18WT #073:  18 Wheels Of Perfection - What's Your Choice!

July 18, 2023  Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

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Episode #073

Yes, dear. Boy oh boy oh boy. You froze. I did not freeze. You did too right there. I did not freeze. I didn't freeze like this. You froze. Wasn't me, It was too? Oh my god, freeze. face. We should just do that occasionally. Freeze face. Welcome to the 18 Wheel Talk podcast show.

Red Lake Green Night Freeze. Okay. freeze. Anyway. Are we live? Yes, we are. Of course we are. I hit the button. Don't you see the red light? No, it's not in front of me. Oh, okay. I'm gonna have to get a red light that I can flip on so that that way we know, that way you know we're recording. Okay. So welcome to the 18 Wheel Talk podcast show.

Often imitated never duplicated. The blue, the green, the big rig. That's us. That's us. Yep. Yes. 18 wheels of fun. Fun. And excitement. Jinx you owe me a beer. freeze frame Yeah. In case you didn't figure it out, we've been playing freeze frame. Hi, Janet. Hi, Patrick. What's up? What up with you? Oh, not much Buttercup.

Buttercup. I know. Buttercup. That's the pug. I know. Any, any who and who, uh, what we talking about today, dear? We are talking about 18 wheels of perfection. Yeah. What's your choice, driver? Well, I know what my choice is, but I'll let you start. What's your choice? What? What's my choice? Yeah, what's your choice?

Well, hello, 379 peterCar getting fans in there calling a PeterCar. Yes. indeedy. Mm-hmm. That would be my go-to the, the one, the one in the logo right there. The boiler maker Uhhuh, the Pete, the PeterCar. The, yep. Yep. The Peterbilt, whoop, whoop. I'm extremely fond of them, but they have to have a cat engine.

Okay. And an Eaton fill. Eaton Fuller transmission. Okay. Okay. I'm really picky about stuff like that. If the drive train's not there, you know. Oh, that's true. Yeah. But when I'm looking out over that hood, it's not like a Volkswagen where you can just slap that, uh, rolls-Royce Hood ornament on it. No, I want the hood ornament to match the, gonna put, I'm gonna put a Rolls-Royce Hood ornament, and on our, on our Peterbilt.

Oh, there you go. Why not? Right? What's, why not everybody else does that? And it's gonna have the stick ship that goes right up to the ceiling. That that's gonna have like brass knuckles. Well, honey, with as low as you put your seat, everything's all the way up to the ceiling. So what are you saying? You're a low rider.

Well, I'm definitely not a slow driver, but do you wanna drive slow? You go for it, baby. My, my seat has air in it. Sorry. You need the music. If you're gonna do that, you gotta have the backup music. I'll have to try to see if I can find it and put it in the audio. Oh, okay. I, okay. Can itchy back anyway.

Any who? Any who? Back to the show. Back to the show. All right, so we're talking about 18 wheels of perfection. I started to say. Yep. You might keep that seat all the way down where you're like riding on the bolts. Mm-hmm. I like a little cush. I like it to, I like that air ride. To be an air ride. I don't ride on the bolts.

You do too. Well. Yeah. I guess I do. Yeah. You ride on the bolts, like the, you're riding on the rails. Yeah. I at least have it rocking. I I can rock it. It goes crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, trench. It does not crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch. It might squeak. That doesn't go crunch, crunch, crunch. It might squeak a little.

So anyway, we're talking about you're frozen again. What the hell? I'm not frozen. See, I can move. Oh, okay. I mean, I'm always cold, but I'm not frozen. You did, you did freeze face with your tongue out. Well, at least it's a good face. Any who? Any who. So what we're talking about is what's your, what's your choice driver?

What do you like to drive? What do you like To sit behind the wheel and look out over that hood at. I know what my daddy liked. Yeah. What's your dad like? Trucks. Ha haha. Ba ba ba. Well, my dad really liked internationals. Okay. You know, international harvesters, what they used to be called. Right. Um, but then they were just internationals international.

Yeah. When they were called the harvesters, that was, that was the cab overs, weren't they? Well, I think they were still called harvesters after cab overs. Okay. But, Then they got too pricey Uhhuh. And so he said, fine, I'll just take a freight liner. And um, you made a mistake, called it a freight shaker on him, didn't you?

