18WT #083 - 18 Wheel Talk Rewind: Episode 37 From December 2021

September 26, 2023  Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

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Previously mentioned from Episode #012:

  • Lowes app ~ If you’re a Veteran they will give you a 10% discount on your purchases at checkout every day
  • Grocery Store apps ~ For money saving and digital coupons from your local food stores, also military and senior citizen discount days.
  • Flipp ~ (finds deals and coupons) at your local area stores.
  • GetUpside app ~ Use code “PATRICK9582” for an extra $0.15 cents back on your first fill up
  • McDonald’s app ~ Earn Bonus Reward just for ordering food through the app.
  • Burger King's app ~ Earn Royal Perks and exchange them for free food and beverages
  • Receipt pal app ~ Shop, Earn Paid Rewards & Gift Cards.
  • Poshmark app ~ Buy and Sell Fashion.

Then the fun begins again as they start the list of apps and browser extensions. Most of these they use. The one’s they do not personally use, they did research on. Janet is always looking for new ways to save money. These are great ways to save some money.

  • Ibotta (cash back in the mail, finds coupons and deals) Janet’s share code is “idphtwn” once you join, you will get a share code to give your friends and save more money yourself
  • Groupon offers discounts that change on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. On just about anything you can think of, no subscription required https://www.groupon.com
  • Shopkick is an American company based in Silicon Valley that created a shopping app for smartphones and tablets that offers users rewards for shopping activities both online and in-stores such as walking into stores, scanning items, making in-app or in-store purchases, and submitting receipts https://shopkick.com my referral code is : "YAY871653 " earn more kicks when people sign up using your code and they earn an extra 10 “kicks” using it as well
  • https://www.coupons.com  (app too) digital and paper coupons
  • Credit karma you can save money by tracking your credit https://creditkarma.com
  • Apps like domino’s, pizza hut, etc. offer specials that are not advertised
  • My coupon hunter finds coupons as you search for them
  • https://www.Dailygoodiebox.com you will receive daily emails with links for specials, coupons, sales that aren’t advertised. There is a link in the email for a giveaway.  That is where you sign up the first time and the link you follow to find the savings after that.

So with these three extensions, Janet says “ I have it set so that when I am shopping online, they all pop open when I open up my shopping cart and click the coupon code box. After all my extensions for savings are open, I click the top box and let it try its savings codes. It will apply any savings available. Then I click the next box, and let it try, if it has a better price, in the box it will show it and ask if you want to apply it, click yes. If it is not the best price, it will ask if you want to share, and she says yes. Then the next box opens, and she does the same thing.

  • Rakuten ~ shopping extension (checks back in the mail) They do all the work; You shop and save!
  • Capital One ~ shopping extension finds the best price on line. They do all the work; You shop and save!
  • Honey ~ Shopping Extension finds the best price and coupons codes online. They do all the work; You shop and save!

If you are not good at budgeting, our pair recommend trying out Quicken.
  • Quicken ~ for budgeting is one of the best tools.
Here is one way to invest for the beginners.
  • Money lion (investing) ~ Is really for 1st time Investors, under $2000, charges a monthly fee.   moneylion.com

Here are a few Mobile banking apps that are attached to online banks that they have checked out but do not use. Such as:
  • Qapital ~ online savings and investing. Prices begin at $3 a month
  • Chime ~ (backed by Stride bank) no overdraft fees no minimum balance no monthly service fees no foreign transaction fees no transfer fees FDIC insured
  • Ally.com ~ savings account (online) Has helpful tools. 24/7 support. No monthly maintenance fees or minimum balance requirements. A competitive, variable rate Account comes with tools to help grow your money faster. They found people have saved, on average, 2x more when they’ve used our smart savings tools.


Episode #083

Okay. Progress. Oh, shit.

Are you serious? No, I'm, I'm trying to not, not cuss and you right out the rip. That's not a cuss word. You, you, you said the doodee word.

I'm sorry. Mom is so going to

podcast anymore because we cuss too much. You cuss too much. Like I said, I cuss too much and you're, you talk about doodee. Yes, I doodee. Oh, my God, Patrick, what am I going to do with you? Anyways, welcome to the 18 Wheel Talk podcast show.

We're not just a podcast for truckers. That's right. Don't just get that out of your head. It's not. We're for everybody. We're ex truckers. So if you don't know who we are, we're ex truck drivers. And we like to have fun. Yes. And we like to make people laugh. Yes. And so, you know what I'm going to say.

Laughter. Laughter is the best medicine. What are we going to do today, Patrick? What's up? What's up? I don't freaking, I don't even know what day it is, let alone, what's up? I know what day it is. I know. I'm up. I'm up. I know what day it is. I'm awake. Ask me what day it is. I'm afraid to ask you. What day is it?

Today. Today. Uh, uh, you're a fun girl. The very best day because I get to spend it with you. See, I can't say you're a fun guy. That's right. I can say you're a fun guy. I'm a funny guy. Anyway. Anywho. Anyway, what do you want to talk about today, Janet? Saving money. Do you want to talk about saving money? I want to talk about bacon.

