18WT #055  Overnight Parking!

August 23, 2022  Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

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Episode #055

[00:00:00] Hey, welcome to the 18 wheel talk podcast show on this episode, Janet and I went over different places to park overnight. So this way, if you're traveling around, if you're in a big rig, you're in an RV you're towing a camper and it's, you know, you just gotta kind of get a little bit of shuteye. Stop for the night. Well, that's, that's what we talked about. We talked about different places that you could, you could actually pull over and, and park your rig. No matter what you're driving for the night, we hope you enjoy the show.

[00:00:45] Hi, welcome to our show. We are two retired truck drivers. We mix tall tales, laughter debates, and so much more. As we travel with you, we help truckers and travelers in their pursuit of health, happiness, and a better life behind the wheel.

[00:01:03] Oh my God. Action. action. Jackson. Got your volume turned down. Yeah, I'm on your, on your, on your Rellerone on here. Yeah, I'm on moot. You're on moot. I'm mooted you mooted. I mooted it. I gotta, I gotta make sure I mute mine here. My luck. Nobody will call me. Oh, you're talking about telephones. Yeah, I, I did say telephones.

[00:01:32] I said rellerone I do now. that's that too good. I, I didn't hear telephones turn down your telly I heard, rell roll. We don't want to get, we don't want, interupted

[00:01:47] Hi, Janet. Hi Patrick. How you doing? I'm good. How are you? I'm good. Welcome to the 18 wheel talk podcast show. Thank you. Are we live? We are recording. Are we really? Yes, we are really urrmahgurd I know it's hard to tell now we're using this new software. I know. I, I fancy schmancy. It must be because it doesn't say anything different on my screen.

[00:02:12] I know. Right? So no little recording light. No, nothing. Just no voices in my ear except you. And the ones in my head. I know. Right. isn't that amazing. Amazing darling. Freaking amazing. So, so you were. Uh, yes, I'm letting well, letting everybody know that they're, they're listening to the 18 wheel talk podcast show.

[00:02:38] I'm Patrick I'm Janet. And, uh, we wanna welcome you to our show and today because well, we're helping truckers and travelers in their pursuit of. Health, Happiness and a better life behind the wheel. That's correct. I remembered it twice. And because of that, uh, we're gonna talk about places to park overnight. Mm-hmm no matter what you're driving.

[00:03:03] Yep. Yepper are places that, that allow you to park for the evening without getting too much grief I believe most, most of these are, are free. There are some places that charge a, a small fee. And there's get arounds on some of those, but we'll get to that. But, but it depends on the area you're in the state you're in.

[00:03:27] Yeah. You know, but we wanted to talk about yes. Overnight parking because when you're traveling and you get tired, you gotta have a place to park. Correct. You know, and we've traveled in pretty much everything there is to travel. Yeah. From 18 wheels down to, uh, two, two, we even took an RV cross country.

[00:03:53] Mm-hmm once or twice, and we've done a lot of U-Haul. Yeah, I know. Right. Anyway, so, so anyways, let's get down to business. So our first tip is to use Google satellite view before you go into a place, if you've never been there to determine if you can get around a parking lot. Yes. Uh, cuz believe me, I mean, you could be like, oh, there's a shopping center and then be in a tractor trailer and turn in there and there's no way you're gonna get out.

[00:04:25] Get out. If you follow the truck route, cuz most shopping centers have a dock area, but if you follow the truck routes, you should be able to go around the out outer perimeter of the building. But it's the parking area that, that that's a concern I've had. I, I know that truckers and I used to deliver into like Lowe's home depots building supplies.

[00:04:46] Yep. And I knew how to get around them because I delivered building supplies. Right, right. But I know a lot of truckers would go in thinking, oh, I can just get in any. And if you don't go in some of those smaller ones, especially out east, if you don't go in the right direction, okay. It takes you forever to get out of them.

[00:05:04] It's like a zigzag and cars parked everywhere and boom, zoom to the moon. I should have done that. They, they really regret the direction they went in. It's you really do in some of these small lots back east, especially with the low clearances and the low awnings and small roads and everything. Yeah. So, and then you come out.

[00:05:25] and there's no such thing as low. Anything because Arizona was built long after. No, no. If you pull into a lot of these parking parking areas that have the awnings mm-hmm, the, the covered parking, forget it. You're you're not gonna maneuver. You're not gonna maneuver an RV. You're not gonna put a, a U-Haul underneath them.

