I used to stop it at TA all the time.

Janet: Oh. And they had the best liverworth sandwiches.

Patrick: Ugh.

Janet: In that little plaza there, not the TA. Oh, you know, I love liverworst. He's making the best faces. People liverworst. American cheese mustard.

Patrick: Every time you say a word, it's like, I wanna throw-up.

Janet: Braunschweiger American cheese mustard.

Patrick: Oh. I had, I had to watch that outta my mouth. Ah

Janet: oh my God. That is so funny.

Patrick: All right, let's get onto this.

Janet: Okay. to cb, so cbs. They came about in the 1940s. Who knew that? I mean, my dad probably.

Patrick: Wow. I didn't know they were, they came up then.

Janet: I had no clue until I started doing some research. It was like, wow. 1940s. Who knew?. Yeah.

Patrick: Well, I knew they were out for a while, but I didn't, like I said, I didn't, I didn't realize that they were out that long. Because I grew up with CB radios.

Janet: Me too. And my parents had a, um, a base station. In our house in Devereux Heights, Illinois, when I was real little. I can remember it was sitting. On top of the tv, we had one of those big old console TVs.

Patrick: Mm-hmm.

Janet: And I remember it sitting on top of that in the front room.

Patrick: Okay.

Janet: Um, and I can remember cuz my, my mom talking to my dad, but then talking to my dad later in his life, I remember him, he was county road commissioner for a while in Sangamon County, Illinois. And, The county owed him some money, and that's how they communicated with him. And he kept all their equipment hostage until they paid him back. That was before I was born,

Patrick: I can see him doing that?

Janet: Yeah. My, uh, yeah, that was verified by family

Janet: members. But anyway, um, CB's became really incredibly popular in the sixties.

Patrick: Yeah.

Janet: But you'd think, Ooh, this is, you know, my dad told me that, oh, man in the sixties, they were really something. We really were getting into 'em and. Poof. Then the seventies came along.

Patrick: Yeah, seventies. Like I said, I, I, I grew up in the seventies, so that's how, I mean, we had a, um, a base cb.

Janet: Yeah. Like we did.

Patrick: It's, uh, let's see, when you walked in the front door. Mm-hmm. That living room area. In the corner by the fireplace.

Janet: Okay.

Patrick: That's where it was. I remember it

Janet: when we moved, I say, Upstate up north in Illinois. Halfway up the state. Yeah, middle of Illinois. We moved north.

Patrick: What? oh my god you froze.

Janet: And if you were from Chicago, people would say, oh, down south.

Patrick: You done, you done went south?

Janet: Um, but when we moved there, we didn't have the base anymore. But our next door neighbor, the Briers did. And his antenna went way up there.

Patrick: When I, I, I, I, I,

Janet: there were a lot of,

Patrick: actually, actually I have,

Janet: we had a lot of truck drivers on the road that we lived on a one way street, one way, a dead end.

Patrick: I have two base radios. I got a Regency 23 channel base.

Janet: I remember that. You do. And I know where that's at.

Patrick: Had the lollipop on.

Janet: I know where, yeah, I know where that's at. So

Patrick: I used to be up on, um, I used to live right there on, uh, on top of Broad. I could look down, uh, and see Broadway and 890. Broadway and Crane.

Janet: You like to look down on people is all I heard.

Patrick: I'm just saying.

Janet: So you looked down on people.

Patrick: So I was up on the hill and I had, I had an Antron 99 base. And it, oh man, I had that sucker high.

Janet: See, we never even thought about. I never even thought about researching base stations and new people. This was all about CBs that go in your truck.

Patrick: Yeah, but this was, I put a base, I put a base antenna way up and boy I could, I was hitting from, from Schenectady, I was talking to people in, you know, Saratoga, Clifton Park. They're like, where the hell are you?

Janet: Well, my cousin kevin,

Patrick: I'm down here in Schenectady. Well how the hell are you getting me? Lucky?

Janet: My cousin Kevin, you met him?

Patrick: Yep.

Janet: Had a huge antenna. You saw it at the house there in Springfield. And he would talk to people like in Indiana and Ohio. Off his base

Patrick: on a cloudy night you could skip talk.

Janet: Yeah. And that's what he, he loved his base.

Patrick: And if you don't know what skip talk means, it's uh, as, as you key up your mic, you say your, say your word. Say what you want to say, and then you wait and then, and you hope that your waves on a cloudy night, it skips over to, you know, skips on the clouds and you get out as far as you can

Janet: and you wait and see where someone answers you from. Yeah, he was, boy, that was his pride and joy, I should say, is his pride and joy I haven't talked to him.

Patrick: I had fun. I used to always have fun talking on the CB radio.

Janet: So

Patrick: anyways, sorry.

Janet: What made CBS so popular?

Patrick: Didn't get left so far.

Janet: We went down that rabbit hole really quick.

Patrick: We went so far out in to right field that it's not

Janet: Okay. So what made CBs so popular in the seventies was the movies.

Patrick: Okay.

Janet: You know, uh, white line fever.

Patrick: Okay.

Janet: Smokey in the bandit.

Patrick: Oh, yeah, those are good.

Janet: Uh, breaker, breaker,

Patrick: breaker, breaker.

Janet: Convoy

Patrick: yeah, that's my favorite.

Janet: That's your, that's your movie.

Patrick: Rubber Duck.

Janet: Yep.

Patrick: It's the rubber duck. You got a copy on the Pig pen?

Janet: That song was so popular, man.

Patrick: I know, right? I should put it, I should put it like a little snippet into there Audio version.

Janet: Um. Steel cowboy, every which way but loose, big trouble in little China, Kurt Russell. Yep. Um, maximum Overdrive. Yeah. Black dog. You remember that one?

Patrick: Yeah. That's, uh, black dog was, uh, Patrick Swayze. Yep. Yep. Um, did you ever, do you ever see the black dog?

