18WT #069: Lemon Pepper Wings, Chrome, And Waterboarding!

June 20, 2023  Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

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Episode #069

Burping. I'm ready. Okay. It's working magic. It's doing its thing. Okay, so let's start. Hi there. I pushed the button. I'm gonna push your buttons. Okay? Not in a good way. How you doing today, Janet? Oh, I'm peachy keen jelly bean. Peachy keen. Why you? Why you say it's like a stiff upper lip? Like you're mad or something to make you ask.

I'm good, baby. Oh, okay. How you doing? I'm doing good. Welcome to the 18 Wheel Talk podcast Show. Welcome, welcome. How y'all doing? Often imitated, never duplicated. The one, the only, the green, the blue, the big rig. That's us. Oh, okay. The green, the blue, the big rig. Yeah, that's our logo. Is that like the red, white and blue?

Yeah, but the green, the blue, the big rig. Oh, that's us. Oh. Oh, okay. Yeah. Yeah. Just. Zip it, Janet? The, yeah, just a, okay, then what are we talking about today? I don't know. Janet, what are we talking? How's Janet today? I'm marvelous. Dolly. Now you're Marvel. Marvelous. First it was pretty, now you're marvelous.

Marvelous, doling. Simply marvelous. All right. Did you wanna get it right, right into the show? Or did you want to let people know how we're doing? Oh, let's let people know how we're doing. Okay, so how you doing? Oh, marvelous. I had fun at the grocery store today. Oh, it was grocery store day. It was grocery store day.

Yummy. Used a lot of coupons and used my discount. Save. Saved a lot of money. Saved a lot of money, and pissed a couple people off because I was working on coupons and they don't like that. Hey, if you're curious about other ways to save money, we did a couple of episodes on, on Ways to Save money, ways to save, uh, like 30 something and no, I say it was like 36.

Yeah, it was 30 something. We got an episode of the thirties that it's like 20, 25, 27 ways to save money. Mm-hmm. And then there's like a 12 ways to save money somehow. Yeah. I like saving money in the early days when I come home and I save money. I'm always happya, hepa, hepa, hepa, hepa, hepa. Oh, you know that.

Okay. You know that one? That one. Rio. Where

dog? Well, I'm not a happy dog, but I'm a happy Janet. Oh, okay. Yeah. That's me dancing in the house. Look how much money I said. Woohoo. Anything I can save. Boy prices nowadays. I know. Don't get me started. Anyways, welcome to the Paul Cash Show. What are we speaking about today, Janet? Oh, by the way, uh, I'm your host Patrick, and over there is Miss Janet.

Well, thank you. And we're, we're the hosts with the hosts of the 18 Wheel Talk Paul Cash Show. Yes, we are. So, so we're talking about it. If this is your first time listening to us, we are a podcast show for truckers about truckers by truckers. We're two retired truck drivers with a combined. 40 plus years of experience in the old school ways.

We've done a little bit of everything between us, so we're gonna give you some of our, our wisdom along with a little humor and lighten. Hopefully a lot of laughs. Lighten up your load a little, so lighten up your load, brighten up your night. So if you're enjoy, if you enjoy the show and you enjoy our podcast, join our fan club.

Go, go, go to go to, go to the one eight wheel talk.com and just sign up. Just, just down on the page. Right? Right there on the homepage says, join the fan club. Yep. Follow us like us. Love us. Join our fan club. Yep. We're on Twitter, Instagram, uh, Facebook and YouTube. YouTube and LinkedIn. LinkedIn and Twitch.

Yes. So. So anyways, what do you wanna talk about today, Janet? Lemon pepper wings, chrome, and water boarding. Ooh, how's Epra combo? Lemon pepper wing. I'll take the combo platter please. Lemon pepper wings. I'll take chrome and waterboarding. I'll take the combo for 800, Alex. Okay, so what I wanna really talk about is the biggest question that a truck driver hears from a non-driver, someone who's not been around trucks, right?

When they're talking about Chrome. Okay. You know, it's always. After they get past that. Oh, that's Purdy. Oh, that's pretty What? A Purdy truck. I like all that chrome and shiny stuff. Yeah. Well, yeah, it is Purdy. Hey. Pretty expensive. Yeah. Uh, which of course is, um, are you hungry for some lemon pepper, chicken wings?

Oh yeah. Who's not man? Everybody is. Everybody is. Everybody has their flavor. Hey, you know what? I wanna know your flavor. What, what? What's your go-to Flavor? Chicken wings. Ask the show. In a, in a, in a, in a subject line. Put chicken wings and let us know what's your favorite. Your brother was talking about some Yeah, he's going to get some mango habaneros.

I think that sounds good to me. Yeah. Mango habanero. He says it's got, um, a everlasting effect or something. It has, it has a slow burn. As he put it's, I told him to follow it up, up with some non bread. It's a slow creep burn. It creeps up on them, then it lingers. So I didn't ask what happens later, but So ev every trucker of course says, well, of course I want some wings, of course.

But seriously, what They have some, some, some trucks stops actually have chicken wings on. Some of 'em have really good chicken wings too. I know, right. But whatever. What they really ask is, well, is it really worth it to put all that expensive chrome and is it really expensive to put all that chrome on?

Is it really worth the lemon and pepper to put on that wing? You know, and oh my God, Patrick, you and I know get past your wings. All right, well, I got wings on the brain now. Now I'm hungry. They're not for dinner. I know. But then the questions, they just keep firing, you know, like a Nerf gun on the back of a ski boat down the river at a friend who's water skiing.

Or who has yet to go water boarding, or is that surf boarding? I forget, but Well, it's definitely not water boarding. Oh my bad. You know, you get water boarding and surf boarding mixed up. It's like if you're water boarding, you're, you're, yeah. Am I doing it wrong? Yeah. My bad. Yeah. Come on. Oops. Come on. Your ex-military.

You know what waterboarding is? Stop playing. Okay. Oops, my bad. Stop playing around. All right. Can we get on with the show? We're talking about Chrome. Seriously, let's go. So a lot of people ask, how much does a semi, I really want wings Now. A lot of people ask, how much does a semi-truck cost anyway? Oh, and we're talking about.

Before diesel engines are outlawed in some states. Yeah. California won't be named. That's and the whole world goes electric. Yeah. That's a whole nother podcast. Kidding. Don't get me started. I, I wasn't trying to get you started on the Chrome, but guess what? We're doing a podcast on it now. Well, the truth of the answer is how much does the semi cost a lot more than a lot of people's homes.

Yeah. Because you can buy a homes, although don't let me. Let me finish. Okay. Let me finish. Okay. Because you can go to a lot of small towns all across the US and you can buy a home for $75,000, and if you're buying, can you still buy those? Yes. Those rec rent-a-recs? Yes. Really? They're They're still out? Yes, they're still out there.

