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National WHAAT Day Is It?

May 3, 2021 Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

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18WT 018: So today our hosts begin by singing about alcohol of course, but quickly go into National What Day is it? Every day has a National day for what day is it they agree. So they go on to explain how today’s episode came about.

Every day of the year has a bunch “National (Insert your cause here) Day’s” attached to it. Some days have over a dozen even. They did the research and decided that since there are so many of these attached to every day, they would try and keep it funny. They went through the month, complied the list, took off the politics, religion, and offensive days (yes there are those).

Patrick points out that by the time this Airs, it will be May and May 1st is National Beer Pong Day. So Patrick talks about starting at the beginning, which makes Janet start to sing of course. He tells her not to quit her day job until he realizes that this is it, oops. They take another brief detour talking about Patrick’s hours. How he used to go to bed at 5am, he used to get up at 5am. Now he just schedules the weekly podcast to go out every Monday at 5am. This third option is much easier he believes.

Patrick thanks the listeners and asks listeners to give him the Birthday gift of reviews. That is all he asked for this year, which was his Big 50. 5 starts on any of the podcast choices such as Apple, Podchaser, iHeart, Spotify, or on their website directly! Podchaser gave out a donation (for reviews of them during April) on their behalf. It might be continuing in May; he is not sure yet.

Just a few minutes in and Janet is calling Patrick Crae-crae and a young pup. The day after recording is his fiftieth birthday. They have issues with high five’s and finding the thumbs up for YouTube before thanks again and “National What Day is it”!

Patrick begins by asking Janet what she likes in January. She likes January 28th because she likes pancakes, and it is National Blueberry Pancake Day. Patrick points out that it is fun at work day and Janet mentions she likes daisy’s, and it is daisy day as well. Of course Patrick likes that it is Lego day. Janet thought he meant “letgo of my eggo” day, but he corrected her about it being ouch I stepped on a Lego day.

So Patrick likes the 31st because it is Backward day, amid a few jokes Janet explains it. But they go back to how Janet might wear thing backwards. It is also Bubble wrap day, dedicated to Patrick’s Mom, because she is fragile. Everyone thinks that Janet likes the next one, but she doesn’t. Hot chocolate day, she likes making it the ol fashioned way, holding it to keep her hands warm; it is just too sweet for her. Now if you add whiskey in, they both think that might work.

They know the list is long and next is February.   Patrick loves groundhog day, because of the movie, who doesn’t? Janet likes the 5th because it sounds yummy. National Chocolate fondue day and eat ice cream for breakfast day. So it is also shower with a friend day. That makes them both laugh about how good a friend you shower with. It is also weatherperson’s day. Which brings up watching the weather in Arizona. Janet likes it because she gets to rate the female weather people on their shoes. Janet cannot handle toes hanging out of shoes. But she will message women about television their shoes.

  Patrick makes a joke about her and shoes and goes into a story about recently they saw a newscaster live from a parking lot. as they drove past, Janet leaned out the window and yelled that she loved the woman’s shoes. In the evening broadcast, the clip was stopped just as their car came into view.

Patrick like the 19th because it is chocolate mint day. Like thin mints, girl scout cookies, thin mints, and all. It is also tug of war day, so they discuss playing tug of war and if they did as kids. Janet asks why is this day in winter, with snow and all. To whit Patrick points out that they live in phoenix, no snow. This starts the entire “well we moved here from N.Y.” and snow and all discussion again. Patrick says he loves Arizona because you can swim in the morning, drive three hours north and see snow. Janet says in the winter, just walk out the front door and look at the mountains.   They are talking about Janet and long sleeves and laughing.

Eventually they make it to March. They agree that they are in luck because they like pancakes and it is national pancake day. It is also national peanut butter day and national pig day. So Janet makes a meal of it, peanut butter pancakes with bacon. They decide this is good, and it is also World Compliment day. Special mention, thumbs up to March 3rd…National If pets had thumbs Day…

The 26th is national nougat day and national spinach day. Janet of course wonders about nougat and spinach together, briefly. It is national wear a hat day, which Janet is just getting into because of skin cancer. Patrick, however, even wears one inside. Janet laughs as she shushes Patrick with “it is also National make up your own Holiday day”. They feel this could be a lot of fun, laughing about it.

Patrick explains that there are many more “days” for each day. And the link will be in the notes for where Janet found the “days”. Patrick starts out with liking April 7th, burrito day and combining it with beer day. Those do go well together after all. Janet wants to combine a few days from the 7th. Coffeecake day, (her favorite is brown sugar – cinnamon streusel) with no housework day, handmade day and good deeds day all wrapped up in one. Have a good friend who bakes make the coffee cake and bring it over to Janet who will not do housework; but will walk to the door and appreciate the good deed her friend did with handmade coffeecake. They decide they can celebrate it later with the beer and burritos.

They detour about 4/23

Patrick brings up the 27th, devil dogs and prime rib. He plans on prime rib with devil dogs for dinner topped off by it being Babe Ruth day. Janet responds with she likes Babe Ruth; Patrick bursts her bubble by telling her it is the baseball player. Not the candy bar. It is also tell a story day.

