18WT #059: Little Known Facts About Happiness - And Why They Matter!

October 04, 2022  Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

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Episode #059

Flash news. Flash. What's? What's the news? Flash my manicure is back. Oh, goodie. I'm happy. . Hey, what a segue. We're talking about happiness today. Welcome to the 18 Wheel Talk podcast Show. Welcome. I'm so happy, Baby. Episode 59, 50 something. Nine. I think it's 59. 59 9. Whoa. My camera's like phoo, like, Dude, don't get stuff close.

Really? Ah. And he takes a drink. So I wanna talk about Thomas Jefferson while he takes a big drink. Patrick, do you know what Thomas Jefferson said about happiness? I do not know, but I bet you're gonna tell me. He once said that once. Well, he's not around anymore, so I think he said it more than once. Yeah.

But he wants declared that without health, there can be no happiness. Okay. But guess what? What? He was wrong. What? He was wrong. What? What? How, how was he wrong? Because it now shows it's exactly opposite of that. Okay. Without happiness, there can be no Health. Happiness is an important component of being healthy.

Okay? Your mind and your body are so connected that if you are extremely unhappy, eventually it affects your health. What? Yeah. Well, I get that. I mean, think about it. Doctors just added, like in the last month, they've added as part of the regular yearly exam, they're now required to ask people about anxiety and depression.

Okay? That's brand new. Okay? You know, that's never been before, but I don't feel depressed, doc. But, uh, I sleep a lot. Maybe there's, Is that ? That's a sign of depression, a sign. Yeah. Or lack of iron, but anyway, Lack of iron. Lack of blood flow to the brain. Yeah. Right. Well see. Makes you feel better. But it emotionally, but it also makes you feel better physically being happy.

Okay, I get it. I get it. Think about it when, when you're really unhappy about something, you don't feel like doing anything and you wanna lay around the couch, and the longer you lay around the couch, the worse you feel, the more you melt into the pillows. Yeah. Especially our couch and then disappear. Like, Hey, where did Janet go?

And the pugs are just lying here. Like, I don't know if she's talking on, there's no, we're just laying on the green blanket. There's no Janet here. Green blanket and pillows, please resume

But you have to practice positivity. You know that. You know people like that. Yeah. You know? Yeah. So, So what you're saying is practice random, act of kindness. Yes. Okay. , it makes you feel good. It doesn't sound like, Oh, I gotta go be randomly kind. But even if it's opening a door for someone or Hey, I really like your shirt, or I really like, you know, woman says to another woman, I really like your outfit.

Or nice manicure. Oh, nice shoes. Nice shoes. I like 'em. Where'd you get 'em? Mm-hmm. . That's just a random act that kind of saying something nice to somebody. Um, just randomly sending someone a message saying, Hey, have a great day. What? You know? Yeah. Hey, have a great day. I got friends that do that with me.

Yeah, I like it. Have an awesome day. I get my little emoji and my little gifts or gifs or whatever they're called. What's a GI F? Is that a gift or a gif? It's a gift. Okay. My little gifts that say Have an awesome day, and they. Pugs, Not peanut butter. They send me pugs and they send me sunshine and flowers and butterflies.

I like butterflies. Okay, so random max of kindness. Mm-hmm. And staying connected with ones you love to keep, keep your spirits high. Yeah, I get it. Understand. I understand. But now I know silver bullets are good for werewolves. What? And vampires, I think. But are they good for happiness? Silver bullets? Yeah.

What do you mean? Is there a silver bullet for happiness? Can you just, You're happy. Uh, I don't know. Is there? I don't think so. This is a trick question. . I didn't know there was gonna be a quiz. There's a quiz. Oh my God. I gave him a quiz. Now he's unhappy. I, I buckle under pressure.

But you can't just look at someone and say, Okay, be happy. Get over yourself. It doesn't work like that. Really? I love to say that to some people. Bitch, be happy. Okay. Fine, fine, fine, . Some people say that, be happy. Some people call that insensitive. I call it funny as all. Um, what is the, uh, that's my cus word. I'm not being the first one to swear on this today.

Uh oh. Not really. I already swore. No you didn't. Yeah, I did. Okay. Anyway. I said bitch. Oh yeah, you did. I did. So what? I'm sorry. I'm still not gonna do it. You, you've sworn like twice in the first couple minutes, so it's been, it's been five minutes. That's a couple, a few five. Anyway. cinco. Anyways. Come on now.

I'm happy. Don't fuck it up. . Okay. So if you can find a way to, to improve your outlook on the world, Uhhuh, which is kind of hard sometimes right now. Okay. It can improve your health. Okay. You know, it's like, it'd be really easy to think really bad things about the world right now, but there's still a lot of good in it.

Is there, There's still a lot of good people in the world. I, I, I'm not saying there isn't. Yeah. So I'm, I'm saying there is still good in the world. Oh, I agree. Okay. totes me goats, you know, know, it's like, even though there's a lot of bad things that have happened and go on, people still die, people still get killed, et cetera.

Right. There's still a lot of good people in the world. There's still people that when there's a death in the family, they still bring, you know things and they help people out. Right. Well, that's, you know, that's what you would do. That's human kindness. That's like, if we heard that one of our neighbors had a death in the family, we would bake a casserole or Yeah.

Brownies or cookies or something and bring 'em over and say, Hey, you know what? We heard that you had a death in the family. Here's our condolences, our condolences, and if you need something, let us know. Yeah. We're, we're, we're a doorbell away. All. We're just two doors down. Take it off. I've not taken it off.

I'm just uncovered my shoulders for you. Bam, bam. You know I'll be cold again. It's still on my arms. Give you 30 seconds. Anyway, so, so onward. Are there obstacles, to happiness? I don't know. I think, yeah. The biggest obstacle to happiness is undervaluing what you have and overvaluing what other people have. Okay. You know, the grass is always greener.

Oh, it always is. Think about it. Just ask, ask the person that left this job to go to that job and then realize that, that, hey, that job was pretty good. I wish I hadn't left it. Well, I guess the grass wasn't greener on the other side. Now, was it, or moved from one city to another to realize the other city wasn't that great or the other state wasn't that great or the other apartment wasn't that great or I, I'm aware.

Yeah, I am aware, aware, aware. Oh my God. Yeah. But like you said, with jobs, Oh, do they have a better benefit package? This guy's promising me the, the sun and the moon. If it's not in writing, baby, it don't exist. Yeah. If it's not in writing. Yeah. I'm just saying. So, So the biggest obstacle is the UN is undervaluing what you're worth.

Undervaluing what you have. What you have. Like you said, thinking the grass is always greener. It's like it's really not. Yeah, it, we could, especially in Arizona, the grass is never greener. The grass is never green. In Arizona, let's be honest, I'm just, Well think about it. If we wanted to move to another condo or another apartment, cuz we rent a condo, okay, we could go look at other condos and we said, yes we can.