Okay. They're not even rent-a-recs, they're still decent homes out there. Okay. And you cannot buy a brand new semi for that. I know. Okay. Okay. You wanna, all I was gonna say was, you know, during the housing boom out here, it was cheaper to buy a rig. Well, no, I'm just saying we're talking anyway. Anyways. When the homes you're selling for $500,000, you could buy a rig for three 50, 400,000.

I'm just saying, who did the research? You did. Who's IT? I am. Okay. Be quiet IT. This isn't your subject. This is as long as, long as everybody can hear us, you don't. I'm doing a good job. I did the research. Holmes Homes in general, unless you're going to a big city or ritzy area, whatever, Uhhuh. You can still find homes for under $250,000 and if you're buying a decent truck.

Yeah, brand new. Yeah. It's straight off a lot. $250,000. That's before you do everything to it. I gotcha. Okay. Wow. Simmer down. Okay, so why to chrome, that's what we're talking about. Yes. It makes it look pretty because doing anything on a semi is an expensive proposition along with downtime. So durability and longevity right.

Is always a priority. And course I'm at the ease right now, but anyways, yeah. Yes, I agree. Uh, it's chromed items do last longer mm-hmm. For, and, and they're more durable. Yes, I agree. But you get what you pay for. It's what it boils down to. Yeah. It's the pro, it's the process. Yeah. There's a process to make it chrome and nice and shiny and it's heat resistant.

Yes. More so than other metals. That's why they use it a lot. I know. And it's great to look at it. So purrty, it's pur, so you can get chrome, everything from visors to bumpers to fenders to mirrors to headache racks, and it doesn't affect the way the rig runs. Oh my. But you know, just like all those fancy paints and mirror fancy paint jobs and murals and decals and flames and flags and skulls and Yeah, exactly.

Yeah. Lemon pepper wings, awfully purdy. I've never seen lemon pepper wings painted on the side of a truck. No, but the, the, just think of the color. The, the color combination, you know, like that, that, that crispiness of the wing. Mm-hmm. With the lemon pepper speckles. Okay. That would look pretty sharp on the truck.

So you're gonna do a yellow truck. No, it's not gonna be yellow. Yellow truck. No, it's not gonna be yellow. Patrick. I said yellow truck. It's not gonna be a yellow truck. Okay. Just check it out. It's not gonna be a yellow truck. Yes, we're playing the yellow truck game here on the podcast. Anyway. Anyway.

Anyway, it's gonna have like that, that, that crispy all that, that crispy brownish color with that, all that pretty set with the lemon pepper sprinkles on it Doesn't affect the way it runs. I know. But it'll look nice. But it sure looks pretty, we'll call it, we'll call it lemon pepper. It can look beat up.

It can have dents in it as long as it's still got all the equipment needed to run legally. Okay. But it can have dents in it. Okay. And it cannot be pretty and shiny. Mm-hmm. And still run outrun anything on the road. Okay. It's like the, the fastest car is not always the prettiest car. All right. Can we get serious?

I was. You're the one all playing over there. Alright, I'm gonna come over to your room and smack you. So anyways, anyways, for many drivers, sorry, I didn't mean to sidetrack us. I wanna get serious now. For many drivers, this is where their money's invested. It's their source of pride and joy because most of 'em are divorced anyway.

And it's that because it's a quarter million dollar investment. Well, yeah. They're rigged. It is, it's, it's a lot of, and I'm joking about the divorces by the way. Yeah. It, it's, it's a big money investment. That costs more than their house on some of them. Well, they're hoping if you do it right mm-hmm. And you make the investment and you're driving for the right company and you're doing the right loads in, in about three to four years, you ought to be able to pay up, have that paid off.

Yeah. If you do it right. Correct. Now, some people don't do it. Right. This is true. They chrome it and then get it repoed. This is true, but don't talk about it. I'm, I'm not. Because Janet will get. Pissy about it. I am not talking about, I'm talking about, do you remember the show Trick my Truck? Oh my God, I I used to love that show.

Oh yeah. I, I was like, faithful and when it was on, I was, if I couldn't watch it, I recorded it. VHS video VHS tapes. Did they? Yeah, because that was on cmt. That was Chrome Shop Mafia. Yeah. I got that shirt. The, yeah, yeah. From, yeah. That I stole, I stole from you. Yeah. From Chrome Shop Mafia. I, I know. Mm-hmm. I, I wear it all the time.

Do you know how I got it? Probably flashed a boob or something. No, you probably asked him for it. Well, I asked him for it because my dad knew him of, because of course dad knew him. My dad knew everybody. Your dad. Exactly. Your dad knew everybody. My dad knew 'em because my dad knew a couple of the drivers that had their trucks tricked there tricked out, which was.

Gorgeous trucks and they wanted to do my dad's truck at one point, Uhhuh and he said no. And the reason he said no is because yes, you got a beautiful truck out of it. Now my dad had a gorgeous truck, but you had to keep it in perfect condition, clean 24 7 in case someone saw it because it was always advertised.

Uhhuh. You had to go to all these shows and take time off work to do it and. The, and the, and the, and it had to do with it. And that came outta your pocket. One of the trucks that they, one of the episodes that I watched. Mm-hmm. Um, when? When I was still, when, when I was back in New York. Mm-hmm. I saw it. I was heading west on the thruway. They were heading east. Yeah. I was like, oh my God. I saw that one. Yep. I think it was called Lucky, lucky Strike or something like that. They're just some gorgeous trucks there. Oh my God. It was beautiful. But that's when all this, but I mean, it's like I recognized it from a distance. I went, that's a. Yeah, that was, as it drove by, I'm like, oh my God, that damn, that's pretty.

Yeah. My dad met some of these guys at truck shows or some, like one of 'em I think he knew before his truck was done. Okay. Then the guy got his truck done and then he saw my dad and he's like, oh, you gotta check this out, and it's so worth having done. And then my dad saw the guy like a year later and he's like, well, it really wasn't worth having Todd.

He says, my truck's beautiful, don't get me wrong. And he loved the guys at, um, Chrome Shop, uh, four states trucks in Joplin. Okay. You know, because they've been around. Well, that's where Chrome Shop Mafia is. Yeah. Because they've been around forever. They've been in the accessory and salvage business there in Joplin since 87, long time.

You know, and it wasn't, that's like a big, there's like big, yeah, big. I call everything joints together now. Everything crosses right there. Yeah. And according to their owner, uh, Brian Martin, he said it wasn't until 99 when the employee started getting creative that that's when. All the whole Chrome Shop Mafia trick, my truck came around and Right, because, uh, they, they were getting into where they had to actually make some of the parts.

