18WT #056: Fifteen (15) Things You Can Do To Save On Fuel While Driving!

August 30, 2022  Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

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Episode #056

[00:00:00] Hey, it's Patrick with the 18 wheel talk podcast show on this episode, Janet and I go over a list of roughly, I don't know, about 15 things that, uh, will save you on fuel while driving. So, so we compile a list of different ways that, that you could, you could save on fuel. I know fuel prices are coming down, but it's still on expense.

[00:00:30] And we come up with a list of ways that, that we've, we've tried them and we figured we'd pass it on to you on, on different ways that we can. We save on, on, on gas and fuel, and we want passing along to you. So we hope you enjoy the. Breaker one, break one for radio check, 18 wheel talk talk. Hi. Welcome to our show.

[00:00:54] We are two retired truck drivers. We mix tall tales, laughter debates, and so much more. As we travel with you, we help truckers and travelers in their pursuit of health, happiness, and a better life behind the wheel. Spark the revolution. Ready? You ready? Ready? And action. when, when, when, when, when, when, what, when, what, when are we action and live and recording right now?

[00:01:22] Hi, let that me. What's up with you. Me VA lost me, amigo. Hi, three languages in three seconds. Oh my God. Buffet, cheese and rice. Oh, we like cheesy rice here. I like, I like cheesy rice, but it really likes sticking around me. Ha what? Yeah, I didn't stutter much anyways. Yes. What are talking about? Come to the 18 wheel talk podcast shoe.

[00:01:59] I like imitating you when you do that. Oh, okay. We're helping truckers and travelers live a healthier, happier life behind the wheel in pursuit of a happier, healthier life behind the wheel. Either way you wanna say it is still the same, same old, same old, same, same, same. Just try helping, helping truckers and, and travel travelers.

[00:02:20] Yes. In their pursuit of health, happiness, and a better life behind the wheel behind the wheel. Cause if you're driving or you're sitting in the jump seat or in an RV, or if you're St. Stuttering, it's behind the wheel. If Janet typed it, if Janet typed it, it's behind the wheel, not behind behind, because sometimes Janet it's finger stutter.

[00:02:42] Stop it, Patrick doesn't spell check her all the time. And my computer recognizes my mistypes just like my phone does. I know. Right? It's like your emoji emojis. My recognizes whales kisses. Yeah. I don't wanna talk about it. You don't wanna taco about it? I don't wanna taco about it. I like tacos. Yeah, I know you do.

[00:03:03] Oh my God. Do I like tacos? Understatement. Oh, okay. Any who. Welcome to the show today. We are going to, I know gas prices are coming down, but we're gonna try to give you some tips on, you know, we got about like, I don't know, about 15, 20 things, about 1520 things to that you could do to save gas while you're driving or, and I don't mean, I don't mean the stuff that comes out the back end.

[00:03:31] I'm talking about gasoline could you save some gas over there too? Or, or diesel your fuel? Save your fuel or diesel yeah. Save your fuel. You know, know what I mean, case no matter how much it's coming down, even when they say, oh, it was only three 19 a gallon a year ago. I'm sorry. Three 19 a gallon's expensive.

[00:03:49] It is. It is virus, expensive bear. I don't care who you are. Yeah. It's expensive when you drive a, a big rig and you're paying, you know, oh, I paid a thousand dollars to fill that's expensive. Expensive. I agree. No yolks, no yolks involved. None at all. Anyways, broke a few eggs for that joke, but I no yolk. I'm here all day.

[00:04:13] Oh my God. Can we get to the show, please, please? Okay. Love that. So the first for the first tip, so that you would think the first tip, give must, have you got ah, look at you. You even knew to call me amiga and not amigo. Oh my God. Patrick, you're paying attention. What am I gonna do with you? Oh, butterfly.

[00:04:35] okay. So the first tip is easier, said than done. Easier said than done. Huh? Yeah. Drive less.

[00:04:45] really drive less. Yeah. Well, well, you know, at home when you're running errs and you're, you know, drive less well, just try to drive less. So, you know, in that situation, try to plan your route, which is further down the list, but, but try to plan things accordingly so that you're not like. Going here and then coming back past the house to go there, to go back and to go there and then come home.

[00:05:15] Yes. Do a roundabout trip, plan it out. Well, and I drive less by actually staying at home sometimes. Yeah. Doing all my trips in one day. Uh, exactly. You know, try to try to tackle as much as you can in one trip in one trip when you leave the house. Yeah. So that way you're not going out, going back, start, stop, start, stop, stop, stop.

[00:05:37] Well, and when I, when I was over the road, I know we keep going back to that, but we are both retired truckers. Oh yeah. Um, I would go and that's why we call it 18 wheel talk. I know I would go and get all my stuff together for my truck. Wow. You froze. You had seriously free. You had freeze face for a second.

[00:05:53] Wow. I know, right. That was weird. You're like I would go and get all my stuff together for my truck. Like all my shopping done. And then I would bring it home, get everything together, all my pre-cooking and everything else done. Pack everything in my cooler pack, everything in my bags and in one trip, take it all to my rig, Uhhuh park, my rig.

[00:06:13] And I wouldn't do this like the night before I would do this, like an hour before and park my rig and get in my rig and go mm-hmm , rather than I know some people take it like the day before, get their rig all nice and pretty and set up. And then they drive home and sleep the night and then they drive an hour before.

[00:06:29] So you can't wonder who you're talking about so they can finish setting their truck up because that's what you wanna do is waste all that gas, driving back and forth to your rig 10 times. And don't, you know, you're making tons of money as a truck driver. Yeah. Right. so, and if you're in an RV back in the day, and if you're in an RV or you're pulling a camper, I'm pretty much guessing you've got it somewhere near your house.

[00:06:51] Pull it up to your house and walk from your door. Most people have have, uh, if you own an RV, it's, it's somewhere close. It's either in the driveway, backyard have an RV gate, which will allow you to back it into the backyard side yard. You know, you have an alley driving in the back. So just walking back and forth after you've got it fueled and ready to go, you're getting, you know, and all your propane tanks and everything filled, you are walking stuff back and forth from your house to your RV, getting everything ready.

[00:07:21] You're not running trips in the RV. Y'all so, so that was the easy one. That was the easy one. Drive less. That's what she says. She says drive. Or take the motorcycle yeah. Or, or ride two wheels. Yeah. That's all, um, warming up and cooling down the car. Um, shorter times. Yeah. Pay it. Just kind of, kind of pay attention where you park.

[00:07:45] Um, if you have a shady area, a car port, a garage, anything out of the sun in the, in the summertime we'll we'll keep your car cooler sunscreens. Yep. Uh, you can put, uh, like some sort of towel over this deer wheel helps, especially out here in Arizona, um, where it doesn't matter. Everything's hot. Doesn't matter what time of year?