Good lord, daddy up in heaven. Forgive me, because I did. I called it a freight shaker to his face one time and that was the last time I ever referred to a Freightliner as a freight shaker. Yep. Well, I mean, because he gave me the what for, yeah, the what That used to be their reputation. The what for. You know what I'm talking about?

No. I have heard your daddy give you the what for, so don't even tell me you don't know what I'm talking about. Explain it to our listeners. I. Short story time ding. That's when you put your foot in your mouth where you shouldn't have put your foot in your mouth and you act like you know what you're talking about when you really don't know what you're talking about.

And so your dad or your mother just comes up and smacks you upside of the head and told you to shut up. You dumb ass. What? And my parents never called me dumb. They, they didn't believe it and I don't either, but it Well, they didn't call anybody dumb. Yeah. But it, especially any, anybody named Janet, they never called anybody dumb.

And I don't either. But it boiled down to that. Yeah, I gotcha. They Gibbs slap, they Gibbs slapped you. But my parents never cussed either. They never swore. Except once. I bet your daddy swore. No, he didn't. My mama swore once. She was really mad at my dad and she's like, she was like, gosh darn it. No. And she was like five foot three and he was like six foot one or two and she put her hands on her hips and she looked up at him and she says, dammit, Jimmy, I'm really mad at you.

And I went, mom custed No. And that was, go to your room, young lady. I was around that hall faster than you could ever. Okay end of story.

Blonde Janet around the outside. Around the outside. Around the outside. Janet went running around the outside. Around the outside. Ran as fast as she could. Yeah. Anyways, but anyway, he preferred an international harvester, an international. I remember his black one that he had. Okay. And, um, but then he switched to Freightliner because they just started wanting too much money for internationals and he thought they were a little big for their britches, so he switched to Freightliner and he was really happy with them.

I gotcha. And he, boy he had some beautiful truck. My dad knew how to take care of a truck, you know? Yeah. He always took really good mechanical care of 'em, of, no, his last truck was what? Freightliner, was it Freightliner? Yeah. Was it a classic or just, yeah, classic. Yeah. Freightliner. Long nose. Long nose Classic.

And he had all that wood trim that his Amish neighbors put in for him on the inside. Oh, I bet that looked pretty. And all that leather and Oh my goodness. And that, that lavender paint job with the dark purple fenders and everything. Yeah. That's a purdy track. All right. Let's get back to, anyway. Anyway, so, so, so.

Basically, if it's a new to you truck or a brand spanking new off the line truck, what we're asking is, the big question is what is your choice, your brand, your make your hood ornament to see at the end of that rig, your go-to truck company, you know when you're gonna go buy one new to you? Are you Peterbilt, you Freightliner, Kenworth, Volvo, Western Star, international?

What are you? Uh,who's your go-to? Mack? Yeah. You like the bulldog? Hey, hey, I like a bulldog. If I'm hauling a heavy load. Yeah. I mean I, if I'm doing a triaxle, you know, or a heavy six oil or something. I, I want the Mack. I drove. Yeah, I drove a Mack garbage truck. Oh, you want? Cause those, those, those suckers get abused.

Yeah. Oh. And you want something that's shifts really? Like just hot butter, man. You want a Western star? Yeah, I was gonna say western, Western star man. I dunno what western star's got, but man, they, they shift Slick Lickity split man. Yeah. Oh. Now I've never driven a, um, Daimler car. I, um, Mercedes-Benz. A Volvo? No.

Daimler's Mercedes-Benz. Oh, Daimler. It's Daimler. Daimler. But anyways, Daimler, the German. Anyways, um, any who, Americans don't pronounce it right. Anyways. Uh, I've never driven a Mercedes-Benz semi. Okay. They make 'em Right. They're really common in Europe, obviously, but not so much here. Yeah. They're more like a cab overish.

Yeah. Or, and I, and I've never been in, um, what those Scavia? Yeah, I haven't either. Yeah, those are cool looking. There's a Scania with an n I know that. Oh, maybe that's what it is. Um, I've driven a Mack of Peterbilt, an International Western star. What else? A Volvo. A Ford. I mainly drove Freightliner Kenworth because the company I was in had a Freightliner.

Yeah. Uh, international. Mm-hmm. For, I drove internationals for 20 years. Yep. Uh, because that was, that. They're a big lease company. They, they lease a lot. International does a lot of, uh, now I've never driven a pack car either. P A C C A R. Yep. I think those mainly haul cars. No pun intended. Uh, I, I, I, I had the privilege of driving a Western Star for like five minutes.

