18WT #057: Robo Pug - Product Review Of The 

Roborock E5 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner!

September 6, 2022  Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

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Robo Pug (Roborock E5 vacuum)

This model is no longer available, however we do recommend this newer version HERE

[00:00:00] All right. I think, uh, I think it's working. Yeah. Look at that. The robot is about to start. Yes. Yeah. We gotta, we are reviewing The roborock E five, robotic vacuum cleaner. And right now it is starting its process here from its home dock. Yeah. We hit the start button. Yep. This was our choice. Uh, we looked at a lot of 'em.

[00:00:29] This brand is what we decided to go with. And from there on, there was, I don't know, half a dozen or more choices. Okay. Um, this seemed to be the best with what we chose for our budget. And how smart we wanted it to be. Now we bought this during, uh, prime week, which was back in July, July, there's another prime week supposed to be happening in October.

[00:00:52] Nice prime two. So we got, what did, what did we actually pay for this version on version with on prime week with a three year warranty? We paid one 20. Okay. So this is what you get for one 20. We have a video. Um, and it just shows it doing its thing. Yeah. This is our product review right now. It's it's, uh, we, we push the start button and, and it was doing part of one of the bedrooms.

[00:01:20] Um, right now we're, we're, we're watching it. It's in the living room. We got, we got, uh, one of our pugs just totally ignoring it. Just Cailin, lying by her Teddy bear, watching it, do it's, thing, waiting for it to come run her over. She just kind of giving it, giving a lip service and it came all over towards her.

[00:01:39] So she decided I better get up out of the way so he could do his job. They're not, they at the beginning, they were kind of undecided. You'll see, in this video, what I mean by undecided? Yeah. Um, the one thing I do like a lot, well, they barked at it the first day that we opened it and, and it started doing its pattern because it's gotta learn what it's gonna do.

[00:01:59] Yep. It has to learn the household pattern and. The less obstacles you have in a house, the easier it is for this one to learn or any robotic vacuum. We have a complicated house though. because of furniture, pug toys. And for whoever designed this house back in the seventies decided they liked walls. Yeah.

[00:02:24] A lot of rooms. Well, we got it's a, we live in a three bedroom, two bath home townhome. yes So therefore it's with a closed off kitchens, it's a single level. So therefore it's, it's, you know, the floor patterns on the first floor everything's on the first floor, that's it? There's no upstairs. Yeah. Which is, it's a closed off kitchen.

[00:02:45] It's and it's got a nice entryway, but it's about 1500 square foot. We really like it. Um, but anyway, what I really like about this. It does a good job. Um, and it's really good about doing straight lines. I have a thing about vacuuming in straight lines. First time we ran it, I saw that it was putting the vacuum lines in the carpet and I had to grab Janet and say, look, look, oh my God, look, look, do you see it?

[00:03:12] Do you see it? She's like, what? See what I said, it's putting vacuum lines on the rug. I knew right then I'd like it, I don't don't care how stupid it is. I like that. But. That's my robo pug and it has cut back drastically with two pugs. Pugs do shed. One is a, uh, double coat. One's a triple coat, um, pugs shed a lot, and it's cut back drastically on the amount of hair in the house.

[00:03:38] Oh, yes, it has. I I've even noticed it's at first. I didn't think we were ever gonna be able to keep it. We'll say butt clean. well, we can explain that, but now that we've had it for a while, it's it doesn't pick up nearly as much hair because we run it at least every other day. Yeah. And, and it has its reservoir.

[00:03:59] Now, when, when we first got it, the pugs barked at it because it smelled like a pug. Therefore, we call it, we call it robo pug and they were sniffing its butt. Like it was a dog and they barked at like, it was a dog and then ran away from it, from it. And when it came after 'em, now they just lie right in front of its way.

[00:04:18] They don't care until it. Yeah. They run, they lie in front of it until it actually smacks him in the butt or smacks him on the foot. And then they get up and walk away, like how doing you're like what, how rude. um, right here, we're looking at it going underneath our coffee table. It actually fits under our coffee table.

[00:04:34] It it's a Duncan fife style coffee table. What's a, what is a Duncan Fife? It's a drop leaf table. Okay. Um, so most people would have that. Like if, if you had like older furniture would be like a dining room table where the leaves would fall, you know, fold out ours is that our dining room table is that too.