[00:05:45] You know, some of those are just ridiculous. Some of them you're lucky to get a pickup under. Yeah. So, so. Be cautious. Oh, that's why we say Google satellite, because you can put in the address and you can zoom in and you can tell whether there's covered parking or not, where there's trees, curbing. Do you remember where we lived down in Chandler?

[00:06:08] When the, the guys drive, the moving van were UN coming in to unload somebody and they hit the awning? Yes. And they took out like three parking spots. I know I was dying. It was ridiculous. Yeah. Was like crazy. So crazy. Let's get started. Yes. Wet your whistle I'm wetting I'm wetting, choke, choke, choke, choke. Or was that chug chug chug chug?

[00:06:38] Nah, just, you know, me and my throat. you know how it is. Anyway. Anyway, I gotta take, take a, take a C4 chug here. Me too. Which flavor are you drinking? I am on a super brain freedom ice flavored per super brain performance fuel I'm on superhuman performance, orange Starburst, orange, orange Starburst, orange mm-hmm Starburst orange.

[00:07:15] with Carns. Yeah, this is our podcast show. Go-to energy drink by the way. All natural Kevin show. If you're, if you're interested in it, you can go to the, the number one, the number eight wheel talk.com forward slash C4. Take it right to their website. Yep. And then from there, I, I believe you. I believe they're they're they're they take you to Amazon to purchase?

[00:07:44] I think so now it links you through to Amazon, but I I'm not positive follow our link and it click you follow our link. It lets C4 know that we sent you in there and, uh, does great things for our show. Yes. So, so, so number one on our list. Everybody knows about 'em. Everybody heard about 'em. Most people hate him and, and still shop there is Walmart's you hate 'em.

[00:08:09] You love him. You still shop there. It's it's a love, hate affair. I know. I, I do know that they're not, not all Walmart's allow overnight parking. Correct. So with that in mind, when you pull in, ask. Well, and not only that pull in late, pull in late pull in near the docking area, block the dock or at the far end of the parking lot.

[00:08:34] Yes. The very far end, you know, the one that, you know, those parking slots that nobody wants to park in because anyway, walk as far, oh God forbid they walk that far might want be, you know, by the road, out by the highway. So park eat, go to sleep, be as stealth and as unobtrusive as you can in a great big RV semi.

[00:08:57] You know, unobtrusive. I like that unobtrusive. Yes. But, and if there's doubts, look, I'm a truth. Go in and talk to a manager. And if the manager says, sure, you can park there, find out who you spoke to. Yeah. Get their name that way. When someone's knocking on your door at six o'clock in the morning, be like, oh no, no, no.

[00:09:12] John told me I could, he was the night manager. I, I spoke to the night manager, John. He said it was okay. Yeah. He said it was fine. He said I had to be outta the parking lot by eight it's, four 30. Why are you waking me up? It's like he said it was fine, especially if you shop there anyway. It's like when I, yeah, cause I mean, most people are gonna go in, grab some stuff, you know, you're gonna grab something to eat because most of 'em have use the restroom.

[00:09:37] Most of 'em have some sort of restaurant, you know, fast food or whatever in there. Or they grab some microwave food or some fresh vegetables and fruit and stuff like that. Something that, yeah. Even something that they could cook out out in their RV. which is a whole other podcast. Yeah. You know, but I'm just saying yes.

[00:09:54] I mean, they could grab, grab some Walmart's, have a grocery area. Yes. Most where they can get something that's already pre-cooked yes. Where they can get something that they can cook in their vehicle. Yeah. You know, provided that they have. And when you're checking out, talk to the manager, say, Hey, I just, you know, Got me grocer.

[00:10:13] You mind if I park bike park overnight? Exactly. And most of 'em are pretty decent. I've only ran across one that's even though I shopped there, they're like, absolutely not under no condition. Yep. I had, uh, when I was over the road, when I used to come home, there was a shopping mall. It wasn't far from where I lived.

[00:10:31] Mm-hmm and I asked if they minded that, you know, Hey, can I, can I drop my trailer here? If I put it up by the road out of the way. Because I only live up the road. Yeah. And they were like, yeah, sure, no problem. You know, that was a big shopping mall. Oh, you know the one that was up the road for me, the Walmart.