That was five minutes of heaven. That was shit if you were shifting. That's what it was. That's what I mean. So I wonder, one of the guys, uh, my old company mm-hmm. They had two day cab Western stars that they got from when they purchased a Canadian company. Mm-hmm. They came out, I think it, I think they came out of the, uh, Toronto.

Okay. But they had these two Western day cabs they were white with, with a red interior. They were Oh, nice. Beautiful. Yeah. Um, and one of the old timers would come down to pick up our trailers. Okay. From Western New York. And while he was signing, he. At the time, they used to have to sign every manifest that was on that trailer.

Yep. Um, so while he was signing it, he says, he says, you might as well go do what you gotta do with it. You know, I'm, I'm hoping if you need it at the door, go ahead and put it at the door. Yeah, so, so I'm like, seriously? He goes, yeah, just don't adjust my seat. I go, really? I might have to lower the seat a little.

So he goes, he goes, all right, well, don't fuck with my mirrors. Then I go, really? But no, he was a good guy. He was just busting my chops probably. And, and I sat in the seat and I'm like going, oh wow, this is pretty sweet. I, I let the air down just a little. So all you hear was a, that was it. You know? Mm-hmm.

Just enough to get a little bounce in it, because I, I weighed, I, you know, at the time I was probably You were a pixie stick. Yeah, I was probably like 1 70, 180. You didn't weigh that much. I swear to God. I weighed that little, I swear to God forgive me. Did you weighed like maybe a buck 20 when we got together?

Uh, no. No, no. That's how it looked. It was, uh, 185 when you were Skeletor. Yeah. No way. No, nobody. Body fat. All muscle. Baby. You looked like Skeletor. I was a pixie stick and I, I was, I was built for speed. Now I'm built for comfort to of us. But anyways, uh, I got in there and, and it, it was like you pushed the clutch in, put it right in gear.

It was like, just like fell in it. I was like, oh, this is nice. And it had two of them. And I put a big word into the big boss cuz one of them was on their way out. And I said, well don't get rid of it. Call me cuz I will. I don't care. I will take Is that the one you wanted to buy? I was, I told 'em, I said I will take a loan out and buy the damn thing.

Yeah. So that never happened. Obviously otherwise, I, I would've had a day Cab Western strip. I'd be driving, but I get you. They had two of 'em. I was gonna take two and make one good one. I remember that. Yeah, I remember that. Uh, cuz I had a mechanic that was gonna help me. Help me do mm-hmm. Help me do what I had to do.

I gotcha. Gotcha. So, yeah, I had, I, I driven on, uh, Macks Macks when I drove for a garbage truck mm-hmm. Company. Um, uh, I drove Peterbilt very, very, you know, I, I think I had a Peterbilt for a day. Um, uh, I drove a Kenworth for a little bit. Like real little, you know, like had a Kenworth for a day, had a Peterbilt for a day, and then here have a, have a Freightliner.

I'm like, really? Are you serious? When you were over the roadway, would you drive Freightliner? Oh, okay. I didn't know that. I had a Freightliner. They gave me a f a flat top. Mm-hmm. Then they, then they put me in a mid roof. Okay. And then they said, no, we got, we're gonna, we're gonna give you a condo cab.

And I'm like, I don't want a condo cab. It's just me. What do I not either gimme a mid roof or a flat top? I, it's just me. You didn't have a room for a six pound Rottweiler or have one with you? I mean, no. Oh, okay. But I didn't want one either, but anyways, Lier, lier pants on fire. Anyways, um, I never drove a Volvo, but I knew a lot of people that did.

Yeah. Um, and they thought they were, when, when Volvo got big, Um, in the late nineties. Mm-hmm. Early, early two thousands. Uh, when they, uh, there, everybody that I talked to said, if you're ever in a head on collision, the, the motor braces would break off. Break out so that the motor would go down instead of into your lap.

Well, that's good. That was a big safety, that was their big safety thing. Okay. Uh, so if you're ever in a head on collision, you didn't eat the motor, the motor would fall to the ground. I don't like heating motor, so that's good. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I mean, yeah, I know. I get you. So before I used to sit on top of the motor, because you know, back in the day of the day, you know, the, the cab overs.