Yeah. So that's when it but Chrome it themselves and or, or powder coat it or, Exactly. So that if you think about it, that's when all these fancy paint jobs and all the excess, and I don't mean excess, but excessive chrome and super chrome maybe, is there, is there, I don't think there's, there's such a thing as excessive chrome.

I don't know. But if it blinds you and you can't see it coming well because yeah, maybe like that Toyota commercial third time's a charm, um, But anyway, that's when all this really became popular. I don't re, I remember really great paint jobs in Chrome before that, but that's when it was like a Wow. Yeah.

Look at that truck. Yeah. I mean, when you see it, you could always tell. When, when somebody goes the extra mile with their truck, yes. It, you know, they got, that's the one you stop and look at. Yeah. They got the, uh, the lug nut covers. They got the headache rack or the spikes, you know, or Yeah. Or they, they got the, they got the, the, the chrome visor.

Yeah, the bow tie chrome visor is the one I like, you know, that goes from the center down up a little. It looks like a, looks like a little bow tie. Yeah. Yeah, those are, so they even have the lights chromed on top and the mirrors chromed. Yeah. Little, little visors over the headlights. Yep. Oh, some of them are now, my really nice favorite has to be when they've got the, the big, not just the 18 inch, but the 24 inch bumper that is up when they're driving.

And then when they get to a parking spot, they lower it. It's like, like this bumper here. Yeah, it's up now, but if it, I bet you that truck's got one that drops. Yeah, it drops down. Or they do the air cleaners, which is like right about here. Yeah. Oh, I forgot about air cleaners. I didn't even have those in my notes.

Yeah. The, the, the chrome air cleaners, I, I think really stand out because there's always two, most of the time there's two, especially on the older trucks now, I never saw the sense in chroming headache racks, cuz they end up with chains on them, in them. Well, you know, but, you know, but banging around. But yeah, they get banged around a lot.

But that's on the inside. That's true. You have the outside chromed out, so it looks nice. Yeah, that's true. So anyway, that's when all this stuff got popular. Didn't your dad have a chrome headache, right? I, I think so. I can't remem I'm almost positive it was chromed now that you mention it. Because like I said, he had a nice, nice truck.

My dad's was nice lavender with dark purple. It was purdy. Yeah, it was purdy. So anyway, but as all that got popular and prices for trucks rose and fuel prices rose too, owner operator, you'd think, okay, people are gonna stop doing this. No. Owner operators continued or maybe stepped their game up when it came to how their rigs looked.

Yeah. Because now they got, you know, they, they make their rigs look nice. And the, and these truck shows are getting more and more popular. Yeah. It used to be like maybe three or four truck shows across the US and now it's like, there's, there's everywhere you look, there's a truck show. There's, there's three or four big ones.

Big ones, yeah. And then, but then there's a bunch of little ones popping up. Yeah. And they're getting, the little ones are getting bigger though, and they're getting notoriety through these truck shows. And now they're starting, they're winning. They're money. They're winning prize monies. Yeah. You know? They take a weekend off and go to a, a regional truck show or a state truck show, clean their truck up or it really nice in this truck show, I might as well enter it.

So, and that's when they started adding things to that quarter million dollar base. Truck. Yeah, right. You know, sometimes 160,000. But then again, sometimes that base truck, because they have an extended wheel base or whatever, they've added extended sleeper, you know, the, the Cabin Cruiser sleeper is what I call it.

That's not the right name. Right. But whatever they've got. Oh, that extra could be the, yeah. 400, 500, $600,000 truck to start with. Exactly. But they add. You know, as much chrome as their wives or spouses or pocket books will allow, or credit cards will allow. Mm-hmm. So, you know, truckers are kinda like that modern day cowboy riding in on their show pony to kinda, to put all the town to admire.

Whoa. Check that. You know, it's like, Um, urban Cowboy. Did you ever see that movie? Is that the John Travolta movie with Dolly Parton? No, no. That's Rhinestone Cowboy. That's Rhinestone Cowboy, my bad Urban Cowboy now. Well, was that Sylvester Stall alone anyways, who's his? Is Robert Redford? Yeah. Okay. And he's paid to ride his, hou his horse around Las Vegas with all the lights on it and everything, and he just Oh, right, right, right.

Rides it off into the sunset and they're looking for him. But he's paid to ride his horse down the strip with all the lights on it, and he just gets fed up. But that's the whole point. He rides his, his show pony in. He's like, I'm outta here, but he's a real cowboy in it. But anyway, what. Yeah, I know, but giddy up, move them out.

rawhide, in the cost of the truck, the cost of all the extra lights and the gear and the chicken lights and the chrome and everything, and the gear and the change for the winter and the load, and the load traps and the gloves and the, and the and and, and, uh, and, and now that's a million dollars running down the road.

Yeah, but it's well insured. Oh, I know that. But that's not my point. That's for those people that say, well, how much does that, I've heard people say, oh, what's that? Like a hundred thousand dollars? When they look at a truck, that's all chromed. I'm like, yeah, yeah. Why don't you open your wallet a little bit.

Yeah. So this, this, this air cleaner probably costed that. Yeah. So we went through, And we looked at some example prices. Okay. Now I went through a bunch of different websites. Okay. But we always went through our tried and trues, okay? Which we'll get to, but. Example prices, knowing how easy it can be to let it get outta control.

Cuz good lord, who doesn't love fancy paint, chrome and chicken likes. Exactly. I mean if, if you're gonna drive it, make it look nice, you're gonna be in it all the time. That's the reason why you make it look nice. And the way I explain this to a girlfriend who does not understand semis or truckers at all, how we're friends, I haven't quite figured out, but we are whaaat, is, it's like if you own your house and you got a front lawn.

Mm-hmm. Obviously this isn't Arizona cuz they had lawn. Lawn grass. Yeah. Now here, um, you want your lawn to look nice? Of course. Okay. Well, a trucker wants his hood to look nice. What? Whatever he's looking out at, when he looks out his window Nice. Yeah. He wants to look pretty. Okay. So you can always go cheaper.

You can go more expensive. Right. These are just kind of a starting idea of how much you can spend when you're starting to get started on your semi right. Yeah. You know what I mean? You, I, I always. Would say piecework it, you know? Yeah. Pick pick an area and say, all right, I'm gonna get, uh, say the bow tie.

Yeah. You know, the bow tie visors are first to keep the sun out. Okay. That's 550 and up dollars. Yeah. Okay. That's a, that's a, that's a gimme. Um, cause that's a big piece. 18 inch bumper, thousand dollars and up. Whew. That's an 18 inch. Okay. They make 'em bigger. Yeah. Oh yeah. Oh, that doesn't even include if you're putting hydraulics on.

