18WT #088 - Aerodynamics In Big Rigs And Trailers!

October 31, 2023  Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

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Episode #088

You did that twice in a row to me. Happy Halloween, Patrick. Is it Halloweeny already? Yeah, it's Halloweeny already. Oh, Christ almighty. Do you have your costume ready?

Yeah, I'm going to go as a truck driver. Your sister doesn't approve of that. I know, right? You know, because I already went as that and she didn't like it then. Oh, well. Where do you go as team drivers? I'll draw a quarter. I'll do a picture of a quarter on my hand. Okay. And then I'll carry my little sledgehammer with me.

When people ask me what I am, I'll hold my hand out and hit my hand. With the sledgehammer. Ow! It'll tell people I'm a quarter pounder. Don't hit it hard. No, I won't. Oh, okay. I'll go, I'm a quarter pounder. Oh, I like that. I could put pugs on my shirt. Okay. And I'll go as a pug magnet. Oh, really? Yeah. As opposed to taking a Hawaiian shirt and sticking Barbies all over it?

What would I be then? A babe magnet. Yeah, I want to be a pug. I don't need to be a babe magnet. I want to be a pug magnet. Oh, I know what I want to do. What do you want to do? I want to put money on my shirt. Okay. I'll be a money magnet. Oh. Maybe people will give me more. Tell me I don't have enough money to be a money magnet.

Oh, here, have more. Yeah, right? Yeah, no, you don't have enough. Oh, you're, you're, you're a porch. You're, uh, you're a broken ear. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Anyways. Welcome to the 18 Wheel Talk Podcast Show. Welcome, welcome. Welcome, welcome. I'm Patrick. I'm Janet. How are you doing? I'm fine. How are you Patrick? I'm just fine and dandy.

How are you? I'm just doing absolutely Fantabuloso Is that like fabuloso the the cleaning part? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, you know, that's really good. Anyways, that's really good this being October 31st old Hallow's Eve It's also the last day to get into our Giveaway till 1145. Yes, Arizona time. So if you want to be in it to win it You got to get in it to win it.

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You had me freezing there for a second. Or, go to 18wheeltalk. com slash giveaway. To win it. To get entered. To win it. To win it. Cause you gotta be in it. To win it. Got it? Got it. Got it. Okay. Last day. Final day. This is it. Winners will be drawn beginning of the month. Very beginning of November. So, don't dawdle.

Put your, get your ass in gear. Shift. Shift your ass in gear and get over to the 18 Wheel Talk podcast show website and get entered. Yeah, if you don't know how by now, tough. By the way. If this is your first time listening to us, welcome in. Welcome to the show. What took you so long? Me and Janet have a combined 40 years experience in the trucking industry.

And this is our four, fourth year anniversary. We've been doing this podcast show for four years now. May not be the greatest in the world, it's not the best, it's not the worst. We're the top of the bottom, I always say.

I do not like that. We are the cream of the crap, baby. Patrick. Yes, darling. We're the best. Of the best of the best, ma'am. Best of the best of the best, sir! What movie's that out of? I don't remember. That wasn't Stripes, was it? It might be. I don't know. It's one of those. I'll think of it or I'll Google it.

One of the two. Anyways, welcome in. Welcome to the show. If you're listening to us in your ears, please leave us a rate and a review if you can. Good, bad, or indifferent. We don't care. At least you're listening to us and leaving a review. This is true. And, uh, if you're, uh, Not subscribed to our YouTube channel yet.

Why not? Get there. Like. Subscribe. Hit that notification bell. So that way you get notified. You can ring our bell. You can ring our bell. Ding dong. Janet's a ding dong. See, I let you finish the song. Anyways. Yes. By the way, it's Taco Tuesday.

I like taco. I like tacos. I like Taco Bell tacos, too. I've been craving a taco pizza. I know, right? I wish they'd bring them back. I'll have to make one. Okay. Boy, twist my arm! Okay. Uh, so what are we talking about today, Miss Janet? Aerodynamics in big rigs and their trailers. Okay. All right, that sounds like a juicy topic.

Yeah, go for it. Lead us off. Batter up! Oh, hey batter, batter, batter. Swing batter I know what movie that's out of. So before you look strictly at aerodynamics, most people tend to look at everything else. You know, the weight, the cost, the entire package that owning or even driving a big rig takes. Okay. So over the past decade or so, aerodynamics has really taken a grip on the industry.