[00:08:10] Well, especially in the summer. Yeah. In the wintertime, it park in the sun keeps the ice and snow off your car, depending it makes it melt quicker depending on where you live. Yeah. You know, so, so just pay, pay attention to your surroundings, you know, park appropriate its summertime, but summertime find a shady area to park.

[00:08:31] If you can't find a shady area, make sure you got, uh, window screens. Yeah. They make a huge difference. They really do. And some people like they at least will cool the temperature of the car at, I say 10 degrees. Yeah. Some of them claim to cool. It like 40 degrees depending on where you live. Yeah. Um, I don't know, but they do make a difference window.

[00:08:52] Tint does help. Window tint definitely helps. Um, make sure you're within your state law. Yep. To do that. Check with your state, your state laws before having your windows tinted. I, I know people that I used, um, darken 'em out and then get pulled over and then they gotta peel it out. Yeah. So that's just a waste of money.

[00:09:09] I had curtains that pulled across the front of my rig. They didn't pull across the back half. They pulled all the way across the front of my window. Oh, right. The windshield. Yeah, the windshield. But I also had a window screen. I put in for the summer when I was down here, Uhhuh, I'd put that window screen in that reflected.

[00:09:27] Yep. And then I'd pull those curtains. because that made a huge difference in the summer. Yeah. Yeah. You, yeah. The winter screen reflects the sun out and then the curtain curtain, the curtain kept cool in, kept the cool in. Yeah. It's like a double duty and people are like, oh, how did you take all that time?

[00:09:42] I'm like, well, those curtains, that 45 seconds. Really? But those, those, yeah. Yeah. Right. Those, those curtains are genuinely made to keep the light out so that the trucker can sleep. Yes. They're they're like blackout curtains. Yeah. They don't always keep the heat out though. No, they will. They keep sun out.

[00:10:02] They will keep the sun out. They'll keep the light out. They won't keep the heat out necessarily. That's why that's why screens do help. So when we mentioned this it's because when you idle your car for longer, like longer than a minute, you're starting to waste fuel. Um, and plus greenhouse gases. Yep.

[00:10:20] Everybody wants everybody's everybody's earth conscious now. Some of us have been earth conscious longer than others. I'm just saying, I'm just gonna say Al gore. And I agree with him, you know, I mean, yes. Some more than others. Some not at all. Yes. Some don't care. They'll just there. Just gotta do it. Yeah.

[00:10:42] So, but anyways, now, now, now that people are more conscious of it, mm-hmm , you know, so that just, just, these are just our suggestions and our opinions. All right. Uh, buy gas early or later in the day, don't buy it at Phoenix mix. Really? Yeah. Don't buy it at, at peak sunshine. Yeah. Hot does point of the day because they say that gas is cooler earlier in the day and more dense, right.

[00:11:13] Uh, where once you heat up gasoline, it, it, it expands. So basically if you're buying 10 gallons of gas early in the morning, you, you get more gas for your money versus later in the day when it's expanded. Yeah. That's gas density falls and you get less gas when you pump. That's the theory. That's the theory behind that's the science right there.

[00:11:37] all I know is when I delivered fuel, they didn't care when we delivered welcome to the pat Janet science show. there you go. Last year of science. Yes. So tell next step is slow down and drive steady. I'm a big, um, supporter of the, uh, cruise control. Yep. Cruise control. Yeah. If you can use it, use it. Even if you're on a city street, if the speed limit's 44, 44, 44, 44, 44, say 45 miles an hour.

[00:12:10] You're not on route 44 and you are, and you happen to catch a green light at just the right. Time where it's green when you're going, you know, just perfectly, um, you can usually in some cities like Phoenix set your cruise for 45 and time and time, your light's just perfect where you never have to touch your brakes.

[00:12:31] Never have to touch your fuel. Yep. Which is really nice. Cuz you really save on fuel by not having to break down breakdown by not having to break suddenly and speed back up when you break hard and speed back up, break down. Yeah. When you break hard and speed back up, you use more fuel and you use your brakes more, you know, you waste your brakes more too.

[00:12:51] Yep. Um, well, and with that steady, with that drive and steady, um, like if you're approaching a light mm-hmm, , you know, ease off the gas pedal because it may turn green. Yes. By the time you get there and you will be able to. Just ease back onto the, the throttle. Yeah. Instead of decreases your drag, cuz when you drive fast, it increases your drag.

[00:13:15] There we go. The Janet and pat science show. Yeah. And that he all didn't know where that smart did you well, I did come to one of our favorite subjects cars, but, but these are, these are life learned lessons. True. You know? I mean it, we didn't just wake up one morning and say, Hey, I got another deer. Yeah. I got another deer.

[00:13:38] No, we, we actually it's practiced. You know? Well, we, we we've been trained in our brain because we're truck drivers because trucks have so much drag to them. This is, it takes a long time to come to a stop and you pay attention to lights and this is how you can. Save on fuel. Yes. But it also, this is how you can save on your drag.

[00:14:04] This is how you save on your brakes. This is how you, and this is also what we're talking about on the next one, which talks about monitor how, and when you break exactly breaking excessively waste gas, because you're breaking hard wasting gas because you're speeding up faster. Not only that is you're, you're wear and tear on your brakes, your brakes in your vehicle.

[00:14:22] You're you're gonna, and everything. You're gonna be replacing your brakes. You keep, you keep that shit up. You'll be replacing your brakes in the long. Yeah, man. How many times have I told you not to break so hard cheese and rice? I like cheesy rice. You brought that up already. How many times can we bring?

[00:14:37] I like cheesy quinoa. You brought, you brought up cheesy rice before we went on the air. Was that before, or was it after it was because you were not bad. You were like, did, did I hide it? Did I hide it? Stop? I don't wanna talk about it. fine. And then I said, I like tacos. Oh, that's not taco about it. okay.

[00:14:56] Anyway. All right. So to reiterate what we're doing, we're talking, we are talking about the, you know, 15, 20 things that you could do to save fuel gas, fuel gas, it's fuel. If you drive in a big rig or a diesel gas, if you're driving a car, okay. Or pick 'em truck, truck, you don't put gas in a diesel vehicle.

[00:15:18] So they call it fuel or diesel. Well, I know some people that have it didn't work out too well. It runs really rough. It'll run, but it'll run really rough. It'll buck like a bull. Ah, anyways, anyway, so, so, so, so to rehash out so far, we got drive less, uh, pay attention to where you park, you know, when you, when you want, you know, winter, summertime for warmer cooler, uh, because running the car, greenhouse gases, uh, idling less helps save fuel.

[00:15:49] Uh, number three was by, by your gas early in the morning. That really helps. Or late day or late at night. Yeah. Uh, because of the density of the gas, uh, drive slower, well, steadier a more even pace. Yeah. Yeah. Slow down, slow down and drive steady. Yeah. When you speed up hard, it, it really does affect your fuel consumption.