Mm-hmm. You know, you were first to the accident, you made it there before the engine did up and over. So, But yeah, that, that was my extent. I had, like I said, I drove a Peterbilt 379 mm-hmm. For a day. Loved it. I wish they would've let me keep it, but they said no. That belongs to the, the old timer. I'm like, well, tell the old timer retire. He's losing his truck. Well, I drove tell, I all arm wrestle him for it. I've driven my dad's old Ford. Mm-hmm. This is eons ago. I've driven a cab over. Okay. International. I've driven a, a straight line or straight nose international. Mm-hmm. I've driven a straight line Freightliner Peterbilt, I was in for about three years.

Okay. Mack Truck haul and oil uhhuh. Oh, I forgot that. The company I worked for, they gave me, they gave you a, a cab over with a sleeper to move trailers with. Isn't that fun? I'm like, I'm like, really? Oh yeah, we got a great truck for you. I get down, I had to go down to the city, New York City to pick it up and, and they're like, they're like, yeah, it's over there.

And I'm like, which one? The, the cab over. I went, really? I said, you're giving me a truck with a sleeper. The back truck trailers into a dock. What you, what are you guys smoking? That means puff, puff as gimme some. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Um, no keys. I did not like driving. Uh, Volvos, I will tell you that They didn't give you keys for the truck.

No. Didn't need one. Was it a push? Did it have the Yeah, it, you just, it had the, where the key would go, you turned it. All you had to do was turn it. Mm-hmm. And then pushed the button and started. What year was this? I don't, the truck. I mean, I don't, I don't remember. Not you. Uh, I wanna say it's like, I wanna say it was like really old, but I don't think it was really old.

I think it was probably like a 95 cab over. Wow. And they still had it as a push button? Yeah. Wow. I didn't argue. That's what was funny was I was moving trailers faster than the trailer jockeys in the, in the industrial park. Were moving trailers. That's not a shock. I've seen that industrial park, it's like, Two poles on the side to climb up in, and they were my, they were like my fire engine poles.


Yeah. I didn't even, anyway, I didn't even crank the dolly legs. I backed under it and lifted it up about, you know, four inches off the ground and just enough to move it. That's just bad because it didn't have an airbag, it didn't have air, air suspension in it, so I had to drop 'em at least two inches off the ground.

In order for the guy that actually had airbags to actually hook up to the trailers. Otherwise, otherwise, they'd back under it. And if I crank the dolly legs all the way to the ground, they'd never, they'd never be able to pin it. It'd be too high. Aw, poor babies. So, crank the dolly legs, crank it, crank it.

It didn't tell me it was story time. I'm sorry. Sorry. Ding ding. Story time. Story story. Ding ding. It's over. Okay. So. Back to what we're talking about. We're not talking about your trailer that you're pulling. Cuz there's all sorts of trailers too. Yeah. We all have our favorites. And we're not talking about what you like to haul because that's a whole different story.

Yeah. That's a whole, that's a, that's a whole like, um, podcast on its own. We're not talking about who you're gonna drive for or who you have a contract with. If you're an owner operator. Uh, we're just plain simple asking is about that rig, the 13 gears, or nowadays it's the automatic. 13, 18 speeds. Sleeper behind ya.

The, yeah. 500 hos horse hos, hos horse, horse under the hood. 1800 pounds of torque. You know, the, that big cat engine or whatever you like. But for me it's that big cat engine. Yeah. But again, that's another podcast. Exactly. Um, but anyways, let us, let us know what do you like and hey, do us, do us a favor if you're watching the video.

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Yes, YESS. Janet. What's a K-Wop? What's a K-Wop? Mm-hmm. That's, uh, that's, uh, Kenworth. Okay. What's a Louisville? A Louisville. I believe if my memory serves me right, is the old Ford how'd to get its name? Because of the L in the Ford stands for where it was built. Ooh. Better. Good, better. Good. And we both, we both know.

Fine. You know, I, I grew up looking at trucks and I like that one, I like that one and you know, a boiler car, Pete Peter Carr. Pete Carr, yep. Uh, big Star Car. Big W. Yep. That's Western Star Swed Machine. That would be a Volvo. You've driven one of those right? No, I told you I didn't. Okay. I knew a lot of people that did.

Did they like the way they shifted? Uh, mixed reviews. Yeah. I did some, some did, some didn't. Not me. You know, uh, I know when, uh, they first came back and, you know, and they were really starting to trend. Mm-hmm. Um, they had a lot of shifter problems. Yeah. Um, but some of the guys that I knew that got lucky, you know, I haven't had a problem with it.