Bacon or baking? You like bacon. Who doesn't like bacon? Vegans. I like bacon. But you know what? Vegans, they just go out and kill the grass, the poor grass, it gets killed by them. All those plant murders. All those poor plants dying. Oh, oh, here we go. Really? I like plants. I like, I like green plants and I cannot lie.

Just eat bacon. It doesn't kill plants. See, I like bacon. You had me at bacon, baby. Bacon freak. I've candied bacon for you before. I know, right? That if that's not love, I don't know what it is. Oh my God, it's beautiful. Oh, a little higher. Hold on. Whoa, whoa. I'm swinging, baby. I'm swinging. Quit swinging the camera.

All right. How's that? Is that good? I don't know. Let me go throw up. Oh my God. Clean your camera and get it over with. This should have all been done before we ever started talking. We're like a half hour into the show already. We're, we're maybe two minutes into the show. I'm just doing what you always do to me.

And remember, Janet dropped a swear word right away. No, I didn't. She dropped a doody bomb. No, I didn't. Anyways, what, what would you like to, uh, uh, uh, converse about on today's episode, Janet? Uh, Patrick on episode 12, whoa, whoa, that's gone way back. Do you remember? Do you remember when we did episode 12? I know I can't shake my head.

People on a podcast don't hear the rattle. My brothers might, but they don't. Yeah, some people could. My brothers. Listen, I'm sure they heard that. They're like, Oh my God, Janet, you're sugar head. No. Yeah. Uh, anyway, I don't know when episode 12 was, but we talked about saving money. Episode 12 was did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did.

I don't do it like that. That that drives me nuts. I know it's such a short drive. So we're going to talk about saving more ways to save money today. So 12 was a long, long time ago in a land far, far away. And this is Chandler released on March 7th of this year, 2021.

Like I said, we recorded it right here, right here in good old Tempe. I thought we did that one in Chandler, but I see my bad. We're just in, in the good old fa Phoenix area. The Fahe area love. So some of the things we talked just people, people know where Phoenix is. They don't know where Tempe or Chandler or Ahwatukee or whatever else you want to, or Mesa or Peoria or Apache junction or some people like to call it. Guadalajara or Guadalajara, Guadalupe, Guadalajara. Well, there was that one DJ when she came to town. She first called Guadalupe Road, Guadalajara Road, Guadalajara. Welcome to Guadalajara. She said it once. That was all.

That's all it took. That's all it took for me. It took it took everybody to get mad at her and say, so we recorded it. Uh, well, I got to, when you said this year, yeah, March 7th, but I got, I got some numbers off. I gotta go. I got March 7th between March 7th and March 10th, somewhere, somewhere in our, our podcast and our, our website are off just a smidge.

Only me. Well, I don't know when you're gonna learn to pick that up off the ground. I didn't pick my cord up and my pug sat on it. Pulled me off, off my chair. Whoa! Whoa! Exit stage right. So anyway, in that episode, we discussed some of the apps and ways to save money, and I'll just give a brief rundown, unless you want to, of the apps we talked about.

Episode 12 was ways to save money in the apps we use. We called it the. Uh, we, we decided to call it our fine and frugal episode. Yes, you did. Kind of, you know, because it was your idea. It was really a good idea. It was funny. It was very funny. We had a laugh at the end when I said fine and frugal because Janet's frugal and you're fine.

Janet's fine. You are very fine. Anyways, sizzling hot and frugal. I'm frugal. You're fine. She's the she's the money saver. I'm a spender. She's the saver. This is why Janet goes to the grocery store on her own so she could save more money. Yeah, because when he comes with me, I swear that that 10 percent discount I get for being a veteran, they charge me 10 percent extra when he's with me.

Listen, just because I buy 10 percent more food. No, you just you buy 20 percent more. I'm just trying to utilize your discount, baby. Yeah, it doesn't always work that way, though. Anyway, anyways, let me, gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp okay, so on our fine and frugal episode. Yes, darling. We had a list of the apps that we use to save money, you know, get, save money, get rewards, uh, rewards equals cash back, free products, cash backs, gift cards, stuff like that.

Stuff like, yeah, exactly. All right. So.

As you know, Janet is a veteran, so we like to shop at Lowe's when we do home improvement products. By the way, none of these companies give us anything for mentioning them on episode 12 or today's. Yeah. I get zilch for this. We reached out, but they all told us to go F ourselves. We mention it because We mentioned these, we're doing these episodes because we like helping other people.

We want you guys to hey how can, it costs a lot to live today. It does. I mean, especially with prices going up 30%. The cost of living is going through the roof, but I don't know about you people. I'm not getting more money at work. The government still takes their damn taxes. They're going up and housing's going up and food's going up and gas.

Don't even get me started. So that being said. We shop at Lowe's. We shop at Lowe's because Lowe's caters to the veterans and they give them a 10 percent discount. And not just one day a year. That's every day. Every day. 365 days a year. Show them the ID, get the discount. Yep. Show them proof that you're a veteran.

Bam. 10%. Sometimes you don't even have to show them proof. Yeah. But usually once you show them proof, they put it in the system, it's done. You just say, I got a veteran's discount. And if it's someplace you shop a lot, You, they get to know you, you show them your ID enough times and then they're like, oh, hi, Janet.