Oh, this condos got this and bigger cost and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. We could put a bed in here. Yeah. We've saw one that had the ability to put a double bed in it. But anyway, but it had its drawbacks too. It was in a big complex. And whereas where we at, we're settled in, we like the place we have, we like what we've done with it.

I know we have a good company, we work with etc. Zachary, we have swimming pool right across the street. It's not a private pool. Like if we owned our, It's not, No it's not. Right across the street. It's literally kitty corner from the driveway. We walked to get there. It might take 30 seconds to walk to the pool.

I give it a minute. A minute. If I have to lock the door a minute max. Yeah. If I have to lock the door a minute. Yeah. You know, so, which ain't bad, but if we moved somewhere else, like where we were at the last place we lived five minutes, you know, to walk to the pool and everything. Carry five. Well yeah, by the time you get your stuff together.

Yeah. Especially if you're gonna grill out at the pool. They had a grilling area by the pool. Yeah. You gotta carry all that stuff for us to grill here. We open the back door and turn left. I know, right? Yes. No left. Um, somebody's phone may not have been off, but anyway. No, it was, it was okay. It's just, uh, sending a message.

So another act of happiness is socializing uhhuh. If you live alone, stay alone. Never socialize, never talk to people, never text people. Don't go on social media when I'm not saying social media is the get be all to end all for happiness, but if you don't communicate with other people, you're never going to find true happiness.

That's true. If you're that person that lives in the corner house that never comes out and people never see you. Oh, the hermit. Yeah. Chances are you're not a really happy person if you never see other people because you have to talk to other people and interact with, socialize, other people interact, socialize, Let me, let me move this back.

It's kind of the basis of our society. I keep feeling like I'm like right on top of the camera. I don't, Yeah, it's all good. Socializing really helps people be happy. Okay. And it doesn't have to be in person, it can be virtually. Right. You know, there, there's people that I don't see on a regular basis that I do socialize with them via Snap or not Snapchat, video chatting.

Okay. Love 'em to pieces. Okay. And I still consider 'em close friends and family and like I said, love 'em to pieces. Right. They, they add to my happiness. Yeah. You know? So it does not have to be in person socializing. It can be however, you know. Exactly. Phone, whatever. Exactly. You know, you know, nowadays, everybody, you know, because of the pandemic.

It put a lot more people in virtual. Yeah. Socialized virtually. Doctors virtually. But you know, even back in the day when I was in, I hate to say back in the day, back in the day, two years ago. No. When I was in Germany. You was, It cost, It cost a lot of money for me to just call home for five minutes. Oh, well, yeah, because that's a long distance.

Yeah, it was a long distance landline in Germany. Yeah. And now it's nothing. Now it's nothing. Now it's including in the price . But there I'm just saying it cost a lot. So I wrote a lot of letters and when I would get a letter in the mail from one of my aunts, I had aunts on both sides of the family that I wrote to and grandparents, and my mom.

You had aunts? Yeah. And my sister, she didn't write much, but the rest of them. But when I would get a letter in the mail, it made me feel really good. Right. Because even though. They weren't there. It was my form of socializing with my family because Right. We allowed one call back home a month. That's not a lot to talk to your family for five minutes every other month.

Yeah. No, it's, it's really not, you know, You know, So, so, socializing. Very very important. very Important. Yes. All right. So, so good. Doing good deeds. Mm-hmm. , That's important. That's important. Yeah. You know, there's growing evidence that doing something good for someone other than yourself can boost your happiness.

This is true. You said it, you said it earlier, like holding a door open. Yeah. You know, it can be something. Letting that easy, letting know that, that, that you like a shirt ha. Telling somebody to have a nice day. Yeah. When I lived alone in that span, post divorce and pre Patrick. That long span , I used to, you know, like when I drove over the road or whatever, when I was home for holidays, I used to go down to the soup kitchen and volunteer on holidays.

Okay. Didn't matter if I was washing dishes or helping put food together for the, Just helping out one wheels, just helping out. Yep. Made me feel really good. I, I volunteered at the food kitchen. I've, you know, sometimes I serve food, sometimes I cooked food. Just whatever made me feel good. I, I know some people that actually do that.

They volunteer. Yeah. So I, I get it. Yeah. It makes you feel good. You're doing tough with someone because you're doing a good deed. Yeah. It brings you happiness. Not only does it bring you happiness, but because you're doing a good deed for somebody else, it brings happiness to them. It's just like visiting someone who's in the hospital.

It makes you feel good. Going and seeing them because not only are you checking on them, but it makes them happy that just by somebody came and checked on. Yeah. Because when you're in the hospital and I've been there and nobody checks on you. Yeah. That's a really lonely feeling. And I've been there.

Mm-hmm. and that's a wow. Nobody checked on me. I was in the hospital for five days, nobody checked on me. That brings me to a, a situation where a certain miss someone was in the hospital and I had just got home from Vegas. I don't know what you're talking about. Literally walked through the front door and my phone rings.

Really? What are you doing? Um, just walked in the door. Why? Oh. Oh no. Nothing. I'm, uh, I'm just sitting here in the hospital. I don't know what you're talking about. Like, Well, what are you doing in the hospital? I don't wanna talk about it. , I don't know what you're talking about. So do you want me to come visit you?

Well, yeah, I might need a ride home. , uh, we'll mention any names Janet, but her initials are Janet. Okay, so let's get on past doing good deeds. I forget which did I think it was your, you twisted your ankle or something? It was your It was a foot thing. It was a foot thing. I just remember I had a thing on my foot.

No, it wasn't on your foot. I think it twisted your foot. No, I had a bracer, a bandage or something. Some sort of thing. Yeah. Yeah. You ended up leaving with a thing on your foot? Yeah. A thing. Yeah. Yes, a thing. One of those times I had a thing on my foot. Like I said, I won't mention any names, but her initials Janet.

Okay. So anyways, next up is sleeping well. sleeping well, which I don't do very well anymore. Thank you. Thank you two pugs. that shall remain nameless. Cushla, Cailin, improve. Well, we're really throwing people under the bus today. improves your brain performance, your mood, and your health. Um, if you don't get enough quality sleep on a regular basis, you, it raises your risk of disease disorders from heart disease and stroke to obesity.

Dementia. And it's not just a number of hours spent in bed. It, it can improve your concentration. Um, productivity. Oh butterfly. Oh butterfly . Concentrate. Concentrate. Uh, it strengthens your heart, but you have to have a good night's sleep. Not to sleep because the nights where you come home from work at nine o'clock roughly.

And if we're up till, say three o'clock in the morning Yeah. And the pugs wake me up at say, six o'clock in the morning cuz they need out back door turds. Uh, and then I've gotten a solid three hours of sleep. and they don't wanna go back to bed. And I have problems cuz I go back to bed and they wake me up 30 minutes later and then I just finally give up.

