18WT #075:  Best Of 18 Wheel Talk From August 2021

August 1, 2023  Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

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Episode #075

18 wheel talk.

Okay. Oh God, that was funny. Any who? Good morning. Welcome to the 18 Wheel Talk podcast show. Hey, we're not just a podcast for truckers. That's right. We're gonna give you a little humor. A lot of laughs. A lot of laughs. And hey, what's going on today? Yeah, I know. Third time's charm. Third, third time's a charm.

So how's Janet today? Amazing. Amazing. We made it this far. Yeah, we made it like two minutes in. We made it past two minutes. Yay Janet was a little tongue tied on the first two trys. Ah, watch for the blooper reel. Oh my God. Oh my god. Buffet. That's right. So, so while we're here before we really get into this, all right.

I wanna talk about boobies. You wanna talk about boobs, boob bies, boob bies. Yes. Help the boobies. All right, let's come on. Get outta my, there we go. There we go. There you go. I'm like, what's going on? Any who? Yeah. We want your help supporting the boobies. Boobies. Lift them up. Help support like a good bra. We are.

We have on our website a BC support tab. Just go to 18 wheel talk.com. They just have to go to 18 wheel talk.com. Click on the tab at the upper left-hand corner, it says BC support. And we, we took our logo right here. We took our logo and turned it pink. Mm-hmm. I think that's pretty damn cool. I do too.

We put on three T-shirts. Why three? Because we decided three was enough. Three was enough and one wasn't enough. Yeah, one. One was one. One was too little. Three more. More than three is too much. So we said three. Let's do three. uno, dos, tres you can buy, one, you can buy two. You can buy all three.

However you wanna do it. That's fine. Uh, 50% of all profits from the t-shirt sales between now and the end of October are gonna go to breast cancer research. Yep. Are we just gonna do cancer research? No. Breast cancer research. Breast cancer research. 'cause it's boobie support. Pardon me. And, uh, we can't do it without your help and support.

Get it and yeah. Support like a good bra. Support the boobies. Help us be a good bra. What every woman knows, a good bra, one that supports you nicely and doesn't hurt, is hard to find. Yes, and kinda like us and well anyways, we can't do it without you. And we also would greatly appreciate it if there's a facility that you're close, near, and dear to, um, work closely with because of a family member.

Um, yourself, yeah. Yourself. You're involved with, uh, you want, you want some, some of the money to, to be donated in that direction. Let us know. Get, get ahold of us. Yep. Send me an email, patrick@18wheeltalk.com In the subject line, put breast cancer research or something so that way I Please do so.

That way I know what I'm looking at when, when I open it up and that it's not hate mail. Hey, I'd like hate mail even at this point. Hey, you know what? You guys don't like us. Send us an email, right? Send me an email, patrick@18wheeltalk.com. Subject line, I hate Janet. Let let me know. Let me know why you hate the show.

Janet's not funny. Tell us how we can make it better for you. Lose the co-host. Put a plug in her place. No, I'm not doing it. Nope. I'd rather shut the show down. All right. Okay. Bye bye. You could put the butts in my place. Bleep. That's all, folks. It'd be cute on screen. I know we put one in my place. One in your place.

It'd be the quietest show on Earth. No. Then we sit off screen with the headphones and talk for. If we can get 'em to sit still long enough, I would try it. Yeah. The pug podcast show. We try that sometimes. I don't know. Yeah, I tell ya. They're fidgets. They're pugs. They'll be asleep. Yeah. Well, that's true.

We'd have to prop 'em up with a lot of pillows anyway. Anyways. How you doing today, Janet? I'm good. Anyways. Help, help support Boobies. And how you doing today, Janet? Uh, okay. So I'm not so good now because you keep asking me how I am. Okay. Eventually you ask me enough and I'll be horrible. Okay? So how's your day going?