Um, yeah. So, And then you know what a Jimmy is? Of course. Well, yeah. That's a gmc. Yep. You don't see a lot of them out there anymore either. No, but I used to own a gmc Jimmy. Yeah. Not a truck. Not a semi, but a truck. But what do they call it? Suv, sports utility vehicle Sports utility vehicle. I had the small version.

The little bitty version the wee wee one. Like this big. Yeah. The auto version. So. No matter what your handle is or where you hang your hat, whether it's the windy city, the cactus patch, bean town, hotlanta, rock city, or cow town, every driver has a preference on what they wanna drive unless they're new.

Yeah. And then they call someone and say, well, what do you think I should drive? Well, you know what? You talk to the old timers. Yeah. And, and you talk to more than one because everyone has their opinion. Everybody has their, everybody has an opinion on what, what, what they like, what they like to drive. But I want, I want you, uh, uh, drivers out there.

If you're listening to us, I want you to go to, 18 wheel talk.com. Click on ask the show tab at the very top of the page. Uh, if you're doing it on your cell phone, hit the three bars. Mm-hmm. It'll say, ask the show. Click on there, let us know. You know, send us a message. Let us know what your preference is.

And maybe I can come up with some more names of some of the towns I've been through. Inquiring Minds Want? Well, Janet's been everywhere. You know, that's the, they wrote a song about me. Johnny Cash wrote a song about you before I even knew it. I'm gonna have to, you know, play that as we fade out on the audio.

That'll be our outro. Yeah. Right. Well, it's true. I have, I've been everywhere, man. I've been everywhere. Yeah. But Johnny Cash's family might get on me if I use it. I'm just sayin. Well, I met Roseanne once, but I never thought to ask her if I could use it. That's okay. Anyway, anyway, my dad knew him, but that's a whole nother story.

My dad knew everybody. What am I saying? Your dad knew everybody. Mel Tillis, Johnny Cash, you name it. He knew 'em all. So, but anyways, anyway, that's another story, Ding. Story time's over. We, we, we would like you to let us know, uh, like I said, there's an ask the show tab. You can ask us anything. Uh, we might not answer it, but, but, but us anyway.

Um, if, uh, yes, if, uh, there was, there was like a bunch of things I was gonna say and, and it just like old age. Oh, well see. A lot of these new drivers are gonna get their opinions from trucking schools. Yes, this is true. Hopefully they go to a school that has several different types of trucks and not just all one.

Yeah. You know, learn, learn, learn. If you're new and you're gonna go to driving school, learn on a manual. Learn how to drive a manual, please. Yes, please. Please learn how to drive a manual. Everybody knows how to drive an automatic. It's a push button. You put it push, but you're gonna learn how to drive an push.

It's sometimes it's a little stick, like a, but still everybody. If you could drive a car like a column shifter, you know how to drive, learn how to drive a manual truck, please. Yes, please, please. We would greatly appreciate that. Thank you very much. We'd be greatly appreciate it. But anyways, please let us know.

Ask the show, 18 wheel talk.com. Ask the show, let us know what your preference is. Yeah, I'd be interested. You know what, I wonder who know what, what brand, what shifter, you know, how many speeds, what, what motor you like. Yeah. Not everybody can be as prejudiced as me against all the other engines. Well, the Freightliners that I had all, all, all had Detroit motors in it.

Yeah. Detroit's are good, don't get me wrong, but Yeah. But because, because they were all leased trucks. They put in the, you know, the beat up motor. Yeah, I get you. So, um, I, we were, we were governed anyways, uh uh, the only way is if we got good fuel mileage. If we got good fuel mileage, uhhuh, okay, we could go above 65 miles an hour.

Oh yeah. Poor thing. But we had to use screws control to do it. Screw control. Yeah. So you remember, remember when Ohio was a story time ding? Uh, okay. Remember when Ohio had the double standard speed limit? 55 for truck, 65 for car? Yeah. Well, I came across from. I was heading east, so from the west side.

Mm-hmm. I hit Ohio. It was me and about six other trucks and I was, I was playing the caboose cause I couldn't go any faster than 72 miles an hour. Of course. Yeah. We were breaking the law. Breaking the law. Okay. So ding will continue Story time. Oh, okay. Do you know why that was a problem? What? The split speed limit.