I know those the next day. My brain is fuzzy because all I wanna do is sleep, but I'm trying to function. Yep. Thank goodness I don't have to drive on those days. Oh thank God. You know, it's like the days when I drove semi, it was a different story. I managed to, my dog back then knew better. Your, your, your, your miniature short, your mini, your miniature rottweiler

my miniature rottweiler. But it, it also supports a healthy immune system. It's poor sleep is linked to like, increased inflammation. It affects your emotions, it affects you socially. If I don't sleep and someone like says something wrong the next day to me, and by wrong I just mean like, say they're having an off day, I'm gonna jump down their throat and bark at 'em.

Oh, I'm gonna do more than bark. Yeah. . Yeah. It's, it can be dangerous to others to be around me when I have a lack of sleep. This is true. And like it, like you said, not only is it, you know, dangerous to yourself, but is also dangerous to others. Yeah. You know, because cuz your motor skills and, and I'm, and I could vouch for that, you know, I've been an over the road truck driver.

You've been an over road truck driver, you don't get enough sleep. Your, your reaction time is slowed. It's con it's compared to the same as driving drunk. Yeah. You know it because your brain functions the same with lack of sleep and that affects your emotions. Yep. And if your emotions are off, your happiness is off.

So it's kind of all connected. Be freaking happy. Everybody. That's, But there's times when there, like when I've been unhappy where I didn't sleep right. Even though I could have Right. But my emotions you slept left.

I should have known you'd say that. What? Nothing . I just should have, I didn't sleep. Correct. What I say did I say something wrong. Nope. You did not say anything wrong, . You're just perfect babe. ha ha ha badum bump pttts I'll be here all day. Okay. What you saying? I love you. Oh, goodie. Now the whole world knows. Yes. It's, it's out there.

So another way to to stay happy is to stay healthy. They're so connected, but eating healthy. Yep. I know that. I agree That me, if I eat too much junk food, it affects how I feel physically and it affects how I feel emotionally. I know if I eat a lot of junk food, I feel really good for like maybe an hour, and then I crash.

Oh, I feel good for like 10 minutes and then my stomach hurts. I say, Oh, that was really good. And then I whine like a little girl. I know, right? I mean I do. It's so shouldn't have had all that candy, three pieces was too much. Those mini bars are too much. Oh God. That's what I did to you the other night when I, I know, right. Had three of those little pieces.

Why did you make me eat those? I didn't make you eat 'em. You put 'em in front of me. That's, I didn't hold a gun to your head and say eat it, You might as well have. No, it was, No it was not. So anyway, you're a big girl. You can make those decisions on your own. I'm a big girl now. , you knew that was coming Uhhuh.

But as you eat healthier, the vitamins and minerals functions through your body. And like A,C and E as antioxidants, they help your cells fight toxins. B helps you extract energy. Yep. And all of this, as you get more energy, you tend to be happier. It kind of like what one feeds other happiness feeds health.

Health feeds happiness. There should be a song about this. I know, right? But there's not. So without a healthy diet, you can compromise your essential functions in life. And this is true. If you're already unhappy to begin with, Yeah, you're kind of screwed. Yeah. Well think about it. If you know someone who's really unhealthy, They're usually also really unhappy.

Yeah. You gotta fix one to start to fix the other, and they kind of go hand in hand. Yep. You know, I know most of the people I know that are really unhealthy are also really un unhappy. I know some people that are un unhealthy and are really happy. I don't know why. Yeah, they're rare. Yeah. You know, it could be their body's just failing them.

They're just always happy. Always. Yeah. There's a couple. Yeah. They're always happy. Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter how bad a day they're having, they're happy. , like, Hey, you know what? All I know is that person's more miserable than me. . Yeah. I, I try to take that attitude. It's like they're in more pain than me, so I'm doing good.

Hey, I, I've been told that, you know, I tell people I'm an asshole and they're like, No, you, you're not an asshole. Oh, you're all right. You're hell. You're pretty happy. I'm thinking, I'm like, I've known you. I'm a miserable freaking prick. No, no. You're actually pretty happy. I'm like, Yeah, you're right. known you for 17 years.

Yeah, 17 years. Yeah. Something like that. Yeah. 20, 20 0 5, 20 2004, 2005, 2005, 17 years. And I think I've called you an asshole like three times. Well, that means I'm an asshole. Cuz if you do it three times, then it must be true. Okay. Two times, like I said, two times, No, it was three times. I know once was on a plane.

I know. That was great. , You turned my phone off. Oh, that was great. Were we, I was playing a game. We hadn't even, they haven't even backed a plane out. And I'm like, Oh, lemme see your phone. And I turned the phone off. She's right in the middle of a game and she goes, Oh, you asshole. I wasn't done with that.

Gimme that. I was playing a puzzle. I know. Oh, I was, But it was so, Oh my God. It was so funny. We laughed. We laughed for like 20 minutes. That's the first time I'd called him that. And we had known each other then for, I don't know, 16, 17 years. I, I know, but Oh, that, that was great. 10 years. Sorry. 10 years. 10 or 11 years by then.

That was, that was like one of my best days. I know. Even though she called me an asshole. It was like, it was, he was happy. I he finally got me to say it. I told you I was an asshole. Eh. It's all good. Do, do, do, do. It's just in Janet called Pat an asshole. . He told everybody about that. Now he's told the whole world.

Great Mark, your calendar. Janet called me an asshole. So , you know what, you know what endorphins are. That's, uh, what you get when you exercise. Right? Well, they're like happy pills for the body. The body releases them. Yeah. The endorphins. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Your body releases, like if you're exercising or moving or doing stuff like that.

Yeah. Your body releases endorphins when you move more and it releases stress and it, you give a, it gets you to take a break from like your everyday challenges and responsibilities and helps your emotions move through your body too. Ooohh? And there's ways to help move your body to bring out the endorphins better.

Like, like some kick ass music. Yeah. Move your muscles. Do you know you have 600 muscles in your body? What? I use at least two of. My brain and my mouth. . I was gonna say . I know your mouth is one of them. Hey, what? Hey, who's the that? How dare you say that to me? Who? What? I hear you over there. Peanut gallery.

Quiet over there. Peanut gallery. Yeah. You, you're the peanut gallery. I hear you all I know, know what you're talking about. You. Yeah. You What's up? Yeah. Uhhuh. Well, if all the peanut galleries in my life, you're the good one. Oh, goodie. But anyway, um, they contribute about 40% of your body weight. Okay. Yeah.

Cuz muscles heavier. Yeah. Muscles heavier than fat. In some cases, like my own, I know exactly where my fat is. Uh, Anyway, Uh, when you move, you strengthen your muscles. It brings stability, balance, but not in my case coordination, but not in my case, Uhhuh . But I know you see a butterfly woohoohoo trip over a pug , I damn near did tonight.