Yeah, they, they know us there. So they can almost say, oh, you're, you're, you're Janet's guy. So is that good or bad? That's good. So that's one place. Another place is every grocery store I've been to with maybe one exception of a very high end grocery store has an app. In those apps, they have unadvertised special stuff.

That's not in the newspaper stuff. That's not on TV, not on the radio. It's not advertised anywhere. Okay. So it's not in there. It's not in their little brochure that comes in the paper. It's nowhere. Whoever, if you still get the newspaper. Except in the app. And it matches most of the time on the computer.

If you go. Do the online, because you can, if they have an app, they have a website and on their website, you can clip the same coupons, get the same digital savings as you can from the app. The advantage of having your phone with you, if it's a smartphone, which most people have those, is you can have the app open and almost every store.

Now you can scan the barcode of the item you're buying and it's going to automatically apply a coupon. That's if there's a coupon for it. If there's a coupon or a digital savings or. Uh, points back or anything, it's going to add them if, but you have to make sure that you're in the right store. If it says you're on baseline and you're on Elliot road, for instance.

You're not going to get in here. You're not going to get duty. So anyway, most grocery stores How did you put it when you first started? Poo poo. No, that's not what you said. You're just not going to get sugar. So, most of these grocery stores have apps that save you money. And it takes I probably spend an extra five, maybe 10 minutes at the store because I shop every two weeks roughly.

Um, well, not only that, but, but most of the, with you doing that, most grocery stores have a, a military or senior citizens day. Yes. Which, which also gives a percentage discount. And it's funny because. The senior citizen that is considered by say AARP is different than what social security considers and that's different than what grocery stores considers a senior grocery stores your senior at 50.

And there's one grocery store I know that when you're 45 you get the senior discount. Which I'm like, Hey, that's fine. You want to give me a discount when I was 45? No problemo. Oh, I just like it that they card me for alcohol. Here it is. Thank you very much. There you go. There you go, sugar. You're a sweetheart.

I appreciate you asking for me ID. You're funny. But anyway. So between senior day and veterans discount day, which are not the same day of the month. Um, I shop every two weeks. It saves us that people like, well, that's only 10%. Well, if you take that 10 percent and the digital coupons and unadvertised sales, like.

Buy five, save five. And people say extra in store stuff. Yeah. But people are like, well, and my friend Lenore said this, she's like, well, I can't buy five bags of potato chips. And I'm like, well, that's not how it works. If you buy, there's a whole list of stuff on the five items. You can buy one bag of potato chips and one bag of.

There are one can of soup and one of these and one of those and one of those bread. Exactly. As long as it's on that list, you get everything on the list. If you have over five of them, you just save five bucks off your thing. Um, she doesn't normally save. And I took her grocery shopping. She bought some more expensive items than she would previously for personal reasons.

Okay. And she says she wants them. Well, other personal reasons that I wasn't going to go into. Got it. And. Some, you know, smaller servings and some more expensive items, but because I showed her how to use the savings and the discounts available, she got a 15 percent discount and she's, she's like, I've never had a discount.

Just like, because she doesn't didn't have any of the apps for any of the stores. Never said, Hey, I'm a senior. Can I get my senior discount? None of that. Never thought of it. She just. No, I don't use coupons. Why? I'm like, do you know how much money you could be saving? And then she's like, I got 15 percent discount.

And she says, how much did you get? And I said, I showed her my receipt and she goes 37%. How'd you do that? Cause I know how to hire you to show me how to save money. Well, I did it for her cause I'm her friend. So anyway. So we used, we talked about that, but don't forget you can combine senior or veterans discount day with coupons, paper coupons with digital coupons, unless it specifically says cannot be combined with other offers.

Right. And, and, and I know that not only here in Arizona, but everywhere across the United States, gas prices, gas prices are ridiculous. I know some states are pushing for. 5 a gallon, 5 a gallon in California. Well, I know this next, uh, this, this next one here, get upside app. Yeah. Okay. And you have a code. I actually have a code that'll save you 15 15 cents, 15 cents extra back on your first show.

So if you sign up, download the app, use my promo code, Patrick, nine, five, eight, two Spell it. P A T R I C K, the number nine five eight two. I'm sorry. But you'll get an extra fifteen cents. Now here's all it takes. You go to the store that it shows in the app. There's choices. Yeah. Cause, cause, cause even, even though we're here in Arizona.

It's nationwide. I used it on my trip to St. Louis a couple of years ago. And I have, we have relatives. I have, I still have relatives that live in New York that shows specific gas stations that are in the program. Pull up the map. It shows you how much you can save at each gas station and it shows you the price of each gas station before the savings.

You have to sign up. You have to obviously have an email and you have to pay with a debit card or a credit card or a gift, the gift cards, the reloadable gift cards do work and they can use cash. I, yeah, they can use cash from what I understand as long as they get the receipt, you have to get a receipt, then you take a picture of the receipt, but it works easier once you have a debit card or credit card loaded on 10 times as easy and I've saved over 130 now using that app.

Yep. You can convert the, the cash savings that you get on the app to into, into gift cards for Amazon, uh, you can also put, and if it's on your debit card, you can put it right back in your bank. Oh, you can. Yeah. I put mine right back in my bank account. I didn't know that. My, my Private bank account. The one you don't know about.