Well, let think, uh, I had a good weekend and then I've, like, my week's been okay and yeah. Got your My drain under control. My drain's under control. My, my mind drain is under control. Mind drain liquid brano. I put liquid drano on it. Liquid brano. Liquid brano on it. Brano Brano comes in a bottle about, about this big no tequila comes in a bigger bottle in our house.

Well, yeah. Cheese and rice. Everybody knows that. Isn't this national tequila year? Oh. I think so. I think, I think, isn't it? Isn't it like margarita month? Yeah, it's margarita month, but I think it's tequila year. An alcohol decade. Ooh. Gotta keep track of these things. Oh, that's right. This is 2020. It's the year that tequila.

Yeah. I wanna, I wanna be an alcoholic when I grow up. That was our New Year's resolution. To drink, to be functioning alcoholics. Yeah. To drink. We, we, we said we wanted to drink more and start smoking again. Okay. We're drinking a lot more. We're drinking more. I yet to do that smoking. I, I don't think my throat could handle it.

Hey, I used to smoke three packs a day and quit cold Turkey. I used to smoke a little over three packs a day of quit cold Turkey. That was six because my mama asked me to. That was six years ago. Wow. It has been six years for you. Um, what's 21 minus oh five? That's too many numbers. Too many numbers. Almost 16 years ago for me.

What? Shut the front door. It is and locked. Oh, okay. That way No, we can break in while we have our headsets on. What? I didn't hear nobody. It's 'cause her headsets are on. Oh, that's why the front door's locked. So anyway, Baba, Janet will be here all day. She's got Mad Yolks. Mad yolks. Mad yolks. That's 'cause I got lots of eggs in the refrigerator.

I know. Do you know why? Why? Because usually on Sundays I like doing Sunday brunch. Yeah. The only thing I have not added to Sunday brunch is um, oh my God. Family

click. That's a joke. Oh, okay. Of course we have family on Sunday's Mimosa's. Oh yeah. The fake, the fake drinks. Non-alcoholic or alcoholic? Alcoholic for us. Us. But non-alcoholic for the visitors. Correct. 'cause we don't want, unless we don't wanna turn them into assholes. We, some of 'em already are true. Alcohol might help 'em, but I don't want anyone to drink and drive.

I know. I don't want assholes at dinner. Me being the number one asshole of the house. I don't need more assholes. Anyway,

his phone rings, whoopsie. Forgot to turn the volume down. I already turned my volume down. I swear it did my bad. Um, so anyway, um, so we could do fake mimosas for visitors that aren't driving. Fake mimosas. Yeah. And real mimosas for those of us that can drink. 'cause we're not driving except underage people like Kyle, he can just drink orange juice.

Yeah, water. Give him water, give him water, water. But anyway, I like doing brunch on Sundays. ice cold water. But what happens is we, everyone knows that Janet likes to cook and Janet likes family dinners, therefore, People kind of know we got like this little open door policy for family and, oh, you just got blurry.

Did I? Yeah. Cool. Willingness. Clean up your screen.

No, that didn't do it. You're worse. I'm kidding. I'm, am I worse or better? You're way worse. Oh my God. Your face is so distorted.

You're fine. What the hell? Oh my, what are you going through? A tunnel. So everybody that, that's, that's, that's better. You, you're not as blurry. You all of a sudden it's like, you got blurry. I'm like, it's me. Open eyes. It's you. So everybody knows that Janet likes to cook and we do Sunday dinners and Wait, you cook?

I thought we had a, I thought we had a chef that came in. Halal. Her name's Janet. Oh, that's who it is. You know when the kitchen door closes, Janet and the pugs are on the inside and everybody else is on the outside. Yeah. Yeah. I know my, my shoes. But Janet, Janet loves to cook. That's her happy place. Yes.

When Janet's in her happy place, Patrick is nowhere to be found because he's not allowed in. Just do not cross the line. You die. Just the pugs just sayin. Even sometimes the pugs aren't allowed. Yeah, because so 'cause I kick them out. Mm-hmm. It's like if I can't be in here, you can't, get out, they have their spots anyways.