I know, right? But it maintains your muscle health. When you start re doing that, it releases endorphins. The more you move. But don't forget more. You do, don't, don't forget. Stretching helps maintain your muscle health. Yes. Even stretching. If that's all you do, if you can't get out of a chair and you just start, just kind of stretch, do your stretches from your chair, it that helps.

Sitting with one of those little pedal thingies, you know, where your feet just go like this. Yeah. Those help. I call it the mini stairmasters. Yeah, those that works. Uh, but even that is gonna help strengthen your legs, your lower legs, and your feet. And you know, any movement at all is, and the more you move, it releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy.

That's where I was going with that. I know. Oh, goodie? I like endor and dolphins. Mm-hmm. So they're cute little creatures, not dolphins. Oh, I thought that's what you said it. En Dolphins, not en dolphins. Oh. A sense of humor helps too. And boy, if you want, he's got one. I don't know. He's talking about not me. So I'm the smart ass of the world.

For those of us that have like women, once you've hit menopause or, or some people kids call it mental pause. Mental pause. I hit mental pause really early in life, like 17. Um, but for some of you that have hit you did not, did you? No, not really. All right. Joking. All right. I was gonna say you did not it.

Cereal. Right Now when you hit menopause, Mental pause. Yes, go ahead. It affects your, can affect your bone density. Okay. So you have to be more careful and take the right vitamins and vitamins again. Your body's healthier, you tend to be happier. Mm-hmm. . It's all a circle of, It's a circle of life. Whatever that song is, don't start singing that.

It's a circle. I don't know this song. Circle of Life. Mm-hmm. . What movie is that from? Lion King. Yeah. I don't know. Time to check my social media ya ya. Yeah. You did that to me to see it's time to check my social media. See who loves me, to see who love me online. Anyways, that was weight bearing exercise helps bone density.

Okay. I'm not real fond of lifting weights. Okay, well, jogging, walking, or hiking. How about that ex again? Sorry. Well, except like the ones where you lay back and lift with your legs, the weights with your legs. Okay. I'm real. That's my, that's my forte. That's what's, If it has to do with the arms screw that.

I'm not sure. Wow. If it's the legs. I'm fine, but you know what I do like what? Yoga. Okay. And, um, piyo. Okay. You know, my piyo, that skinny. Hmm. Yep. That I, Yeah. Yep. I like that. I know, I like that a lot because it's, it's, it's more of a balance training. It's balance, it's flexing, it's range of motion, flexibility, joint function, that type of stuff.

Yep. And I don't care if you're a man or a woman, that's good for you. Yeah. Plus it's always got, like, I'm not, I'm not that flexible to do yoga, but I I, You don't have to be. I've tried. It helps. I, it does help. Yeah. But the more you do it, the more flexible you get, the better you feel, yada, da da, da. Then, then come to the dolphins and should be equal C the the dolphins.

Yes. Yeah. And then, then the dolphins come out and everything. Happy. They make you smile. Yeah. dolphins make everybody smile. I know. They're cute, aren't they? Aren't they? Yes they are.

They're coming to take me away. Ha ha ho ho hehe

Do you know what makes me happy? You're never gonna believe it. What pugs singing? Well, pugs of course. Pugs. Oh, okay. Singing. I know. I never sing. No, no. So, So walking, if I told you go out and walk for 30 minutes a day and you weren't working where you work, where you're walking like 10,000, 15,000 steps a day.

I know, right? So you had your old job. And I said, Once you're done at your job, go walk for half an hour, 45 minutes a day. No, I'm too tired. Exactly. But you know, walking helps regrow the structures of the brain. Once your brain is healthier, it helps with cognitive decline in people or people with brain injuries like me.

Mm-hmm. . Um, that's why, that's why I give you all these puzzle games to do. I know and I love them. I know. Um, but anyway, and if you tend to sit for a job like driving a truck or at a desk mm-hmm. , go for more walks. But it doesn't have to be one long walk. It can be five, five minute walks. It can be if you work in an office, just learning this now, walk to the water cooler and back a couple dozen times.

Oh look, no. That's where all the gossip is. You don't wanna walk to that. Well, that's a good place. That always made me happy, but don't start drinking too much water because then you'll be in the bathroom all day and get in trouble. I'm sorry, boss. I'm peeing like a racehorse. I don't know why they said that.

They said, they said, Drink more water. Well drink more water. You know, cup of coffee, cup of water, cup of coffee, cup of water, cup of soda, cup of water. It's all that water. I tell you. I know. I'm telling you. But walking helps your body. Helps your brain. When your brain is happy, your, your body's happy. When you're happy, you're happy.

I know. Happy. Uh huh. So, what else makes you happy? Your heart. Your heart. Yep. Yeah, heart health makes me happy. I'm really, I'm really happy that, like my brother that had a heart attack is still around, right? My friend that had a heart attack and a stroke is still around. You know? Yeah. Uh, all my friends that have had health problems like that, I'm very grateful for them, you know, because they've learned to take care of, be better care of themselves, and it's improved their heart health.

And, uh, they say that cycling can cut your risk of heart disease. All I know is if that's true, riding a bicycle, riding a bicycle, I don't know how that specific exercise does, but that's according to the, Well, that's a damn that, that's, that's a good cardio workout right there. So that gets the heart pumping.

All those people that do spinning, you know? Yeah, yeah. The, what is it? Peloton? Peloton. Yeah. But there's also spin Spin classes, Right. You can go to, But what made, what it made me think of is my nephew. Mm-hmm. in Missouri. Well, one of my nephews in Missouri used to go Missouri. Yeah. Used to go from like St.

Louis to, I don't know, Kansas City or something on a weekend. Oh yeah. Bicycle ride with his friends. I don't know. I don't know it . I love him to, He's that crazy. No, no, he's not crazy. He's adorable. I love him to pieces to ride a bike like at 9,000 miles. That's crazy. That's not 9,000 miles. It's, Well, it's close.

A few hundred. It's still close. I don't know how many hundred, but it's a few hundred. It's across Missouri, but still, it's still, it's a long ways . This is all I'm saying. Anyway, he's Crae crae. Oh, okay. But it does cut. Cut your risk of heart disease, so. So he should have one strong ass heart. Well, yeah.

Just saying. Yeah. So, yes. So more power to 'em. I wouldn't do it. There's no way I'm cycling across the whole state. I would if I worked my way up to it, say 30 years ago, but not now. . All right. That's what we're gonna do. All right. We're gonna, in five years, you and I are gonna bike from where to where? In what state?

East Valley. To West Valley. What time of year? Winter time. Okay. So we're gonna get on our motorcycles and ride from one side of the valley to the other. I did say cycles. Yes. That's a motorcycle. I'm golden. Okay. Okay, good. Check, check. That's good for my happiness. Riding motorcycles makes me happy. I know.