Yeah. Doesn't include the hydraulics or anything like that. That's just, um, grills five 50 to a thousand and I saw 'em higher price than that in other sites too. Okay. Um, headache rack, 4,500 and up phew. Okay. Now exhaust top exhaust stacks. The flat top style Right. Um, 2,600. To 7,000 and more. Ooh. If you're getting custom higher stacks.

What, what about bigger round? Yeah. And bigger round. Yeah. That's, wow. That's why I said and up, because it depends on how big a round you're getting. And that's not even the elbow. That doesn't, yeah, that's just, and it depends on the year, the make, the model, everything. Wow. And those elbows that to join the stack into your exhaust on your engine, that's, um, 400 to a thousand dollars.

Phew. Okay. And then there's my wallet creeped. It went into a hole, not suppose to be. So I'm gonna, so the, I've always heard 'em called Boss Fenders. ouch, they're the fender that goes from the, on the drive tire from the front of the first one all the way across the top to the back of the second one. Right, right.

I've, I've heard 'em called that. I've heard 'em called Full Fenders. Yep. You know, uh, there's a lot of names I've just heard 'em called Boss. Yep. Fenders, that's the boss because they look bossy. Yeah. Um, 2,400 plus. Mm-hmm. Those half fenders that just go like that, that just that, that, that go right in front of the front axle.

The front, the front back, front set of rear axles. Yeah. Those are like only $1,100 plus only. Yeah. I boss fenders look really nice, but I'll settle for a half fender. Mm-hmm. That's chrome. Well, and the thing is, is people don't, at least it'll look nice. People that don't drive trucks don't realize it's just like anything else.

You don't, if you're remodeling your house, you probably go out and get a house loan and do it all at once. Exactly. Or as much as you can afford. Right. But if you can't afford it all at once, you do one room at a time. Right. That's like chroming a truck. You do as much as you can afford up at a time. You piece it out one room, this boss Fenders.

This boss boss fenders. This week. Yeah. Or this month, this year I'm gonna do my grill and I'm gonna do my fender. Yeah. You know my front. Bumper, front bumper. Yeah. And next year I'm gonna do my stacks and in a couple years I'm gonna do my fenders and et cetera, or I'm gonna do all my little stuff. I'm gonna, I'm gonna, whatever I can do.

And then, and then, and then I'm gonna do the deck plating. And then I'm gonna, and for Christmas, my family got me this. Yeah, exactly. Gift card, you know, type of thing. Well gift card to, to, to a reputable, place the buy chrome well and speak in a reputable place. Most of these prices came from Raney's because they're, like I said, long, trusted friend.

Okay. Raney's Truck parts is from Ocala, Florida. Okay. Used to be in Ocala a lot. Yeah. Yeah. I was gonna say, you spent a lot of time in Florida, so you oughta know where they're at. Okay. Well, they're a branch of Raney's Truck Center, which does repairs and installations and stuff. Okay. They've been a staple in the industry since 1957.

Okay. Which explains how my dad and I both knew them. Right. Um, their online presence was launched in 2010. Okay. I think by one of the sons of the original owner. Okay. Might be a grandson. I don't know that part. Um, but their website is really user-friendly. I will tell you that because I was digging around their website the last few days.

Okay. Super user-friendly. Well, yeah, cuz that's what you were doing to find like these sample prices. Yes. And whether you're looking for lug nuts. Hoods, whatever. Um, and it doesn't matter what brand either they got all the brands, Peterbilt, Kenworth, international, Volvo, Mack, whatever it, you name it, they got it.

They've overcome all these challenges to put their online presence at the top. And what I mean by challenges is like if you say, say you drive a pick a truck, Peterbilt, and okay, so I drive 379, that's it. Pick my truck and say I drive an international. Okay. Okay. Okay. I can't even pick an international in my head right now.

But anyway. And I drive an international and you're looking for chrome stacks and all I need is chrome lug nuts. Mm-hmm. We can both go to the same place and get em Bada boom. Bada bing. Yeah. One stop shop. One stop shop. Online. I mean, well don't get me wrong, there's other chrome shops out there, but this is just the one that we have a relationship with.

Yes. And this is not just that, this is the one that, like I said, I had met my dad down the road from them before, cuz I'm almost positive they did some work for him or he bought some parts from him before. That's probably where he got his Chrome headache rack from. It probably, I don't know for sure, but it probably could be.

Probably could be. So. But pretty sure you, not probably, but pretty sure. You wanna talk about some custom order stuff. But anyway, if, if you're interested in checking out Raney's website, you can go to 18 wheel talk.com/ raneys, R A N E Y S, and it'll take it right to their, or go to our main page and click on their picture.

Uh, no, they gotta go to the resources page. I thought, oh, my bad resources. I, there's a resources tab, but if 18 wheel talk.com/ raneys, that'll take you Yeah. Directly to there. And it'll tell Raney's that we sent you there and Yeah. They, they'll help you out. It'll help us out anyways, no extra cost to go through our website either.

Any who? Any who. So there's a lot that they have on their site, and there's a lot that if you don't find it, they can custom order. Yep. Um, or was it custom order or custom make? Custom build. Both. Okay. If the manufacturer has it, they'll order it. If they don't have it in stock. And I think they also do custom build stuff.

Yeah. Cuz one thing they, they're, they're, they're really custom customer, satisfaction oriented customer, what's the word I'm looking for? Customer oriented. Yes. You said they care. They care about you. They, they wanna make, they wanna make you happy. They wanna make sure that if you're looking for a specific part, that they do the best they can to try to find that.

Yeah. If you're looking for battery boxes, toolboxes, fuel tank wraps, um, airline boxes, uh, cabin cow panels, if fuel tank straps, if it gets fuel tank grass, if it can be, if it can be chrome, it's out there somewhere. Yeah. They'll, they'll do their best to try to find it. Yeah. If it can be chromed, they'll find it for you.

It's my guess. I've never. Just picked up the phone and called them and asked them that question. But I, I never had good enough credit to get my own truck, so I couldn't tell you. I'm just saying I'm just sayin. But when we got together, we would've both had to have been in the truck. And you, I two pugs and three pugs.

Daisy pug. Mm-hmm. In a truck. Yeah. So now as we were saying what was trying to say, that would've been a handful. We'd have made that work. So the cost, I think we'd have made it, we'd make everything work. Of course. Alright, come on. That's us. This is true. Hello? Hello. Oh my god. Janet Patrick. Dammit. Janet, you take a drink and I'll talk.

Okay. So these are just the, some of the parts, if you were gonna put 'em on yourself, um, it's not price installed. Um, I know a lot of their stuff they do free shipping on, but don't quote me on that. Because some stuff I'm sure they charge your shipping for. I just don't have all those prices in front of me.