Yes. I've noticed a lot of changes. I'd say just. Longer than the decade now that I really think about it's been at least two because first we saw the noses of semis go down Yeah, get get more sloped and then try to get more airflow. Yeah, then we saw him go in and Bearings and fins being added and hood scoops and roof scoops.

Well, they've always had But they've become more aerodynamic too. Yeah, they've always had the, the, you know, the nose scoops and the hood scoops. You know, you get that air flow over the top. But if you've looked how they've changed as trucks have changed, you can see the difference. Yeah, oh yeah, yeah, definitely.

Is what I mean, you know. And roof scoops and two little loop scoops. Do do do do do. Um, well, no matter how much, how aerodynamic you make the truck. The unavoidable problem is the back of the truck and the back of the trailer because you know They have a bigger effect on the drag This is true then the front of the truck because the front of the truck is doing pretty good now y'all the back of the truck is kind of like a right angle box and you know, it's Especially that traditional box type trailer, um, you know, a reefer trailer, a box trailer, you know, whichever.

It's the worst shape for... Yeah. It's the worst shape possible for aerodynamics. This is true. It's a square box, or a rectangular box, however you want to look at it. A box, a box is a box is a I say. Yeah, a box is a box, and not a lox. I pick up the box, I put it down. Yeah, they did plenty of that. Yeah. Me too.

As a truck driver, you do plenty of that. I pick it up I put it down I drive from town to town aerodynamics. True. So. However. Yes. Anyways. No, go ahead. They're, they're working on it. Yeah, you can keep the flow smooth and attached all the way around, up and over the front of the truck, like Tesla's done. Okay. But unless you add bearings in the teardrop.

To the rear of the trailer, you know behind the trailers rear doors. Yep to reduce the wake You normally think a wake you think of like in a on the river or right? Well, this is an air wake. This is an air wake Exactly. It's similar to water. It's just an air form. Yeah, that's a good way to put it It's really futile to make the front end like ultra aerodynamic Because you just don't see substantial benefit No matter how good the tractor itself is, if you haven't done something on the, the ass end, basically.

Yeah, if they can make it so that, that wind coming over the top ends up being more of a push from behind. Well, they help when they put the, the, the fairings between the tractor and the trailer. Okay. Yeah, they really did, if you think about it. Yeah. Like, especially like, like say mine that had the fairings and then the reefer.

Okay. It had less of a gap between it, right? Yeah. Cause those fairings kind of bowed out just a little bit so that it allowed the wind to go around and then had the roof fairing that brought it up over the top. And I had a tall tractor that was, you know, sloped up to begin with, the 389. So that, all of that helped, but then at the back end it just went, pfft.

Yeah. And I didn't have any of the, um, Ah, I can't think of what they're called, I gotta look. The, the appendages, um, Ah. The wings. The underbody wings, the... Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I know what you're talking about. Hmm. Isn't it funny? I just forget what they're called. My brain just went... So you have the appendages that you add on.

The fairings, the wings that go behind the cabin. The side skirts. Yep. Skirtings. That go underneath... You know, the trailer side of the size of the trailer. Yeah, that go underneath the trailer. Those really help when I first saw him. I thought, well, that's a stupid. Yeah, when, when, when my last company that I drove for started getting them, I was kind of like, eh, but you do, you do feel the difference.

Yeah, you can feel the difference. Um, and I've been told that my drivers, I never drove a trailer that had one, had those on them, but I've been told by drivers that Had driven without them and then had them with them and they told me yeah, you do feel a difference in those Especially if they're installed properly.

Yes Installed properly very good emphasis on those two words put their words Installed properly you'll get maximum efficiency out of them that helps with the underbody and truck to trailer turbulence And then you've got those Tapered extenders that come off the sides of the rear doors. Have you seen?

Yeah, I know you've seen them. They fold up on it. Yeah. It kind of looks like a, I think they call them a kite. Yeah, it looks like it comes out like a square. But it's, it's a, it's a weird looking square. Yeah, it's a weird looking square, but it does help. It kind of cones it a little bit. Yeah. I know they call it a kite, but for people...

