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18WT 033: The Guess Who's Back Episode!

November 2, 2021  Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

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18WT 033:  In this episode Janet and Patrick let their audience know who, what, where and when. They start off with a desperate plea to Pringles to be a sponsor for the show as Janet makes duck lips with the product ( go to 18wheeltalk.com/youtube to see the footage). So if you haven't guessed it they are baaaaack! The 18 Wheel Talk Podcast Show is back and they are full of new ideas for the show. First things first they talk about where they have been the last 3 months. With monsoon season active during the last few episodes the studio sprung a leak in the roof and almost wiped out all of the podcasting equipment on them. Because they don't own the place where they are living it took what seemed like forever to get the repairs done. So, with all that in the rearview mirror they look to the future of the podcast show and take you down the road of their vision of what's to come.

  One of their ideas that they are going to try is to do a LIVE podcast on their YouTube channel as often as possible ( so subscribe to the channel HERE and click the notification bell). They are going to do YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, and Tiktok because in reality they are content creators. They also have set up a patreon page to support the show and are working on different tiers. Your help on what rewards you would like to receive is greatly appreciated ( just click HERE to take the poll). If you want to support the show with some podcast show swag like T-Shirts, Coffee mugs, Shot glasses and even a mask to protect you from the CoVid19 virus just click HERE to get your swag on.

  Patrick goes on to tell a story about how he "accidentally" tried to kill Janet. Well not exactly you see Janet has a HIGHLY allergic reaction to the spice cumin. One night they were making homemade pizza and chicken wings for dinner while watching Monday night football. Patrick saw a spice in the cupboard and asked Janet if she wanted to try it on the wings that night ( unbeknownst to both of them that spice has cumin listed in the ingredients) she said sure why not. Later that night Janet said she felt itchy and didn't know why and Patrick said to her maybe it's from you being out back playing in the soil of the potted plants that she might have been bit by something. The next day it got worse and the day after ever worse than the day before and Patrick said to Janet to call the doctor and try to get in to see him ASAP. At the doctors, he took one look at Janet and said to her you poor thing your having a reaction to something and they immediately assumed it was the spice from the wings Monday night.

  They close with all the basic stuff like subscribe to their YouTube channel, find them on Instagram and Twitter @18wheeltalk, look them up on patreon, and please leave a review on your favorite podcast player.

As always we believe that laughter is the best medicine.