I just wanted to give you an idea. You can get charged for, um, 10,900 for that list of parts I gave you to 17,650 for medium and. up. I mean, if you wanna spend, I'm sure if you wanna spend a hundred thousand dollars on Chrome, they'll take it. Oh yeah. I'm sure they will. I'm sure if you said, here's a hundred thousand dollars, make my truck pretty, they'd find a way to make it pretty for a hundred thousand dollars.

Bring, bring them, bring 'em a suitcase full of money and say Chrome it. But they'll do everything they can right down to the last dollar. But like we said, you get what you pay for. Of course, Chrome is heat resistant, but you know, you go to a shop that doesn't guarantee the quality. You're stuck paying for something that's not gonna withstand weather, hot, cold, et cetera, in a couple years, and you're gonna beat yourself over the head.

Go to a quality shop. Yes. We know they're a quality shop. Yeah. There, there, there's a few quality shops out there. Yes. Do your due diligence and make sure that we, wherever you're buying from.

I do love you, Patrick. Anyways, he loves playing these Word games all the time, but he didn't used to play them when we were podcasting. Now they've now they've managed to migrate. They've managed to migrate into our podcast. Anyway, anyways. Sorry, what were we talking about? Do your due diligence and make sure tomato pants, coffee.

Coffee, that you find a place to do business with. You're gonna have to explain that one that you'd find a place to do business with that is reputable and that you get references if you've never done business with them. Yeah. Ask around, you know, ask other drivers, Hey, where'd Chrome done, Patrick? Explain tomato pants

coffee coffee. I don't need to. That's, that's just us. Okay. People can't handle it. Then too bad so sad. Okay. Well that brings us to caring for Chrome. Okay. Because if, if you spend $50,000 on Chrome and you don't take care of it, what do you have? Crap. You got $50,000 worth of crap. That's right. So if you don't take care of it, a lot of poo poo, if you don't keep it clean and you don't keep it polished, it's gonna look like crap.

Yeah. You know, it's just like spending, you don't that $60,000 on a brand new car and never taking it to a car wash. Exactly. Or putting a hose to it. Why would you do that? So, hold on. Why, why would you do that? I don't know. That's not who we are. No. So when you wanna protect Chrome, for instance, wheels from salt, be sure to use high quality cleaners and polishes.

Yep. Um, what'd you use to use? I used to use, um, my favorite is now called, um, Chemical guys, heavy metal polish and cleaner. It's like silver. It's a clear bottle, you know, if you can call that clear. Okay. And it's like a silver in color. Okay. It used to have like some bbs or something in the bottle so when you shook it up, cuz you have to shake it really good uhhuh it mixed it better.

Gotcha. And then there was also, um, California. Custom purple. Okay. I that purple. Purple's the original, right? I like California purple because very little elbow grease. Uhhuh. It used to be hard to find anywhere but on the West coast, but now it's online. You can buy it, which makes it a lot easier. But I believe people that are find it.

Uh, on Yes, on our website. On our website. Both of those probably. But the thing is when people are, if they're not there, they will be. But for people that are wondering why I say you could only find it on the West Coast, you also have to realize how long ago I got out of truck driving and over the road driving especially, you used to have to be in the area.

They sold them in. One was sold on the East coast. What one was sold on the West Coast? Stop. Yes, I know. Stop it. So you have to get something that's. A good wash. Yeah. And a good cleaner And a good polish. Yes. Um, look for one that's made for Chrome. Okay. If you don't find or don't wanna buy online, I don't understand why, but everything's online now.

Go to a truck stop or where you got your Chrome installed, then ask, you know, if you're Oh yeah. I mean, if you're, if you're at a truck stop and you're looking around, ask another driver. And usually if you ask an older driver that's got a nice rig, They're gonna steer you in right direct, ask, ask it, installed your Chrome and say, Hey, by the way, what do you recommend?

Yeah, I'm sure they have their favorite. They probably have it right on the shelf. You can buy it right there. Yeah, the right polish. The right wash. You're gonna do the right job. Doesn't hurt anything. Um, the only stupid questions, the one that you don't wanna ask. And owner operators usually wash their rigs at home.

Mostly. They, mostly, they'll run mostly it through, mostly a wash if they're on the road a lot to keep the salt and sand off it, right. But the big Polish jobs and everything are at home. Yeah. Because that's where they keep all their equipment, company drivers, the drill buffers. Yep. Company drivers tend to go through like a, A Blue beacon and on the West Coast, little Sisters and there's a couple others I just can't think of.

Mm-hmm. But yeah, the big Blue Beacon's a big one. Blue Beacon's the big one, nationwide. Everybody, everybody started Blue Beacon, you know, run it through or, or have seen one, et cetera. And then like me, when I was company driver over the road, I'd. Run it through Blue Beacon and make sure it was still light enough that I could freeze my butt off in the winter and get it dry before everything froze.

Anyway, tell us how you really feel, Janet. Well, but the thing is, is my truck was chromed by the company, right? And if you're paying for Chrome on a company truck, Uhhuh outta your own pocket. Uhhuh, I'd like to know why. Please write to Patrick and. The email address is the hosts@eighteenwheeltruck.com because if you're paying for Chrome on a company truck, other than maybe some lug nuts just to make your truck look nice, you're el stupido.

Yeah, I wouldn't do it, not me. That's crae crae. Yeah, so, so anyway, you can email the hosts, T H E H O S T S@eighteenwheeltalk.com. Yes, that would be me and Janet. The hosts mean Janet. Me and Janet. Yes, mean Janet. That would be her. Her over there. Over there. Yeah. Her. Yeah. Yeah. You see, ow I am trying to live up to my name here.

Ow. mean Janet. Anyway, anyways, so yeah, I, I never have understood people that put Chrome on a company truck. Even me neither. Even like, well the boss said I could, but it's outta in my own pocket. Yeah. It's like, why, what happens if you get fired? I did have a guy that I worked with. He did lug nuts though, didn't he?

He did. He did the lug nuts and, um, the hubcaps. Lug nuts, I get, you know? Yeah. But they were always falling off. Now, now there, we, we had single axle day cabs. Okay. So we had, he got the, the whole center. It was, uh, the centerpiece. Yes. The center and lugs all in one that snapped on. Mm-hmm. On the rear. On the rear.

But so the front one is all individuals. I'm like, dude, he spent like, you know, 50 bucks a pop for those. Okay. I'm like, why? Oh no, it looks nice. I go, but you don't own it. I know. I don't care. I'm like, okay, can you adopt me? And yet he didn't. No bastard. So when you're washing your truck or when you did have to wash your semi, like when you were over the road?