If you're, if you're uh, if you're listening to us in your ears. We greatly appreciate it. We thank you very much and please leave us a five star review for putting up with our nonsense. Yes, and if you're watching the laughters on YouTube, please hit the like button. Smash that like button down here somewhere.

Smash the dingling bell. Don't hit my head too hard. Thank you. She's had two traumatic brain injury, so don't smash her head. Just him. Hey. It smashed the like button and hit the, oh yeah, the button hit the notification bell ding. We were talking about Sunday dinner, and I like to cook. Leave us a comment.

So people know, and sometimes we have company. Mm-hmm. And so I really enjoy it because I like family dinners and I usually cook brunch, but once in a while I cook afternoon, you know, an actual dinner. Dinner like we did the other Sunday where I did the pork roast, the Oh god. Yeah. Plate in shoulder roast with all the trimmings.

Oh God. Yes you. And when you have a roast that nice, you can't just say, here's the roast and have some boxed potatoes or something was, you have to do dinner. It was mini Thanksgiving. That's what everybody said. Yeah. It's like Sunday brunch or dinner or dinner, whatever you call it. Whatever. I feel like cooking, excuse, excuse me, uh, it turns into mini Thanksgiving, but if it's brunch, I usually do like pancakes, eggs, bacons, that's like a nine course meal.

Sometimes hash browns, um, or waffles. And if I can't get, if I can't get a little bit everything on one plate and I gotta go back just to get other stuff, he's happy. That's a, that's a mini Thanksgiving. As I said, he's happy. No, that Janet made too much goddamn food. What? I'm done cooking. Fine, fine. You're done eating Well.

No, not done eating.

No, no, no, no, no. So what I like about it, and I like doing family dinners during the week when we have the opportunity. Okay. All right. Time out. Okay. Now explain to the people why. That's what I was, why you like doing the, the, the family dinners. What I was, I said what I like about it. No. Why? That's what I, we, we, we went to doing it.

That's what I was, what I like about it. Okay. Sorry. And family dinners is, we take our cell phones and we put our cell phones off the table. Mm-hmm. No cell phones and ringers off. We usually just put 'em on a charger somewhere. Oh wait. You told me that the reason why we started doing family dinners is because they, nobody does 'em anymore.

Yeah, but they also don't communicate. Yeah. Oh yeah. Because everyone's got their face in their cell on, everyone's got their face in their phone when they're eating. People sit in front of the TV with their face in the phone and the TV on, and they just, nom, nom, nom, nom they don't even talk. And if they're at the table, they don't look at each other.

Right. So we started going, we have a no cell phone policy at the table on Sunday dinners or family dinner during the week. Family dinner during the week. Yeah. And no TV on, it's like that. No, no tv, no radio. You gotta talk to the person next to you. It's like, um, the scene in the movie, the blindside. Where Michael Orr goes to their house for dinner.

Mm-hmm. For Thanksgiving dinner. Okay. And they're all putting their plates together and they're going into the front room to eat and he sits, sits down at the end of the table. 'cause he's never had a Thanksgiving dinner like that. Right, right. And she looks at him and she's like, oh, okay. Everybody come to the dinner table and she turns the TV off.

That's how I feel about it. Yep. Does it matter if it's the biggest game in the world? Too bad. So sad. Yeah, I know. You know, you'll, you'll see the reruns. I feel it on that one. You don't plan Thanksgiving dinner when you're, there's a good football game on. I know. The babies, the bears are playing. You don't plan a big dinner when the bears are playing.

You plan it around it Besides, I don't, don't me started on, I'm not watching football this year. So anyway, we're talking about, you said that last year, Sunday dinners it got worse. It's talking about Sunday dinners. I like the fact that we communicate and we sit and talk and even after dinner's done.