[00:16:10] Yep. Uh, and number five was monitor how, how, and when you break yes. Um, when you breaking excessively waste gas. Yes. It also, it also wears on your brakes. So when you're coming up to a streetlight. Just ease off the throttle because it's red. Yeah. Because like I said, you may, it may turn green by the time you get there and actually have to come to a stop.

[00:16:34] Do you know what I did did, but don't wait till the last minute to hit your breaks though. I mean, be, Hey, be ready to stop. Don't just go. Well, pat and Jen had just coast up to the line. That's why I got in an accident light. Didn't turn green.

[00:16:50] I do love you. Next thing you know, we get a knock on the door. can you pay for my lawyer? Yeah, we're gonna, we somebody, she, somebody blamed you guys for their accident. Uh, no. Oh boy. What enough? There's actually people that don't realize that the crosswalk signs are attached to the street lights that you can watch the numbers go down on the crosswalk.

[00:17:15] I know when it gets to one, when it gets to one, when it gets to zero, the light will turn yellow. In the opposite direction. Yep. So if their crosswalk is getting to zero, your light will turn green pretty soon, more than likely turn lane. If it's a before turn. Yeah. You can see the numbers counting down.

[00:17:32] It's you got a chance of your light turning green sooner. Your, your light is gonna almost within a three second count. That's gonna be green. No, because if it's a, if you have a, if you have a lagging left. Yes. If you have a prior left. No. Okay. Lagging left is, you know, people that go straight go green first go first.

[00:17:52] Okay. And if it's a lagging left, that means the left hand Turners go last. okay. If it's a normal left people that turn left still first. This is Janet science or is this? No, this is it's called lagging left. Oh, okay. If you're having, I just thought you had something wrong with your left, left side or something.

[00:18:09] The left turn lane. Okay. If there's a left hand arrow, the left hand arrow goes first. Oh, gotcha. It takes longer for the person to go straight. Gotcha. If it's a lagging left the people that go straight first go and the lagging left goes last. Ah, gotcha. Now, you know, it's called a lagging left. Oh my God.

[00:18:28] Now, you know, all right, here you go. Okay. So turn off your engine. If you have to idle excessively while you're waiting for someone. Yeah. Turn the car off. Turn the car off. Why waste of gas? I mean, if it's 110 in the shade and you need the AC, I get it. Yes in Arizona. But if it's like, you know, 50, 60, 70, even 80 degrees out with a small breeze, roll the windows down.

[00:18:55] Yeah. Roll your windows down and get some fresh air. Unless, unless you're in that neighborhood where you feel the, the need to have Maybelline with you, then maybe just roll 'em down a little bit and keep your doors locked. You just keep Maybelline where she is. She don't need to come out. She likes it out in the fresh air.

[00:19:10] I don't care. You don't need to be home. You just leave her be fine. Okay. Okay. So, uh, number seven would be eliminate wind resistance. What's little wind resistance, you know, remove unneeded car racks carriers, you know, roof racks my hair out the window. Uh, no that that's okay. Just checking that's that's that's fine.

[00:19:33] That's fine. Hair used to be alright. It'd be like my hair out the window. Oh, that'd be really weird resistant and definite wind re, but yeah, it's like the one neighbor we have. I've never seen him with anything towed or anything on the front or anything on top of his vehicle. He's got a big winch on the front of his little, little bitty SUV.

[00:19:57] He's got a roof rack. Okay. And he's got a big rack on the back of his SUV. You would think that he's like always playing so well. No, he's, he's probably one of those adventures that goes four wheeling somewhere. So he's gotta have all that stuff to pull himself out. He's got a Jack. He's got Jack on the front.

[00:20:16] He's got a wench on the front. Yeah. He's got a wench. He's seen her. He's got a, yeah, right's got a rack. He's got a rack in. No, she doesn't. She's really flat chested. The car has, or the SUV has a rack that, that holds extra gas and stuff like that. So it it's, it's set up for four-wheeling. It's a really small, four-wheeling you talking about the guy down there, down where down there.

[00:20:40] I'm not gonna say cuz if he's listed, I don't want the corner around the corner down there. I thought he was down the end of the street by soy. No. Oh, then it's not the same guy. It's the same guy I'm talking about soy down here. No, I'm not talking about soy down there. All right. I'm talking about another neighbor anyway.

[00:20:57] Anyway. So back on topic, avoid gas stations near the highway because they almost always cost more. You could, if you just go. Yeah. If couple blocks off the highway. Yeah. You could save 20 cents a gallon almost, almost, almost literally 20 cents more gallons. There's two circle Ks on baseline road here in Tempe.

[00:21:18] Yep. Off of I 10 Uhhuh. One is about a block off of I ten one is a block further. There're almost always 10 cents price difference between the two. Oh, oh yeah. Yeah. Almost always. Yeah. Sometimes more. No, I'm agreeing with you. Yeah. I'm just saying it's like, wow. Yeah. I've I've seen it the closer to major, major highways.

[00:21:39] The more, the more expensive the gases. Why? I know they, they just think they can get away with it because well, they can because people, the location, people are scared to get too far away from a highway. If they're in a city, they don't know. They're like, oh my God, I don't know. It's from west. From north south.

[00:21:53] You're gonna drive two miles to find food. Anyway, she might as well get gas while you're at it. People are scared to getting lost. Yeah, don't go to the McDonald's off the highway. Go to the Wendy's down the road. um, so anyway, what to Arby's they have DEIT yeah, this is true. so next we're on don't we're on number nine.

[00:22:15] We're on number nine. Number nine. Number nine. Number list. All right. Nine don't wait until your tank is almost empty to fill. My dad taught me that when we were kids, we'll be right back after this brief message. We gotta pay some bills. How you doing Patrick with the 18 wheel talk podcast show? Just wanted to let you know about our new Patreon account to get there.

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[00:23:45] You don't wait until it's on. Yeah. Don't don't wait until it's empty because then you're stuck paying. Yeah. And people say, oh, I got AAA. I got AAA plus, which we do. It's no problem. They'll bring me gas twice and $8 a gallon. They'll the amount. Yeah. You know, um, Monitor your tires. Yes. You know, under reflated tires tend to wear, wear out quicker and waste gas.

[00:24:09] Yes. Um, huge difference in mileage, surprisingly. Yes. Usually here's, here's a little bonus tip. Usually inside the driver's door is a sticker that has the suggested air pressure. So the tire may be rated for 40 pounds, but the manufacturer may say 32 pounds. That's a huge difference for, but for optimal fuel economy.

[00:24:40] And that's all that is, that's all that sticker is for. Okay. Find, find your, and, and now I have, I have a, we have an SUV mm-hmm and. It can use two different tire sizes. Yes. So there's two different recommendations, recommendations. Yes. You know? Okay. So just because, just because the, the tire says in maximum inflation doesn't mean go that, go that high.