Yeah. Excuse me, my drink's gonna make me belch at the, at everybody. What? Um, I wanna talk about how to wash a truck because there's still a lot of people, I've seen some truckers that wash a truck and I wonder, did anyone ever explain it to you? Okay. Um, why would you? And then there's say that some people, well, some people never wash theirs.

Okay. And some people like just spray the whole thing with hot water, soap it up, the whole thing. Then rinse it and walk away. Oh, it's a little big to do that. I know that. So first of all, yes, you do have to spray the whole thing with water to get the, if it's winter and sand and salt or salt sand mix, whatever the road your state year you're in uses.

Okay. I always like sprayed all that stuff off first, top to bottom. Mm-hmm. Mud flaps and everything inside the back of the mud flaps by the wheels. Cuz otherwise you'd. It's just gonna splatter right back on, right. Um, plus it gives you a chance to check things out, okay? Um, and start at the top and work your way down.

Have a ladder, okay? Have an extended brush, because even with a ladder, I don't like carrying that ladder all the way around that rig. Oh, that's true. I put the ladder up and then I took my extended brush and I went up one side and I all the way across. I don't remember where I got that noise from, but it stuck.

Anyways, so however, if you, I start at the top, couldn't reach all the way across, you'd have to all the way around the other side. Show me one person that can reach all the way across the top of a rig. I can't, okay? Unless I'm standing up on top of the fucking thing. You're not supposed to do that. We're teaching 'em the right way.

We're not talking about, well, no, what I'm saying is if I'm cleaning the windshield, I got the hood open. I'm standing on the front tire and I, and then I can get, but other than that, no. Forget it. Don't ask me where I stood. Where'd you, you stood on a fricking engine, didn't you, maybe? Yeah, I've done that a few times.

I've had to. I might have sat on it too. That's only cuz you were trying to warm your ass Maybe.

Maybe, maybe yes. Maybe yes. With a, with a special right piece of material that wouldn't burn. Sure. Or, and keep my butt from getting greasy. Right. Uhhuh Anyway. Anyway, and it was a great way to scrape ice and salt off your windshield too, Uhhuh. So, plus when I stuck my butt up in the ear, I got comments. I was skinny back then.

Nice please butt anyway, honey. Hmm? Please, please. So start at the top. Do small patches. That's the first thing, right? Otherwise, you're just gonna have dried soap all over your truck. Yeah, that's, you know, that's what I'm saying. That's what I was trying to say. Ladder, extended brush, something like that.

Anyways, you start at the top, you work your way down. And then, you know, you could start on the driver's side, start on the panel, but cut it up in sections. Yeah. Sections that are small enough that you get to the soapy water before it dries. Yeah. So you, so you wash it and then you rin rinse it and then you go to the next section, wash it, and then rinse it.

Correct? I do not. And he does not ever recommend climbing on your rig? No. Never, ever, ever. No, no, no. Don't do what I did or he did do what we say. So what we say, God damn it not what we do, I was trying not to say that. Um, I haven't done it in 20 years Anyways, give or take, like I said, I, when you, when you're just get that one, one spot small and you're a little short, you gotta stand on something, get a ladder.

When you're, when you're at the fuel island, there ain't a ladder. You stand on the truck. I'm not talking about it. I like tacos. Tacos. I knew you gonna say that. I like lemon peppered chicken wings too. Yes. And waterboarding. No, I mean water skiing. No. I like water sports. There's a big difference.

What? What type of water sports are we talking about? There's not many. You're talking about water skiing and swimming, right? Sure. Okay. So anyway, so use chrome cleaner on chrome, your wheels, your bumper, et cetera, and give the wheels a good second wash and all that. Okay? And make sure you dry, even if you're not polishing.

Yeah. Cause you gotta get the water spots off. Dry your Chrome to get the water spots off. Yeah. Because it's really nasty when you walk by someone's truck and you're seeing water spots in all the Chrome. Cuz it's like, oh man, you know he didn't give up. Yeah. About that rig or she, you didn't give up. You know where explicit, you could say shit.

Yeah, but I'm not gonna say a rat's ass. Well you can, you could say, you could, you could even say the F word. You could even say frog. So he didn't give a flying frog. Flying fricking frog. Frog. Okay. But put on a nice layer of, of, uh, chrome polish when you're all done and after you're washing, you'd be surprised how nice it can look.

And there's some examples of some of the cleaning jobs done. Mm-hmm. The online. Um, we're gonna have some links in there. Oh. Um, and I. Thought we were. Oh, okay. I mean, if we are, we will. I, if you say so, then guess what? It's so we'll have it. The one I like is the one picture, I think it's the California purple Polish has the picture of the before and after they used it and it's like, whoa.

What? Yeah. I think I know some of 'em were like, dude, hey, if it doesn't have to be used, if you don't have to use a, a power buffer. Okay. Which I did not keep with me in my truck. Nobody did. Uh, Most people didn't. Yeah. Okay. I know a couple that did. Yeah. Yeah. I know there was a few that did, but, and if I don't have to use elbow grease and it doesn't take me, you know, 10 hours to do it.

Yep. I was all for it. That's why I liked my products. I'll take it. Wrap it up. So wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap. That was that. That was it. I'll take it That. Oh, sorry. You said wrap it up. So I did. No. Oh. Wrap up the polish. Oh, I gotcha. Well, I really like those. I don't know what anyone else uses, but I, those are the ones I like.

Okay. And I know that my dad for a while was using, I don't know, I wanna say what he way back when used like turtle wax or something. Okay. Turtle wax, spray polish. I, I know. Um, I've used mothers. Yeah. Mothers. I forgot about theirs. And when I was a kid mm-hmm. My dad used to do, used to sell Amway. Okay.

What's that have to do with trucks? They, they had a chrome polish. That was really, wow. Really? Oh God. Yeah. I've never bought a Amway, so I wouldn't know. Rub it on, rub it off. I had a chrome bike. Mm-hmm. The frame, the frame was chrome and it was great Polish. Oh my God. So is that kinda like, rub it on. Rub it off, I think.

I think it's what mothers is now, the rubber. You get it. Amway like Clap on. Clap off clap. I think, I think it's now known as mothers. Oh, I believe. But I could be wrong. I don't know. I'd have to do some research, but, so is there any other chroming points that you wanna point out? Just, you know, make sure you're gonna afford it.

Make sure you can afford it. Make sure you pay your bills first. Yeah, you pay, pay. Make the truck payment first before you truck payment, before you start putting the chrome on it. Road taxes, state taxes, you know, set money aside for your bills. Yep. Your house, groceries. I mean, tell us how you really feel.