Janet: I've seen all of these.

Patrick: No, no, no. Oh. I mean, in actuality driving. Have you ever saw the black dog?

Janet: No.

Patrick: Yeah, I saw it once. But it wasn't to me, my mine wasn't a black dog. Mine was a red Volkswagen Beetle that, you know, drove by me in like slow motion vapors.

Janet: Okay.

Patrick: And I went, okay, time to get off, take a nap.

Janet: Some people call it white line fever too. Yeah. Yep. I think there's a movie called White Line Fever.

Patrick: Yes, I think so. Um, that was the first one you mentioned

Janet: was it?

Patrick: Yeah. White Line Fever.

Janet: Oh yeah, I'm a natural blonde.

Patrick: You did, you did the research. It was right there,

Janet: but no, it came to mind when you mentioned that, but, uh, joyride, Ice Road, which makes you think of Ice Road Truckers, of course. And there's a lot of TV shows. I didn't even get onto the whole TV show thing.

Patrick: Yeah, that Ice Road one that was, uh, oh my god, what's his name?

Janet: I didn't put all the actors in these.

Patrick: Oh my God. He used the taken guy,

Janet: Liam Neeson.

Patrick: Yes.

Janet: I see teamwork, uh, breakdown.

Patrick: Oh, I'm making my head break.

Janet: Do you remember Over the top? But do you remember? Um, BJ and the Bear.

Patrick: I don't remember. BJ and the Bear, I do remember over the top. That's Sylvester. Sylvester, Sylvester stallone,

Janet: BJ and The Bear was a movie. Yeah. And then it became a TV show for a couple years. Okay. That was kind of cool. You know, I liked the TV show.

Patrick: I, yeah, I don't remember that, James bond?

Janet: Yeah. James Bond, licensed to kill had a couple big rigs and even had a driverless big rig cuz everybody everybody made a big deal about the fact that it was a driver's driverless rigs and that'll never happen.

Patrick: Yeah, right.

Janet: Welcome to Arizona people,

Patrick: they're coming.

Janet: Um, who was in that?

Patrick: Oh. Licensed to kill. Okay.

Janet: I'm trying to think who was in license to kill. Um, I can't tell you.

Patrick: James Bond, was it Sean Connery?

Janet: No, this was recent.

Patrick: that wasn't Connery. That was Bron Pierce Brosnan.

Janet: Pierce Brosnan. I maybe,

Patrick: I think

Janet: y'all gonna have to google it

Patrick: y'all.

Janet: Yeah. Um,

Patrick: going, Southern on us y'all. What do you mean y'all,

Janet: excuse me. And Optimus Prime is a big rig.

Patrick: Well, yeah. But did he have a CB radio in it? Oh yeah. Well that's how he communicated Duhhh. Oh my God. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. Winner winner chicken dinner. Oh, I like chicken.

Janet: Well, that's not, that's just the ones that I could think of without Googling. Cuz I didn't Google. I just was kind of going through my head thinking of movies.

Patrick: Oh, okay. Well no, I, you know what? It didn't even, It didn't even dawn on me. Hello? Optimist Prime.

Janet: Yeah. Well the reason I thought of it is cuz when I was starting to do my typing, guess what was playing in the background?

Patrick: Transformers.

Janet: Transformers, winner winner chicken dinner, you're gonna eat a lot of chicken

Patrick: transformers anyway,

Janet: the reason the 1940s came up for me was because I, when I was typing in to see when they came about a movie came up.

Patrick: Okay?

Janet: And it was, um, called, they drive by night,

Patrick: okay?

Janet: A 1940s movie. A truck driving movie that had a CB radio in it.

Patrick: Oh, no kidding.

Janet: I'm like,

Patrick: what?

Janet: Wow.

Patrick: Wait a minute. I'm gonna have to, we're gonna have to look that up.

Janet: Well, and of course, they're still making movies with truck drivers and CB radios.

Patrick: Well, yeah.

Janet: You know,

Patrick: you know, you know what,

Janet: in all these, go ahead.

Patrick: If, you're, if you're listening to our show and, and you, you still have a CB radio and use it, let us know. Go to go to 18 wheel talk.com. Click to ask the show tab and let us know. Do you, do you still use the CB radio and let us know what your CB handle is?

Janet: Yeah.

Patrick: Mine was cueball obviously. Duh. What was yours?

Janet: Blondie.

Patrick: Blondie.

Janet: It's not what I wanted it to be.

Patrick: Well, just so happens to be, you know now when, when I was a kid in the seventies. And we were talking on the base radio. I was the mean machine.

Janet: I have no clue what I wasn't allowed to touch the base radio, let's be honest.

Patrick: And then when I lost,

Janet: my dad earned his living off of that.

Patrick: And then when I lost my hair, it turned a cue ball and it kind of stuck.

Janet: So you never asked me what I wanted it to be.

Patrick: What did you want it to be?

Janet: Well, I kept calling myself the wicked bitch of the west.

Patrick: It didn't stick.

Janet: Nope.

Patrick: I think I might have talked to you once or twice on the CB radio.

Janet: Probably. I mean, we were in the same area. We fueled at the same places.

Patrick: Oh, this is the wicked bitch of the west. No way. Stop it.

Janet: Yeah. Nobody believed I was. That mean. And then they'd see the waist link blonde hair and go, Hey, Blondie. How's it going? Yeah. Yeah. Huh. Fine.

Patrick: Hey, you know when I used to be over the road when I, that brings up his story time ding

Janet: story time. You forgot the bell.

Patrick: I know, right? Um,

Janet: you're the bell tonight

Patrick: when I, uh, used to be over the road. I had a driver call me on the CB radio and said yo driver slow down. I'll show you my Hooters. I'm like, Like, okay.

Janet: Uh, spoken like a true male driver.

