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18WT 011:  It's About The BIG GIVEAWAY!

February 28, 2021 Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

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  Yep thats right we are giving away a free Extra Large T-Shirt along with One (1) of Five (5) coffee mugs that you the listener's vote on. The mug that gets the most votes will be given away free to Twenty (20) lucky winners that voted for that particular mug along with a free Extra Large T-Shirt with the Podcast Logo on it. Good Luck!

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18WT 011: In this episode our hosts talk about where they have been these past few months. Moving, change of shifts for Patrick, Patrick’s job moving, Kyle’s job moving, and more. They show off the new 18-Wheel Talk Podcast Show T-Shirts and discuss how you can get one. These shirts support the show.   They begin with their normal humor with Janet roping Patrick in on what he can and cannot say in today’s world. And of course the laughter about alcohol, weight gained, no makeup on and then there’s pugs. Always must have the pugs involved in the home recording office. Patrick started his day with Doritos and Beer. Now that is a diet.  But they finally tell you that the show is really about the Big Giveaway! They are having a giveaway for a mug and a t-shirt package. They are giving out twenty, yes Twenty of these packages! Twenty mugs and twenty t-shirts to go with them.  Next up are the mugs and how you can win.

  The first mug they discuss is the OCD mug, that is Obsessive Coffee Disorder Mug.  Of course the laughter flows because Janet and coffee. Patrick doesn’t mention how much he likes coffee, but he does. They tell you how to vote for this mug and possibly win it.   The next mug is the I Love Pugs to the Moon and Back Mug. If this is the one you want to win, go vote for it. They have a special thing for pugs as everyone knows.  Number three is the Coffee Gives Me Happy Feet Mug.  Now they both get happy feet with coffee in the morning. However, this is where Patrick finally admits his love affair with coffee. He is torn between this mug and the OCD mug! So if Coffee gives you Happy feet and you want to try and win this one go and vote for this mug.  The next in the running is I Am the Superstar You are Trying to Be Mug. This is where they discover that all the mugs are ambidextrous. All their mugs are printed on both sides. But since this show began with alcohol…well by this time they are now considered ambidextrous mugs. If you are the Superstar and want to see this mug win and try and win it for yourself, go vote for this mug.  They finish up with the ultimate weekend warrior mug. Monday’s Suck Bring Back Friday Mug. If you like this mug and want to see it win. Then go vote for this mug.  By now, a mere ten minutes in and it seems to really come to the top that this was an alcohol induced episode. They explain and show how to enter to win.  Follow the links, type in your first name and vote. Make sure you confirm your email.  

  And of course alcohol, the discussion turns to whiskey shots, alcohol of all sorts, brown bottle and no label. No label because there is no sponsor for the show that is alcohol. And the knight fell off the bridge in the commercial. Which of course lead to football. Shake my head, the Chiefs were chased down by the Bucs defense. And then comes Brady, and Gronk. But Janet doesn’t want to talk about football. Patrick thinks if it is Da Bears she will watch and talk about it, brag about it, love it.   As they laugh and argue jokingly, vote for your mug turns to the zoo in D.C. They tried to leave it at that, except people lost their life on January 6th, including a police officer. It made us look like a third world country, it did not look like our capital building.  Somehow this turned to the vaccines. Which is kept at what temp and how affective they are. But people have their own opinions on this. Janet explains how she ran into a situation about this. So they talk about who should get it in their opinions. And doctors and family and reminisced a bit about Janet’s’ Dad needing his hand stitched up when she was about 15 or so. As always they seem to drift with their subject from the Big Giveaway.

  Now the subject has turned to masks, stores that don’t sanitize their shopping carts (buggy’s) and the new normal. Amidst all of this Patrick is messing with Janet’s camera, because she got lotion in her eye this morning and therefore has teary eyes and the sniffles. Hence no makeup and a bit of teasing on both sides.  Forty minutes in and the subject as turned to purple, pink, blue or green beards and eyebrows. Yes, they went there. When actually, they were trying to talk about ways to make it so that masks don’t hurt your ears. Janet ordered some forms that are supposed to help.  They talk some more about what has happened since the last podcast in September. Janet has been a bit off with her writing and at this point we hear the pug at her feet snoring. Having three days off in a row is different for the two of them. Patrick discusses going on day shift and the big changes.  Somehow this leads Janet down the rabbit hole and a moment of silence. She discusses losing her Father last June. How it happened and how she feels about it. She sympathizes with all of the people who have lost someone due to Covid or another reason.  Patrick at this point realizes that when Janet was playing with the effects on the video settings’ she forgot to change them back to normal. She has the video affect of lipstick and eyebrows. Luckily, she took the plant out of her hair.

  They talk about helping people get thru the changes in life. And the people who close-down the bars because of overcrowding. You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. They discuss how difficult it is for over the road truckers social distancing at Truck stops. They spend all day in their truck, it used to be when they stopped at night they could socialize, have a cup of coffee with others. Now they are not supposed to do that even. What driver wants to spend every waking moment in the truck.  Family social distancing is next and how we protect the one’s we love. Everyone is concerned about families; nobody wants their family ill. Yet everyone handles it different. 

  This brought about school; hate it or not, and math. Because Kyle is in college and uses math more than he thought he would. He uses math in welding, blueprint reading and booty-biology. Is there life on other planets? Oh and how about the contest to win a seat to go into space. The guys totally threw Janet under the bus on that subject. They agree she would have her head out the window going ”woooooo”. But she cannot go because of ramen noodles. Janet threw Patrick’s sister under the bus there.  

  This show was a wild ride welcoming everyone back, laughing, talking about buckling up buttercups and the Big Giveaway.

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