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   An introduction to the man behind the mic, your podcast host, this is the background of one man who lives two stories south of hell and is living his dream or a version of it! Hear him Bitch about it, Talk about it and tell you how he came to live in Phoenix, and to drive that 18-wheeler READ MORE

  We take a behind the scenes look at the Blonde haired Bombshell Co-Host of the 18 Wheel Talk podcast show. Take a glimpse into the chemistry between the Host and Co-host. Listen in as Patrick interviews his Co-host Ms. Janet,  READ MORE

  On this episode Ms Janet and Patrick talk about the use of in cab camera's in Big Trucks. They posted the question on their Twitter feed @18wheeltalk which stated "In cab cameras, does your company use them and how do READ MORE

  Join in the unique sounds of two brothers reminiscing as Patrick interviews his “Dear Old Brother” Scott, Vocalist and Cigar Box guitarist from Agape Blues Company a Gospel Blues Band in Upstate N.Y. They discuss Scotts’ journey to the badlands of South Dakota where he...READ MORE
  On this episode Patrick talks about taking the Podcast Show in a new direction as he transitions out of the Trucking Industry and further into Entrepreneurship, Affiliate Marketing and other means of making money online. Patrick talked about how he and Ms Janet have had some personal issues going on in the Family life and all the changes going on with the Podcast Show.  READ MORE