[00:25:05] Yeah. If it says pressure up to 45 pounds, don't that doesn't mean put 45 to 50 in. Yeah. That means, you know, up to that. Yeah. Like I said, manufacturers suggested it means that they've tested tires on that size and they on that vehicle work up to that and they know I could give a perfect example. All right.

[00:25:27] My doctor says that I could at my height way up to 200 pounds and be. Uh, huh? That doesn't mean he wants me to . So what are you saying? I should never get up to that weight.

[00:25:44] you should weigh for your size. He says I should weigh between one 20 and 200. That's a pretty big range. That's that's a big, big range. I'm like, excuse me. Hey doc, could you narrow that down a little? Could you narrow Dodge? Just a little more. Can you gimme, can you gimme a doctor's manufactured suggestion for Janet projection for me please?

[00:26:03] I laughed when and I told him, I said, could you narrow those, those down just a little bit more? Well, yeah. Um, like I said, monitor your tires when you get, when you get fuel and the best time to check it is when, before you go driving. Yes. Before if it's been sitting, not in the heat, preferably. Um, but as long as it's been sitting, sitting and not being driven because air, air, the air and the tires will heat up and expand.

[00:26:29] And if you're not capable of spending a dollar or $3 on a tire gauge and have to drive to the station, go to the one closest to you. Yeah, exactly. They're really easy to check if I can check them with nails and I've had nails three times this long and still been able to check 'em oh, you should be able to check 'em don't give an excuse, but, but, but nothing, no butts about it, Mister.

[00:26:54] Okay. So, and while we're at it, keep your engine tuned up. Yes. It properly tuned. Engine uses less gas. Yes. You know, oil change. Yes. Change your filters. Now they don't change plugs the way they used to, but no, because, because nowadays plugs are rated to go a hundred thousand miles. Yeah, exactly. But they still have to be checked.

[00:27:17] They still have to check 'em and change 'em and take care of your energy, check them, clean them. Um, but, but using, you know, the right filters, changing your filters on a regular basis, getting regular interval oil changes, they, I think they recommend every six months for oil change. Yeah, no, it's based on, uh, mileage.

[00:27:37] Is it now just on mileage now? Well, mileage, I thought it was six months or X, Y, Z. I think it's three months for X YZ now. Well, it depends on if you put a lot of miles on it. It's three months. If you don't put a lot of miles on it and it's six months. Maybe those are the COVID rules. I? Yeah. Who knows? the COVID rules are 18 months and 10 miles.

[00:28:02] But by doing that, oh, come on. That was funny by doing that, you will save on gas. Yes. Save on the wear, tear your vehicle, ask your mechanic. Yeah. Usually when they do an little, put a, they'll put a sticker in window, and it's gonna say this many miles or this many, or by this day. And they, and if you go to the same spot all the time to get your oil changed, makes a huge difference.

[00:28:23] They will know your vehicle and they'll say, you know what? You know, you don't drive that much fine. You don't drive a lot. Six months is, come see me in six months or it's like the doctor, or they'll say you get it shit outta your car. Come see me in a month. Janet, Janet you're you're at you're at 150 pounds.

[00:28:39] Come see me when you're at 200. Or six months, whichever comes first.

[00:28:46] you meant 120 or six months. Whichever comes first. Yes. That's what I meant. That's what I meant. I know. That's right. Yeah, that came out wrong.

[00:28:56] go get you in your little black dog too. Get my little dog too. Wait, that's my dog. Anyway, use the correct motor oil, because if you do an at home oil change already did that. No, we didn't. We talked about oil, but we didn't say if you do your own oil change. Oh my dad. Sorry. Make sure you're using the correct product.

[00:29:16] Yes. Wrong oil means your engine's gonna work harder and use more fuel. Yes. Usually because I know people that change their own oil in their, in their semis too. And RVs that's, uh, under the, my family did under the hood of the car. There's usually, uh, you know, suggestion and sometimes print it on the dipstick.

[00:29:38] Don't get me started on dipstick. She drives a semi. Anyway, my family always changed their own oil and their semis and RVs and everything. Uhhuh. I, I have no, no qualms about it. There is, there is an oil for everything, and there's a recommended oil for that type of vehicle from two wheels to 18 wheels.

[00:30:02] And let's not talk about dipstick, so, okay. Next step. Right. So if you can, if you have one, I don't know if I don't, I don't even know if they still make manual transmissions, but if you can get a manual trans we did. Did we talk about AC? Did we, we didn't talk about AC. Oh, we, we can go back if you want. Can we go back?

[00:30:24] All right. Go back. Okay. We REW. So turn off the AC when you can um, it doesn't make a huge difference in modern cars, but if you're still driving at older car, like. Teenagers. You give your teenagers an older car. Yeah. It can make that's all they afford because that's all they can afford. Yeah. Or like us who has, you know, we, we got our cars.

[00:30:51] Yeah. We got almost 20 year old vehicles. Oh my God. I know. Right. I, I never to the bath in my head, you didn't see the smoke coming outta my ears. I was like, what the, yeah. I just realized, man, one of ours is what? 18 years old. Yeah. Wow. I never even thought about that, but when you still gets decent gas out.

[00:31:08] Yeah. It still does really well. And the AC still works really good. but anyway, when you get cars sort of back in like the eighties. Those are, those are antiques and you use the AC on it, but there's still some that are eighties and nineties in really good shape, especially down here. Yes. And in, well, not Florida cuz of the humidity, but Texas, Arizona, California, New Mexico, Europe, um, Europe, they're still in good shape and people, not Europe.

[00:31:35] I mean, Europe people tend to buy them for their kids. Yep. And when you do and they use AC your fuel mileage might go from, you know, cars back then 15 miles gallon to 10 or eight. Right. you know, and it can make a big difference in a there's. I don't recommend driving a semi without AC or an RV, but there's some really old RVs out there that are still on the road and AC makes a huge difference.

[00:32:04] I know for the most part, a lot of people when their car, when, when they get about a 10 year old car, they, they will go and upgrade usually. I, I mean, I know somebody, I know, I know a few people that will do that every 10 years now let's just go get a new car. Yeah. My dad always did every four years, but I'm just trying to figure out what happened to us.

[00:32:24] I don't know. I don't wanna know, but our car's fine. We, we take care of our vehicles. My whole family does there's and there's nothing wrong with it, you know? Anyway, we don't want the car payment. Yeah. I don't want a car payment and I can pay cash and I, I, that I'll be fine. We can pay for it. Cash up front.

[00:32:40] I'll be fine. But nowadays everything's so goddamn expensive. Who wants to pay 30,000, 40,000 for a car that you could have bought two years ago for woo.

[00:32:53] Yes. Fried rice. Okay. Drive a I like fried rice. Okay. Fried rice and drive a manual. Okay, fine. Now you can talk about driving a manual. Well, yeah, like I said, if, if, if you can get a manual transmission and you know how to drive one, which I think they cost more now, There used to be standard equipment and it costs more for the automatics.