Plates are stacked in the middle. We're all done eating. We sit and we talk for half an hour or 40 minutes or whatever. Mm-hmm. It's about the communication between the family members, not just the food. Yes. Whereas when you take it's conversation, it's the actual conversation conversing with. A human being other than an electronic device and the laughter and the, you really find out how a person's week was.

Oh my god, we laughed so hard Sunday last time. Oh, my ribs hurt. Yeah, we had a good Sunday dinner when we should throw in like Jenga or something at the end of dinner. I agree. Well, when I grew up, that's what we did. We had, we gotta do like Jenga and like pie or dessert of some sort and coffee. Well, yeah, I don't know why, why, why didn't you think of that last time?

I'm sorry. You were so fired. You're the cook. I, I can't be in the kitchen, so I can't help, so, so you should have, you should have set up the coffee. You're fired. No, you're not fired. You're fired No, that's just messed up booboo lip. Yeah. So take your booboo lip and just, just fine. It's gone. So growing up we always had Sunday dinner.

We had. We went to mass usually 8:15 mass. If not, we went to 10:30. Okay. And then afterwards mom and I would do the cooking and you know, the table would get set and the boys would have their girlfriends over. I didn't have a guy over 'cause I was the youngest. What? Uh, yeah, it, I wasn't really dating back then because I was so young.

And they'd have their girlfriends over and we'd all sit down to the Sunday table and there'd be 10 to 12 of us typically. You know, and that's big. Enjoy Sunday dinner and after everybody was done eating, we had put the food away and clean up the table and do the dishes and load the dishwasher. 'cause not everything fits in the dishwasher or can be done in a dishwasher, uhhuh, and wipe down the table and dry it off.

And, Pull out the cards and play Shanghai, which is a game that my family played growing up. But you have to have at least like five people to play that. You can't play that with just like three people. W what is Shanghai? It's a card game. It's a card game that takes multiple decks. If you've got three people, you use four decks.

If you've got four people, you use five decks, you always use one more deck of cards than there is people. And there's rounds, uh, there's 10 rounds. See, when I grew up, we played Canasty. Yeah. And each round, it was like the first round, you have to get like two sets of three. The second round is like three, three pairs or uh, Three runs of four.

Okay. Um, I've got the directions written down. I, I'd really have to stop and think about it's, but we played Shanghai. That's okay. You played Shanghai. We played Canasty or pinochle. Yeah. We didn't, we we called it Canasty 'cause we, we, we played nasty. Yeah. I learned how to play canasta along, uh, in, when I was in the military.

And, uh, yeah, I had a lot of fun playing canasta later on in life. And then, and then that's what I grew up doing was playing cards after Sunday dinner. And we'd play cards in the afternoon and, Watch whatever on tv. If it was in the summer, we would go swimming and then have leftovers for Sunday evening, and by then the guys would take their girlfriends home and whoever had a job, if they worked Sunday night, part-time, would go to the job and our, that's how our day was.

Okay. To me that was really important 'cause we spent the whole day together as a family. So it was, you know, that, to me that's a good memory and I like to try and bring that memory back because people don't do that. Sure. When I talk to people about having family dinner or Sunday dinner, they're like, oh, I remember that.

I wonder why our family doesn't do that. And I'm like, you're the mom. You're the one with all the kids. You tell me why you don't do that. Oh yeah, exactly. Oh, I don't know. That's a lot of work. I'm like, so get your kids to help get your spouse to help your significant other to help. I agree. You know, but if I try to help, I get yelled at for being in the kitchen for people that don't like cooking.

Oh, I love to cook. And I do let you help. I'm like five minutes before everything. Baby, I need your, I need your help. Come set the table. Five minutes before it's done. I send the text, a family text out, come set the table, Uhhuh, come set the table. Or baby, I need you to stir this for me. Yeah, come stir this or come get me this pot down.