[00:10:53] Yeah. They told me no, they said no way, Jose and they were big. Yeah. And they're like, no. And I'm like, you know, I shop here all the time that doesn't, they're like, yeah, we don't care. I'm like, you know what? I don't shop here no more. I'm going down the street. I'll go down the street. . Go to the, so go to the airport, double check.

[00:11:11] I'm going to the airport. See if I can park here. No, I just went down to the, yeah, I'm so sorry. I can't help it. Keep talking. I'm talking rests. Go down to, I went down to the, um, right there on route seven, um, in Scotia. Used to be an army Depot. I just had a brain fart industrial warehouse area. Oh yeah. I know what you're talking. The warehouse area. Yeah. I went down there. Yeah. Parked down, yonder down yonder. Yeah, just down the road for me.

[00:11:53] Yeah. You know that away. Yeah, they got away. They went got away. anyway, anyways, so that's one option and other stores like that other big. Stores like Walmart target, et cetera. Yeah. Target. I used to suggest even, even some grocery stores might, might allow you to yeah. Kmart used to be really good at good to drivers and try.

[00:12:19] Is there even, is there any Kmart's left? I thought, I think there's three in the us. I think the last, no, I think one of the last ones just, just recently closed anyway. I don't know. I just know they used to be really good to stop at because they were super friendly. I know somebody has a computer that they could access Google.

[00:12:35] I. It's one of those handheld things. No. The, the thing that's sitting in front of you? No, I it's snow boring. I just, every time I do, I mess up my top screen too. All right. Well then don't worry about it. We'll try it. Sure. Don't worry about it. No, I use the handheld one anyway. Anyways. Anyways, next on our list would be rest stops.

[00:12:56] Yes. You know, some allow overnight parking, some do some don't. Yeah, some don't, uh, the us rest stops app. Or, uh, a website such as, uh, Interstate rest areas.com. Holy crap. Only that does not look like it looked like inter inner terrestrial. it's interstate rest stops.com. I look at it fast. I went, I went, whoa, that's a big word for me.

[00:13:28] Um, so interstate rest areas.com would, uh, let you know of like rest areas on interstates. Yes. And there's, you have to double check, even if it's one you've been to before, because on I 87, the north way in New York. Yep. I used to always stop at the one, like halfway up towards Canada, between Albany and, and.

[00:13:48] Yeah, Canada. Yeah. There's a few of 'em there's but there's like a halfway point. And I used to always stop at the one north and the one south, depending on you know, which direction I was going Uhhuh. And because they allowed overnight parking and then they closed them both to overnight parking. You could go in, go to the bathroom and leave again, but that was it.

[00:14:05] They closed off the overnight parking. Totally. Then, you know, then they closed. Then they closed the stress areas. Then they closed them both. Totally. Yeah. But first they closed the overnight parking area. Yeah. I remember that because people used to park right on the, on the roadway. Okay. So are you ready for the remaining Kmar side note?

[00:14:21] Yes. Side note side note, Miami, Florida. Okay. Westwood, New Jersey. Okay. There's two bridge Hampton, New York. Okay. That's three. Um, Puerto Puerto Rico. Whoa. The island has one Guam, another island, the Virgin islands. Uh, alright. So three islands in three states, uh, St. Croix islands and the St. Thomas islands.

[00:14:49] All right. Five islands in three states. Yes, that's it. And that was as of April of this year, I was gonna say, I knew they closed like one of the last ones on the west coast. Recently then? Yes, they closed one that was out in like Northwest California. I, I don't remember. All I know is I, I was like, wow.

[00:15:09] Kmar was still around. So anyway, I thought when they closed, they closed I guess they not slowly. They, but anyways, they murdered him slow. If you're near a Kmart, I know they used to let us park there. So, but you might get lucky. Yeah. Puerto Rico, Guam, Florida. Um, so anyway, rest stops. You just gotta check because so many of them have closed.

[00:15:31] So many of them that like, uh, used to allow, and now don't now 99.9% of the time. There are signs up that say no overnight parking. If, if, if it's not allowed and. There'll be a sign. Oh, an interstate 40 has some beautiful rest stops. Well, they got some scenic stops too. That's what I mean. And there's overnight parking in them is what I'm getting at.