I might even consider riding on the back. I, I said consider, Yeah, I'm gonna, making you laugh. Makes you happy. I'm gonna have to drug you on that one. I mean, challenge you on that one drug. Me? Yeah. , you, you gonna hold me on the back if you drug me? Oh, you got that queen seat thing, don't you? I I could, I could strap you down.

Oh, you could put the queen seat on and strap me down and drug me. There you go. Duct tape. You deal. Then you could take me to my brother's house and you guys can take pictures of me on the back of a motorcycle, right? Sure. Mm-hmm. , man. I heard you. So keeping your rate up, your heart rate up improves your cardio respiratory endurance.

Okay. That's like when you have to, you know, smokers, especially when you go to the doctor and you gotta blow into that machine that, you know, pumps the air . I used to have to do that when I had, uh, DOT physicals. Yeah. They used, they used to check at, remember used check for sleep apnea by me sticking my tongue out.

They, uh, they did the weird, weirdest thing. I'm like, How was this checking for something? Okay. But when I drove, they never checked for sleep apnea. Duh. They didn't, It was just like the last few years, three, four years. Okay. The last two checkups, they were checking, sticking my tongue out. And I'm like, how does that check for?

Well, if you go to fat tongue or swollen tongue, I'm like, I said, I got a fat head here. Wait, does that count? That looked in now? I, eh, eh,

Okay. You gotta watch the video. We keep sticking our tongues out at each other. I, I'm saying, but they said, they said stick your tongue out. But it used to be pee a cup. Yep. Take your pulse. Yep. Um, check your eyes, eyes weight height. And then they have you do like 10 hearing, 10 jumping jacks and check your heart rate.

Oh. They never made me do that. You know, Bend down I know, but I know. Why touch your toes. I know. Why? Why? Because the d o t physical place that I went to in New York, Uhhuh, the doctor was always scared that I'd knocked myself out.

Why? Um, I'm kinda large up top. He's like, Are you saying you're top heavy? I'm top heavy. And the doctor, would you, You're big breasted. Yes. The doctor would always say, I'm not gonna require you to do jumping jacks. I think it would be detrimental to your health. And he also said he thought I might pull a muscle in my breasts,

And if I pulled a muscle in my breast, Yeah. Now i've heard it all. He never made me do jumping jacks. I can't do jumping jacks. I might pull a testicle. I'm just saying. Anyway, I'm bouncing around, you know. Anyway, like I might injure myself. Like for your lungs, group fitness, they say personal trainer. I don't know who can afford a personal trainer nowadays.

Uh, group fitness. But there's so much online you can do, but you have to be motivated to do it. Yeah. You know, and Yeah, exactly. There, there's, there's a lot online. You really gotta be motivated to work out at home, online or even in a home gym. And for a long time I did. I just gotta get my butt and gear and do it again.

Mm-hmm. , you gotta find a butt. I have a butt crack. I have a butt. It's a small flat thing, but it's a butt. It's the same one I've always had. You got a butt crack. Patrick, Janet ? That's my final answer. That was your crack talking to me. Okay. Let's speak positively and be positive cuz that's what's up next.

Be positive. Did you know your words have the power to speak life or death into a person? What? Mm-hmm. If you talk to someone and you are always, always negative to them, especially if you're in a position of authority mm-hmm. , you can literally affect their health. Whaaaat. Okay. For instance, a parent. Okay. If a parent always speaks negatively to their child, okay, that child is gonna live negatively, they're gonna have a negative outlook.

Okay? They're have, I've negative self-esteem. Yeah. I've heard of this. They're not gonna be happy. But I've heard of it. You know, if your parent is always saying, You're no good, you're no good. You're gonna be, you're overweight. You're, you're worthless. Yeah. You're not smart. You're a dumb ass. That's why I hate the word dumbass.

You know how I feel when people use, Stop saying it. I'm using it. For example, I'm not calling someone one, but, Oh, okay. I don't like it when people look at someone and say, You dumbass. WooSahh. I'm trying to ex Okay, go ahead. There's a strong link between being negative Okay. And having negative health. I gotcha.

When you're like a parent or a boss, Uhhuh a boss can affect the person's health. I agree. Okay. Like if your boss, back when you worked for that trucking company right here in the valley, Uhhuh was a total jerk to you. Okay. You'd come home not feeling the greatest I'd punch his lights on. No, you didn't. I would've came home wanting to Oh yeah.

I instead you quit your job. Well, I retired. Well, you quit your job. Get a tomato tomato. I retired. Quit. You left your job there because there was a retired quit . It was an, It was an unhealthy workplace. Yeah. So you left your job. I was like, Enough is enough. Exactly. If it had been a positive workplace, a positive environment, you might still be working.

Oh no. I kinda like where I'm working now. I know I'm less stressed and I get paid more money, but if it was a positive work environment, you wouldn't have been stressed. You would've been happy. This is true. I might, I might even be a boss and directing other people. Okay. Maybe there's a strong link between positivity and health.

It always comes back to that. Yep. Positivity and health. And if you're the parent and you always speak positive of someone mm-hmm. , when you have a small child, if you, and there's a lot of this, and I know that your daughter's doing this right now, she speaks to your, our grandson and she says, I am healthy, I am strong, I'm intelligent, you know, I'm smart.

Mm-hmm. , And she has him repeat things, positive things to, to her. Right. And people that do this with their children, their children have better aspects on life. Yep. And they're happier. Exactly. You know, if you speak positive to your child, even if your child does something wrong, don't yell and scream at 'em.

There's other ways to correct a child besides, you know, yelling and screaming. You're blank, blank, blank, dumb ass, blank, blank, blank. You know, just, I don't approve. You know, you can yell at 'em and swat 'em in the butt. I believe in swatting kids in the butt when they're bad, and put 'em in the corner. Make 'em go stand against the wall with their nose against the wall.

I agree. That's the hardest thing of the world. Put a book on your head and stand with your nose against the wall for five minutes and think about what you did. Sit on your hands. Don't move, but kind words that reflect a positive outlook. Show how grateful you are for someone. Okay? And that's a way to become an inspiration for others, right?

It, it, it, it makes your sphere of influence, of gratitude be larger, right? People see you as a positive person. They wanna be around you. That makes you feel good, That makes them feel good. Your happiness spreads happiness, is what I'm trying to say, right? And that it, it's happiness is infectious. That's the right way to put it.

Infectious. Yeah. Thank you. It's like an infectious disease. That's good. That spreads. I know, right? Because if I'm happy, she's happy. If she's happy, then, then I'm happy. And if you're happy, I'm happy. The pugs are happy. We're all happy, and we spread that happiness to our friends and and family. And then we, then we push record, and then we make y'all happy.