Oh, the extra. You know, the one that, the one that I just take money from you and put it for me and I don't tell you. I got it. That's where it goes. That's your getaway from that's my getaway from Patrick money. Got it. That's good because I've been putting mine in my get out, get the hell away from Janet account.

Oh, good. That's why we're both broke all the time. I feel you, baby. High five. High five. Okay. Now we've got that out of the way. But anyways, get upside really works. Get upsides not on not they've they've been doing new things too. So, not only you can save on food, can't you? Gas, fast food, restaurants, and groceries.

Now, it's not in all the areas. And it's, they're starting to expand even more. So, and there's a couple of nice restaurants in Phoenix too, but, but the nice thing is, is not only do you save at the grocery stores with senior discounts and stuff like that, but you'll also save through get upside. Just by paying with your credit card and checking in just, yeah, just by checking or scanning your receipt.

So it's, it's, again, if you want to try to, if you want to save an extra 15 cents, like every penny counts when it comes to gas. And I know that some people that I know are used to drive, drive SUVs or big, big vehicles. I know some of them. And they get, and they get upside apps depending on the time of the day and the day of the week.

I've, I've, I've, I've saved as much as 15 cents off a gallon, but if you're finding a spot, it's 15 cents of a gallon, use my promo code. You're not only going to get that 15 cents, but you're going to get another 15 cents. So you get a total of 30 cents off. Yeah. The lowest I've gotten was 3 cents and people are like, why bother?

3 cents, 3 cents off a gallon. If it costs you 50, 50 bucks to fill your damn vehicle. The three cents adds up because it goes on the app and it adds up and adds up and you take it out when you get 10 or you take it out when you get 100 or you just leave it there until you're ready, let it ride. It's a free savings account doesn't earn the interest, but you know how you're an extra money refer people exactly so that I referred you.

Yep. So every time you, so every time Patrick buys gas, I get a cent and a half per gallon, which granted it 15 cents every 10 gallons. The more we get involved, the more stuff that it's a chain reaction. So if he referred somebody say his daughter, Tabby bought gas on and used to get upside, he gets money from that.

0. 15 a gallon or a penny and a half a gallon, and then I get half a cent a gallon. So it's just like, it's a, it's like a big pyramid, but a good one. Everybody saves money though. Everybody saves money and it doesn't cost anything extra. Exactly. It's just an app. You just. So the other thing we both like is the fast food apps like McDonald's, Burger King, uh, pizza, uh, Domino's pizza, Domino's, Pizza Hut has one.

The reason is Papa John's has just like with grocery store apps, they have unadvertised specials. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Reward. They also have rewards now to buy so much, buy so much, get free. Yeah. Buy so many pizzas, get a free pizza. McDonald's go through the drive through and there's. Specials that are only good for a drive thru like the one that I like because it's an entire meal and then some is the dollar fry by the large French fry for a buck.

And then I order a large iced tea with it for a buck. I got a 2 meal. Boom, boom, done. Janet's satisfied because she eats like a bird. Oh, thank you. I wish I was tiny like a bird. Birds eat like a shit ton of food. So technically you eat like a horse. Yeah, no, horses don't eat that much. Exactly, horses don't eat that much.

No, birds eat all the time. I'm always eating. But you don't, you're kind of like a, you're kind of like a horse bird. Okay. All the time, but you don't need a lot. Okay. So something else we use is ReceiptPal. Change the subject. Change the subject. I'm out of here. We're going down the wrong rabbit hole. I get it.

I get it. Sorry. My bad. I eat too much. I say I'm overweight. He says I'm not. End of story. So, ReceiptPal is another app. We've talked about it before. A brief rundown of it is, you go to the store, you buy something, you get a paper receipt. You come home, you open the app, you take a picture of the receipt and you earn points.

Points equals gift cards. Visa, Amazon, whatever. I'm like this close to a 50 gift card. Like that close. Yep. Uh, Amazon, Visa and whatever. Yeah. There's others too, but those Amazon and Visa are the only two I'm interested in. Cause we, we use Amazon and I use Visa too. There's like, you can go get a, there's, you can.

Cash out. Like a $5 gift card or a, yeah. 10 or whatever. Like I said, they, they have a, but me being me, I'm like, let's see how high I can get it. And I'm, they have a table, I'm so close to 50 that it's like, right. They have a, they have a rewards table where, you know, they, you can see what you're getting, the amount of points that you have earned, and you can connect your Amazon account and get points off that.

And your email. Your email and your grocery store apps. Yeah. And your gas station, all the apps that you use to save money can be connected to that and it earns you more points. Yep. Oh, and if you just check in and you get points for popping balloons too, like everything else, right? Well, they do, although they're geese, they're not balloons.

Well, they, it's, um, entries into like a, like a sweepstakes. A sweepstakes that they're for more points Yeah. For to, to, to earn more points. Mm-hmm. . Um, but, uh, yeah, I won 500 points one week. Nice. But yeah, they, uh, when, when you, uh, when you add your email in there, it'll, it'll scan your emails for virtual receipts.

Mm-hmm. . So like, if you purchase something and you said, nah, just, just don't give me a printed one. Give me, send it, send it to my email. You know, you still get the points as long as your email is connected, it'll scan for it. Yeah. And you can add, if you use multiple emails, like some of us, like me, Patrick do, you can add more than one email.