[00:33:18] Now it's the other way around. See, when I bought my HHR, a stick was cheaper still, and that was 2008. Okay. It was still cheaper then, but shit, that was a long time ago. That was two, 14 years ago. I agree. I have no idea, which is cheaper now. Cuz that was the last brand new car I bought. Yeah. I, I don't know, but I know that it's hard nowadays.

[00:33:46] They're not even making big rigs. I know you manual anymore. They're making 'em automatic. I know you have to special order a rig in a standard. So pay attention to your tachometer, which if that's what you're buying as a standard, a stick shift, um, which shows your engine speed compared to where you're shifting at.

[00:34:06] Because if you're shifting at the wrong tach speed, um, is it, is it tach or tachometer? Tachometer is how I've always pronounced it. Oh, okay. If you wanna, but if you're shortening it, it's TACH. Watch your Tach needle buddy. Watch your tach, your tachometer. That's that? That's that one gauge. It just kind of goes every time you step on the gas, it gets up there and then there's a red line.

[00:34:29] And then when you there and it don't shift it in the red line. No that's cause that way point that's Gas's where you're using a lot of fuel. If you're shifting in the red line, yes. You might be going really, really fast, but then you're using a lot of you. You got the need for speed. Like, like Janet does, then you shift.

[00:34:45] I didn't know what you're talking about. When I ride a motorcycle, be quiet. Hey, who should be quiet? Be quiet. Peanut gallery. Shut up back there. Did you let Zachary out? No. Oh, I bet you did. I did not. So shift a little bit through your lower gears, get going smoother, more quickly, you know, build your speed up into your higher gears.

[00:35:05] Especially like I drove an 18 speed man. There's a lot of shifting on an 18 speed, but man, it shifted so smoothly. Yeah. Well, if you. If you don't have to start out in first gear, guess what? You don't need to start out in first gear, start out in third, fourth gear. I started in a big rig. Yeah. I started out in first, but my clutch was when I turned my rig in was brand new.

[00:35:28] Oh. They, they used to look at the trucks that I used to drive and go, how do you use the clutch? And I go, yeah. First in reverse. That's right. First second in reverse, you know, no fir when I, when I, when I alright off the stop light mm-hmm and when I back up, yeah, that's the only time I used it. When I took over rig that had a bad clutch, the clutch went out in Chicago.

[00:35:52] I drove it back to Malone, New York Uhhuh without a clutch at all. You can do it. It's like, it sucks, but yeah, you can do it. You can do it. It sucks a little bit. I did it. It was fine. Gotta do a little grind. Yeah. So anyway, sometimes. So anyways, we talked about this already about managing your speed and using cruise control.

[00:36:15] Yes. Yeah. It really does conserve fuel what it does. You know, people don't think it does, but it does because the computer's gonna regulate the speed for you. Yes. You know? So it's like when you're going down a hill, the cruise control. Well, you froze on my screen. I did. Yeah. Like totally froze. Well, I'm sorry.

[00:36:37] Anyway, there you go again.

[00:36:43] tur. Anyway, the first time you did, because when you, when you're going downhill, the cruise control is gonna regulate you at 65 miles an hour. When you're going up a hill, it's gonna accelerate you to stay at 65 miles an hour. Well, not just that. You tend to go with traffic and like out here, when traffic's doing 90 and a 65, if you set your cruise for 70, you're pretty good.

[00:37:06] Which you're, you're pretty good. You're pretty good. You'll still get passed, but you're still pretty good, but you're not gonna be in the left lane. You're not gonna be in the left lane, zipping in and outta traffic, which I have to tell you is really hard to avoid. If you're a competitive, a type personality.

[00:37:23] Well, you trying to say Janet, what someone in this room might be, but she resists the urge Uhhuh and does very well by setting crew controls. Patrick it's like fuel economy, fuel economy, economy, fuel fuel academy. my money. So it's like, which is more my, my competitive urge or my urge to save money. And I love saving money.

[00:37:44] You love money. I like money more than I like racing. Almost I, huh? It depends on the day. Anyways. It's depends base. We, we did, we did talk about this in the beginning, uh, of, um, choose the best route. Yeah, we did choose the route with the least amount of stop signs. If you're stop, sign, stop lights. If you can make a right on red, do do it BA especially stop sign though, because yeah, you can't do a California roll in a car with a cop.

[00:38:11] That's letting you roll fast. No, no. On a motorcycle. You can't, but in a car or a semi, they're gonna be like, oh, Hey minute, you ain't getting away with that in a semi or an RV. Mm-hmm yeah. In a semi you do a California roll, which is you kinda slow down, look around and keep going. The cops can be like, yeah, that was cute.

[00:38:32] Here's your ticket. Yeah. Right here. Pay the fine. Yeah. Uhhuh. Um, choose your best route, least amount of stop signs anticipate your traffic. So I always use some sort of, I always look at my map. Um, I don't depend on digital maps by any mean. I know my city, you gotta just look at it. Yeah. And say, oh, oh, I know where I know where they're saying to go, but there's a, there's less stop sign if I go this way.

[00:39:02] Yeah. But also it's like, I, I know for a fact going into Phoenix in the morning, 10 is going to be busy going into Phoenix no matter where you're coming from. Doesn't matter into Phoenix is going to be busy coming in from the east or the west. If you're going into Phoenix into the city, it's gonna be busy.

[00:39:21] So you find an alternate route. If you've gotta pass through the city, you find one of the alternate routes around it. Yeah. If you're just going around the city, if you don't have to go through it, you don't, you go around. Because otherwise you're playing stoplight tag and bumper to bumper waiting to see who crashes into what yeah.

[00:39:37] Right. Look at your routes. If it's a city, you don't know, pull up some sort of map program, which we do talk about apps. And I don't know down a little bit further, but they have numerous, numerous apps, Google, Google maps, apps that work at the apple has a map program. I don't know, not just that w is amazingly good because ways got, I think they got bought out by Google, but Waze is input from other drivers and passengers.

[00:40:07] It tells you where there's cops, where accidents, accidents and everything. Yeah. Construction and ways. If there's two people in the vehicle is really good. Cuz the passenger can be on ways finding everything out and it'll have red lines for stop traffic. And there's a cop up here and there's an accident here and everything shut off front door.

[00:40:26] Yes. So get the heck outta here. Um, Anyway. So anticipate traffic use what apps you can. Um, but don't be so dependent on them that you're not capable of getting off a road. Right? Exactly. All right. What's next? Uh, failure, gas tank near state lines. Okay. Because due to different tax rates, you may save a bundle just by crossing into another state.