[00:04:53] And if least come trying to explain it to, to the younger generation and fold out there's Cailin going after it again. Yeah, it just, we just transitioned to another, another video clip of, uh, the first day we had it running it, uh, the, the pugs are sniffing at it. So some of the pointers are, it will go under furniture, but if it's a, a drop leave style, you might see the leaves move a.

[00:05:17] You, it will run into things. Like I said, ours is a little bit on the retarded side. Yeah. I told Janet we got, we gotta tard. Yeah. Yeah. We got a retarded one and she's like, what do you mean? I said keeps running into walls. Well but it's supposed to do do, but if you keep, like we have a giant Teddy bear that has it's was the Teddy bear came to my home in 1997.

[00:05:42] And, um, that's been very loved by several animals. You have to, we have a blanket on top of it. You have to tuck the edges of blankets under one thing you have to pick cords up. Well, the one thing I have noticed is that it has a gentle tap button on the front. So if it gently bumps something that it cannot pugs, look at it right now.

[00:06:03] If it bumps it gently enough to, to hit the, hit the bump bar to make the bump bar move. It's kind of like a front bumper on a car. You know, if you hit something on impact, the bumper will move airbag. that's what it's like. It has a bumper on it. So when it bumps something, it knows. All right. And then it turns to try to go around it.

[00:06:22] Yeah. So if it taps a toddler's foot. They're not gonna start crying. Yeah. It's not gonna, it's not gonna roll up on top of the toddler. It's like we've had our foot flat on the ground and, and had it run into our feet. It's never caused the pugs harm. I mean, they it's rolled up on up to their feet when they're sleeping, bumped them woke 'em up and say, Hey, I'm here.

[00:06:43] They just get up and walk away right now. They're running from 'em speak. Yeah. Speaking of which in our video, if you, if you go to our YouTube channel 18 wheel talk.com/youtube, you could see in our, in our video that they're chasing it around, sniffing their butts and, and it's now cut to a clip where they're barking at it.

[00:07:05] And they're voicing their voicing their opinion. Running away bark. You're what is this? Bark bark. Runaway run away. Bark, bark, bark, runaway your turn. I think this is where one pug pushes the other up to it. Yeah, I think so. I think our fawn pug pushes our black pug towards it. Like you go tell it. not my turn.

[00:07:25] You go tell it's your turn. You go tell I know that's coming up soon. It is like right now. Right here. Here comes. Okay. So the black one's running towards it kind of slowly. Nope. Backing up. So it does corners really well. It goes around table legs. Yep. Here she is. She's gonna push her up up to the thing.

[00:07:42] Go tell her, go tell her I'll sniff you. You sniff it. Go tell her. go talk to it. Go on. You can do it. Cushla tries backing away and Cailin's just like, Nope, I'm in your way. Yeah. It doesn't go under things that it can't fit into. It's not going to, for the most part, keep trying, like, if it finds a spot like under Pat's desk or my desk, that it doesn't fit it.

[00:08:06] Does a little spin figures out that it can't fit there and goes away. Yeah. Cuz we got, you know, the computer chairs, how, how they like the star, the, the star pedestal it'll, it'll go in and, and, and around all that stuff and it'll get in as far as it can go. Uh, but other than that, it, it does a really good job going around obstacles.

[00:08:25] Yeah. Uh, going, if it'll fit under an obstacle, it will go under there and do it's best to get back out. Yeah. It, every, so often it, it has founded, you know, It's got its set places. It gets stuck. Yeah. But we know where they are. yeah. So that's that's one of the drawbacks is it does have a hard time finding its way home to its charging dock.

[00:08:49] Well, because we haven't figured out the best place for ours yet. I think we, we finally got it figured out. Uh, but okay. So, but he does, he does, uh, have its moments. Yeah. We call him a he, because we got two female pugs. I think this is, yeah, Frankie's asleep. Frankie's Cailin , she's asleep and he's coming up.

[00:09:08] The robot pug is coming up on her asleep. I think he taps her foot in this one. I, I think, yeah, I believe so. This is where he is gonna tap. She sounds asleep. And right now he taps her on the foot and says, Hey, there's an obstacle right there. And she's just like, okay. He touched. And he touched me again. So she walks away.

[00:09:29] She's fine. I get outta your way. She was asleep in the office right there. This filing cabinet. She's I'm going into my bed. He cannot get me here. That's if it's too high of lip on anything, it will not go up over it. Right. That's what I mean. That's why I like about it. Yeah. And you can buy magnetic strips to keep it out of set areas.