Come taste this. Come get this pot down. Come taste this. Yeah, I need this pot. I need this pan. Or, Hey, have you seen this? I don't know what this is. It's all good. And then she draws me stick figures, like it looks like this. Like I don't remember that. I can draw on my phone and send it. So I draw a picture of it.

Like, what the heck is that? Is that a boat? That's that A boat. Is that a boat with a spoon? Row. Row in it. I'm gonna give you a boat, slow boat to China. What? But that's what, yeah, slow one. 'cause I want to keep you. Oh, okay. Slow boat to China, huh? Mm-hmm. Okay. So that's what gets me, is all these people, they're always like, oh, I have such fond memories.

Why don't people do that anymore? And I'm like, you're the adult. You tell me. I don't know. I don't know why. It's okay, baby. Oh, okay. Whew. Killing me small. It's all right. You don't have to adult today. Oh good. 'cause I'm not gonna, I'll adult for both of us. Wait, what? You betcha I will. You betcha. You bet.

Betcha. Sweet patooties. I will. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So what did you like about Sundays or family dinners growing up? The food. That's it. Yeah. I was a kid. I, I didn't get to hang out with the adults as a teenager. You didn't? Yeah. Yeah. By then, you didn't care? Yeah. Then I ate dinner and then gone outside. I wasn't on the phone.

I was outside. Yeah, you did there outside. Oh, we had a phone with, you know, the, the windy cord? Yeah. That was, you know, 20 foot long or whatever. And if you were on that phone when my dad was home. Yep. Man, he would unplug it. Yep. From the phone. You'd be talking to someone with your bedroom door closed, and then it'd go, hello, hello.

You'd look at the phone and then you'd open the door and my dad would be standing there with the other end. I hung it up for you. I do love my dad. He was so funny. He had Mad Yolks. He had Mad Yolks. He had, he had mad stories. Oh, he did? I wish I'd had a secret tape recorder. Yep. The Secret tapes. The Secret tapes of Dad McCue. Yes. The Secret tapes of Jim McCue Sr.. Dun dun dun News at 11. Yeah. Funny stuff. 2020 special Dad's mad yolks. Are they real or are they Yeah. Or are they dad jokes? Yeah. The, uh, stories of that he used to tell of my grandfather. Okay. I, I, everybody knows, I do remember like every so often there'd be, you know, like pie for dessert mm-hmm.

Or something like that. Mm-hmm. You know? Nice apple pie or what was your favorite dessert? I like, like the, uh, apple pie with a like crumble crumble. Cru top. Crumb top, yeah. Yeah. Crumb, like I make crumb top apple pie. Yeah, I like that. Or apple, apple cobbler, or whatever that's called. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Apple cobbler.

That's pretty good. You're an apple person. Well, yeah, I mean, I like strawberry too. I like cherry pie. Cherry pie is like my favorite. Yeah. And your sister's either strawberry or cannolis. I don't know how people eat those. I don't mind a cannoli once in a while, but they're, it's not my favorite. Yeah. If you gimme a cannoli, I'm gonna be like, who wants this?

Every now then it's like apple pie, ala mode, you know, hot apple pie with a scoop ice cream. Yeah. And a bowl next to it. Yeah. Well, you know, I know you're, you're, you're a food can't touch. Yeah. You, I should, I could buy you like a, a six section plate. You'd be happy. Yeah. Why? I'm just saying 'cause none of your food would touch.

If it was China, I'd be fine with that. What? If it was a nice looking piece of China with this section, I'd be fine with that. Oh my god. Somewhere we got an hor d'oeuvre plate. You might as well just use it. Ah, that's a good idea. I know, right? It's got all those little slight, you know, oh, none of your, your food would never touch.

Oh my God. My food would never touch life. My God. Oh, baby. Life is good. You do love me. Life is good. Oh, you do love me. Oh, wait, yeah, I did that, right? Yeah. You did that, right? You did that left or right, or something? I don't know.