That's right. I hope , and if y'all ain't subscribed to our YouTube channel, what are you waiting for? Yeah, right. Go to, go to the number one, the number eight wheel talk.com forward slash YouTube or go to YouTube and search for 18 Wheel Talk podcast show. Either way, like that right there. Look for that logo.

Right, Right there, right. Janet's doing it at Patrick's. Right there. Right there. Look, there. He got it. Yay. Look for this logo, right? Like, you got it baby. I got it. Woo woo. So do you think that boredom is good or bad? Uh, I'm gonna say bad. It can be, Yeah, because it boredom. You know, if you're bored and you, you, you'll get sleepy and you'll feel negative ish.

But if you're bored and you let your mind wander and it sparks your creativity, okay, okay. Where you going? And it causes you to interact with others. Okay. It can spark something good. Okay. And then it's a good thing. It depends on what you do when you're bored. Okay? If you're bored and you just like, screw this, I'm gonna go take a nap, and that's all you ever do with it.

It's bad. But if you're bored and you wander and you create, like when I'm bored, I doodle okay. Or I type, or I write. When I'm bored, I'm sitting here at the computer and I'm typing. Oh my. And oh my gosh. Podcasts come from that. What I know, right? No way. Yeah. And some of the graphics that they come from my boredom.

That's a good thing. I get creative with like a good thing or I cook. Think about it. How many times have I said to you, I got this thing in my head. I know. Oh my. And I haven't quite figured it out because that's what I work on when I'm bored. I work on recipes. When I'm bored, they're just like in my head, but not quite there.

But when they get there, oh my God, and I cook and it's Delish, Thank you baby. Makes me happy. See cooking, cooking makes me happy and it makes you happy. Eating your cooking makes me happy, . But when you come in the kitchen and help me and say, What can I do? How can I help you? Yeah, that makes me happy too. I was like, I know.

Get outta your way. Get outta your kitchen. I said sometimes it's like, Here, let me, you just made a bunch of dishes. Let me load the dishwasher or let me clean up these dishes. Get on your way while you're cutting that block of cheese. Let me stir this so it doesn't stick to the pan. Exactly. Or you cut the cheese for me.

Not that type I knew, knew I worded that wrong, . Oh no. He cut the cheese look cutting the block of cheese up and chunking it for me so I can put it in whatever sauce I make. Plus that's like when I make, like when I make, when I make green chili cheese sauce. I know, right? Somebody's gotta stir that. It's gotta be stirred while I cut just the right amount of cheese to put it in it.

Okay. Yeah. It's not overly spicy, but it's really good. It is very delish you know, and people like, Oh that sounds unhealthy. Well, no, because I don't put a ton of it on. No, you put just the right amount to the dish. Just enough to make the dish delish deliciousioso. So that's Spanish. , is it? I think, I don't know. I haven't learned that word.

Delicioso. I have not word learned that word. Well, I'll look it up. I think I heard it on like Dora the Explorer. Dora the Explorer? Yeah. Oh, okay. Delicioso. I'm just saying that's my extent of my Spanish. Oh, okay. Muchas gracias. Grassy ass. Grassy ass. Adidas. Mm-hmm. . . You in that? Adidas. We're not going Adidas yet.

We're gonna talk about psychological or physiological pain. What's physiological? What is physi pain, or sorry, Psychological pain. We'll talk about psych because psychological pain leads to physiological pain. Mental pain leads to physical pain. Okay. If you're in mental pain and you cannot overcome it, like you're in such mental pain over something, okay?

It leads to body aches. That's the easiest way to put it. Okay. If you cannot, because, but if you can overcome your mental pain, your psychological pain. Okay. So you, uh, a traumatic brain injury would be classified as mental pain, correct? That's a physical pain. That's a physical pain because I injured my brain twice.

The first time right here, they cut a piece of my brain out. Okay. Literally, I'm not joking. I know people think, oh, she jokes about it. Oh, oh my God. It's true. I have a scar, a horseshoe shape. No, I'm not. It's me. They, they cut a piece of my brain out and that's how he just, it's just life. I mean, it just, I wouldn't be straight outta your mouth.

I wouldn't be me if they hadn't. I know I'd be someone else. You wouldn't be Janet. No. My mom used to say when I was a kid that she was mad at the woman that hit me. Okay. She got over this, but she was mad at the woman that hit me because before my accident, before I was hit by the car when I was seven. I was real quiet and demure.

And not outspoken. , boy did she get a surprise? Wow. And after the accident, it changed my personality. That's, ah, that's very common. Okay. After a severe traumatic brain injury, which is what my first one was. Okay. Changed my personality. My mom was angry about that. Okay. Because she lost her daughter in her eyes.

Right. Like someone took me away and replaced me with someone else. Right. I got, I get it. But then as I grew Okay. And we redeveloped our relationship. Okay. I grew on her, I guess you'd say. Okay. Because I picked up some of her habits and some of my grandma's habits, and both my grandmas and my aunts on both sides, basically.

Mom, Mom, retrain, re reprogrammed you . Yeah. But she even put me through, you know, etiquette school, trying to get me balance the book on your head balance. Yeah. Well, And balance my mouth. . She didn't want you to have a truck driver's mouth like your dad. Yeah, pretty much. . Well, my dad told me my first dirty joke when I was 12 years old.

I mean, two pigs jumped in the mud. Three. came out. Oh, no, no, no. I can't tell it on the air. Oh, no, no, no. It was a dirty joke. It was a dirty, dirty joke. But anyway. Ooh, I'll have to put that in show notes maybe. Yeah. But anyway, but I doubt it. It's dirty. That's a physiological pain. Okay. Continue. But it caused a psychological pain for my mom, if you think about it.

Yeah. But once you are, Once you overcome a mental pain, like the mental pain my mother had, Okay. Because it was making her sick worrying about me. It really was right worrying about me. But once she overcame that, as she saw that I was gonna be okay, and I was gonna eventually lead a semi-normal life, if you can call my life normal, uh, it's normal.

Good, normal, good. Crazy good, crazy. My sister used to say, I should write a book. Yeah. You know, for all the things I've done, I mean, come on, it'd be the greatest soap opera on tv. But she told me that once she accepted who I am now, Uhhuh, it was like someone lifted a weight off her shoulders. Okay, I got you.

It's like it took her a while to really accept that this is Janet, how she is, and you know what got her to accept it? What? My love of cooking. Okay. Because her and I re bonded in the kitchen. My mom and grandma were both incredible cooks. Wow. They bonded in the kitchen. I learned to cook from both of them.

Standing in my grandma cooking makes everybody have exactly the smell. We bonded in the kitchen and that's what got us together again. And she said that once she realized I was gonna be okay after that brain injury, then it lifted a weight off her shoulders. I get it. You know, so, So that. Took the stress off of her shoulders and made her healthier.