[00:09:48] It will go through closed doors, but if it's a glass door that has very little edge on it, I read that it will. It'll think it can go through a glass door, it fools it. I know that that if you have an upstairs and you don't want it to come down the stairs, toppling down the stairs, you're gonna need a magnetic strip to put it the top of the stairs.

[00:10:09] Yeah. Otherwise it'll top. You're gonna have to fence in your toddler. So this is one of its favorite areas. This is our front door area that has a shoe rack, pug bowls, like food and water. Um, A little carpet, a little bit of tile, little bit of this little bit of that. , it's actually fairly open, but the edges have things and this is one of its favorite areas to get stuck in and drag things around in it.

[00:10:37] it likes to steal Janet's shoes off the shoe rack. It can fit not under the end, but it can fit under the front. And then it'll go side to side underneath the shoe rack, just enough to wiggle a shoe off every so often. And my shoes are on the bottom rack. My sneakers, some of them. And it does really good getting into the edge, that corner of it.

[00:10:58] It's got that little brushy thing that catches the corner and it sweeps it in towards the front when it does the corners. Like I said, it, it, it, for, for the most part, it does an excellent job every so often though it does get lost finding its home base. That's that to me, I think is, is, is the downside for this model.

[00:11:18] And I think it also is because our house is complicated. Yeah. We have a lot. Furniture a lot of corners and, and, and, and it's hook. Okay. So it's hooked up via Bluetooth. Yeah. Right here is one spot. It occasionally gets stuck. This is where it steals my shoes. You can see it moving a shoe there. Yeah. Right.

[00:11:37] I think in this video it did steal this shoe. Yeah, it does. Later on, um, Then when it goes back towards the bowls, you can see the, it gets stuck with one particular spot by the girls' bowls. I said, it looks like it's, it gets lost. It's supposed to go be going back to its dock. Okay. Which is in the room next to next to where this is.

[00:11:58] It. Well, it it'll do the tile floor that it's on. It goes from carpet to, to the tile floor. But if you look at the, oh, there it's messing with my shoe. But if you look at, at the top of it, it's flashing. Yes. Saying going back to the dock, is it flashing? Yes. Flash. I think it was see, yeah, it is flash. Okay.

[00:12:19] It's trying to find its way home. Yeah, exactly. It's trying to find its way back to the dock for whatever reason it got lost that day. Right. where it just went in the video. Oh yeah. On top of that mat, it gets stuck there. The mats, not quite tall enough to keep it off. Yeah. So we gotta try to prop it up at something 90% of the time it gets stuck there once in a while, it'll pull itself off.

[00:12:42] And this is a once in a while Uhhuh . But most of the time that's its I got stuck place and , it'll say return me to home. Yeah, I know. It's like I've lost. I don't know where I'm going. When it flashes red, it's really dead. Yeah. When the power button starts to flash red there. Okay. And there's, there's the shoe that it finally, this finally did go back and steal the sneaker and, and now it's working its way back to its you could tell, you could tell the pugs kissed it a couple times.

[00:13:10] There's a couple wet marks on, on it. The slime marks are from the pugs. They do like to lick, get it from the pugs are from the shoe. no it's from the pugs. Cuz when I took the shoe off, they were licking it already cuz it had stopped brief. So, yeah. So now it's heading back to its dock. The area that you're seeing the far area is what we call the face and the back area that's closest to the camera is what we call it's butt.

[00:13:34] That's where the, the holder is Uhhuh with the dust bin in it. And that's the area that they will sniff as soon as we open it up. They're all over that. Yeah. I don't think we took the, I don't think we had a video of a, a, of a pulling, uh, the trap out. I don't think I did, or I don't know if you did, but I don't think I did.

[00:13:52] I should. No, I don't believe we did, but there is a trap door on the back of it. Uh, you open it up in inside is the, the, the, the collector bin with a, with a filter, very easy to clean. And we could have gotten, um, a mop for this. Yeah, there's a, would've gotten a collector tower for this. These are all options.

[00:14:12] I wanted a really basic model, just enough to help keep the house clean. And it did the job. So there's our product review for the robot, robo rock E five. And I chose it. We chose it because it had really good reviews on fur and going on to carpet.