Patrick: Okay. I'm like, okay I'm gonna see me some boobies. Anyways, she drove by and she's driving by. She reached down and grabbed two wooden owls and held them up

Janet: Hooters. She never said boobies,

Patrick: right? I said, wow, them somebody find Hooters. And then I would radio to the trucker ahead of me. Oh, you gotta check all these Hooters.

Janet: Mm-hmm. Okay.

Patrick: So that went down the line for about 10 miles.

Janet: Of course it did.

Patrick: Oh, it was, oh, it was fun.

Janet: The fun of a CB.

Patrick: Fun. Fun of being over the road and having a CB radio.

Janet: So, but back to those movies, the one thing you see in all of those movies was a common denominator, which is truck driver on a cb.

Patrick: Breaker, breaker 19.

Janet: Does it matter if it was a good guy, a good woman, a bad guy, a good, a bad woman? Cuz they had men and women both driving the trucks. Some of them were bad. Some of them were good. Yep. It was a truck truck driver with a cb.

Patrick: What was, uh, what was that? Um, that Bert Reynolds and Lonnie Anderson, uh, the race car one, didn't they have, didn't they have a big rig? Was it?

Janet: I hear Tweety birds in my head. Literally

Patrick: it Was it stroker ace or something like that?

Janet: I know he had one called Stroker Ace.

Patrick: Yeah. Wasn't that where he was a race car driver?

Janet: I think so. Yeah.

Patrick: Yeah. Yeah. I thought they had a big rig in that

Janet: if there's, well, if there's race cars in a movie, there's always a big rig

Patrick: Well, yeah, usually. Usually I just, it just popped into my head. I said, Ooh, I don't remember that.

Janet: You say Burt Reynolds and Big rigs.

Patrick: Yeah, I, yeah, I know. Yeah. Yeah. Usually to me it's Smokey Bandit.

Janet: Yeah. But that's like, if you say, if you say Clint Eastwood and Monkeys, what comes to mind? Uh, every which way but loose. Yeah.

Patrick: Right Turn Clyde.

Janet: I have a friend who nicknamed clyde Military.

Patrick: It's like anytime I, I hear, I hear trucks in CB radios. It's, it's the snowman talking to Fred. Yeah. What do you think? Fred? Fred? Shall we do it? Fred?

Janet: Come on, Fred.

Patrick: Fred was the dog that was sitting in the shotgun seat.

Janet: I know. Bassett Hound,

Patrick: the ba, the Bastard Hound.

Janet: And I, and I had to watch your mouth and I had a girlfriend who had three Bassett Hounds in her truck with her. I know. Oh my Lord.

Patrick: Damn. Anyways, I didn't mean to go south on you

Janet: Jerry Reed. Jerry Reed, yes. That had that Bassett hound. He had probablys putting one up in there. Yeah. Imagine my little girlfriend Bonnie. With three of 'em in there,

Patrick: one at a time,

Janet: but still

Patrick: I know, right?

Janet: Okay. So

Patrick: anyways, I, I apologize for All right. Story time over ding.

Janet: Okay. They talk about how movies imitate life or life imitates movies and vice versa. Yep. But I, I disagree. Movies in life kinda walk hand in hand, you know? Yeah. Uh, what happens in one happens in the other? Uh, doesn matter doesn't seem matter, which happens first, but it seems like if you see it in the movies, It comes true. Think about all the stuff we saw in Star Trek growing up. Yeah. Walkie-talkies. Yep. They came true. Yeah. I'm just waiting for that. Zapper machine. Yeah, that takes me from here to there really quick.

Patrick: Yeah. Beam me up, Scotty.

Janet: Yeah, that, yeah. The Beamer thing.

Patrick: Yeah, the beam me thing.

Janet: What's it called?

Patrick: I don't know

Janet: that thing.

Patrick: The teleporter?

Janet: Yeah, that the teleport machine.

Patrick: I'm give her all, she's got captain.

Janet: Oh, she dissolved. and melted in a puddle on the floor. Oops.

Patrick: Whoops. Wrong button.

Janet: Anyway, but if it happens in the movies, it happens in real life. And CBs. And Truckers. And Truckers and CBs. So anyways. Anyway, back to, to CB or not to CB. That is the real question here, isn't it?

Patrick: Yes.

Janet: Easily said, but hard for some to believe or not. Um, but yeah, it's still very true. Uh, there's a multitude of reasons why truckers are still using CBs.

Patrick: Okay. Uh, all right, so let's go over these multitude of questions, multitudes. Let's figure out why drivers are still using cbs. Okay, let's do it. Figure it out.

Janet: So, Amateur radio. Two-way radio CB radios.

Patrick: All right. Which also notices. Citizens band.

Janet: Most people don't even know what CB stands for.

Patrick: It stands for Citizens Band Radio, CB,

Janet: or as I call 'em, reddio.

Patrick: Yeah, reddio.

Janet: You know how all these states have since around, what, 2006 or something, been doing all these hands free laws? Yeah, they're exempt.

Patrick: Oh. What?

Janet: Yeah. CB radios are exempt from the hands-free laws.

Patrick: Okay. Why?

Janet: Because it's automatically hands free cuz you don't have to dial, push, or look at it. All you do is grab, you can be driving down.

Patrick: Oh yeah, grab the microphone, push with one button while watching what you're

Patrick: doing.

Janet: You never have to take your off the road. It's usually hanging up here.

Patrick: I never thought of that.

Janet: You just grab it, pull it down in your talking and without ever looking at it.

Patrick: Yeah, cuz most, most drivers got it on a retractable.

Janet: Yeah, mine was to.

Patrick: I call it the, the retractable leash.

Janet: Yeah. It was until it broke.

Patrick: Get back up there. Oh yeah.

Janet: The leash broke.