Because, well, you're saying with a stiff upper lip. No, I'm not. I'm just thinking, going through my head. Everything you gotta pay before you put Chrome on, you know, it's like, and rather than go buy a $500 CB and I don't know anyone that did this, but rather than go buy a $500 CB, which people still do use, that'll be another podcast, right.

Um, before you make your truck payment, what happens if you buy a $500 CB and then your rig gets repoed? You got a $500 CB? No. The person that repoed it gets a $500 CB. Oh, that's assuming you don't, you're not quick enough to get it out of the truck. That's assuming you're stupid enough to pull a gun on her.

Oh, and her gun's bigger. Well, okay. Tell I used to, that's right. You used to be the repo man. I was the repo man for a while, Uhhuh. And if people were nice, I'd let 'em get their stuff out. And if people were nasty I'D, they pulled a gun. I pulled a bigger one. And you said, fuck you motherfucker. Mm-hmm. Well I wasn't that nice you said, you said, you said frog, you mother Frogger.

No, I kind of went. Oh, what you talking about? What you talking about Willis! But I, I got a lot of nice things to sell that way. So, and then I'd go to local truck stop and sell 'em. So here's, here's, here's my question for, for all our, all our listeners out there. All right. On our website, we have an ask the show tab.

Mm-hmm. Here's my question. Are you, are you. Are you the Chrome guy? Are you the mi minimalist? You know, chrome a little, chrome a lot, uh, you know, let us know. Ask the show. Well, that's a good point because, and, and, and I think there's a subject line. Just put Chrome. Yeah. There is a subject line, you know. And, and let us know.

Well, we both, I, I'd be, I'd be curious to see how many people send us messages in that say, Hey, I, I Chrome, or I don't chrome. I, I, you know, I got nice paint or no paint. Can't afford to chrome. Yeah. Yeah. Let, let us know. I, you know, I'd be curious to, and we'll, rehash this wound open on Janet on another episode, it's not a wound, but to chrome or not to chrome that was his question.

Well, yeah. Um, then I guess he figured out he shouldn't have done that. Yeah. Right. Dumb ass. Um, anyway. I know, and I think you do too. Truckers that own their own trucks. Okay. That spent $400,000 on the trucks. Yeah. That really are not chromed. Right. And have not done anything to them. He's got a decent paint job.

A decent paint job. Yes. You know, but like I know one driver that paid good money has a beautiful rig, did not. He put a basic 40 channel CB in and a regular whip. Nothing special on there. Did not chrome it did not do you know, there's, there's a couple. Anything special? I'm not a big chrome guy. Mm-hmm. You know, but there's certain things I want chromed.

Yeah. Like the, like I would do the, the stacks. Mm-hmm. The, the air cleaners. Mm-hmm. Um, The rims gotta be, you know, they either gotta be painted the same color. Okay. With, with, with the chrome lug nuts. Yep. Or. They gotta be chromed. Chromed. Well, and then, and then maybe the bumper and a grill and, and that's about it.

Cena, I love chrome, don't get me wrong. But then again that, that, that's a lot of chrome. I just, I just realized, I say, well, maybe I am a Chrome guy. That's a lot of polishing too. Yeah. So the truck that I had for the company that I was over the road for, had never realized I was a Chrome guy. Wow. Had.

Anyway, I'm, I'm just looking at the truck in our logo had Chrome Bumper, Chrome Grill, Uhhuh, Chrome cleaner. Chrome stacks. Chrome mirrors, Chrome step. Um, probably Chrome Tank. Chrome Tank and straps. Um, see now, now if I go Chrome Tank, I'm gonna go paint the straps. No, they had Chrome, um, had, um, Because I think that looks, that looks, you know, pretty, I think the fender, I'm trying to think, were the Fender's boss?

Fenders? I think they were Boss. Chrome fenders. It's a lot of money. I know. I did a lot of polishing. That's a lot like when I polished, I polish I bet. Um, just trying to, but yeah. And, and then, um, they insisted on adding, because they added them to all the trucks on the fleet. They added fender mirrors, which I hated.

Because to me, they driver's side or passenger side, um, it's probably a passenger side fender. They, they added them on everybody else's rig to both sides. Okay. Yours, yours is probably just a passenger side. Mine was just a passenger. I requested none at all. Uhhuh. I can understand them. Put, it's an insurance deduction for them and that's why they did it.

They put it on the passenger side, on the passeng side because it, it, it does help you see the blind spot. I never had problems backing into a blind spot. It's not backing into a blind spot, it's seeing what's in the blind spot anyway. Anyways. Unless, unless, unless your little dog staring out the little window off there and barks and says, mommy, there's something there.

And she was real good about that. So anyway, blind spot sighter. Everybody else got ones that matched their trucks? Yeah. Or just plain black ones. Okay. Mine was Chrome. Okay. Um, and I had my. I had a spot mirror inside my big mirror. That was a request by me cuz I like the little spot mirror that's beveled. Oh, okay.

That I do like. Okay. I don't want the mirror up on the fender. I want the little spot mirror that's beveled inside the big mirror. I gotcha. That had a chrome edge on it. Um, and then I had some chrome dials on my dash. I like chrome on the dash too. Okay. If the dash is nice, if the dash is crap. I don't care.

Yeah. But like my dad's dash was beautiful. I mean, well, you gotta have the, you gotta have the chrome rings. Yeah. And then, and then the switches gotta, well, not either be lit, some people have lit switches that are chrome. That looks nice. They're not always chrome. Sometimes they're just like an old polished aluminum Yeah.

You know, type of thing. Mine were chrome, but my dad had the wood grain, had the wood dash and cabinets and everything cuz he had his customized by his neighbors that were, um, Amish. Oh no. Remember he, yeah, he had all that work done inside his, his truck. Yeah. Yeah. I never saw the inside of his truck. I might have a picture somewhere.

But anyway, so he had a lot of chrome and wood, real wood inside his, yeah. Um, so if you're gonna do stuff, you know, do it right. He did it right. Do it right. You know, anyway, so, yeah. But you gotta take care of all that stuff. That's a lot of work. It is. It's, you know, think about it, he had real wood, so he had to, but it's polished.

And then he had to put furniture, polish, wood polish. But it's an investment. Yeah. You know, it's, you're not just gonna go buy a rig just to say, well, I bought a rig and then stopped driving at six months down the road. Yeah. It's no, that's, you're either gonna live in the damn thing. Yep. And you're gonna make money with it or you're not.

Yeah. It's that simple or your gonna put up for sale. Yeah. And as for as much as I lived in mine, you would think I was an owner operator. Mm-hmm. I was a company driver. But I was making more than some of our owner operators. Right. Because of the agreement I had with the company. Okay. I had a really good agreement cuz I'm a good negotiator with a management background Uhhuh.