[00:15:52] Assuming. Well, some scenic rest areas don't allow trucks. No, but, or the ones that I'm thinking of have truck and RV parking for overnight like that. Great big one in Texas. Yeah. And there's some awesome. There's like you said, there's some beautiful, beautiful ones. Beautiful seat. Usually the welcome centers.

[00:16:10] Yes. If there's gonna be overnight parking, it usually seems to be near the welcome centers. The welcome centers usually are, are, are a lot bigger of a rest area. Yes, because it is a welcoming center. Which is usually near the state lines. So, so next on our list, we have, we have truck stops, truck stops, which is Joe well, but, but then again, not all truck stops are created equal.

[00:16:34] I've seen some rinky in Creek and truck stops. I've seen some truck stops with parking for seven trucks. I, and I've seen some truck stops with parking for 700 trucks. No, I've seen some travel centers. That have no truck parking. There's that new one? Um, or it's not new, but there's another one down in Texas.

[00:16:55] Um, yeah, I forget what it's called. I was talking to Shirley online about it. It's down in Texas is it's it's huge. Oh, I think it's a sheets. No, I don't think it's a sheet. It had, it had a. Um, anyway, as a character, it's some, it's a travel center and it's some Betty, it's not a Betty beaver. It's a, but anyway, it doesn't allow any semis in it, no Buckeye or buck horns or something like that.

[00:17:19] I don't know. I don't know, but they don't allow semis and RVs and everything it's which, which is a shock. No big, no big rigs allowed none. It's like, forget that. Nope. You want a big rig? You're not parking here. You can come shop here though, but you ain't parking. So when you pull into a truck stop, there's a couple things to remember.

[00:17:36] Some of them do charge for overnight parking, some do, unless you get, um, so much. spent on fuel. Yep. So much spent in their store or so much spent on food, but you have to get a receipt and you have to show it when you leave. Yep. You have to show it along with your ticket. You know, you have to sit here's my parking, here's my food and fuel or whatever it has to add up to a certain amount.

[00:18:00] It's usually like 50 bucks. Yeah. Um, but nowaday nowadays, though, with the price of fuel being what it is, that's easy on fuel. That's that's an easy, you just stop fuel up, say, Hey, I'm gonna park for the. And they're like, okay. Okay. No problem. Here's your receipt. Thanks for, thanks for buying a thousand dollars worth of fuel.

[00:18:16] Come back again and see us y'all thousand. That's so easy. I know, right. Even with fuel going down, it's easy. Yeah. But if you're driving an RV or you're in a U-Haul, you're gonna see a lot of truck stops have RV in U-Haul parking in one area, car parking in. Truck stop park truck parking in another. Yep.

[00:18:35] There are literally RV parking separate from truck parking and a lot of people that drive an RV don't realize that. Right? Yep. Even in, even some rest areas are like that too. Yeah. Rest areas have like RV parking and some that have overnight parking actually have hookups. Yes. That's why that's why it's like pay if you're in an RV pay attention.

[00:18:57] Yeah. Just, just look for 'em because, because I know I have seen 'em on the east coast. I haven't really paid attention out here on the west coast, but I know on the east coast we saw 'em the Midwest. When we traveled, there are some that have, so, and I'm not saying which is a lifesaver when you gotta empty to black tank and I'm not saying people don't pay attention cuz experienced RVers.

[00:19:18] Do. But people that are new to RVing or just are renting an RV, they might not know that I know people that went and got an RV and rented it and didn't even know they had to empty any tanks. Uhuh boy, did they have a backup? Literally they had to back things up a little with cash, man. Yeah. So because the, a lot of truck stops are try because I hate to say this, but a lot of.

[00:19:45] Trucking companies hire drivers that are so new and have so such little truck or such little training that they have drive through parking, no back end parking. or the experienced drivers take the back in parking and let the newbies take the drive to the parking. Oh no, no, there's some, there's some experienced assholes out there that are kind saying, you know what, I'm parking here.

[00:20:09] Let's let the new guy figure out how to back back in and watches him. Try it for three hours. Exactly. I'll sit there and video tape him and, and, and put 'em on top and laugh at 'em in their flip flops and shorts. Yeah, exactly. I know because I, I know because we would've been the ones out there videotaping.