Patrick: Yeah. Then it, then it just hangs there and, oh no, it drape it over your steering wheel.

Janet: Yeah, it just, yeah,

Patrick: Boing. Boing,

Janet: yeah. Sat in my lap.

Patrick: Yeah, exactly. I wrapped my,

Janet: until the next stop,

Patrick: I just threw mine over. Just over the steering wheel.

Janet: Nah, I just left it. Yeah, it was fine.

Patrick: Or you threw it up on the dashboard.

Janet: But anyway, any who, they're right there. They hang you. You just, you don't have to look, you just grab it.

Patrick: I never thought of that.

Janet: That's hands free. Automatically and it's exempt from state laws.

Patrick: It's like yes it is hands free. No it isn't hands free cuz you actually gotta use your hand to grab it. But you don't have to take your eyes off the road.

Janet: I looked under the Federal.

Patrick: Jinx you owe me a beer

Janet: Motor Carrier Safety Association. I looked and I remembered it and said it right. Wow. I looked it up, oh my God. To make sure that it was, and I looked under a bunch of different states, just randomly. Mm-hmm. To see what their individual laws said. Okay. And all of 'em said the same thing. No matter what state I looked at. They all said the same thing. Nice. And all of them quoted back to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association.

Janet: Well, so the law doesn't define their transmissions as electronic messages. Okay. Users are still required to operate 'em safely. Okay. You know, you can't be like driving down and saying, oh, I'm on channel 19. Hey driver, reach up there and hey driver, go to channel five and let's have a private conversation and do this.

Patrick: Right. I usually say 21, and then it goes click click,

Janet: you know what I mean? You pay attention. If someone says, Hey, let's go to 21, just click, click.

Patrick: Yeah. Because you know you can hear it.

Janet: Yeah. You hear it click, you don't have to worry about it.

Patrick: You know which way you know which way to turn the dial and, and most CB radios got a channel nine, which is always, which is dedicated for the, for the popo.

Janet: Yep.

Patrick: So that's usually just a flip of a switch

Janet: and a yes. But the key is if the local police listen to it. Right. State police listen better than local. Yeah.

Patrick: I'm, I'm just saying. Yeah, no, I, some people might not have known, might not have known that there is a quick switch that switches to CB automatically to Channel nine, which is emergency should be monitored by some sort of emergency type of,

Janet: so what are some of the other good things about a CB radio that you like?

Patrick: Oh, I don't know.

Janet: I can tell you one of my favorites.

Patrick: All right. You tell me one of your favorites.

Janet: When I was doing loads from Montreal to LA Okay. I would come, it seemed, I was always coming through, um, Oklahoma City when, and they had tons and tons of road construction. One lane. Okay. That went Ziggy Zaggy.

Janet: And you never knew what to expect and what was ahead. Yep. And all you had to do was just listen to the CB. They'd tell you traffic stopped at this mile marker, and you just listened. Right. You didn't have to touch your CB

Patrick: Well, even if you were in a, if all of a sudden you start seeing alright what's going on with the brake check? Yeah. You know, somebody up the road would say, Hey, yeah, we got some idiot that decided to flip its car. Flip, flip it on the shiny side.

Janet: Yeah. Uh, you'd hear brake check. Brake check, you know, mile marker. Yep. Yep. But for the most part, with construction, someone would be saying, okay, the The stop you're seeing in front of you is at mile Mark or whatever. There's a road construction or an accident or a cop. Yep. I know everybody says popo, but they didn't say that back then. 50 50, smokey

Patrick: smoke. Smokey Bear. Got you. Got a bear in the woods.

Janet: Bear in the woods. Black bear in the woods, whatever. Yeah. Yeah.

Patrick: We got a bear in the woods here. You know? Running radar. Mm-hmm. You know, they would say stuff like that.

Janet: Um, but you'd get snow and ice.

Patrick: Now my lingo was coming back,

Janet: snow and ice.

Patrick: Ten four. Good buddy

Janet: road closures, you know, the gates up north, like where I've lived. The gates go across the highways. Okay. I know they don't have that out east Uhhuh or down here in Arizona, but

Patrick: only where, where really, really, really snows.

Janet: Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota. Wyoming,

Patrick: New Mexico actually has them.

Janet: Yeah, they do. And what that is, is

Patrick: I remember I saw those and I go, what? I've never seen those before.

Janet: But what it is, is when the roads are so bad, they close the gate, and then a cop goes down the road and makes sure he clears the road of anyone that's on it at the next exit to make sure that everyone's off it and clears it and they close the gates. So you, there's a. Like a cattle gate across. All the way across. Yep. Ain't you can't get on.

Patrick: You ain't gettin on here,

Janet: you have to get off. Yeah.

Patrick: No wrong turn to Albuquerque today. Sorry.

Janet: So they'll tell you Gates are closed at, you know, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, or Gates are closed at, you know, Laramie or wherever.

Patrick: Right. Um, no, that's, that's always good to know.

Janet: They're, they're gonna tell you when Mother Nature's being mother Nature. Right. You know, whether it's tornadoes, hurricanes, ice, snow, rain. Yep. Whatever.

Patrick: A lot of shippers use CB radios still.

Janet: Yeah. Still. Oh, in their yards. Absolutely.

Patrick: Yeah. If you're, uh, if, if you're waiting to be loaded Yeah. And you're in their yard, they'll call you on the, they'll, they'll tell you, put your CB on a specific channel. Yep. And they'll call you when you're ready, tell you what door to back it in.

Janet: And if you don't have a CB I have seen the, the shippers look at you like,

Patrick: What do you mean?

Janet: What do you mean you don't have a CB?

Patrick: How do you not have a CB?