Yeah, we'll get that down someday. I know one of these days, usually I'm going like this and it's like, no, it doesn't work like that. It's backwards. What you do is this. The walls are closing in. Whoa. Anyway, I feel like a clown. Big nose. You've got a big nose cloud, right? I feel like a clown. I feel like I'm in trouble, like a pug in trouble.

What do you do? What did you do anyway, anyways? Yeah, we got a, we got a, so when we do family dinners, we pull out the, we pull out the real plates, I call it. We don't pull out the good China, 'cause that's only used on, on holidays. We pull out the good plates, we pull out the everyday plates. Yeah, we have, we have, we have, we have everyday, everyday plates, which is our paper plates, and then we have.

The real plates. Okay. We use a lot of paper plates because we eat a lot of things that are sandwiches. Um, it's, it's just us. So it's like, why, why, why make dishes when you don't have to? Yeah. When you have company, you don't wanna use the good if I don't have to. You don't wanna use the good paper China?

Oh my God. I would use hard plates, regular China plates every day. I used to. I never used paper plates until I got together with Patrick. I. Paper plate. You know, let, let nothing, you blame everything on me. Well, it's true. Don't, don't blame, don't change because it's just me. If you wanna do that, then let's do it.

I used paper save money. Don't, don't, don't waste your money on paper plates. I used pa I'm wasting your money. I used paper, waste my money on paper plates. I used paper plates for camping. I'm going on strike. I'm not, I'm not buying paper plates anymore. Fine. I'm fine with that. Fine. Fine. I used paper plates for outdoors.

I have sandwich plates, the glass ones? Mm-hmm. For sandwiches, yeah. I use those for sandwiches. I use those for cheese, Chris. I use those for all sorts of small things. Which Bob in your head for? Because we never use 'em anymore. 'cause for the paper plate family now. 'cause we wanna destroy the economy or the ecology.

The environment. Environment. It was one of those e words. It was, it was a big word. I know, I know. I'm a real blonde some days. Some days. Yeah, some days. Hey, did I, did you, did you hear the latest one that I did? Did you see the blonde joke I sent you? Nope. No. You want me to read it to you or lemme pull it up on Facebook?

You read it to me. Why don't you do that sugar.

Is that a threat? No, I, you read that to me? I will. Here, let me, let me pull it up. Mm-hmm. Let me pull up here. You just pull up a blonde joke for me. Lemme see. I think well wait. You post so much shit on your Facebook page. I don't know if it'll show up. You're gonna have to pull it up on your page. Did I?

Did I? Yeah. I think it, ah-huh. I in blonde jokes, my brother David taught him very well. He didn't have to teach me nothing. I just. Where did he go? David used to email me blonde jokes all the time. I miss that. I, I know, but I do prefer talking to him every day. That's much better. Yeah. Yeah. Right. He gives you the in-person jokes.

Yes. I took it an in-person Blonde joke almost every time I see him. And uh, when I talk to him, I get a lot of jokes. He got mad Yolks. He got Mad Yolks. Who was it that made a joke about Mad Yolks on tv? Do you remember? We saw that yesterday. Oh, we were, uh, we were watching that Mysteries of the Unknown with Josh something or other that Explorer.

Mm-hmm. That's right. And, and, and he was at the, he was at the equator. The, the actual equator. The actual Zero longitude. Zero latitude, which I think would be really cool to see. And they're balancing an egg. Yes. And he was making yoke jokes. Yeah. He says that that was a crack. Yes. And then he was, oh, I found it.

And then he said mad yokes. Okay. Patrick can tell a blonde joke. Just when I thought I've heard the best blonde joke ever along comes one like this. A blonde heard that baths' in milk would make her beautiful. Not like Janet needs to take a bath of milk. She's beautiful already. Thank you baby. She left a note for her milk man.