[00:40:53] So you need to know if you're going from say Indiana to Illinois. I picked those cuz I drove 'em so much growing up. And as a driver who had, who had less, who had the highest rate who had the best tax rates? Who, where did you fuel up for the best? Yeah. Which one? Indiana. Okay. The TA in Indiana had the best rates on I 80 I 90.

[00:41:12] Okay. Cause they were the same road up there, right? Yeah, exactly. You know, that's that's like, that's like planning your route. Yeah. It's it's part of, you know that the gas station around the corner from you is 10 cents more expensive than one. That's gonna be on your route. Stop there and fuel up on your way home.

[00:41:30] Yeah. And I would stop there knowing that if I was at a halfway point, I could stop and fuel there and spend the night and eat if I needed to and everything else. Or if I was close to my stop, I could take my break there, fuel eat shower, and then go sleep at the rail yard where I tended to run over phones.

[00:41:52] which is another story for another time, because that, that would take us an hour for you to tell us that's true. How many phones got ran over in that Chicago rail yard? So, anyway, huh? Um, next step, I have really mixed feelings about. Which is consider buying a fuel efficient car. Why you got mixed fuelings because you know, several models of affordable non hybrids can get 40 miles per gallon, but everybody's saying, oh, go buy an electric car.

[00:42:19] And you know how to feel about those batteries. I don't, I don't say go buy, uh, no, a lot of people do. I would, if I was, if we were going to say trade up, okay. I would buy a hybrid. Yes. I would not go full electric. I would definitely buy a hybrid because you could get better. Our neighbor and Chandler had the best, oh my God.

[00:42:43] He did had a hybrid. He had a hybrid Prius, but he had solar panels, solar panels on the roof. He had, um, his batteries charged every time he break, every time he break, they charged all these really good things in it. And the reason I said he had the best of both was if you pay, like, I know. Uh, it was in the news, a guy that went and paid $12,000 for an electric car Uhhuh really good deal.

[00:43:09] It was two years old or three years old, but something happened. Yep. That and because he bought it used, the batteries were not under the guaranteed warranty, were on a warranty and it cost, it costs twice as much for the batteries. He had to go replace the batteries and he pays six. There was $16,000 for replacement.

[00:43:26] The batteries. There was, there was a, uh, something on the news recently, a girl, a girl bought, uh, uh, an electric car that isn't made anymore. Yeah. And the batteries went. And she paid more for the double, for the batteries that she did, the car that cost her almost $20,000 mention to mention what they they're destroying forests in Northern Russia and up by the ice caps to make those batteries don't even, it is crazy.

[00:43:51] That's why, that's why I, I suggest a hybrid. Yes. Especially if it's one with solar panels, you know, and you can build them that way you can have 'em built that way. I don't know how he did it. I just know he ordered it that way. I just, it, something really nice. I think it was something Toyota had and I was, was never big on Toyota till I saw that car.

[00:44:11] Yeah. And he totally sold me on it. Oh God. Yeah. Nicest guy. Nice guy. Oh, super nice doctor. So the next thing on our list is download gas apps. We talked about that. Yeah. You know, gas apps will, will help you find cheap gas in the neighborhood. Yes. Um, there's uh, there's an upside app. And if you guys go to, to use the upside app, put in, put in, uh, put in our code, put in my code, put in his code.

[00:44:40] My code is Patrick 95, 82. That's the invite code that should get you at least 15 cents off the, your first fill, depending on when you do it, sometimes up to 50 cents off the first, first fail. It should, it should help you get at least 15 cents off a gallon. Sometimes there's a there's there's other specials going where you can, you can get more.

[00:45:07] Uh, there was one that was, uh, around earth day four, four. What's it? April 20th. Yeah. Well 40, but anyways, it was earth day and they were doing $4 and 20 cents back. Yeah. On your first fill. Yep. I remember that, uh, per gallon per yeah, this is this per, per gallon. This per gallon. So imagine, yes, it was a cap on the number.

[00:45:30] It was like the first hundred gallons, but still, yeah, a hundred gallons at $4 and 20 cents a gallon low. So this is on, this is on gasoline only for, for yeah. Upside users. Yes. It's called upside. Um, and what it does is you could use it for gas. They also have groceries and restaurants and groceries store, and they've really added places.

[00:45:55] There's even a movie theater here that serves food there on it. And they're like three miles from us everywhere. It's everywhere because, well, I know we, we, I have relatives that live in New York and I've done. I've used get upside and, and searched. Yes. Uh, well it used to be called get upside. Now it's just upside now.

[00:46:12] It's upside, but I've, I've searched the area for, for gas stations. Yes. Using the upside. And oh, when I drove to my brothers in St. Louis. Yeah. A few years ago, I used to get upside well, upside on the drive back. We we'd stop randomly for, for fuel. And my brother David and I, and I'd be like, hold on, before you fuel up.

[00:46:34] And I'd be like, okay, got it. He'd be like, what? And I'm like, oh, it's okay. I put down my debit card and he's, and then, you know, that way I was able to do it. And if he paid cash, I'd like, let me see the receipt. I need to take a picture. Oh, I'm trying to see if I could do this quick. So while he's talking while he's looking for something, I just wanted to say, if you're wondering, if you accelerate too fast, put a cup of coffee without a lid on your desk about work.

[00:47:03] If you spill the coffee, you accelerate and break too hard. Um, it was, I was, I was trying to put, uh, a text, a text box in so that I can run it across the bottom of the screen. Oh, I gotcha. That that'll have the code in it. Well, you can, but put the code in the, in the show, note links. Yeah. I'll I'll, I'll add it in the description of this episode.

[00:47:22] I forget what episode number we're on 55, 56, 6, I think. Uh, but, uh, the, if you, if you are listening and you wanna go to El upside, the code is my name, Patrick, 95 80. Nice. And like I said, I will put that in the show notes. We'll be right back after this brief message. We gotta pay some bills. Hey there, do you enjoy saving time and money?

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[00:50:36] Yeah. And you can have it, you, you, and like I said, you can also use a lot of fast food places, um, other restaurants. And like I said, some grocery stores, some, some grocery stores are starting and the one movie theater just down the road from us has it also. So it's getting bigger and better. So, so it's something to check out.

[00:50:53] Um, what other apps, gas buddy gas buddy was gonna show is gonna show you. And they also have a way to save on gas buddy now. Yep. Uh, and ways is gonna show you ways will show you your fuel prices, uh, in, in, in your travels. Yep. You know, just, just, and if we've got links, we're gonna put 'em in there. Yeah.

[00:51:13] We'll put 'em in the show notes. We definitely will. Because like I said, anything that we could help. Save you money. We always put 'em in our show. We're we're trying to let you know. And, and you know, if we're an affiliate of, of a company, it's because we actually use their products. Yeah. So, so we do have a resources page on a website and, and it doesn't cost you anything extra to go to our resources page or buy something through our resources page.