Janet: Yeah. I went into one yard one time and I was switching out my CB, you know, some wiring on it, and I told 'em I'm switching out some wiring on my CB. Any chance you can call me on the phone? Yeah, right. Well, they were nice when I told 'em, I said, there's something in my wiring going, you know, kind of funky, and they're like, okay, that's fine. You know, at least you told us. So, you know, um, But you get your dock information. You get your load information, Hey truck, you know, blah, blah, blah, trucking company, dock number 17, or,

Patrick: or they'll call your name.

Janet: Yeah. Sometimes they will. It just depends on where you're at. You know how big if you're going into someplace with 300 docks Yeah. You're not calling your name. Yeah. They're gonna, they're giving. Company number and a dock number.

Patrick: Yeah. They want your truck number. Truck number and name. Yeah. That's it. You know, you know, uh, uh, trucking company that you're driving for your truck number? Yep. And then they call you and then they tell you truck, you know, back it in too. Yeah, back it in the door. 450. Yeah. But we only go up to 300, so you gotta find it.

Janet: Good luck with that driver. Um,

Patrick: don't back into the dumpster.

Janet: Have you been into any of the truck stops that like have paid parking? Where you have to pay for parking? No. Okay. See, I have, and. Parking's slim. When it, the weather's bad, you know, you get in with that oversized load and you're, they're trying to get you to back into a spot that's like this big, you know, tiny. And you're like, I can't fit in there. That's my load's too big. I'm oversized. You know, I've got three axles, it's not gonna fit in there.

Patrick: Listen buddy, I got a sign on the front of this says Wide load. Yeah. That means I need two spots.

Janet: Yeah. I've got a triaxle. It's not gonna fit in that tiny little spot.

Patrick: Yeah.

Janet: You see my trailer, but yeah. But people will get on the CB and say, Hey, you're not gonna fit in there. You might wanna try someplace else. Right? Try a different spot and then you'll have to radio the guard shack and say, okay, the spot that you assigned me is too small for my truck. Or the other drivers don't know how to park. I don't know what the deal is, but send someone out to find me a different spot, cuz the one I'm assigned isn't gonna work. Right. You know, and again, you can't do that on the phone because the guard's not gonna give you his phone number. Right? Well, most of the time yeah. Unfortunately, sometimes they do.

Patrick: Well if you got blonde hair and boobs

Janet: Yeah. Um, we're not, yeah

Patrick: yeah. Well, yeah. Anyway, but any who,

Janet: It helps keep you alert too sometimes when you need to.

Patrick: Yeah. I've talked for miles and miles and miles.

Janet: Yeah. You get running with somebody and

Patrick: just happen to be heading in the same direction.

Janet: You just get chit-chatting and it's,

Patrick: it's where you from driver? Yep. Where you headed? Hey, I'm heading in the same direction.

Janet: Hey, you'll talk a little bit. Listen to the radio, you know, whatever music you're listening to, talk. Hey, you still out there? What's going on? You staying awake out there, checking on you and.

Patrick: I'm gonna pull off here and get me some fuel and shuteye.

Janet: Yeah. Or, or, Hey, I'm just stopping for coffee to go to the bathroom. Let my dog out and

Patrick: catch you on the flip side.

Janet: Yeah. Or they say, Hey, you know what my, my dog needs to go to. I'll just,

Patrick: I might, as I might as well roll on into what the hell

Janet: You're keeping me awake. I appreciate it. You know? Yes. Oh yeah. Am I keeping you awake, Patrick?

Patrick: Yes, you are. Had to stretch

Janet: so, CBs obviously are not required, never have been by law. And I

Patrick: it's, it, to me it's, it's a nice accessory to have in a pinch. That's way I look at it.

Janet: But companies aren't gonna give you one either.

Patrick: No. No. And they're not. I mean, they're pretty inexpensive.

Janet: Make your decision on what you wanna buy. Yeah. If you're new to driving and you think you want one or. You decide you want one. If you don't know what to, to buy, ask someone's advice that's there with you. You know, ask an older driver, ask someone that's got an nice CB and hey, I see you got some real nice CB antennas.

Janet: Do you know anything about CBs? Or go to a CB shop? Yeah, because if there's a truck stop here and there's a lot of businesses around, chances are there's a CB shop somewhere nearby, somewhere, just like there's a chrome shop somewhere nearby. Yep. So like you had said, Channel 19 is most used and Channel nine is for emergencies. Um, some places are religious about monitoring it, some places aren't.

Patrick: Yep. Channel 19 is the trucker channel.

Janet: Mm-hmm. Except in Canada. Well, no, I'm just saying in Canada. I don't remember. I used to run,

Patrick: isn't it 21 in Canada?

Janet: I was thinking it was like maybe 15

Patrick: or maybe it was like three.

Janet: No, I was thinking it was like 15 or something. But anyway, I can't remember. Sorry. Canadian drivers.

Patrick: Hey. Hey. If anybody from up north, yeah. You know, if you guys are listening, email us at the show. Uh, click the ask, ask the show button and let us know what, what, what is your trucker channel? Yep. Because we got, we, we we're more than just Canada. We're in Mexico, we're in Australia, we're in Asia. Let us know. Email the show. Let us know.

Janet: In europe, we're in Japan. Yeah, we're

Patrick: We'd be all over. Come on.

Janet: You'd be surprised where we listen to at. So

Patrick: go to one go to one eight we'll talk.com, top of the page right there, there's an ask the show tab. If you're on a cell phone, you click those three little bars and it'll show up. It'll say ask the show and mm-hmm. A box will pull up, click it and ask it and type in your message to us. Let us know.

Janet: Thats an old Fashion typewriter.

Patrick: I was gonna say ding.

Janet: Oh wait, I gotta get that white out. I made a mistake.

Patrick: Whoopsie. Whoopsie, doles.