May 1st is beer pong day and Patrick chants it. Janet joins the chant with free comic book day. He didn’t know where they would get a free comic book, JaNet reminds him that they got some at a DBacks game. Janet rants about it being chocolate parfait day and there doesn’t seem to be any caramel days. After Patrick blames it on her, she laughs because as she says. “here ya go chocolate parfait lover day, it is also fitness day! That’ll teach ya!”

As she moves on Patrick points out she went past Silver Star Service Banner day. Props to the Military.

The 23rd is geek pride day, which Janet misread as Greek pride day. Of course this brings laughter because they don’t laugh enough. So Janet wants to combine national wine day with brown bag-it day and take wine in her bagged lunch. They discuss that it is tap dance day and what is towel day? The day towels were invented they ask. Janet cannot figure out how she left in world laboratory day. Patrick cured this by crossing it off the list.

They make it to June 1st which has a lot of days attached to it. They begin with dare day, she double dog dares Patrick to read it all and he does, just straight out! It takes them a bit to get thru the day, go figure. Dare Day was an easy, Dinosaur Day, Don't Give Up the Ship Day, Flip a Coin Day, International Children's Day, and there is where he gets stopped. Janet points out that you cannot just read it, like read it. You have to talk about it, describe it discuss it, work it.

National Go Barefoot Day is this day also and you would think that Janet would love going barefoot. Which she does, except for when she gets inside, she always washes her feet. She loves barefoot, not dirty feet.

National Hazelnut Day, National Pen Pal Day 

National Nail Polish Day, Janet almost sounds excited over this which makes Patrick laugh. But he knows all about her and her nails that he likes.

New Year's Resolution Recommitment Day, this is the day that for those of you that quit on your resolution, it is your chance to do it again!

Oscar The Grouch Day, well Hello, it is Oscar the Grouch! They agree that makes it a fun day all by itself! But Janet wonders if sesame street is still on and Patrick explains that it is. He reminds her about the commercials. Patrick says the most important is that it is National Olive Day, they agree that they both like olives, especially the green ones.

Janet tells Patrick to Say Something Nice when she Wears a Dress that day. Patrick asks if he has to wear a dress.

June 18th is Autistic Pride Day it was Patrick’s turn to misread “artistic pride”.

Go Fishing Day, International Sushi Day they are not sure if they hate them being on the same day or love the irony. But since it is International Picnic Day as well as International Panic Day you can panic at the picnic while wearing (National) Flip Flop Day. Patrick points out that it is National Splurge Day. So Patrick wants to spend money. Janet says they can splurge on the Ugliest Dog (Day). It is also National Take Back the Lunch Break Day which Patrick calls on all the drivers to take back their lunch breaks. Janet coughs and sputters trying not to mention a convenience store name in the Phoenix area that makes employees sign that they will not take breaks. Last it is Work at Home Father’s Day they both like that.

They have made it to July, home of July 4th, Independence Day, purge day, lol. Janet brings up the 14th National Grand Marnier Day which Patrick makes Janet laugh with. Until he realizes and purrs over a Grand Marnier Margarita. More laughter about the mac and cheese day being yummy. Unless you are also celebrating Nude day. Then it could get painful. Patrick laughs at shark awareness day and Janet joins in and laughs a bit more when she notices that it is also national tape measure day. She had him back it up a bit for that. Just a few jokes about nudity and measuring tapes and who’s list is this anyway.

July 29th Patrick says we will miss the Tiger King. This because it is Tiger Day. Then Patrick moves on to chili day and lasagna day, two of his favorites are on the same day. They talk about chicken wings and how yummy homemade one’s are. Janet sees that it is Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day. She doesn’t even know what that is.

August is up and Janet explains why she likes it. It begins the second half of the year and her family’s birthdays. His family gets the first six months, hers the last. They first go over the 10th of August Janet does mention that she loves S’mores but cannot figure out why it is on the same day as Shapewear day. The two just do not go well together, she says you can have either not both. It is national lazy and vlogging day and they are curious if theirs is a vlog. He thought it was a sexual thing. He says it is also spoil your dog day, that Janet does every day. He replies that it is world Lion day.   Somehow this takes them from Janet singing “In the jungle the mighty jungle” to Patrick mentioning that they went from Tigers to Lion, what is next? They both started chanting “Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My”.

The 24th is can opener day and Janet mentions P38. Patrick brings up guns and off they go to the races. It is also strange music day and Janet is being nice today. Patrick thought that was funny. The next two knife day and pec pie day go really well together as they both said, “great minds”. It is also waffle day and they wonder why in August and not the winter. But it is waffles, any day they are good.