But like I said, to me, it reminds me of like a, you know... Two, two different types of those square box kites. Yeah. Um. That come off the back. But that helps to reduce the size of the wake or the hole that the trailer leaves behind it. It reduces the drag. Um. But if people don't know what you're talking about, if they've never seen one, cause there's parts of the country that don't have those.

Okay. Um. Different, different regions of the country, they don't have those at all. Like, you can drive in, like, I think the Northeast didn't have them for a long time, but the Midwest had them first. Right. Before the Northeast. So if you were a driver in the Northeast and hadn't seen them, then you went to the Midwest, you'd be like, what was that that just drove by me?

What the What was on the back of his trailer? Was that an alien, you know, attached to his ass? Was that the Wienermobile hanging out the back? Because that's what it looked like. Yeah. You know, when you showed me that one picture, I was like, that looks like the Wienermobile hanging out the back. Well, because aerodynamic, aerodynamically, the ideal trailer at the end would be a teardrop tapering to a point, you know.

Right. But hardly going to allow easy loading or unloading. Well, It would have to like fold away, you know. You have to fold under, flip up, one of the two. Yeah, think about it, um, the Or, or it'd have to open like the doors. But it couldn't, I don't see how it could be a teardrop if it did that, but imagine if it was an inflatable or a collapsible fairing.

Okay. Behind the doors. So, they've tried, I did, this was some fun research I did this month in October, um, because some of the pictures there, um, was, one was like a kite that came off the top of the trailer. Okay. And when you got to a certain speed, it kind of dropped. I'm using my hands because I'm Irish.

You'd only see it when we put the video out, but it kind of was like a kite that was on top of the trailer attached by ropes Okay, and when you got to a certain speed and imagine being the car behind this trailer And it dropped down behind the trailer and then sucked up to the back of the trailer But it still stuck out about 40 feet and came to a point.

Okay, but it was like a kite Uh, yeah

So it's kind of a kite or maybe like a balloon or something, right? It was inflatable the air from the truck inflated it When it, and then it sucked it up in once it filled in. Oh, and, and the more, the faster the truck goes, the bigger the balloon gets. Yes. Oh my God. But imagine being, imagine being in the car behind it.

That would, that would get... One minute you're tailgating a truck and the next minute you're attached to it with a balloon. Next thing you know, you got a cone in your windshield. You're part of it because the balloon attaches to you or something, you know. It sucks you right in. You know. Yeah. You're stuck up against the windshield with it or something.

Ruh roh. Um. So yeah, because it would grow larger as the truck increased speed and people tend to tailgate semis even though they shouldn't they shouldn't do you know that sign The sign on the door if the driver can't see you Well, the driver's never gonna see if you're stuck in the cone There was that one and then there was like some that came like peeled off the side it was attached in vert Inverted okay from the rear from the rear of the trailer So that when you were parked it was part of the sides of the trailer and top Okay, and then when the truck started moving it kind of did a flip Okay, so that it just like it inverted itself and became a cone, but it had no bottom on it Okay, and I guess the problem with that is it wouldn't stay on I couldn't keep it up.

Give him a little blue pill. I didn't know how to put that. It was no nice way to put it. It wouldn't stay up and I guess cars could get caught underneath it. Whoopsie. Whoopsie. Sorry, I drugged that Volkswagen for 300 miles. I didn't mean to. I didn't need fuel for it. It didn't either, you know. I gave it two blue pills.

Whoopsie. So my favorite would be the one we have the picture of, which is a red. Cone balloon. Yeah, like I said, it looks like the Wienermobile got stuffed in the back of a trailer It kind of does but it's some sort of balloon, but I don't know how it's attached or how you would load I don't know. We'll definitely put a link in the show notes for you to be able to go check out these pictures Um, so that's one we definitely have a picture of but some of the others they gave descriptions of without pictures from all the different places I was looking at Most of them they say We made it so they could load and unload, but then the problem was how to get it back into its original position.

Right. You know, once you came to a stop. Or how to keep it inflated. If you were coming, like, through a tollbooth. Oh, yeah, right. You know, you're just slowing down for a tollbooth, and you don't want it to rip up and everything. Yeah, there's, like, a thousand problems with these things. So, like I said, that's a whole problem.