Janet: In all the research, I found some really cool comments on surveys. Okay. Because you run across surveys, you, and I'm the research queen. I love research and stuff, so, Well, I think my favorite, my dad probably could have, you know, Wrote this one, Uhhuh and it was, I run o oversized with escorts cuz he did that a lot. Okay. So he has to have one. Yep. That's what this driver's saying. And when I'm empty, I still run it just in case. I also ha run a VHF radio and I communicate with my steer using that much less interference, longer range and more and more oversized drivers and escorts are beginning to use that. Okay, so

Patrick: oh, a VHF radio. Yeah. Not a CB radio.

Janet: Yeah, you're seeing that on oversized.

Patrick: I gotcha.

Janet: Because there's, you're not getting

Patrick: that's a VHF, uh, walkie-talkie. Yeah.

Janet: Yeah. Kinda like what we were talking about, the, the Nextel. The Nextel, yeah. It's like those are kinda like a walkie-talkie, but Yeah. Um, we've got a set of walkie-talkies, or I've got a, no, I've got a handheld CB radio. Yeah. I forgot all about that.

Patrick: You got one and I know I got one somewhere.

Janet: Yeah, I, I probably know where mine is if I thought about it, but, um, the others that use them are what? Um, besides oversize,

Patrick: uh, gravel trucks.

Janet: Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Because of road conditions and wrecks and stuff. Yep. Um, so the, depends on the type of truck, you know, gravel trucks, um, oil fields

Patrick: oil field dump trucks. Yep. Scrap haulers. They got, they, uh, they gotta communicate with the loader.

Janet: Yep. And scale houses. Yep. Yeah, scale houses. If you're scaling a truck, they're not all scale houses have a, um, Intercom. A squawk box. An intercom. Yeah. A lot of times. Squaw box.

Patrick: It's, it's called an intercom. Yeah. Or the intercom will be down.

Janet: Yeah. And they'll say, get you on cb.

Patrick: And they'll, they'll usually put a note on there, you know, we're on channel, blah, blah, blah. Yeah. But if you don't have a CB, you're s S O freaking L.

Janet: Yeah. Got hopefully someone on your passenger seat. Jump seat running in there.

Patrick: Hey, why don't you run in there?

Janet: Run in there and I'll call you on the phone.

Patrick: Yeah, call on the phone. Um, Then you're running illegal cuz now you're not on hand free.

Janet: Yeah. And this one, this person put, I use it when traffic stops or I'm at a shipper. Get tired of road rage and weird stuff. All over the CB though.

Patrick: Yeah, I there was. I was in, uh, where was I? Story time ding.

Janet: Wow. That was quick. Uh,

Patrick: where was I?

Janet: I don't know. Where are you?

Patrick: I was in Indiana. Okay. Gary, Gary, Indiana,

Janet: Gary, Indiana, Gary, Indiana, gary, Indiana.

Patrick: I was at, I wanna say the TA. Okay. Right there.

Janet: The TA right there in Gary.

Patrick: So I had, I had a blowout and had to get a tire change. Okay. And I had to turn the CB radio off because it was just, I was like, you gotta, I mean, just, just everything that was coming over on the radio, I was like, I was like, really? Oh my God. I turned it off. I turned it off. I went in and I, I was in line, so I didn't need my CB radio to find out when it was my turn. Mm-hmm. I said, just leave your truck. He says, well, well, where you gonna be? I said, I'm going be in eating. I said, all right, well, we'll, we'll come get you when we need you to move your truck. So, okay. So I went in and sat down and ate. As soon as my food showed up, the waitress goes, they want you to go move your truck. I said, all right, don't move my food. I'll be right back.

Janet: Did they put a lid on it?

Patrick: Yeah, they kept it warm. Yeah. Yeah. That's good. So, okay. End of story. Ding

Janet: story time ding.

Patrick: Oh, go ahead.

Janet: I just wanted to say it. That's all.

Patrick: Oh. Oh, okay.

Janet: No, actually, you're talking about vulgar stuff that comes across the CB, believe me, female drivers. It's not so bad now. They think it is. Yeah. Go back a few years. Yeah. It used to be a female driver couldn't walk. Across a parking lot at a truck stop uhhuh, or sit at a driver area without being someone trying to kick them out because they thought they were a lot lizard. Yep. And I got a lot of free meals. Thank you very much. Yeah. Because of that. I know, right? Mm-hmm. Hey, anyway. End of story.

Patrick: Hey, you want, you wanna, you wanna tell people with a definition of a lot, lizard is in case they're not acquainted with it.

Janet: Same thing as a buffalo, only the opposite sex. Okay, fine. A lot lizard's. A hooker. A hooker, and a buffalo is a male hooker.

Patrick: A professional. They're prostitutes. They're, they're a professional sex person.

Janet: A professional sex provider that does it for money. Yep. Is a lot. Lizard. They run around truck stops.

Patrick: Yeah. Go, go, go from one truck to another. Mm-hmm. Knock, knock, knock.

Janet: Do you want your chrome polish?

Patrick: Let me polish your chrome there driver.

Janet: And they don't, they don't care if you're a man or a woman. And the buffalo are the same way. They don't care if you're a man or a woman.

Patrick: And the buffalo is a, a male version.

Janet: A male lot lizard.

Patrick: A male lot lizard.

Janet: Yeah. So I used to, when I would park, I learned really quick to put, I had a sign that I made nice little magic marker and everything. And all purdy,

Patrick: they don't, they don't listen.

Janet: And I put it in the sleeve and I put it in both windows and it said, um, no lot lizards, no buffalo allowed. Um, killer dog on board.

Patrick: Oh, see, I should have done that. Well, killer dog.

Janet: She had the bark of one. Yeah. Yeah, she did. So, okay.

Patrick: Yeah, she did. Anyways,

Janet: so yeah, but end story.

Patrick: End the story. Ding.

Janet: Okay. So, yeah. Um, If there's a road hazard, obviously crashes. Uh, someone said that they were irritated. They don't like CBs because their trainer had it on all the time. Okay. But way back when you had to have your CB on all the time because there, there weren't portable, you know, there weren't cell phones.