Oh, I gotcha. I get she had, now she had her own health problems like Charcot-Marie-Tooth cmt, which is considered a type of muscular dystrophy. Okay. But the health from the mental problem, mental, emotional problem, not a mental, but the emotional side of seeing what I was going through was gone. Right. So, so, so like you said, it was like a weight was lifted up for shoulders and she was happier, magically healthier.

Yes. Got it. But for like, when we moved from Springfield to Henry, Illinois, there was like a year or maybe two where she had to drive me monthly down to the doctor. I believe it, you know, to be seen by this specialist down in Springfield. So I just remember the car trips, Hey, And the stitches tickled when they took them outta my scalp of course they did that.

The doctor's, like, nobody ever thinks they is tickled. And I thought they tickled when they came out. He's like, This is gonna hurt. And it tickled to me, Uhhuh . I, Yeah, that's back when stitches were big and black. I remember those. Yeah. I've had a few of those. So anyway, so that's how my mom related mental or psychological pain compared to the physical pain of my brain injury.

Gotcha. Oh, what she went through compared to what I went through. Okay. But it it, if that helps explain it. Uhhuh. Okay. No, it does. Um, talking negatively to, to oneself and feeding the inner Oh. We know someone who does that, who never has anything good to say about themselves. Who, I'm not gonna say it on it.

Oh, our podcast. I've ruined everybody's life and I've ruined my own life, and I, I've been a bad person. And I'm like, I know. I know. Oh my God. I'm like, No, you haven't. Yeah, Okay. But negative self talk again, it's can it, It's just feeds into your anxiety and your depression and your pain levels. And your stress levels.

Exactly. And you're gonna give yourself a freaking heart attack is what you're gonna do, and you're not happy. Yeah. So turn that frown upside down. That's right. So not, not acknowledging the good and the positive. Yeah. You, you have to admit that even if you're having a bad day, there's gotta be something good in it.

You woke up, you're above ground. But that's good. I shake my head some days. Yeah. People say, How you doing? I said, Well, I'm here . Hey, I could be six feet under, but I'm not, I'm here. I was hit by a car when I was a kid. Okay. I was hit in a head on semi crash when I was 46 years old. I'm above ground and vertical.

I thought you were 29. I am 29. Don't change the subject, Patrick. And I'm above ground and vertical. That's a freaking miracle. Yeah. Every day above ground. And vertical's a good day. Hell yeah. Even when vertical means laying on the couch with a pug on my head, Uh, because my migraine's that bad. It's, it's still a good day.

Okay. Because I had to get from our bed to the couch. I got it. Yeah. Yeah. Baba. And yes, I'm 29 because, Behave. But anyway, because behave. What's that mean? You behave. That's what that means. What's a, Tell me what a have is. And I'll be one. You're gonna be one. . So ow quit it, acknowledging good and positive things keeps off like high blood pressure cuz stress raises your blood pressure.

I know, I know. It does. Believe me. I've been there. Okay. I'm not, I'm not stressed anymore. No less either. Okay. And don't compare yourself to others while you're at it. Well, What if I want to be just as happy as you are. You, You're way happier than me. Am I? Yeah. I can you, Why aren't you as happy as I am then?

Because I do the cooking for you. But that makes you happy. You should be just as happy as me. Okay. I am. I I I dunno how to compare us to each other cuz we're us. Oh yeah. But I don't compare us to other couples. Oh good. Cuz I don't either. There's no way. There's no comparison. It's like, no way. They're happier than us.

There's no way I gained a pug. Oh, you lost your pug. I know. I lost my pug I got one on each side now. That's okay. Brown chicken brown cow bowbow. Anyways, where were we? Uh, comparing yourself to others. Okay. So you can compare yourself to others in a good way. . If you know someone that has a really nice car and you want to have a really nice car Yep.

Saving up for a really nice car makes says, Okay, I have a goal. I wanna have a car as nice as theirs. Yeah. That can be a good thing. Yep. But if say, saying, I'll never be able to do that. That's a bad, that's a bad thing. That's a bad comparison. Or I'll never be as good as that person. Yeah. I'm never gonna say, Oh, I'll never be as thin as so and so and compare myself to someone that I know that's always been thin because it's like me.

Their body's different. It's like me, when I play, play video games, it's like if I said I'll never get to that level, I would never play. Yeah. You know, and, and when I, when I play some video games, it's like, you hear people on the game, they're, they get so mad. It's like, Dude, it's just a game. Think about, it's like, it's like, and this was real life.

I sure as hell wouldn't have shot you in the back. I know. Just sayin, now, you know, this is true. Uh, that. I know someone that got so involved in a TV show that with a real gun and a real bullet shot, the TV

I would like to point out that was my tv. Uh, I didn't do it and my gun and it wasn't you. It wasn't me not, not me. So that when you're that involved with something, you need to back off. Yeah. Like I said, because that's not healthy. I play video games because it relaxes me and it's fun. Yes. You know, it makes me happy.

I'm just saying. But that's a good thing. Yeah. It's a good thing. As long as it makes you happy and relaxes you, that's a good thing. If it stresses you out, then I wouldn't play it. Walk away from it. I will play. Yeah. Um, being pessimistic. Okay. What, what's that mean? Um, being a negative Nancy. Being a Karen.


You're killing me here. You're killing me smalls. All right, so, So don't be a Karen. Well, just saying if you're a little bit pessimistic, it gives you the opportunity to, Is that like the half glass, half empty, full? Yes. An optimist. The glass is always half full. Okay. A pessimist. The glass is always half empty.

Okay. A Janet, The glass glass is on its side and I just deal with it.

Okay. I'm neither a pessimist or an optimist. I take life as it is. Oh, gotcha. That makes sense. That's, that's how I look at it, you know, It's like I feel like I'm that way. You are. But then again, I might be the half empty, half full kind of guy, but I don't know if you've got a little bit of pessimism in your life.

A little bit of the glass half empty, a little pissiness. I didn't say. . If you've got a little bit of the glasses half empty in your life, it gives you the opportunity to be prepared when something does go wrong. Okay? If you live the in your life, like nothing is ever gonna go wrong and something does, you're gonna be so struck, okay, that you're never gonna recover.

Oh, if you have that, I got it. That halo or whatever that cloud of or blinders on, you're just gonna be so struck when something bad happens that you're gonna be so grief stricken. Oh, well then let's not be pessimistic. Yeah. It's like you gotta be somewhere in the middle. You have, It allows you to appreciate the good times more when you lose someone you love.

I mean, pess pessimism will can be good, you know, allows you to appreciate the good times. That's what I mean. Yeah. It allow, when you lose someone you love, you learn to appreciate the others in your life a little more. You're like, Wait a second, I've lost someone I really love, I've still got others in my life that I still really love.

I need to make sure they know I love 'em. Right. That's the easiest way I can explain how it allows you to, Well, with, with pessimism, if you're mentally, if you're mentally rehearsing worst case scenarios. Okay. Best case scenarios become surprisingly like little gifts. Well, that's a good way to put it. You know?