Patrick says it is Pluto got Demoted day and Janet asks how Mickey feels about it. Patrick said wrong Pluto which rings on an entirely different conversation. Janet is sure that no matter what Mickey can fix it. Which brings up a pornographic Mickey joke. It is also shooting star day and weather complaint day. Take your weather complaints to Mickey,

Patrick tells a few worse jokes; Janet shakes her head and now September. the 25th, Bunny day, Patrick asks if that is his ex’s birthday and Janet says she don’t know, you were with her, not me. Now who’s got snappy jokes and then she laughs. It is also comic book day, cooking day, hunting, and fishing day. So the plan is to go hunting and fishing and go home and cook it. Lobster day, which Patrick loves and is too sweet for Janet. They are in contention about public lands day but not about biggest coffee morning, they woot about Santa Clause and coffee. That is like a dream come true for her, she would shoot a lot of people if there were no coffee.   So this sidetracks Janet; because guns. She wants a small paint gun to “mark the pesky birds with” as she says. In case the game warden comes by she can say she feeds them.

The 30th is International Podcast Day which brings on a chant of Vote for Us! Vote, vote, vote, and vote for your favorite mug to get into the drawing. They discuss episode 17 also. National Love People Day, Frankenstein Day, International Whale Shark Day. Didn’t a whale shark kill some people in Orlando Janet asks? They try really hard not to laugh at themselves as they talk about Shamu. The30 is also motorist consideration day. Janet says that Phoenix really needs this day, as Patrick begins talking about National Beach Day. Janet will need a sweater since it is in the fall. Holistic Pet day makes Patrick wonder if it is for pets for clergy. Janet doesn’t think so and they are off to toasted marshmallow day. Janet likes them burnt, Patrick says that isn’t toasted, it is charred. It is flame broiled like Burge King. Bad jokes ring us to National slinky day.

October is Oktoberfest. The 4th is Taco day and Vodka day, he likes that blend. Janet likes that it is cinnamon roll day and Patrick is on to golf day and ten-four good buddy it is national ten-four day. Janet laughs about toot your flute day and they discuss ships in a bottle (day). And world animal day. Lions and tigers and bears oh my.

The 23rd is Boston cream pie day that is his favorite. Not croc day, Patrick doesn’t wear crocs like his Dad. Patrick likes it for slap our annoying co-worker day. So Janet slapped him. He yelled “hey not now”, she pretended to be confused and laughed even more. He says he will get revenge while she is canning on canning day. He suggests a paralegal if you’re in trouble on paralegal day. It is mole day, so Janet asks is it mole or mole day. Patrick told an amusing story about molasses and Janet ended October with the Swallows Depart from San Juan Capistrano Day. Which she said is a big thing and they promptly removed it from their list.

November begins with the 1st “hey isn’t that thing the thing your sister likes” they are talking about Calzone day and no it is not. Those are the folded-up pizza things. Cook for your pet day happens every day here. Men make dinner day is this day and Patrick tries to remove it. Janet likes vinegar day; she likes cleaning with it. Patrick talks about World vegan day and that they are not vegan. Janet teases him about go the extra mile day so he pouts. It is give up your should day, not shoulders day like Patrick thought. Like shoulda, coulda, woulda day. It is scented candle day, so Janet gets to mess with Kyle. Because she puts foo-foo scents in the bathroom and hall, and it messes with him.

National Author's Day and brush day, like hair brush and tooth brush. Janet appreciates that it is Cinnamon Day, she likes it in her coffee. It is Deep Fried Clams Day to which Janet retorts she likes fried rubber. This sparks debate over fried clams between loving and hating.

The 17 is electronic greeting card day (for all the lazy people that cannot write) and homemade bread day, Janet loves making homemade bread. Happy Gose day brings on the discussion over it being German beer and who likes beer. It is Baklava day and they both agree that when it is made correctly it is particularly good. National farm joke day, Janet feels like she grew up in, somehow this leads to jokes about blondes, brothers and taking a hike Patrick (day). It is un-friend day, and Janet looked it up. You are supposed to eliminate anyone in life who gives you bad vibes. A lot of laughter as they talk about being lonely and they realize it is little mermaid day. They take a bit poetic liberty and decide it is Aquaman day also. We here purring in the background. It is world peace day and song erupts about give peace a chance.

December is finally here! December 12th is the Festival of unmentionable thoughts. Janet says it is a hard month to be funny about because of Peace, Love and Joy. They mention Monty Python and on to gingerbread house day. It is also Sound check day, yes, they did multiple sound checks and buckled their shoes, 1,2, buckle my shoe comes across. 12- hour fresh breath day makes Janet say people need more than 12 hours people.  Ambrosia salad day, din-a-ling day, poinsettia day, choral day, and candle lighting day, cause you know, Christmas. and the 12th is a wrap.

Dec 18th is Answer the Telephone Like Buddy the Elf Day     leaves Janet blank. Patrick picks it right up and shows her how to do it. Bake cookies day, isn’t that every day here? Patrick says only when he asks. Roast suckling pig day, yep, the pig on the platter with the apple in its mouth. Ugly sweater day, Janet has never gotten into the day. This is the year; they are doing a podcast this year. It is Flake appreciation day. Janet asks if it is snowflake appreciation day or is it snowflake appreciation day. It is ham salad day and twin day. Imagine snowflake twins. Wear a plunger on your head day and Janet can picture Kyle doing that. It is wreaths across America day. Which is pretty kewl.

Somehow, they get off track talking about plastic surgery and titties.

Last funny day is the 31st champagne day and get drunk day. What obvious choices. National What Day is It???

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