Patrick: Yeah, there wasn't cell phones. There was any, any other means to communicate.

Janet: I remember my dad getting his, his first cell phone. That he had with him in the truck and it was like carrying a suitcase and it costs, I don't know what, to me at the time seemed like a million dollars cuz I was a kid. You know? He didn't use it that much. He used it for emergencies. Right. Um, we had a big snowstorm in 78.

Patrick: Is this the story time?

Janet: No, I just wanted to point out a thing about CBs. And luckily through CBs, he was able to communicate to, Hey, I'm stuck on the road. Please someone when you get to a phone,

Patrick: send help. Sorry.

Janet: No, not my dad.

Patrick: I'm kidding. Hey, just word to my wife, call my wife and let her know I'm alive.

Janet: Yeah. Number's on the rig. Yeah. Call my wife and let her know I'm good, you know? Um, but now it's younger, the driver, the less likely they are to have a CB cuz they think they're okay to use their phone. Yeah. But I'm sorry,

Patrick: what if, what if the towers go out?

Janet: Not just that the. They tend to use headsets like we have on similar big headsets. Right. Where if this headset, you can't put, like I, you'd have to see the video for what we have on our heads. Yeah. You can't put one on without putting both on. Right. That's illegal. Yeah. Whether it's a cell phone,

Patrick: well, they make those, those, those ones that have the one Yes. Ear. Yes. With the, with the, with the microphone that comes down.

Janet: That's fine. You can wear those. Yeah. But if you have earbuds, even the, the wired Yeah. Or the singles. Yeah. You, you can't have both of those in. Yeah. And be legal. Right. Cop sees you with that in, he'll give you a ticket. Cuz that's against law. You have to have one ear open. Yeah. Um, but. You know, uh, like my niece when she drove, she didn't have a cb and I asked her, I said, well, how do you know when there's an accident ahead? Oh, when I get to it? Okay. Duly noted. And she had asked me, well, how did you know when you, uh, get to an accident? I said, I, I managed to avoid him because when I heard there was an accident ahead, if it was really bad, I'd detour around it

Patrick: right? well, how'd you know that Detour? Well, I heard it on the CB radio, and I knew what exit, to get off of, I was watching the mile markers

Janet: and like you said, truckers had handles and you'd get to know people that you ran into all the time based on their handles. And then you'd see 'em in the truck stop and you'd go, that's you.

Patrick: Oh my God, you ugly mother,

Janet: or Wow. Somehow you failed to mention that you were like four foot nine.

Patrick: How do you reach them pedals. What, you got blocks on your feet

Janet: or on the pedals,

Patrick: Baddump bump,

Janet: extend the pedal. Yeah. Right. And I'm nothing to against short people, but it's like, I met a driver one time and he, his handle was like

Patrick: I, I used to pick on Kubat. I used to tell him, I, I, I still, Hey, he said, talking about he couldn't reach the pedals. I said, do you want me to get out the, the wood blocks for you?

Janet: Well, they, one driver,

Patrick: well he always wore, he always sat in the seat. I'm like, dude, you're not, but maybe five pounds heavier than me. Why do you got that seat jack to the rafters?

Janet: So he could see over the steering wheel.

Patrick: Yeah, exactly. That's what he said.

Janet: How'd he reach the pedals?

Patrick: Tippy toes?

Janet: Okay. Cuz one driver that I knew that owned his own truck, I just kept running across him until finally I just asked him. You're like five foot maybe? Yeah. How do you reach the pedals with your seat jacked way up there? Because I know your seat's jacked up to see over the steering wheel and dash. Mm-hmm. And he had his truck customized.

Patrick: Oh, he rate the adjustable pedals.

Janet: He had the pedals adjusted up. He had like custom pedals made to reach his feet. Nice. That never occurred to me. So anyway, truckers, like we were talking about your CB handle, but like Big Stetson was the guy's CB handle is where I was going. So I'm expecting some guy that's, you know, six foot 10 and 400 pounds and five foot nothing and a hundred pounds. Yeah. Comes out anyway,

Patrick: I uh, one of the guys that I used to work, work for the same company. Mm-hmm. We used to always meet up cuz we're always. Getting a load out of, and, and his name was tiny. Mm-hmm. But, but he was a 400 pound

Janet: aren't all tiny, big guys. I thought so.

Patrick: He was a big boy. He was a brick shit house. He wasn't tiny. He was a brick shit house. Yeah. Just saying. This is true. So I'm just sayin okay, ding. End The story.

Janet: All that was really left was, um, some of the stats. Go ahead, hit it. Um, hit it and I went across a couple different places and compared and averaged them out for this. Okay. So I'll give you the stats first and then I'll tell you what doesn't make sense. Okay? Hit it. 32% of respondents said they still use a CB. Okay. 30 all the time while driving. Okay. Okay. 32% said they rarely use them. Okay. 17% said they never use them. 32 plus 32 is 64. Okay. 64 plus 17.

Patrick: That's too much math.

Janet: It's not a hundred.

Patrick: Uh, yeah, I, I get that.

Janet: They never in i all these, none of them ever added up anywhere near a hundred.

Patrick: What the, what?

Janet: Yeah.

Patrick: Then the percentages are off.

Janet: The closest it came was 91. I'm like,

Patrick: oh my God. Where's the other 9%?

Janet: I don't know. Because there was some of these stats that came up to like 71%. I'm like, where's the other where's the other 29% of the people?

Patrick: Who are you asking?

Janet: Who are you asking that? The other 29,

Patrick: what is this the family feud?

Janet: 29% of your people didn't, I never thought of that.

Patrick: Is this a family feud? Really?

Janet: Celebrity family feud.