Like I have my multiple emails in there because I use a personal email and I use a business email and another business email. I have them all connected. And another, and another. No. Anyway, so the last app we talked about on the first episode, now that we're, you know, episode length here. So, so she, so wait, wait, wait.

So not only does Janet have a getaway from Patrick Savings account, she has a getaway from Patrick email address. In case you can't hear the rocks rattling. Yes, they're rattling. Yes. Ra rah, ra, ra. Alright, so one, okay. One, one other, uh, one other app that we talked about, in, in the, in the episode 12, back in episode 12 was Poshmark app.

And I still use it and I am like one of the first people that used it. I've been around on that app so long, I don't even know how many years it's been open. Um, but you can, you left your app open. Poshmark's been an app for that long. Hearty, heart, heart, heart. You can, you can buy crap on there. I said, crap again.

God bless America. You can buy and sell fashion. You can buy and sell fashion on there, but other stuff like you can buy and sell jewelry. You can buy and sell clothes, shoes, purses, suits, men's clothes, children's stuff, you know, it's a variety. Isn't that fashion? Yeah, but some people don't think, I've seen some stuff on there that does not in any way, shape, or form Convert in any way shape or form to the word fashion like at all ever.

So why don't you tell me how you really feel? Well, you don't have enough time and neither do they So clothes There's some really fashionable items. There are some really killer heels on there too, babe, and it's a really nice pocketbooks since clothes, so, so use your get getaway from Patrick Money to buy some of that.

I'll use your getaway from Janet Money to do it. No, that's my money. Well, my birthday's coming at, make me a list, . Okay. I'll check it twice and I'll, and I'll check it twice and say, this is what Janet's not gonna get.

I'm just kidding. Anyway, Poshmark. You can also sell items that's just hanging around. Like our t shirts are hanging around right now. Just like this. Yeah. We can put these on there. We can put these on. Yeah. These things are popular. Speaking of which, speaking of which, get your t shirts. Yeah. How do you get them?

Go to the number one, the number eight, we'll talk. com forward slash support. S U P P O R T. Support the show? List of items that we have with the t shirts. I think we have coffee cups, coffee mugs, coffee tumblers. COVID shots, don't forget to get your COVID shots. Mm hmm. And a shot glass and a mask. That's right.

And while you're here watching, if you're watching the video, smash the like button. If you like what we're talking about, give us five stars. If you've got us in, if you've got us in your ear, give us five stars. Yeah. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. It could be multitasking. I know, right? Help us out. Every, every, every star helps every, every like helps.

So yes, I was saying. Everything helps and no, you're fine, babe and Poshmark, you can sell stuff too. So if you have extra stuff laying around, you can sell it, make a little money, which helps. Put it towards groceries or wherever. Um, I just like to go on there and look at handbags and shoes and stuff I don't need.

Oh, that's why you always have those drool stains. Yeah. Yeah. Usually coffee stains or whiskey or something, you know? No. No. Yeah. I know. Yeah. It's from, it's from me drooling while I know.

Anyways, let's add to this so we have more ways to save money. More ways. A whole shiitake mushroom load. Yeah. Do you want to start or do you want me to start? Let's see. I, I made some posh mark. You drooled over shoes. You get the next one. Okay. Ibotta. Ibotta. You bought it. What? I bought a stuff. Ibotta

it's you can get, um, it's an app where you can get coupons. You can get, um, deals. You can get cash back in the mail. It's it's a savings app like everything else, but I go through, Ibotta and look for all my coupons. One of the spots I look through coupons, there's days when I go shopping, I'll only find like eight or 10 and there's other days I'll find a bunch.

So it's another good savings app. We'll have links for all of these apps because I have links for all these apps. So it'd be easy to set it up for him to set it up. We'll put Links to these and others in the show notes. Yes. And like I said, if we have a discount code that we can give you, that'll help you save like, like my Patrick nine, five, eight, two on, on get upside, which will save you an additional 15 cents off a gallon of gas.

You know, we got we got one. And if I have personal links, I'm going to put them in there because if it saves me money, I'd love to have it. Because then when you share the links. You'll save money too. Yeah. See? We're all gonna save. Like the next one. We're all gonna be Rockefellers. Just like Rrrrrrakuten.

Hahaha. Rakuten Shopping Extension. Uh huh. On the uh, on your browser. Browser extension. Yep. Yep. You get money in the mail. That's one of my little clicky things that you don't even have to clicky now. It just swipes right in there and does its thing. That's like the other, what's that other one there, uh, done a list.

That's like honey. I've seen commercials for honey. That, yeah, they didn't used to have commercials. I've had them for a long, and it's also like... Capital One. Yep. Capital One's got the got one too. I have all three of those. Uh, it's Rakuten, capital One, honey. And I thought there was one more I used.

Um, Shopkick will cou we'll kick on and so will coupons.com for me. Okay. These are all, these are all browser apps and you can use, and you can add to your computer browsers. Some of them have apps for your phone too. Really? Yeah. Wow. I'll mark the ones that do when we put them in the... We'll, we'll, we'll combine it because we have a list where we, well, I should say Janet created a list.