So, for now, they got those little kite things that are already attached that kind of work a little. Yeah, like I said, they're attached to the doors. Yeah, so... That's the problem with the back of a trailer, if you're talking about a typical box type trailer, but that brings us back to the trucks. Okay. So we were talking about aerodynamic trucks, and what do you think of when you think of, Oh my gosh, this truck is so aerodynamic, it's gonna be the future of semis.

Um, Tesla? Yeah. But I used it for reference because they're supposed to be the best aerodynamic semi truck ever, but what's wrong with Tesla? They don't make trailers. Oh, that's right. I was going to say, they don't make trailers. They only make the truck. Exactly. So if the front is so aerodynamic and the back is not, it defeats the purpose.

And so you can't really judge, um, them on that because the aerodynamic figures are hard to compare a Tesla without knowing what's... to another truck without knowing what's being measured. Right. Because say you take a Tesla towing a regular box trailer. Okay. Without even the fairings and everything else underneath the trailer.

Okay. To a, nowhere near as aerodynamic Kenworth, but Kenworth's kind of aerodynamics now, you know? Right, yeah. But not well, they, they, they've changed the shape of their tractors. Correct. But they're not as aerodynamically perfect as Tesla claims to be. True. And I, I've never driven a Tesla semi, couldn't tell you.

Um, but say it's towing a trailer with all of the current aerodynamic gear available, the the side fairings. Right, right, right. And the thing on the back, the box on the back and everything else, you're not comparing apples to apples. Okay. You know, you're comparing, what, apples to, uh, to pineapples, or apples to watermelons, or whatever you want to call it.

Hmm. You see what I mean? Yeah. You can't compare those two. I gotcha. Because I, the pictures that I've seen of Tesla trucks pulling trailers, they're not pulling trailers that have anything aerodynamically attached. They're just pulling a regular box trailer. Okay, so,

so if we, so if we gave them both the same type of trailer? Then we'd be able to compare the two. Okay. Then you would really know... Which is better. Which is... The aerodynamic front. And with the trailer. Or the aerodynamic, say, Kenworth or... Kenworth and Peterbilt come off with the same everything. And, and with all the extras.

With all the extras that they have available. Hmm, now, which is better. Yeah. And that doesn't even go, I'm sure that, I'm sure somewhere there's a, they've done that. I wasn't able to find it. If they did, somebody's got info. One. I'm sure Tesla has, you know, they got, they got to, but of course they're not giving out that information to little old me.

No, they're not gonna free that up. They don't talk to me. We, we asked him for an interview and he declined months and months ago. I asked them and they turned me down politely. Declined son's of bitches. Anyway, and it wasn't even about this specific subject. It was yeah, something else something else and they've declined

Same even advantage by having the same trailer with the Tesla It'll be Be better still perhaps not huge not huge But I would think Tesla should be a better because it looks more aerodynamic I mean the the nose of it so far down on the ground it should but Looks like a toddler could climb the front of it.

You know, they say our future's in electric vehicles. Including electric trucks. Yeah. You know, but I mean, yeah, it's obvious. However, aerodynamics is, is a great thing, but that overall weight is not. Yeah, the batteries alone. I forget. I did the recent, what was it? 10, 000 pounds per battery? They're ridiculous.

And there's four batteries per semi? Well, the, the upside is you don't have the weight, you don't have the weight of the motor. Correct. Because there is no motor. Correct. You know, so. You're right around the same same weight as a tractor. Anyways, they actually weigh more I did look really they weigh more than a traditional semi and it's all in the batteries, right?

Yeah They're I don't have it right in front of me because I wasn't expecting this to come up in this podcast, right? That's okay But they're allowed a higher weight limit for an electric semi than they're allowing for a regular semi for a diesel Really? Yes. They're allowing them a higher weight limit.

DOT is. Special privileges. Yes, they're getting special privileges. Guess, guess what? Them bastards can haul smaller fuckin trailers and, and stay underweight like us. Like, like everybody else. I agree, but. You can't bend the rules because, oh, he's driving electric. Well, I. That's just my opinion. I agree.

That's our opinion. You know. Um, but they're allowing a higher weight limit because they're electric. They're not taking into consideration what that's going to do to our highways. True. That's going to do major damage on highways, that's going to do major damage on city streets, on loading, you know, parking lots.

