18WT 001: How I Got Where I'm Going - The Janet Interview!

August 05, 2019 - Patrick Heller

The Guest Vitals!

  Ms. Janet helps people understand their health a bit better by returning to home cooking, less processed foods and less chemicals in their life. Her belief is healthy from the inside out and no matter what your build is, you can be beautiful.

   She represents a very green company with nutritional items as well as skin care and makeup.   She also represents two incredible clothing lines with all types of modern lines, keeping fashion forward in sizes up to 5x for women. On her website she has Men’s wear as well as gifts for the entire family.

You can reach Ms.Janet at the following links below:
Email:  janetm@janetmccue.com
website:  JanetMcCue.com
Twitter:  @JanetMBiz
Instagram:  @JanetMBiz
Facebook:  @JanetMBiz

18WT 001:    We take a behind the scenes look at the Blonde haired Bombshell Co-Host of the 18 Wheel Talk podcast show. Take a glimpse into the chemistry between the Host and Co-host. Listen in as Patrick interviews his Co-host Ms. Janet, a Veteran, a former Hospitality Manager, a retired Truck Driver and now a Health and Beauty Coach.  Enjoy their talk as the sarcasm flows and the laughter rolls as he draws out memories of her Life overseas in the Army and traveling the U.S. How she made money baking pies while working three other jobs before becoming a manager of a V.F.W. Steakhouse. Then from there she worked her way up to become a District Manager for a Major Hospitality Corporation.

  Keep listening on how and why she went on to become a Truck Driver and after approximately 6 years of driving was in a tragic head on collision with another Tractor Trailer and was forced to retire from the Trucking Industry. Patrick and Ms. Janet talked about many stories from her childhood to the stories only OTR drivers can talk about and understand. 

She is now a Health & Beauty Coach and Co-host of this very podcast show your listening to right now.

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