Okay. Mm-hmm. To leave 25 gallons of milk, when the milkman read the note, he felt there was there, there must be a mistake. It must must be a mistake. He said, eh, maybe she meant 2.5 gallons. Two and a half gallons of milk. Yeah. Eh, maybe. So he knocked on the door to clarify. Okay. Clarify the point. Yep. The blonde came to the door and the milkman said, I found your note asking me for 25 gallons of milk.

Did you mean 2.5 gallons? The blonde said, no, I want 25 gallons. I'm going to fill my bathtub up with milk and take a milk bath so I can look young and beautiful again. The milkman asked, do you want it pasteurized? Wait for it. Mm. I'm waiting. Wait for it. The blonde says, no, just up to my tits. I'll splash it in my eyes.

And it's still funny. I'll splash it in my eyes. No, just up to here. I'll splash it in my own eyes. No tits are a little lower than that. I said up to here and I sat up. Okay. Anyway, cheese and rice, come on. That's like one of the greatest ones. Uh, it's a funny one. Every time it comes back around, I send it to you.

Yes you do. God bless your soul. Uh, I sent that to you seven years ago. Uh, seven. That's seven, seven times I've gotten that joke. Do I give it to you every year? Yeah. I'm sorry I'm not, it's funny. It's like one of the best ones. Uhhuh, you wanna pasteurized? No, just up to my tits, my brother Dave liked it when you told it to him the other day.

I know. You know, he is gonna remember that one. Oh, next year I'll tag him in it too. Yeah, right. There it is. There it is. My necklace was caught. Oh, my cross. I don't, I don't have that problem. I wear a cross. You know that. I know. Blessed Cross. Anyway, we're talking about family. Yes, family. Sunday dinners.

Sunday dinners. So, oh, did you hear? I don't know that I have a favorite. You were talking about desserts. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I don't know that I have a favorite because I like cooking or baking them. Yeah, I know. I know. You like baking. It's just whatever I'm in the mood to bake is my favorite for the day.

Well, I mean, I guess it would depend on what's for dinner. Yeah. Depends on what you would have for dessert. So on an average, usually, usually pie usually goes with just about anything. Mm-hmm. You know, you being an ex truck driver and me being an ex trucker doesn't matter. You went to a truck stop. What was on the dessert menu pie?

Almost every kind of pie you could imagine. Oh yeah. You know, banana cream pie, chocolate cream pie, this kind of pie, that kind of pie. Apple, blueberry. We should go up north of Phoenix here to that restaurant that David always stops at For pie that him and my dad like, yeah. Oh, the Village Inn. Was it? Is that the village?

No, it's not a Village Inn. It's a place that that's, that's what they're known for. Oh. Oh, they're known private. Oh my bad. They're known for their pie. It's about a hundred miles north. My bad. It's not a Village Inn. Sorry. Knew I knew that. I knew your dad. Always went to Village in, my dad went to Village Inn, especially on Wednesdays because he got got, I went for Free Pie.

Free pie. Drink his coffee and get his, I don't see why we don't do that. I don't know. We should go because Pat doesn't ride motorcycle on Wednesdays. You never know. You never asked. I threw you under the bus. You don't ask. Let's go for a motorcycle ride next Wednesday, the Village Inn. Alright, we'll go get some.

We'll go to my dad's one. Well, Dobson Road. Okay. That's his. That's the one he likes. Okay, we'll go eat pie just for dad. Okay. Mark a calendar marking. Okay. So anyway, I just like the cooking and the baking more than the eating, even though you can tell I've gained weight. What? I still like the cooking more than the eating.

Wait, what? Wait, what? Who said that? What? I said that, wait, wait. What? Yeah, I said that. No. Yeah, yeah. Mm-hmm. Yeah, so, so do you remember Sunday dinners? Leave us a comment below. Darling? Yes. We're we're still doing a podcast, so I just invited you for pie. Okay. Okay. You should mark the calendar. I don't, yeah, you could have done it after the show.