[00:20:24] We would've been videotaping them in their flip flops. Okay. I had no lie. Um, but anyway, the pull through. You're gonna see like, um, large truck stuffs, like loves or pilots have a lot of pull through spots that are especially made for RVs. And it'll say RV parking and you'll see RVs have a tendency to have the, the pull through parking.

[00:20:46] Yeah. Not back up because a lot of people fuel pumps. Yeah. And a lot of people that pull RVs, pull a car behind them or a small trailer or something, and don't know how to back up with a trailer behind them. Right. That's that's why they do the pull throughs. That's why I tell people, pay attention to where you're parking when you go into there.

[00:21:03] Yep. Um, otherwise, oh, go ahead. No, I was gonna say, if you can't find a parking spot, looking along the side of the truck stop and you'll see it. Usually along the curbs around the perimeter, you're gonna see a lot of trucks and overflow parking along the perimeters, as long as you're not blocking anybody, nobody used and don't block don't block entrances or exits, and don't block anybody in that.

[00:21:26] And people, people are pretty good with it and never, never, never park in the fel islands and go inside for your break or go inside for your overnight or any of that because I smack you upside the head. If I find you there, we'll be right back after this brief message. We gotta pay some bills. How you doing Patrick with the 18 wheel talk podcast show?

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[00:24:44] No, don't get me started Patrick. Don't get me. Get me started Patrick. Don't get me started on that. Okay. Alright. Right. Gas station parking. Mm-hmm not all gas stations will welcome you, but often they don't care if you're. Late at night because they don't get a lot of traffic later at night, some gas stations lately close about midnight ish. if you're there before that, and you, you can speak to a manager and say, Hey, do you mind if I park here for the night, I'll be, you know, I'll be rolling.

[00:25:13] I just need a couple hours. Some, some might say, okay. Especially those great big ones. Yeah. Like when we traveled down into the valley, we come the back route, Uhhuh and some of those that I can't think of the town, but that one great big one. That's got like 50 pumps at it or whatever you park off on the side and nobody's ever gonna notice you there.

[00:25:31] No, don't think you just pulled in. Uh, let's see, we got, uh, we got city parks, so they're gonna be a little bit more off your beaten path typically. Um, but there's, but basically if you're in an RV oh yeah. You're gonna be out the beaten path somewhat. Yeah. And you're gonna enjoy the, getting off the beaten path if you're in an RV, typically, unless you're in a hurry to get somewhere mm-hmm um, and some towns will offer you that, you know, RV parking in a city park mm-hmm because they welcome the business.

[00:26:05] They think if someone's gonna park there in the RV, they're gonna enjoy the park. Then they're gonna go shopping and enjoy the they're gonna enjoy the community. Yeah. You know, so usually that's a good. so the next one, I, I tended to do a lot. If I was near where I was loading or unloading mm-hmm , uh, vacant lots.

[00:26:25] Okay. Because if I was loading in a, um, say the Chicago rail yards or unloading there. Okay. I knew that I, I knew I knew it well enough that I could park in a vacant lot nearby and leave my rig there. And it was safe enough. Because I knew the neighborhood that I could walk over. What are you saying that I knew which corner stores I could walk to?

[00:26:48] Yeah. Um, you know, just me, my dog and Maybelline. We'd just go for a quick little stroll down to the corner store and fix. So you brought, you brought the dog in your lipstick. I brought the dog in my lipstick with me so that we could go down. I meant the boom stick. Yeah, something like that, go down to the corner store and pick up some water for her or a snack or something, or just get some fresh air Uhhuh and then go back to the truck for a couple hours.

[00:27:12] That way I was like 10 minutes from my drop off. So I was pretty much right outside their gates. True. Instead of the other side of Chicago inside Indiana at a TA truck stop or something, you know, because. It, you know how it is. I do some days you don't wanna spend that extra hour when you start your day before you unload, you wanna be right next to the place and the rail yard.

[00:27:36] Couldn't yeah, no, I agree. Some places you can park, even if you were next to the rail yard, who wants to hear a train at three in the morning? Well, that didn't never bothered me. I could hear the trains where I was at. Oh really? Yeah. I can sleep to a train. I drove a reefer. Oh yeah, that's true. I could trains still bother me.

[00:27:53] That's. that's true. I used to, I used to live near a firehouse and when the alarm went off, yeah, I. I didn't hear it. The dog heard it not, I didn't hear it. Well, think about it. My place in New York. Mm-hmm I was what I know. Yeah. You were near a railroad track and next and just down the road from a firehouse.

