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18WT 015:  What Does It Mean To You, To Be An American

April 1, 2021  Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

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18WT 015:  In today’s Episode after a few jokes, and laughter, Janet asks Patrick “what does it mean to you to be an American? Janet tells Patrick, you know, some people call that “home grown, born and bred right here in the good ‘ol U.S. of A. you know, America. Patrick responds with “MERICA” as some like to say.

Now there are those that would describe that as Patriotic. And there are those that would describe that as Traitorous, don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. This immediately brings up talk of the border, the illegals, the homeless. Janet heard that in San Diego they emptied out a stadium of homeless people to let immigrants live there. However, it is children, what do you do when it is children? In St. Louis, the news showed some men came to the border and dropped two young children over the border wall and ran away. How do you leave your children and run away? Janet cannot fathom that.

Patrick and Janet discuss how you will do anything to better your child’s life. But they throw in some jokes at the expense of Kyle, of course. And this turns briefly to the term “step-monster”.

Back on track after some singing…the border and America. They both believe you can come here legally and be an American. Then Patrick rewinds, briefly and they go over “the rules” again.   Born here, you are an American; came here, passed the test, you are an American. Here illegally, go home.

At every election, when you are saying you are leaving, Janet says leave and quit talking about it. Patrick argues her bringing up election, but she dips her toe in it anyway.

Patrick brings up that these are big stars that do all of this “I am leaving” talk.

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As they get back on track, Janet mentions that they (the loud people) seem to believe that if you are not screaming you are not active, not American. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Quiet equals part of the problem in some eyes.

Patrick interrupts her to talk about no longer wanting to be called Caucasian, he now wants to be called Saltine. Janet mentions that he is far from saltine, he is more like a Ritz cracker, she is the whiter person, more like a Saltine. But their pug Frankie, she thinks he is bacon. This brings up more white jokes about Janet, she is the whitest person they know.

Some people like Janet believe that no matter what race, color, financial status, religion, or sexual orientation. I think that is all the variables. We all seem to agree that the world, not just the United States, is a hard place right now. There is a lot of crime, a lot of good people who die for the wrong reasons (is there ever a right reason?). However, standing up and screaming about it isn’t the answer. There are people who do not deserve the wealth that they have and people who have nothing to give that give it all anyway.

Screaming or standing on the corner with a sign does not equal patriotism in Janet’s eyes. Then Patrick brings up guns, Janet likes guns and being a girl. This of course changes the subject again.

Our right to speech, to our opinion is here on the podcast. When we look at our friends, we just see our friends. Neither one of them understand the way people are now with the desire or need to identify people by race, sexual orientation, religion, or whatever when we speak of them.

For instance, when we get past our partially black grandchild, that we do not say, this is our beautiful partially black grandchild. Or our black friend, or Janet’s half Hawaiian half Taiwanese girlfriend, or Jewish girlfriends, all they see are friends. They don’t see the need to identify them by anything other than friends. They brought up race and religion, Only for this conversation.

The subject changes to the energy of children briefly.

They were both raised to see people as people. Janet says she thinks that the problem is that the bad people are vocal about their beliefs. The good people are the silent majority. The good people do not care about race, color, financial status, religion, or sexual orientation. Janet’s sister was a good person, she was the type that never had two nickels to rub together. But she always had a meal to share and room to help, even if it was just space on her floor for a few days. We are the type that help people out.

Yet, we know people who are filthy rich who if we went to and said we need a meal or a place to sleep for a night, they would refer them to the welfare system. They would say not my monkey not my circus.

The silent majority are the good people in Janet’s opinion. The people that just live life, enjoy friends, be happy good people. The people in the news screaming the loudest are the squeaky wheel, the minority of people number-wise. Most people just live and try to be good people, good to each other, their family, and friends and those they come in contact with. No matter race, religion, wealth, etc. Just people trying to be good people.

So how do we the good people, get America back online? Back on track? Janet’s manicurist said she wouldn’t want to grow up today where people are being raised (by society) to look at people as “this is my black friend, my white friend, my Hispanic friend.” In her grandchildren’s pre-school they are being taught to address their peers by race and name. They also have pulled all books that address characters by sex “he, she, her, him”.   So this brought up the conversation of when all of the applications and i.d.’s will have “other” as a choice.

Janet explains briefly how the two of them get off track. Which of course brings laughter. Go figure, them laughing and getting side-tracked. He pokes her for fidgeting, deflating, and talking 100 miles per hours. Somehow this brings up that she likes her red framed eyeglasses. They are reading glasses, but she really likes them and is thinking next time she may get red frames for her eyeglasses. Could you smash the like button for her red frames please she says.

Next, she brings up the news in Minnesota. Patrick brings up Jessie the Body Ventura being the governor. Janet brings up the trial and they wonder what really happened. Janet talked briefly about day one. Judge talked for an hour, prosecutor talked for a few hours, defense for a few minutes. During the prosecutor’s opening speech, he showed was the full video.

Janet watched it and was appalled and told Patrick about it. She told him that she is not striking controversy. And explained it to him. She told him the cop is going away for a cold long time. They did not discuss the multiple funerals. They did discuss how long he would live in jail. His only chance for survival is solitary confinement. Patrick googled if MN has the death penalty, it doesn’t.

They decided he will die in jail by a shank, Janet said assuredly. Or sheet hanging is option two. Janet feels he at least has a chance at a fair trial. As opposed to the American girl accused of murdering her roommate in Italy. No matter what your opinion is, he has a chance at a trial. They both wonder why the other three cops could not pull him off Floyd. A very touchy subject, Patrick pulls them back on subject. Part of being an American is the right to a fair trial.

Janet asks if Patrick finds it funny that most people who move here legally and try are successful.   A lot of people, depending on where they come from and settle, the government gives immigrants houses, an income for three years, an education, everything you can think of. Most Americans would love that benefits. The shame of this was the education many of these people have in their home country. Then they come here to work menial jobs, washing dishes or whatever and must go back to school for the job they already know.

Somehow, they get sidetracked with the discussion of the Clint Eastwood movie “The Mule”, and the words that come out of his mouth are like listening to Janet’s Dad. It brings back great memories of her Father, may he Rest in Peace. Much of the similarity is the generation and that the story being true and a man from the same area as my Father. Point of Fact, Patrick sidetracked her here.

She wants America to improve, and the good people need to find a way to help. She is tired of seeing the hate on the news. The news makes it seem like everyone hates everyone. Janet points out that the apartment complex behind them is multi-racial, younger, louder music. But friendly, we talk to them and wave. Now if you wave at someone in a car, you might get shot here according to Patrick. Janet points out that when she used to drive Kyle to work at Amazon thru the barrio, she never had a problem. Windows down, music up, talking to the locals, loving their music, and smiling. She really believes if you approach people with fear in your eyes or hatred in your eyes, you will receive hate. It is rare for Patrick or Janet to have problems with people. It is because of the way they treat people.

Patrick and Janet say be Proud to be an American, Live your life and be Happy about it too. If you don’t like it here, leave. They then tell people to leave in several languages. Don’t forget to love, like, review the podcast. Three stars would work but, Five stars would be greatly appreciated!

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