That's true, because they're heavier. They're heavier. The heavier a vehicle, the harder it is on highways, on city streets, on, you know, customer parking lots. How many roads have we driven on where you can see the ruts that are deep and you know it's from a semi based on the width of the wheels? Uh, when you go over the Ambassador Bridge from Canada into Michigan.

Yeah, I've been across it. You got no choices. It's one road you have to take. And you don't even need to use your steering wheel. It's so deep. It's just two ruts. Yeah. With blacktop thrown on top of it. The bridge from, um, The big joke, the big joke on the CB radio is, ah, here, they're coming over here with a big fat spa, big fat spatula to flip the road.

Yeah. Smooth it out. . Uh, and there's like a, the bridge that goes from Wisconsin up into the up and from Michigan into the Michigan up, they're both the same way. Mm-hmm. , you, you can get in there and you don't even have to touch your steering wheel. Exactly. You can put your hands next to it just in case.

You can just, just idle your truck. Yeah, it'll, it'll just, it'll drag you right along. It'll go straight. Yeah. Um, there's other roads. There's roads in, um, Oh, what's the big, uh, the cross Bronx highway or whatever down in New York city is the same way. Okay. I, I've been across it, you know, down there as a Long Island expressway.

Yep. I've been down there in a semi and it, you get in that one lane where the semis are required to drive and God help you if you, you know, if you have to swerve because you're going to go up and out to swerve to avoid something. That's why, that's why they made the road like that. So you can't up and swerve.

They didn't make it like that. They made it flat. But yeah, so They don't take into account any of this. This is like I said, this was really just talking about how aerodynamics are changing That's why you know the long nose pizza long nose, you know internationals Classics all of those, you know, those are starting to go by the wayside now our logo.

Yeah Yeah, trucks don't look like that anymore that are coming off assembly lines. No, you know Unfortunately that that right there that's classic. Yeah You got it. That right there. That right there. Would have a fin on the, on the, on the hood and then a fin up on the top. Which it actually does have a fin up well, it would be sloped a lot more too.

And the front would be narrower. You know? Yeah. I, I, I don't know. Anyways, aerodynamics is coming a long way. It's not per, you know, they haven't perfected it yet. They're still working on it. Well, think about, like, cars, how they've gone. They started off one way, then they went really aerodynamic with fins and fenders and everything like say in the 50s.

And then they went low and sleek like in the 60s. Yep. Then they got big and bulky and muscle cars in the 70s. Now they're building everything bigger, bigger, bigger. But now, well, trucks. Yeah. But cars, small cars have gone away. You can't buy a small car now. You can't buy a compact anymore. Yeah. If you can find a car under like 30, 000, good luck.

Yeah. Um, everything's getting big, but even the big SUVs and um, crossovers and everything, they're, they've got aerodynamic fenders and hoods and look how aerodynamic we are. Yeah. Well, it's like you get in an accident and the whole car falls apart. Yeah. They don't make anything like they used to. I, I happen to agree, including semis.

Um. For sure. And I know this is a past podcast, but when we were talking about accidents in the water or weird things, I saw the one video, they're suicide loaded. Okay. And the front roll, steel roll didn't, and the roll was like eight foot around. Um, wasn't properly secured. And it rolled across the passenger side of the, uh, cabover.

Okay. The driver lived. He walked away from it. And he was the only one in it. Um, but he got cut off by a motorcycle and it, the steel roll bounced over the passenger side and it smashed the truck. Right. But it was a fairly new cabover. I didn't even realize they still made them. Well, that's one of those, um, um, um, Scavia?

Yeah, I think that's how you say it, scavias. Yes, but they're prominent in Europe Yeah, I forgot all about them, but they still bring them here though. Yeah. People still buy them here. Yeah. Um. But there's not a lot here in the states. This is true. I can tell our AC's on because my hair's going nuts. They're prominent in the, in the, in the...

But this was, it rolled right over the passenger side of the truck and you could tell because that thing didn't look like it should have smashed. And it did, it smashed that truck. Yeah. That's crazy. Yeah, but anyways, like I said, I know aerodynamics that they try and try and try and try but the lighter the vehicle is The lighter the body on the vehicle is they assume the better it is, but I think that's worse for the driver It might help with aerodynamics That's not always a good thing for the driver So let's let's continue this on our Twitter page go to at 18 wheel talk on Twitter and let us know does your company You know, does, does your truck, trailer, what do you guys do for aerodynamics?