Patrick: We asked a hundred people

Janet: and the top 10 answers were on the board.

Patrick: Yeah. It's like what the hell

Janet: And seven of them didn't answer.

Patrick: Yeah. Right. It's like what the,

Janet: so yeah, it's like, 32. How is it that 32 and 32 and 17? It's not,

Patrick: but it's like 32. Rarely used it. 17 said they never use it. Well, it's just collecting dust.

Janet: Well, like Dawn didn't even have one. I'm guessing that

Patrick: you could, you could say her name.

Janet: Yeah. My niece Dawn was a truck. She was a truck driver. Uhhuh never had a CB. Her ex boyfriend? Well, she only drove,

Patrick: but she still, she went, she went in the Cali though. And you would wanna know, you know, Hey, why is traffic so slow and California bumper to bumper and nine lanes wide and.

Janet: Between Arizona and California. Yeah. Oh, the bridge collapsed. Yeah. No big deal. Yeah. The road's gonna be closed for four days.

Patrick: Yeah. No, yeah, that's,

Janet: anyway. I know. I made a, I made a face.

Patrick: I feel so bad for philly that I, oh my, I 95 artery. Although

Janet: I feel so bad for the family of the driver, they still don't know what happened.

Patrick: I hear, uh, they're actually doing, um,

Janet: a reroute.

Patrick: No, no, no. Oh, no, no, no. Uh oh God. Uh, they got, they're gonna have cameras set up so you can actually watch the, the, mm-hmm. Rebuild of the bridge. Yeah. A virtual,

Janet: yeah. I'd like to know why the tanker exploded. I'm a former tanker driver. And I went under a lot of bridges.

Patrick: All right. So they're saying the tanker exploded prior to the bridge. That's why the bridge fell.

Janet: That's why the bridge fell.

Patrick: See, I thought the bridge fell and then the tanker exploded.

Janet: Nope, the tanker exploded. Causing the bridge to fall is what I've heard on the news.

Patrick: Whoa. Now that makes a, big story there.

Janet: And the driver was like, I'm not, like, not any hint of like terrorism or anything. Just like a normal, you know,

Patrick: Just a normal guy driving,

Janet: normal, guy driving, doing his job.

Patrick: Wow.

Janet: Yep.

Patrick: Gotta be a mal it might've been a malfunction in the tanker.

Janet: That's what I was about to say. Something Probably malfunctioned

Patrick: and then boom. Boom. Zoom to the moon. I hope his name was Wasn't Alice

Janet: to the moon? Alice. I know. So anyway,

Patrick: well, at least you made it to the bridge.

Janet: So I started to say is my niece never had a CB in her truck. Okay. And I don't think her ex-boyfriend. Has one in his and he's over the road, but I don't know, like if he's a regional,

Patrick: I thought he went coast to coast.

Janet: I don't know. Oh, I, I never got that verified. I just know that he drives.

Patrick: Okay. Well if he doesn't at least have one in there to communicate with the guard shacks and stuff like that. Well, that's a, you know what,

Janet: I don't know how they do it without a CB.

Patrick: I don't know either.

Janet: But if you know, please write to us and let us know.

Patrick: Yeah, ask the show. Go to the ask the show tab at 18wheeltalk.com. That's the number one, the number eight wheel talk.com and, and click that Ask the show tab. Yeah. That's, one way to communicate with us.

Janet: Yeah. I'm real curious about that one. Like how do you do it without a CB?.

Patrick: And like I said, let us know your CB handle and and do you still talk on a CB radio? Cause I know that if we were still driving, I, I would still have a CB radio.

Janet: Yeah. Me too.

Patrick: You know, you can squelch the noise out.

Janet: This is true.

Patrick: I've always had mine set, so, so that way I barely heard it unless somebody near me was talking. Yep. And if they were fading out, then I'd turn the squelch down.

Janet: The only time I turned mine down was when For long distance. Yeah. Was like if I knew my dad and I were headed towards each other. Yep. And like meeting for the weekend or for lunch or something. And then I'd. Get as far as range as I could and keep listening for his voice. Yep. You know? Yep. Yep. Anyway, that's it. That's the whole kit-n-kaboodle.

Patrick: That's the whole kit-n-kaboodle to CB or Not to CB.

Janet: That was the question.

Patrick: That was the question. I hope this was fun. I I had fun talking about this.

Janet: Yeah. It's like

Patrick: brought back some memories

Janet: and the movies that have I,

Patrick: I know, and now I wanna check out some of these. I haven't seen there's a couple of 'em that I know I've seen before. I just don't remember 'em. I read the title. Sounds familiar, but I'll have to like look and go. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I saw that one. Yeah, I probably, I, I have probably saw a, almost all of these movies,

Janet: well, those were all outta my head.

Patrick: That, that you plucked over the tops. One of my favorites. Convoy, um, black dog. Every which way, but loose, big trouble, little China.

Janet: Now I forget which one is, um, And I think I have it in here, Sylvester Stallone, where he's got his kid and he's going to the arm wrestling match

Patrick: that's over the top.

Janet: That is over the top. That's what I thought. Yeah, I liked that movie cuz it kind of had dual stories.

Patrick: Right, right, right. It had a story within a story. So anyways, we hope you enjoyed the show.

Janet: Thank you, thank you.

Patrick: You know, um, any, any final words?

Janet: hasta la pasta. Have a great day.

Patrick: Oh, I like pasta.

Janet: And you like it when I say Hasta la pasta. hasta la vista baby

Patrick: Hasta La Vista baby

Janet: sayonara.

Patrick: Anyways, keep your rubber side down.

Janet: Ciao. Oh, sorry, my bad. And your shiny side up.

Patrick: Catch you on the flip side. Okay.

Janet: Okay.

Patrick: Okay. Over out ten four. Good, buddy.

Janet: Bye.

Patrick: Okay, bye.