And since I ran my ass off for that company, they paid me like I ran my ass off. You know they had bonuses for going into like California, there was a cash bonus. Yeah. Uh, New York there was a cash bonus crossing, bridges crossing most of the major. If it was New York or L.A. Yeah. But I also Bonuses. Yeah.

Yeah. I got a bridge bonus on the like say of the Tappan Zee and then the one that goes to Long Island. Oh, that's at the Verrazano. The Verrazano, yeah. So if I crossed both of those, there was two bonuses in and two bonuses out. Yeah. See we, we got an extra, I think it was a hundred bucks to go into New York City.

Yeah. And then I got another hundred to go into Long Island. And then you did it one time then. And I told 'em to stick it up their ass. Oh, I love New York City. My favorite trip was New York City getting stuck. Well, that was, that was the trip where I had to run over the little two seater car that parked right on the corner.

Yeah. I had, I had a spread axle, uh, drop deck turning radius of a freaking water buffalo. But, uh, it's either run the car over or get, you know, get ticketed for obstructing traffic. And I said, well, I ain't getting a ticket today. Yeah. Today? No, my, my favorite was bringing apples back or dropping apples off in Long Island and bringing a load back.

And I got stuck in New York City trying to make a left-hand turn and a car cut me off. He pulled too far forward. He says, I'm gonna call the cops. I kept saying, just back up. I will. Get around the corner. I was two thirds of the way around the corner and he pulled up underneath me. So I just set the brakes and stopped and shut it down.

Yeah. And the cops came and they made like 50 by then 50 cars back up so I could get around the corner. The cop when he got up, he says, what are you doing? I said, I'm reading the paper. What are you doing? I was just curious as to why you're sitting here. Yeah, that's what he said. He says, I'm curious, why are you sitting here?

I said, cuz I was two thirds of the way around the corner when this little jackass in a sports car decided he was gonna get up underneath me so I couldn't make my corner because he thinks that's gonna ruin my day. I'm like, Nope, don't ruin my day. I got plenty of time. I got all day to deliver this load.

Yeah. Like I don't have to be be back to upstate New York until Monday morning. And this is Friday afternoon, but I, I, my, my that, that one load deterred me. But I did end up taking two more loads. I took one in, uh, to a bagel factory and I think it was the Bronx. Backed under the, they had a bagel factory at the, under the building.

Yeah. Which is pretty, which is pretty cool. And then I took a load of, um, roll off dumpsters that were piggybacked on top of each other right out, right out onto the tip of Long Island. I can't imagine the haul of those. That was the easy unload. See, I take off all the straps and everything and back up, hit, hit the brake, and then grab a gear, just drive forward and they roll right off, boom, boom, boom.

About that like stack of dominoes. Well, the, the driver who shall remain unnamed that we've talked about a couple times. Okay. He went through New York City. Okay. In a, uh, a flower truck that has the, um, it's got the bins on the bottom so they unload. Okay. But to load them, they have the caps on the top.

Right. Right, right. Yeah. He went underneath some lights that were too low that he wasn't supposed to be under whoopie. He not only took out like two or three sets of traffic lights, he ripped the tops off of his trailer. He ruined a trailer and traffic lights. Wonder if he got a ticket. Gee, that's a little pricey.

Yeah, it was very good. Yeah, I remember I was like, I drove for, it seemed like it took me forever to get out to the tip of Long Island. Oh, I'll bet, you know, but I'm like, I'm like, look at these houses out here. I was like, this is it gorgeous out there. Then I got, I get out there and there's like this big sand parking lot and I'm like, what the hell?

Where am I going? And this guy comes tooling up and a little pickup truck with a light up on top and he says, yeah, take off all your straps. He says, leave the, um, leave your chain on. He, he says, I'll be right back. So I got all the straps off and got 'em all rolled up, put away. He comes back, he says, all right, pop the chain up, put it in reverse, and then, then hit the brakes really hard, grab your gear and start driving.

I was like, I went, okay. I went, huh? I went, okay. Well half the load rolled off. So I had didn't do it again because it was like, I was like, all the weight was on the end one because all the, all the doors were in the back one, so, oh, I gotcha. So the first one came off. It was loud, bang, bang, bang bang. Oh, I bet it was the easiest offload though.

I was like, I was like, got the last one off. He walks up here, right here, where he says, all right man. See you later. Wow. I was like, I'm outta here. Okay. That was, that was, that was, that was something. Wow. That was, that's It was story time. I didn't mean to tell story time. Oh, I liked it. I liked it. I've never heard that one.

That's okay. Anyways. We, uh, we hope you enjoyed the show and story time and story time. Uh, but I know I was gonna tell a story. I had a little chime come in saying it was story time, time, story, time, story time, story time, story time, story time that we should, we should bring our dinner bill out for story times bing story time, time.

That reminds me Bing story time. Hey, you know what? That might work. We tell awful lot of stories that Bell be going off all outta Bing. Anyways, we, we, we hope you enjoyed the show. Um, like us, follow us on social media. We're everywhere like Savoir-Faire. And, uh, and let me know, you know, if you're a chrome, chrome guy, not a chrome guy, lemon pepper wings or not.

Yeah. Oh yeah. Let us know what flavor wings you like. What's your favorite flavor, what's your go-to, you know, where is your go-to? You know, at home? The ones I make? Yeah. Oh yeah. At home wings are the best. At least mine are, but, but if you're a lemon pepper wing. Yeah. I, I, I like the lemon pepper wings there in Schenectady.

Um, There's that place that, there's one in Albany too, but yeah, I, I know the name escapes me. I can picture it. But yeah, I used to get my wings from, uh, uh, Papa Gino's, no pizzeria. It was only on the East coast. I used to get a 24 cut, half pepperoni, half sausage, and then 50 wings, 25 hot, 25 barbecue. And who ate all this?

I, it was like dinner for like three days. You kidding me? Oh yeah. Of course. I forget you, you and pizza. But anyways, that's should have been your middle name. Yeah, right. Just call me P. Yeah, everybody should have that. Should have been my nickname. All right. Pizza. Let's say goodbye. Oh, I like pizza. Hey, hey.

It's got the four basic, it's got all the basic food groups in it. It's shaped like a goddamn triangle. No, mine are circular. No, yours are not circular. Mine are square. My slices are square. Yeah, that's cuz you like square cut. Anyways, we hope you enjoy the show. Be a part of our fan club please. And if you could leave a review, uh, or, a rating, please do.

Mm-hmm. It really helps us out. Yes, it does. And uh, we'll catch you on the flip side. Keep your rubbers on the road. Shiny side up. That's right. See, I knew it. We had it. Yeah. Rubber side down. Shiny side up. Side. Up, up. There it is. Bang. Okay. Bye.