Yeah. Do you have everything on your trailer too? Do you have the, the side... Do you have the batwing on the back? Do you have the side wings on the... Underneath. Under, underneath, uh, on your trailer? Do you have the, the, the, the fairings on your, on your cab? Yeah, I think almost everybody has fairings now. Just about.

Just about, not everybody. But let us know, let us know on our Twitter page.

Like I said, the air conditioning is blowing it. Let us know. Go to, go to at 18 wheel talk on Twitter. And, uh. X Twitter. X or whatever, formerly known as Twitter. The app formerly known as Twitter. And look for, look for this, look for our post on aerodynamics. Give us your opinion. Let us know. Where's it going?

I can hardly wait till we're the Jetsons. That's all I gotta say. I mean, is it getting better? Is it getting worse? You know, let us know. Honestly, I really want to know because like I said, they were, uh, the company I worked for was just getting the sidewings on the trailers. Okay. Before I left. So I think those work, you know.

I mean, and you can feel the difference. I think that maybe the trucks are going a little too far personally, but let us know. Give us your opinion. That'd be awesome. Can I put one more opinion in? What's that? You've seen how the front of the electric trucks are. How low they are. Okay. To me, it looks like if someone was in an accident with them, coming at them, like say a head on, that another vehicle would go straight up the hood, across the top of the truck, and land on the trailer.

Ha ha ha ha. Doesn't it? Da da Duke's a hazard. Yeah, it really does. It looks like a ramp. Yeah, it's possible. It is definitely possible. That's how it looks to me. Just saying. Just saying. Yes. Chicken pants. I am saying that. Chicken pants. I had to get that out there. Happy Halloween, chicken pants. Maybe that's what I'll go as, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh.

My costume's gonna be part chicken wearing pants. Chicken pants. There you go. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! And if you don't know what chicken pants is all about, you missed it. It was a couple episodes ago. Go ahead. Explain what chicken pants is. A couple weeks ago, we were getting our vehicles inspected and then registered.

And, um, the, coming back, the vehicle next to me was driving like a dumbass. Uh huh. And, um, it just didn't have any brains in their head, and I was gonna call them. They're getting ready to turn or something. Yeah, and... They were getting ready to turn and they were slowing down and kind of in and out of their lane and my lane and I was gonna and then they just didn't have any guts to do what they were gonna do so they backed off it again and ended up cutting me off because they backed off if they had just gone for it they'd have been fine so so I was gonna call him chicken shit or scaredy pants or scaredy pants and instead it came out chicken pants

So, um, So Janet, Janet's speaking her own language and giving you a little insight to her, her new vocabulary. My vocabulary is usually a mix of English, Spanish, and German, which by the way is common in people that speak multiple languages to, to, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. To intermix the languages.

Yes, I know. Janet speaks Engermish. However, chicken pants, that's a whole new thing. That's a cuss word. That should be. That is my personal insult for people. That's like flipping somebody off with your pinky. Yes. Chicken pants. Chicken pants. Up yours, chicken pants. Anyway, this has been fun, as usual.

Anyways, we hope you enjoyed the show. If so, please, if you can, uh, rate, review us. Happy Halloween. Would be, would be totally awesome. Good, bad, indifference, I don't care. As long as you're giving us a review. This is true. It does, it does help out the show, regardless. And, uh, you know, like us, subscribe to YouTube.

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I know. But, but, go, go subscribe to the more 18 Wheel Talk. On YouTube, so that way you can have a laugh or two with us. Yes, yes. And, uh, we hope you enjoyed... Enjoyed. This is part of a blooper reel right here. We hope you enjoyed the show. And, uh, and you'll come back for more. Oh, and today, 11. 45 is the cutoff for this contest.

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And it might be something like... And. Nope, he can't say it. But. I'm gonna kick him in the butt if he does. And. Nope. Okay. He's done. Okay, thank you, bye.

Hey, we thank you for joining us. Keep your rubber side down. And your shiny side up. And we'll see you on the flip side, y'all. Bye. Okay, bye.