Why it caused more accidents? Oh yeah. Because you can't have semis going on this speed and cars zipping by and in and outta semis without causing accidents. Exactly. Plus you've got, there are still some states that, that do it. Yes. But they, they have more accidents. Yeah. And when you have trucks that are governed, say east coast trucks that are governed at 66 or 67 miles an hour.

Yeah. And then they cannot And they get out here. Yeah. Say they get to Texas where it's 80 miles an hour. Yep. Or, or, uh, 85 in what, Montana? Yeah. You know, it might be more than 80 now in Texas. I haven't driven a semi there in a while, but still, yeah. Hell, you get into some of these states where, where it's 75, 80, 85 miles an hour on the highway, then they're having in traffic.

Yeah, they're, they're blocking traffic. It's like move it or lose it. Yeah. You get screened that on the, on the radio for any of 'em that actually still uses cb. Yeah. Right. Well that's episode. There's a reason that there's why they don't have CBS now because they don't wanna hear you. They don't wanna hear you yell at 'em for not going the speed limit.

I finally figured it out. Episode 70. To CB or not the CB. That's right. That is the question. Any who? Yeah. See I finally figured it out. Yeah. So this is a nice short, sweet episode for you. Hope you liked it. So hope you'll give us your opinion. Tell us what you're driving, why you're driving it. Was it company mandate or you chose it yourself?

My dad taught me what to like when it comes to semis, even though we, we, uh, had different opinions on what it was packaged in when it came to drive, train, we were spot on. Anyways, ask the show. 18 wheel talk.com, or you can email us directly at the hosts@eighteenwheeltalk.com and let us know. That would be wonderful.

Yep. any who any who? The hosts T H E H O S T S. The hosts@18wheeltalk.com. Dot com. That'll get to either me or Janet, one of us will see it. Dot com. Dot com, dot com. We can do that all day, you know? Yeah. We're just feeling silly today, so I'm sorry. I hope you're enjoying it. A nice, a nice short little episode for you.

Um, my preference is a Peterbilt. If I was to go buy one today, I would buy early 2000 379 and I would take the cat motor out and rebuild it so it start fresh. Oh, I thought you were gonna say you were gonna take it out and replace it. No, something else. Oh, no, no. Rebuild it. So I, I mean, I don't care if it's got 200, 200 million miles or 2 million miles on it.

I will take the motor out and rebuild it. Damn. I'm like, if it's got 200 million miles on it, man, I wanna see if that sucker still runs. I was even still got walls on the inside. I wanna start it just a couple times. Turn that, turn the key, turn that key over driver and, and I'm not sure if i'd, I'd prefer either 13 speed or an 18 speed.

It all, I guess it all depends on where we're driving. I guess it all depends if I'm driving with you too. I could do a 13 speed though. Yeah, well I might even eventually like an automatic, you know, when I'm a hundred, 105 years old, if we're, if we're driving on the west coast up in the mountains, I would probably take 18 speed.

I heard you. So did everybody else, you know. But if I'm driving in the mountains, I probably would say the 18th speed. Cuz then you got the extra oomph to get up the hill. Yeah, yeah. You know the split gears. Yeah, I remember racing my daddy up the mountains in West Virginia with them split gears. Yeah. Who won?

Your daddy did, didn't he? Well, yeah, because we had the same engine, same drive, train, and he had just a few dozen years experience on me. Oh God, you, you gotta throw that card out there. You're such a girl. Yeah, you're such a girl. You let Daddy win, didn't you? No. You kidding? That truck of his was faster than you're like, I'm gonna get you, dad.

I'm gonna get okay. I'm not gonna get you. Bye. See you on the otherside. Dad wait for me at the top. I'll See you at the truck stop. Save me a seat. Please. He'd laugh at me cuz I'd do that to him on the CB too. Oh my goodness. Okay. That's enough. We can say goodbye. Thank you for joining us. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel at 18 Wheel Talk.

Uh, find us on social media Everywhere. 18 Wheel @18 Wheel Talk. We are on your favorite podcast player. We're out there. Just do a search for 18 wheel talk, or you can go to 18 wheel talk.com and I think it's on the subscribe. Um, it'll pull up all the podcast players that we're currently on. Um, and if you're on social media looking for us and you are not sure, you got us.

Look for the logo. Yeah. Blue, blue, blue and green. Blue and green. And a semi blue and green with a 379 Peterbilt. Okay. hasta la pasta. Have a good one. Keep your rubber side down and your shiny side up. And your wheels rolling. We'll see you on the next side. Bye. Okay, byebye.