[00:28:11] I, I, I was closer to my firehouse. Yeah, I know you were, but I had the best of both worlds. I had the river, the railroad track and the trains. Oh, that's right. Barges too. Oh my God. Lucky me. Oh my God. I know. But when it rained, it smelled so good. Ha anyway, anyways, beaten track, beaten track. Come on me. Now, if you're an RV.

[00:28:37] you know, RV dealerships, uh, camping world among, uh, among others. Uh, well sometimes, uh, free RV, uh, parking overnight. Yep. Simply ask, call ahead. Call 'em you know, um, you've got that smartphone for a reason. Um, I know there's like, uh, what's the other like camp store bass? Well, those are camp stores. Those are like bass pro.

[00:29:01] Um, well, you just said BassPro yeah. BassPro um, what's that one we used to go to with dad? Uh Cabellas Cabellas I might, I might get there. I know it is, it was right next to the cracker barrel. Yeah, because the cracker barrel. Uh, Cabellas Cabellas Cabellas has RV and truck parking. Yeah. Uh, because they know people are on vacation and they're gonna come in with RVs.

[00:29:28] So, and they're gonna come in with fishing boats and lots of big things and big rigs. Yep. You know, so, so it's, it's prime because you're gonna go in, you're gonna shop so oh. And they welcome you. They really do. They love you. They have their great big parking lots. And you, you see the semis, you see the, the trucks with boats, you see the trucks with the four wheelers and the motorcyclists and everything there.

[00:29:51] So places like that, they really welcome people that travel, cuz they know because like if you go to Cabellas, they don't just have fishing and hunting and camping stuff. They. Oh, they have fudged and yummy food, food, food, actually have a restaurant in there and a restaurant. And they've, they're always surrounded by restaurants in a good shopping district.

[00:30:11] Yes. 99% of the time they are they're they're they used to be, but now they are. Yep. So my, my personal favorites next, what would that be, honey? You tell me, go ahead. Oh, would that be casinos? I like casinos little those ones down on, um, 88, 86. It used to be 17. Now it's 86, I think in New York, those are really friendly.

[00:30:39] One. the one down here. One of 'em is super friendly. The other one is like, no, go away. Yeah. Right. No, the one that you're thinking of is in what Syracuse? No, the one I'm thinking of is dang near in Pennsylvania. It goes, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Bingo. All the way across to E isn't that old 17. Yeah.

[00:30:59] Okay. It's 80 interstate 86 now. I, yeah. Okay. What, where's the casino? Three fourths of the way towards E. On the left hand side of the road on south side of the road. on left hand side, left hand side of the road on the, not that I've never been there. Yeah. On the road, on the north side of the road. There's a place where I used to buy cigarettes when I smoked.

[00:31:21] Okay. A little, um, native American stop. I almost said the other word, a little native American gas station. Okay. And then you go next to the next exit. And on the south side of the road, there's a really big casino that got built around 2012. I'll say no, it had to have been before that cuz I was still driving.

[00:31:39] Yeah. So it had to been around 2003 that it was built, but it was still there. And when I used to go visit Annie in Pennsylvania, so it was still there in 2015. I still don't know what casino off 17. Oh, I know. I know there was a, a, a, um, an American Indian casino in Syracuse and there's one down there too, because Annie and I used to meet there and go, and then there was one by cigarettes and stuff north, like in around Malone.

[00:32:08] Yep. There was one, but then there's one over by between. Um, yeah, that, that the town, Erie and Binghamton, that's a long stretch of road, but it's closer to Erie. Like if you had divided in three, it'd be in the third towards Erie cur Elmyra oh my God. Fine. I'll Google it. I wanna know the name of the casino I'm working on it.

[00:32:35] Just keep talking. keep talking about you and your casinos in the parking. I, I see. I. I like going to the casinos when they, when they, where, uh, where they got crap tables. Cuz I'm a, I'm a craps man. I like throwing rolling the dice, but it can't be video craps. It's gotta be one that actually has a stick man.

[00:32:55] So it's like Las Vegas, Laughlin, New York state now has Las Vegas style casino. So they have a stick man. So anything that has a Las Vegas style casino that's that's that's mm. Yeah. If it's, if I'm there, I'm on the crap stable. So come find me anything. Uh, just Buer, Buer, Buer, Seneca, Allegheny resort, and casino se oh, se that's that's all the 90, not 17 Seneca nation.