I wouldn't remember after the show. That's anyways. Anyway. Anyway, this is what we've been doing lately, Sunday dinners. We're trying to bring it back and make it a tradition with us and our family and I like it. And if you remember Sunday dinner, leave us a comment below. Tell us if you remember, or if you do family dinner still.

And I know some families do. And while you're there, smash that like button. Push a notification bell so you don't miss an episode. And I have a question. What's your question? If they do family dinners, what are their rules? Or do they have 'em like, yeah, leave it, turn off the phone, no TV on? Or do they do family dinners and allow all that shit at the table?

Right. I know. Tell you how I really think. Yeah. Right. Really. Come on. You know what we used to do? What'd you used to do? Uh, when I'd go out with my friends in New York, like Jack and Tasha and all them. We'd go out for Sunday brunch and we would put all our phones in the middle of the table. Okay? Nobody's allowed to answer their phone.

You know what you should do? Let, let, let me finish. Sorry. Nobody's allowed to answer their phone. There'd be about eight of us usually. Okay. Everybody had separate checks if the phone rang and you answered it during dinner, no exceptions. You paid for everybody's bill. I was just gonna say, I never paid for the bill.

Do you know why? Why? I always called my dad on the way and said, going out to lunch with friends. I'll talk to you after. Yep. That way. 'cause I wouldn't answer for anybody but my dad anyway. Well, no. What you do is, is, is you put all the phones in the middle of the pile there and, and whoever's phone rings, gotta pay for everybody no matter what, whether you answer or not.

If it rings and you hear it. No, that doesn't matter. If it rings and you hear it turn, if you forget to this way, if they forget to turn their phone off, guess what? Yeah, you're paying the bill baby, eh? Oh, that's what I would've done. Uh, our, our system worked. Uh, the guys paid a lot. Um, yeah, I'm sure. Mm-hmm.

I'm sure. Yeah. I didn't, not me though, man. I never had a day. Like, not me. Nope. Mm-hmm. I can ignore that phone real easy. There's some people that I've gone to visit that they, the whole time I visit, they'd be like this. Yeah. I'd be like, bye. I'll see you later. I come, you're leaving. I've been here half an hour.

And you have yet to look up from your phone. Yeah. No, I was just getting off. I'm like, no, that's good. Maybe another time. No, you were getting off like 20 minutes ago. Yeah. I've had, I've had a piece of pie and a cup of coffee. I'm ready to go. See ya. Yeah. Any, any, uh, any final thoughts? Um, check out what we're talking about next week.

What are we doing next week? I don't know. That's why I said check it out. Oh, check out our next episode. Well go, golly, golly. Hey, get your swag, get your covid shots. That's right. You can go to one eight wheel talk.com/ That's a little slashy thing. Shots. S H O T S. Get your Covid shots with 18 Wheel Talk.

We're doing a public service. Trust me. You want our shots? You want our shots? I'm dancing for you. Is that what you're doing? That's a dance. That's a chair dance. Okay. You have to go to YouTube to see the chair dance, not a lap dance. Ah. I knew where you were going. See, see. Never thinking that you're doing lap dance.

Knew where you were going. Patrick Uhhuh chair dance. Not a lap dance. You wanna see you're gonna do a lap dance, go to one eight wheel talk.com/youtube. My dad is gonna reach down from heaven and knock you upside the head. I know. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. So when you feel that and I'm not in the room, you'll know who did it.

Oh, that'll be your mom. Are you kidding? One of them. Yeah. Anyways, thank you for joining us today. We greatly appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you. Give us, give us a review. If we made you laugh and made you, made you think about bringing back Sunday or family dinners, something, you know, give us five star review, five stars.

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Time's ticking.

So, oh my goodness. Anyways, thank you for listening. We hope you enjoyed the show. We'll see you next time. Enjoy your Sunday dinner. Bye. Okay, bye.

Turn it up.