Yeah. So not fulfilled expectations, but they, you know, they're like little wins. Yeah. Yeah. I get you. And, and we, we like to try to give people little wins. I agree. You know, we got, we, we, we provided an ebook mm-hmm. to our, to our listening audience. Yeah. And you could go to 18 wheel talk.com and get our ebook.

This is true. You know, we, it's free, we, we, we, we, we, we've done it. It's tried and true. Uh, being that we've combined been trucking for 30 plus years, we'll just say driving. Yeah. You know, we've done other types of driving too, but I'm just saying as truck drivers having to pack for the road. Yes. With 30 plus years experience, I think we know a little bit about a little bit.

Yes, I agree. Agree. And we put it in an ebook and how to pack for the road, whether you're going for a day trip camping, cross country, going camping for a week, a weekend, you're RVing for a month, a month or two. We, we packed it all in a little e-book that you can download. You go to 18 wheel talk.com/resources and it's there.

And right there at the top of the page it says, Get our ebook, click, click, click here, get your, get your free ebook. This is true and it's good. So be sure to go download that. Yes. That was episode 58. If you didn't hear it. Good. Listen, I just, just had a, I just segued that right in there. Yes, you did. You like I did that.

Yeah. So don't worry about it. I'm not worried about it at all. Yeah. Get it. Don't get it. And you know it's free. Mm-hmm. , do you know worrying is a natural part of life? What? Mm-hmm. . I don't know whatcha talking about? I, I got upm. So worried people are gonna, aren't gonna go download our ebook. No, not really. I'm not. I'm not really.

Well, I hope they do. I hope they do, but I'm not worried. If you don't. If they don't, I'll be disappointed. Yeah, but that's just a part of life. It's okay. Maybe next time, but we gave it to you. We're giving it to you for free, so take advantage. It's not gonna hurt you. Check it out. Send it to your friends.

It doesn't hurt. Download it. Look at it. If you're gonna use it, great. If not, delete it. No big deal. At least you took a look at it. You might find something useful in there. You might find something that you didn't never thought of. You know, like you've gone on a camping trip and went and went and went, What, I forgot this.

And, and you know what? I saw it in their ebook. I, I'm gonna have to use your book and remember to pack this. Yeah. You know, so, so, anyway, Sorry. You were saying, you were saying something about worrying. Yeah. Worry, worry about it. Worrying about something that's coming up can really affect your happiness.<

Okay. For instance, if you've got some medical tests coming up, and all you do every day before the test, say it's a month off, is sit and worry about it. Okay. You're gonna be so stressed by the time the test comes up that you're gonna be like, I, I know what you mean. It's like, it's like when I had to go do a random drug test, pee in a cup, I was so afraid I wasn't gonna be able to study for it.

I know, right? Thank God I passed all the time. I, I, whew. I buckle under pressure. I'm so glad you studied for those tests. Me too. All that practice. Mm-hmm. . I know. Whew. Pissing in a cup peed in those red solo cups to practice. I'm so proud of you, baby. No, I was pissing in the toilet, aiming for the hole. Oh, my bad.

Yeah, I peed in red. Solo cups in the toilet to practice. I say anyways. Anyway. Anyway. So if you worry too much, it's gonna affect your health and your happiness and just don't worry. Just don't let yourself get so worried about something. Don't worry. Be happy. . You knew he's coming. Yeah, I knew. Come on. You knew he was coming.

I did. But if you worry too much, it'll affect your happiness. And again, that goes straight back to affecting your health. Happiness and health really are related. It's like the yin and yang. Yes. Oh, that's a good way to put it. I never thought of that. The yin and yang of your life are health and happiness.

Exactly. It's like one hand washes the other. It's like having two pugs. A fawn and a black. So you scratch. You scratch my back. I scratch your back. See yin yang? Yeah. Like two pugs, a fawn and a black. A yin and a yang. I wouldn't go that far. I would. I wouldn't. Have you ever seen 'em sleep together? Sometimes that's how they sleep.

Yin and Yang. Maybe I did. Maybe I didn't. I do. I watch 'em. Okay. Okay. soaky dokey. So what else? I think that's it. I think so too. I think that I just want people to be happy. Yeah. I want you to be happy. Be happy. If I could remember that song, that song, I would sing it. Don't worry, Be happy. No. The other one, If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands If you're happy, you know it.

Clap your hands. Okay, Janet, happy and sing us out. Don't be if you're happy and you know it. Clap your hands. . You're welcome. That's not the one I wanted to sing, but it's the one I remember. And when it, Janet remembers. Woohoo. Oh my God. All right, so anything else you wanna talk about before we let everybody go?

No. Just try not to stress over things and practice happiness and be kind and just be happy. You'll be surprised how much healthier you get when you practice happiness. Yeah, exactly. Takes practice if you're not already happy. I know, right? right left right left right? This is very true. Well, my phone fell. I thought it was your coffee cup.

No, I was like, Oh my God his coffee cup. No, I'd be like the equipment . I thought you were gonna say the coffee. Oh no, The coffee. And I'd be like, No, the equipment. Save the equipment. Save the show. Save the show. Okay. So we hope we made you laugh while you thought, We hope we made you happy. Hope we made you happy.

Happy happy, happy happy, happy, happy. And if not, we, we apologize. We'll see next time though, I hope. Yes. Does that makes us happy? Tune in next time. Very very much. I forgot. What else were we gonna talk about? There's something else we're gonna tell them. I don't know. I guess they'll have to tune in next time. . Oh, hey, don't forget to go check out our banned from, from, you know where video oh our banned video, because we can't say it on here.

Yeah, because this is there on there. Yeah. They, they banned us. But go check out our banned video. It's on Facebook. Yeah. Is it? Mm-hmm. the link to it is, Oh, that's right. Yeah. Yeah, that's, that's, And it's our website, 18 Wheel Talk podcast show Facebook page. And if you haven't liked it, give it, give it a thumbs up.

Yeah. Cause go look for our banned video. You never Know, Tell us if you think it should have been banned. Uh, yeah. Right. We got, we got, we got the banned video up cuz it was taken down. It's up on our website though. We put up their list of, of the policy mm-hmm. that they said that we were wrong on. And then at the, at the end, at the bottom of the, of the policy, at the very bottom of the page on our website, uh, which is 18, you can go to 18 wheel talk.com/banned and that'll take you to it and it'll take it straight to the video.

Just watch the first 20 minutes of it, read through the policy, and then at the very bottom we get a one question poll. Just, just let us know what you think, yes or no. Mm-hmm. And that would make us happy. Easy. Easy. peasy. Lemon squeezy. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. You're right, . All right. Bye. Anyways, we'll see you next time.

Okay, bye bye.