[00:33:33] No, that's off of 86. What. I'm so freaking backwards. That's 86 right there. Oh, oh, oh, oh, it's right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Uh, that's what limestone New York, right? Is that lime? Is that limestone? it's a it's Seneca. It's on, it's on a reservation. Duh, it's near K buck. I don't know. I've never heard of Keck. I just know it's there. I knew it was there.

[00:34:08] I knew it. I, your phone it's short of Elco bill in little valley. There's my phone, throat it in gram. Seneca. I told ya. I knew it was where Annie and I used to meet. Okay. You see where the border is right there. What's that? What's that right there above the border. Oh, lime limestone, limestone. That's south of it though.

[00:34:39] Yeah. It's south of it. I was looking more. I said, I said it's around limestone. And I said that because you said it was right outta the book or it's around limestone because there's a, there's a, there's a, a racetrack in limestone. Well, you could have said near a racetrack. I would've looked for one. Oh, I swear.

[00:34:55] What do you swear, Patrick? I swear. All I know is I've been to that one and they welcome. Overnight trucks and RVs. Yes. Ma'am they do. I've been there once or twice or three dozen times of you getting all Southern. I have been there darling. So anyways, they welcome truckers in RVs. I know the ones in Oklahoma city do too.

[00:35:18] They love, they love ones that come in. And, uh, do you remember patronize? when we came back in the RV or maybe it was in the U-Haul what's that we stopped at a casino to get fuel. And like, they're like, did you wanna stay the. uh, yeah, I don't remember which one. It doesn't matter. It was a casino. I know.

[00:35:41] And we've had good luck when we went towards Vegas. Like when we stopped, um, well they were all over the place. Like, I'm just saying like every casino we've stopped at cuz we liked to stop at casinos and throw $10 on a table. When we go through, I know where, and we've almost always seen semis or RVs in them.

[00:35:59] I know one time we were in laugh. And one, one of the guys that I used to work with, um, would stop at Laughlin for the night and park at one of the casinos and actually stay there. Yeah. stay in the casino. Yeah. So which I'm told those are really nice rooms. Yeah. Me, me, however, not all of them do. Right. The one, my friend Ette, Lenore, shout.

[00:36:29] Right now does not walk on. They, they used to, they used to, but they don't anymore. That's, what's weird. But I saw it for myself a couple months ago and I was, I went to see her today and they do not allow truck drivers, RVers, none of that in their parking lot. Wow. That's amazing. They just turned away.

[00:36:49] However, a lot of business, the one across the highway a little bit. Yeah. Yeah. They still do. Oh, okay. So where they park the trucks. Who? Oh, I guess anywhere in the back, you're talking about the casino that the, the long boot yeah. In the back there's truck parking, I was just say they, if there's room for like six trucks and the rest of 'em just kind of fill up the POY parking lot.

[00:37:11] I was just say just, yeah, there's like a little parking lot back there. They can actually, it's pretty big, but once the cars start filling up, it's like trucks need to get in and turn around before the cars fill it up. Yeah. Or be, be, be, be maneuvered so they could drive out. That's what I mean. You know, if they're in the right direction, they can just drive right out.

[00:37:29] Yeah. If they're in the wrong direction, they're gonna have to do a lot of backing. Yeah. They're gonna be a, but the one that Leno's at the name, I can't think of to save my life. There's wild horse. Yeah. No truck parking signs everywhere. Yeah. Like I said, they used to have it close to the highway. When, you know, on that, off that road that went alongside the highway.

[00:37:47] I think they're building something again. Oh yeah. Oh, that's probably wine. Yeah. I think they're like more construction who knows what they're building three story pool or something. Okay. Knowing them. Who knows? So anyway, so, so ask any business. You know, to overnight park truckers, ask if you could park where you're delivering, where you're yeah.

[00:38:10] Where you're delivering, picking up. Yeah. Um, another location of the same of the same business. Yeah. Well, my niece is a really good example. You know, the company she works for, she drives for, uh, day haul, target Uhhuh, and she's like, I never know where to park. I'm. How about right there, uh, where you're delivering and if they won't let you, where you're delivering call a target store, you, you haul target, call a target store, say, Hey, I, I work for you guys.