[00:51:36] It just lets them know that we let sent you. We sent you and we get a commission. If you purchase something from them, it doesn't cost you anything. Correct. It cost the company because we sent you, well, you still have to pay for your products. Well, it doesn't cost anything extra. It doesn't cost you guys anything out.

[00:51:51] Yeah. I'm fiddling with my hair because I have flyaways. I know. I hate that. Oh my God. Don't you. It's just little hair that make you go. It's like, oh look a butterfly. I like butterflies meet you. anyways. Yes. So I was just gonna give a couple tips. One of them was hot cup of coffee on your dash. If you think you can.

[00:52:14] To see how hard you're break and accelerate. Oh, I got you're an open cup, an open cup. And if you're a chicken, Lily put a glass of water, you know, a cup, a paper cup of water. It's like that. What was that movie? What was it? Driver's license or something. I had to had the two quarries in it. Feldman and yeah.

[00:52:33] And the other one. Yeah, it, uh, I wanna say it was called driver. It's something don't remember something driver. Um, but, but they, they took their road test and the, and the, and the teacher put a hot cup of coffee on there and he says, you spill it, you fail. Oh, I kind of remember. And they were like at San Francisco where, where, where there's all these big Hills, you know, as long as they didn't spill the coffee they passed.

[00:52:57] Yep. Didn't matter if they couldn't drive, but don't spill the coffee. . So when I just wanna say, when you're going over 75, you use about 20% more fuel than when you're going 60. Okay. Um, the spike in speed and fuel consumption would cut. Only five minutes off of your travel time on a 25 mile trip. Okay.

[00:53:17] That makes sense. Five minutes is like nothing, right? Um, coast to the accelerate instead of breaking, like just take your foot off the gas and let yourself ease to stop signs. Yep. We've talked about that. We talked about, I just trying to do a little couple reminders. Well, no, we idling will use do a quick recap.

[00:53:35] Yep. That's what I'm trying to. Gotcha. Sorry. Idling will use like half a gallon of fuel per hour, which, oh, that's only two to three bucks, but I'm sorry. Adds up. If you idle every day, when you start your car, when you stop to pick someone up from school or. When you, you know, drop someone off and all that idling adds up.

[00:54:00] I know that, um, we added it up one day without ever starting or, I mean, without ever turning the car off and all the idling of running errands and, oh, let me just run in the store. Don't turn the car off, set the timer. And it was like an hour and a half of idling. I'm sorry. But it, gas was almost $5 a gallon at the time.

[00:54:18] I'm like, I could have put that money in my pocket. Yeah. Yeah. You had that time six, seven days a week, you know? Yeah, exactly. You know, it's like, I used to go on my lunch break. I used to go out and sit, sit in the car and eat my lunch. Yes. Um, idling the car, but, but it's, uh, a hundred degrees out. You, you wanna, you have to run the AC, you gotta run the AC to stay cool.

[00:54:40] I stopped doing it because I was just wasting gas. Especially when gas prices rose. I was like, yep. Nope. I can eat inside the AC. Yeah. In, in, in the building and P plug your phone in there, you just had, I had to give you a square. I just had to remember to bring the charger. Yes . Okay. So the next one people have no clue how much weight is in their vehicle.

[00:55:06] It's at the bottom of the second page, baby. Yeah. Okay. When you take out all that extra stuff, I, I call it crap out of your trunk. Yep. Out of your backseat. Yeah. If you don't eat, eat it out. The pocket pockets in your backseat. I cleaned out my glove boxes, the backs of both seats and the trunk. And if I weighted, I, I guarantee you, I would've had 25 pounds worth of stuff.

[00:55:29] Yeah. That's not a lot, but it's adds up. It's enough. It's enough's a small percentage. but it's still a percentage save. Yeah. When you take that 25 pounds and then you say, add on my groceries and the bottled water and everything else. Like I know people that drive around with cases of bottled water in their trunk, cuz they don't have a spot to put it in their house cases, water wastes, what, eight and a half pounds per gallon.

[00:55:55] Something like that. Don't know. I don't have it in my brain right now. Yeah, no. And then, uh, you know, like then you add if you're up north salt, sand sports equipment. Yep. Oh my gosh. When I was driving Lyft and those I was how on those hockey players and those, um, soccer players and everything around ASU that's that's a lot of holy Glock, a moly.

[00:56:17] The car would go. Yep. Before the, it would adjust. It was like, wow, that's a lot of weight. Yep. You know, but the less it weighs, the less fuel you use, um, fuel consumption for a mid-size car increases by 1% for every 55 pounds of weight. It carries. Yep. That's a mid-size car. That's a mid-size you know, so do the math, you know, 55 pounds.

[00:56:43] I already told you, I took 25 pounds out easily and that's without weighing it, you dropped 25 pounds and didn't have to go to the doctor and fly my God. I could tell you about how I lost 200 pounds easily, but that's a whole nother story. It was about 240, but we won't go there. So anyway, anyway, don't forget how much do all those bicycle racks and the hitches and the, those toe thingies in the front and all that way.

[00:57:08] I have no idea, but if you remove those, if they're, if you're not using them, mm-hmm, , you know, you could streamline your vehicle by taking 'em off. mm-hmm aerodynamic drag. Oh, that's got it. Can, can increase fuel consumption by as much as 20% on the highway. Wow. So if you don't need it and you're, you know, I mean, I get it.

[00:57:30] If you're traveling, you gotta use your roof rack makes room inside. I get it. I get it. But if you don't need it, so those people just imagine how much, how much fuel you'll save. So those people that keep their bicycle racks on their roof because they use 'em once a month. Yeah. Or, or the bike rack on the back of the car because they use it.

[00:57:48] And that thing, those hook up really, I see so many people that have 'em they have like nothing in it. Like I understand if you got the bike on there, or even if you use it a couple times a week, but I've seen people that have had 'em for months on end and I've nothing on, I've never seen anything in him.

[00:58:03] Not, not a damn thing, not a damn thing. Um, plan. Track your fuel consumption track. How many, you know, how often do you fuel? How many miles do you go? People don't even know how to do that. Like they say, my car says, I'm getting this many miles to the gallon, so I must be, but then I've got a friend that said, well, my car said, I'm getting 30 miles a gallon.

[00:58:25] And I'm like, okay, take your gallons and divide it by your miles. And how many miles per gallon did you actually get? Right. And it wasn't, they were getting like 24, really? I said, so what's the difference? Well, that's what the car says. I'm getting, I'm like, well, you're obviously not obviously your car's wrong, your car's wrong.

[00:58:46] Uh, lying to you. Just, just challenge yourself, challenge yourself, to refuel as seldom as possible. Yeah. Less you refuel, the more your monthly costs come down, you know, just try it, try it for a couple of weeks and, and see, you know, see, see what you can do. Yeah, listen to dare you. Listen to traffic reports, avoid accidents, road construction.