Okay. And we'll put them in an order where they, you know, like they're grouped together like that. Yeah. Cause I just put them the way they came to my mind, but all of the ones we just mentioned, when I'm say shopping, like on prime, I'll. Click on prime and I'll search for like these coffee prims that I really like that mom Heller got me hooked on.

Thank you very much. When I put them in my basket. All these different apps show up these extensions show up and say you could save and then I'll click the first one and see what the best price it gives me, and it puts the coupon code in, then I'll click the next one it'll say, either. We found a better price in which I put apply or it says you have a better price.

And I just close that window and then I click the next one, . Oh. Oh, so you can't do more than one. It's one or the other. Nope, it's one or the other. But when you have five of those open up and you click the first one to apply it, and then you click the next one, it says, we found a better price. It'll take the first one out and put theirs in.

Oh, but say the first one was better. And the second one says, you have a better price. Would you like to share the code? I always put yes, because I, I don't care if I don't know somebody, if I can save someone money, that's just good karma, you know, and as soon as, you know, we're doing this episode and as soon as we need a lot of good karma, I know, and as soon as our good buddy, uh, Sam Jackson started doing that capital one.

Commercials with John Travolta, Santa Claus. Hello, Santa Claus. Come visit me, please. The drool stains got a little bigger. Yeah, I know. Um, but yeah, I'm just like, I installed that thing. The first time I saw the commercial, I was like, Oh, I need that. I need that. But I look for Santa Claus. He wasn't there.

What? No, sorry, Samuel Jackson's still on the naughty list. I know, but I wanted Santa Claus. The hell with naughty list? I wasn't naughty. You keep that up, you'll be on the naughty list. Oh, okay, I'll be good. So let me click couple off of here. Check, check, check, check, check. So, um, I thought that the last time that we talked, we had talked about Groupon.

I don't believe so because I'm looking at it right here and it don't show Groupon. Okay, but then again, I can't remember that far back. So Groupon, it's on forever. It's on your computer and it's on your phone. Say, you want to go horseback riding. Um, or you know someone who wants to go horseback riding.

Like my niece bought a... thing for us for my birthday four or five years ago. She knows I grew up riding horses. She knows I enjoy riding horses and she says, Oh, buy this for aunt Jennifer birthday. So she bought a coupon that she paid for everything. So we got it for free, but she bought us an experience and it was a horseback riding coupon.

The value might've been 150 and she paid 75 because she bought it through Groupon and. Was able to apply her discounts and send us the coupon. Um, but I like when last time I had, uh, renewed Sam's club, I renewed it through Groupon because I let it expire and then renewed it through them and got a better price because you can get, you know, the 45 coupon there that you can't get anywhere else.

You join for 45 and then they send you $45, uh, gift card. So it's like free. Yeah. And the nice thing is, is there's no subscription. Um, and we've bought when we Right, there's no subscription. No subscription. The $45, is it? Yeah, but there's no subscription required. You don't have to be, you don't have to sign up for anything.

No, you have to be a member. Oh, you gotta be a member. The $45 you pay for membership. Okay. And then by joining through Groupon, I got a $45 gift card that covered the membership. No, no, no. I'm talking about Groupon. No, no, no. Groupon doesn't have a membership. I thought you meant Sam's club. No, no, no. I'm talking about Groupon.

Um, Groupon, it doesn't cost anything. You don't have to, it's just a, put your email in. Yeah. You might not even have to do that, but I have an email account cause just like everything else you earn points. Yeah. Um, but when we, that's all I was saying. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. When we used to, no, you're fine. You confused me, but I'm a natural blonde, but this is true.

When we used to take Kyle to, The indoor gaming place up in Mason Baseline. It's called Amazing Jake's. That place. I found them. Which I think they changed their name. They changed their name, but I found them on Groupon. Oh, that place is awesome. It's like, it's like an indoor. Mom diggity. They got laser tag, bowling.

They have race cars. They got video games, they got go karts. They got, they got like a bunch of different buffets and places to sit and eat. And they have alcohol and a sports bar. Yeah. So, I mean, it's, it's for kids and then they have the, all the like skeet ball and all the, all the, all the arcade games you can think of and the stuff that has the fluffy things that you hit the claw fluffy thing.

It's called a claw machine. Yeah, that's what I just said the fluffy things and I said that you could hit. But you could pick. Oh, pick. Yeah. It's called a claw machine. Thank you, Patrick. I do love you. And then you can play the skeet ball where you can get the tickets and then you can get prizes like the kids do.

Mm-hmm. , you know, for like 10,000 of those. You can get like a little bitty stuffed teddy bear. It'd be about this big, but as big as my hand. Yeah. Pull my hand a little O bity, stuffed teddy bear. Little bit. A little o little bitty, little o bitty, stuffed teddy bear for 10,000 tickets at one of those places.

Yes, I know. Isn't that awesome? Now, I know you talked about Flip. That's another coupon when you were talking grocery. Groceries. Flip is another app. Um, you type in, you want Mountain Dew. It'll tell you where to find it. It'll tell you every place to find it and the best deal. Yep. Toilet paper. That's the nice thing about the Flip app.

It pulls all the ads up for your local stores. Exactly. That's what I was just going to say. It pulls up all the advertisements that, you know, like the newspaper ads. And if it's not in your area, you can put it in and suggest, Hey, we need you in our area and these are the stores. When I first came out here and it wasn't in all the didn't have all the stores ads.