[00:38:35] Can I park in your parking lot overnight? I know you're not open 24 7. Hey, I'm coming in to do a delivery. If I get there early, you mind if I just park? Yeah. Park and wait till you open, you know, you don't have to tell 'em you're sleeping in the. They close at 10. You they're not gonna care. I honestly, they're not gonna care that you're sleeping in a truck.

[00:38:57] I know don't get me starting. I know. Anyway, but anyway, yeah, if you're delivering someplace or picking up someplace, find out if they'll let you. When I used to haul for Ben and Jerry's ice cream, and when I help for Hershey and all these other things, it. All of them. Let me, I never had a problem finding a place to park.

[00:39:13] I asked, I picked up the phone because your bill of lading says, this is the phone number. This is where you're going. How raw can I park a desk and Bebo? Yeah, I'm on my way in. Can I park in your parking lot? What do you mean? No. what do you mean? No, but I'm doing a delivery. Where can I find please? You know what transcript about to you?

[00:39:35] I know me and my voices, uh, and my, my phone, my phone, like my phone, your phone. It's a really long phone thumb in your ear. Pinky in your mouth. Well, pink is down, down here. Yeah, that's a really long phone. I got long fin, but anyways, um, One last place, cuz we, we already mentioned like bass pro Lowe's, stuff like that.

[00:39:56] Bigger businesses is, is a Koa campground. Yeah. And other campgrounds, they actually have an app. Koa actually has an app and it's really good. Not a lot of them are off the beaten path. There are a few that are off the beaten path, but there are some that are close to highways. Yep. And for a small fee you can actually pull a, a tractor trailer into a campsite.

[00:40:20] You know, we've, we've seen it done. Yeah. And we've had some really good experiences with Koa because if you can pull an RV in, you can pull a tractor trailer in and yeah. You should be able to, because they're basically pull through lots anyways. Yeah. And like I said, we've had some really good experiences with them, so, and, and like I said, they're inexpensive.

[00:40:42] You say, Hey, I'm coming in for the night. Can I. you know, and you'd be surprised at the amenities. Yeah. Oh yeah. It's like the ones that we stayed at, even though we were in a nice RV, they had, they had showers. I mean, nice showers. They had bathrooms, they had fitness, swimming, pool, fitness, uh, lake hot tubs, hot tubs.

[00:41:01] Every site had campfire. Oh, yeah. Things and yeah, fire pits, fire pits. That's the word. Yeah. Those things that I want there, firewood there. I mean, uh, it amazing to store everything. It's like, they were really nice. We had a good time. So don't, you know, the you're, you're not limited, but you are. Oh, the other thing is state parks.

[00:41:21] We forgot that on the list. No, we said, well, he said, we said city parks, state parks too. Yeah. But then you gotta have, you gotta pay a fee and get a. Yes. You have to pay a fee to get into a state park. Yeah. And I don't, but they, I don't think they, I don't think they'll let tractor trailers in. I was about to say the same thing.

[00:41:38] I don't think they'll let tractor trailers in, but I know they'll let RVs in and cars pulling stuff they'll let through. Yeah. And just a car you can pull in, in a car and, you know, I just want a camp for the night. If they've got room, they'll let you in if it's camping season in that state. Yes. Um, and like we said before at the beginning of the show, Use Google maps use, use, you know, pull it up, go get on the satellite image.

[00:42:04] Okay. And take a peek at it and make sure that you're able to partner think off the beaten path. If you're a veteran check with, um, American Legion check with BFW, you know, if you belong to some sort of organization like a sports organization check with those types of organizations, think off the beaten path, you know?

[00:42:23] Yeah. Stadiums. Um, if you belong to a Harley owner's group, find out if there's a Harley dealer, that'll let you park, you know, you never know. I know the there's a decent sized parking lot. Oh, there's like that one in Mac's huge. They've got that great big parking lot. You know, it's like think off the beaten path.

[00:42:40] Think outside the box. Lots of places to park, just have to work. All it takes is a phone call and a, Hey please. May I? And I'm only gonna be here for this long, you know, I just need a place. You you'll be. Yeah, you'll be surprised. So don't forget. We want to hear from you. Yes, please. We want you to email usPatrick@eighteenwheeltalk.com.

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