[00:59:10] I laugh because poor Patrick, especially here in Arizona, doesn't matter. I mean, anywhere you go 365 days of tra of road construction. Yay. Anyways. Uh, but yeah, uh, you know, I dare you to challenge yourself for a couple of weeks, even a month and, and just to see, see, see what you can save, see how much you can save.

[00:59:32] I know we, we did that one time. I think we saved what 5%. Yeah. You know, just by doing little things, but now it's a habit. It, uh, it does, it become the habits. Couponing. It's a habit talking about it. And you're like using. get or upside it's a habit, you know, always. Yeah. We always check where, where can we get the cheapest fuel?

[00:59:54] Because we're going here, we're going there. We might as well top off the tank. I might have a tank might as well top and fill it up. People don't realize, even if you use a grocery store app, you can combine it with upside. You might not get as much back, but you'll, you'll still get something you'll back.

[01:00:10] You'll get more than likely. Yeah, you can combine you definitely. You can combine. Yeah. We combine all the time and it'll say, I think one time I, I got, I got a message from upside that said thank you for using our app. However, you save so much. that, that we ain't gonna give you none. Yeah. And, but there's other times it'll say, I mean, I mean, if they're gonna give me if they're gonna gimme 10 cents back a gallon of gas, but I can get 30 cents back from the grocery store, guess what?

[01:00:36] You're not gonna gimme hand. No, but there's other times when we've got 40 cents back from the grocery store and upside still gave us, you know, 4 cents back, at least, at least I'll take their four or 5 cents back. Of course, because every little bit helps. Yes. Every little bit helps. And then that, that goes into our, there are some credit cards that'll give you a percentage back.

[01:00:54] Yes. You know, and if you pay those credit cards off every month, it's worth, it's worth using. It's definitely worth it. Yes. That way you're not paying interest charges. And, and like, I know a lot of people do late fees, not us. Mm-hmm but so, but yeah, like, like I said, there's, there's, there's lots of things you could do to save.

[01:01:15] Yes. And we're just trying to give a, give, give you our opinions and, and tell you some of the things that we do. To try to help you save. And we hope it's been helpful because like I said, you can't do a California role to save on, to save on fuel or brakes because it ain't gonna work. not, not in anything big, not in most states anyways.

[01:01:37] I mean, late at night, you might get away with it, but on a motorcycle. Yes. You know, so not at a red light though, stop saying yes, but anyways, we will post these tips on, on our website@eighteenwheeltalk.com slash E for episode 56. I believe that's this episode. I believe, I believe we're on 56 already. And we also, we also have an episode library tab.

[01:02:05] So, uh, if you hit the episode library tab that if, if this episode is there, it'll be the very first one you see on the tab. That's right. Um, so anything else you wanna add? No, but thanks for joining us. Yeah. Yeah. We appreciate it. We, we love doing this stuff. Uh, when we come up with little things that we could help our truckers and travelers save a little bit of money.

[01:02:28] Oh, I know what I wanna do. Keep your pockets lined. What's three years. Oh, this have we mentioned that we're at three years. We we're we're at three years. We're at three years. Did you know that? What's that three years? Our podcast shows three years old. Oh, I was guy. Wow. We're only at three years. We're been together three years.

[01:02:47] We're we're a three year old honey between us. We have a three year old's brain speak for yourself. You're right. I've got the three year old you're you're below that.

[01:02:59] a minute you resemble that regard. I don't resemble that. that was just mean, no, you mean mean. But I cook for you. So it's okay. So anyways, yes. We hope you enjoyed this episode. Like I said, we'll, we'll put these tips in the description. Um, any links we have that are helpful, we'll go in the description. Yep.

[01:03:24] And along with, I'll put, I'll put that, uh, invite code for upside on, on there. So that way, if you guys are looking forward, just go to the, yeah. It's really helpful. And it's really easy to use. I mean, it doesn't take, like I said, by 30 seconds, maybe by, by, by you using my code, you're gonna save money. Yes.

[01:03:45] And then inure, I save money. And then when you, when you give your friends your, your code, you save money, they save money and then you save money. Yes. It's a big, it's a big scheme for everybody to save money. Yeah. It's just a saving money scheme. It is. Yes. But who doesn't wanna save money? That's. I mean, sign me up.

[01:04:03] I like my every little bit helps. I, I, I'm sorry. It's like in today's autonomy. I usually see, see a nickel on the ground. I pick it up. I see a penny on the ground. I pick it up, you know, so, but anyways, and if the Penny's face down, they say kick it. I kick it, flip it over. Then I pick it up gig it. I'll kick it till it's heads up.

[01:04:23] Then I pick it up cuz then it's good luck anyways. Yay. I, we appreciate y'all joining us today. Remember we are here to help truckers and travelers in their pursuit of a healthier, happier way of life behind the wheel. I like the way that got that, that rolls off her time. She's roll. We hope we are a he for today.

[01:04:46] We hope you enjoyed some of these gas, saving tips, fuel saving tips that too. And uh, and the humor and the humor. We hope you enjoy the show. Be sure to, uh, sign up, sign up. if you aren't already sign up, sign up for what? Our newsletter, our podcast notifications you can. Are you, are you, are you signed up?

[01:05:11] Are you? I am. Are you, I dunno, you, are you writing a newsletter? I'm working on it. Are you? Yeah. Oh, okay. But do you know what else I can sign up for what? They can ring our bell. They can ring our bell. I think she wants you to go to YouTube. Yes. And, and subscribe to our channel. Yes. On YouTube and ring the bell while you're there.

[01:05:38] Watch. Yes. She wants you to go to YouTube. Please subscribe to our channel. S scribble, hit that like button and ring the bell. You can ring our, be, make her happy bell. You can ring our bell. Ding dun he's a ding dun. You had to go there. I always, sir, come on. You knew that was coming. Oh God. Hey, we wanna hear your story by the way.

[01:06:03] Yes, please. If, uh, if you got a story on, on, on a vacation that went wrong, all right. Or, or, or even a vacation that went right. If it's a traveling story, we wanna hear your story please. And thank you. Email us@patrickateighteenwheeltalk.com.com. And we wanna have you on our show. We have a platform. Do you have a story to tell we want you to come on and tell us your story.

[01:06:27] Talk to us. So you can sing with me, email us@patrickateighteenwheeltalk.com. Yes. And like I said, in the subject, put story guest, whatever you want. And, uh, it could be a 15 minute story. It could be an hour long story. It doesn't matter to. it sounds good to me because if it, you got a 15 minute story, somebody else has a 15 minute story to somebody else.

[01:06:54] Guess what? We'll make a podcast out of it. That's right. I will string three 15 minute stories together. Sounds good to me. Anyways, we thank you for, uh, joining us and we were, we were fall apart without you. No, we weren't. Don't say that. We're not gonna fall apart without him. I shy. We love everybody. Yes, of course we do enjoy your day.

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[01:08:47] We'll see you next time.