It didn't have Albertsons and I kept requesting Albertsons and all a bunch of other people kept requesting Albertsons now because Albertsons is a pretty big place out here. albertsons

So coupons.com used to only be on the computer. Now they have an app like everything else. There's, there's an app for that. I know, and just like it sounds, It's coupons. I like it on the computer because I can go through and click my computers for digital used to be. You had to print them. Now you can do digital, but you have to be careful because not all stores will take the digital coupons off coupons. com. You have to make sure your store does. Okay. Um, yes. Yes, darling. But an arrow there.


Just putting the flip app to go with it. The aboves. Yeah. The grocery store app. Yes. I'll fix all that for you later, baby. I'm sure you will, baby. Thank you, darling. I'm just making notations. I want you to know I'm paying attention. I know you do. Don't I look wonderful? I have on a red, red. Where the fuck? I mean, red.

I almost said it. Take note. Take note, mom. I have almost said it. I have yet to drop the F bomb. I have on a red tank top. I have on a black and red shirt, and I have on red glasses. It's been about 40 minutes in, and I have yet to drop an F bomb. My mommy spoke. I was really close mom. It's all his fault. He got me riled before we started.

He sat on here before he hit record and he cussed a bunch and got me going. I had to get out of my system. Apparently you like did some sort of. Evil voodoo and put it in mine. Anyway, anyways, our next item on the, on the agenda. Yes, darling credit karma, credit karma. How do they help? You can save, save money by tracking your credit.

So how does that help you save money? Cause the better you kind of better the credit card, um, the better, uh, Loan options you might have if you need to go get a car loan or a personal loan. Um, interest rates, better interest rates because you got better credit and you can find out if someone stole your identity.

They even help you. They even help with ways to. Get, make your credit better. They give you tips. I've, I've gotten tips like, Hey, you may not, you may not know this, but if you can make an extra payment on this card, you could save on interest. Yeah. And saving on interest is how, what lowers your interest or lowers how much you owe, which raises your credit rating, which saves you money, less interest, more money.

So yeah, credit karma, credit karma is good because, um, it keeps, I mean, literally it does, it does what they call a soft hit. It doesn't, doesn't throw up a red flag on your credit rating, but it, it does a soft hit so it can get in there and, and it's like all of them together. Actually, no, it's two. Uh, I think it's experience and trans union.

There's three in there on credit karma though. It's only, no, there's. I thought there was three. No, you're right. Experiencing trans unions on credit karma. OK, the third one isn't. Yeah, and I can't for the life of me, I can never remember a third. Well, it's because they're not on credit karma. There's three, there's three credit reporting engines.

Okay. Anyways, credit karma. If I had a discount code, I'd give it to you, but you don't need a discount code. You just need your social. Yeah. Your personal information. Yeah. Check it out. You'd be surprised. Oh yeah. You might, you might be like, oh, I don't know, man, we can't buy that house. I don't think my, my credit's credit karma.

Yeah. It'll tell you. So when you just sign up, it'll say, well, Hey, here's your credit score. Sorry. You ain't getting the loan. Cause believe me, when we first signed up to find ours, we were like, what could take us forever? Now it's like, Oh, okay. Oh, okay, cool. Next. Next is daily goodie box. com. Wow. You're really skipping around.

Well, we're skipping that other one for a reason. What other one? The one above it. Okay. Well, what about the pizza hat? We talked about that with fast food. You talked about it. Yeah. You said, Oh yeah. Yeah. Oh, okay. He wanted to talk about pizza again. It is his favorite. Listen, listen, it has the four basic food groups in it.

It's shaped when it's cut, when it's cut pan style, it's shaped like a fucking pyramid. He said it! F bomb! If I'm number one, 45 minutes, 45 minutes in. Sorry, mom, I can't even attempt to stop. I'm good with one. Anyways, the four basic food groups, I'm listening, create a pyramid. I'm listening. What are they in your pizza?

What are your four basic food groups? Uh, it's got, it's got bread, cheese

and cheese are the same thing. I know. Same part of the pyramid, but it's in a meat.

Vegetables. Look at him. I didn't have to break any copyrights. See . See, I told you it's got the four basic food groups in there, so everybody should eat pizza every day. It's good for you. All used Eat pizza every day. Now look it and look at me, . I'll quit cooking. Okay, so my daily or daily goodie box.com.

You get emails. Okay. Okay. And first you're thinking great. More in my email box, more inbox that I don't read, but this one, they got some sort of contest to win money. Okay. Like a hundred bucks. You click on it. You find out you lost, but then when you read the page that you've clicked on. That's what I like because I get a lot of coupons out of there and I find links to a lot of sales that I didn't know about.

Um, some of the places that I've gone and bought makeup, some of the places that I've gone and bought skincare, clothes, just a variety of items. It's stuff that I've bought online, not off one of the big box ones. Um, I caught through daily goodie box. com and you know how, um, Like, say your, your different, um, email boxes, like, um, I've got, what do I have?

I have Outlook and I have Gmail for instance, they'll say, you haven't opened a email from this person in 30 days. Do you want to unsubscribe? Okay. I've never gotten that message from Daily Goodie Box. Oh, gotcha. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. That's one that every time I go on my email every day, it's one that I went is on scrolling through.

It's in my primary, not under a promotion or spam. Um, Okay. And I always click it and open it. And it's like, click the link to see if I won, which I already knew I didn't. So I wasn't there for that. I was there to find out what was on sale because they used to also have a lot of grocery coupons. They're how I found some of my grocery coupon.

You're like a little you're like a little kid, like can't get save money. Ah, just sayin. Saving money? Here we go. I like it. I like saving money. I get to get a coupon. Yeah, because when I put money in our savings account, you know the one I'm running away from you in? Yeah. Yeah, when I put money in that.

You're going to be able to buy a fucking mansion. There's two. There's two. I'm sorry. Hey, I want that place up in, uh, North Phoenix. The one, you know, the one that's, um, 5. 9. You better really save money. Million, whatever. I asked Kyle if I could borrow six. He said, yes. And I said, million. Yeah. He didn't say no after that.

I said, it's a really nice house. Yeah. She goes, she goes, Hey, Kyle, can you bend mold me six? He's like, sure. And then I put 6 million and he kind of like gave her like a confused, confused emoji with an LOL. Like, yeah, okay, lady, you're out of your tree. But he didn't say no. If he had it, I bet he would. He saw the house.

He saw the picture. He saw the house and he came out and went. The patio was bigger than our place. So then again, so was the swimming pool, but anyway, so yeah, I do like them and you can find links to sales that like aren't advertised. That's one of the, I hooked up with Ulta Beauty through them originally.

Oh, okay. I kept seeing skincare, skincare, and then I saw skincare 50 percent sale. And you went cha ching. And I went cha ching, you opened my wallet. It went chrrr. That's my wallet opening. Oh. Yeah, well, I have a mine up all year. That's because it all jumps ship in the mine. It's all the moths coming out because I never have any money.

That's because your money jumped in the mine. It jumped out of yours. It wanted to see its friends. I doubt it. No, I'm not. I'm serious. I gotta have it to let it jump. If I don't have it flew by you. As it was flying by you, it left mothballs and said, we're going over with our friends in Janet's wallet. You went there?

Mothballs? Mothballs. Not that old. People still use them. They sell them in Wally World and the grocery stores. Walmart sells everything. Almost everything. Anyways, next. So next I was going to talk about some of the ways to save money. Money saving tools. Okay. Such as? Moneylion. Okay. Moneylion is an, they advertised originally as a saving tool.

But they're more of an investing tool. And I mention it because I've heard people say, Oh, what about moneylion? I've talked to people, you know, like to save money. People tend to ask me questions about money for some reason. Anyway. You're, you're pretty tight with it. That's true. I charge interest. Like, like I was taught by my big brother who will name remain nameless.

Um, his initials are Jim, but anyway, as I was saying, Moneylion is not a, like a coupon or a money saver or anything like these apps. What it is, is it's a site. pretty much like 93 percent of their users are first time investors with under 2, 000 to invest. Okay, so that brings up like a whole bunch of other correct, but apps that go with what people don't know about Moneylion is they charge a monthly fee.

Okay, so if say I'm only you can invest with like 50 bucks or something with them. Okay. Say I'm investing with 250. Okay. They charge 3 a month. If you're not making 3 a month, or if you're not making a good income off your 250, pretty soon you're going to end up in the whole a lot of money. So when you're picking there, I brought them up because when you're picking a place to invest, make sure you look at all of their fees, even if it's a yearly fee, if you're not making that yearly fee, you're making a mistake.

So Be really careful when you're a first time investor. That was my point. Oh, gotcha. Yeah. Cause there's another one called, what's it called? Acorn. That, that acorn charges more than moneylion. Like, Oh yeah. Acorn charges. I just know that it's supposed to like help save money. And you there are 50, 50 split. You talk to 50 percent of the people that are.

Um, investors and business. Um, I thought like, like investors that came outta college is what I'm trying to say. Oh, you know, that do this for a living. Yeah. And 50% of 'em are saying, yeah, Acorn's a good deal. And the other 50% are saying, well, it's a good deal as long as you invest over $50,000. Right. But if you're a, you're making money, first time small investor, it's not a good deal because the monthly fee kills you.

Gotcha. Just like with moneylion, if you're a first time investor, look to see what that monthly fee is. Yeah, they're the same way. Pick good investment. Well, that's easier said than done. I know, right? Who can pick good investment in today's market? Yeah, right. Alright, so what's this? The one with the Q?

Yeah, it looks like Quapital. You said it right. What is that? Online savings and investing? Yeah, well, mobile banking apps are attached to online banks, such as Quapital. I know it sounds different. Um, their prices begin at 3 a month. Are they crappy? With a Q, not a CR. Yes. Oh, come on. That was funny. They have savings and investings.

Investments, okay? Again, 3 a month. You don't have to go down the road of paying for an online account and have a bad... Cause we know a lot of people that use online banking that are bad. I don't mean the people, I mean, the accounts they're using, they're not FDIC insured, they're not, you know, up and up stuff gets stolen a lot.

Uh, FDI. FDIC is Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation banks, right? And the other one is, uh, it's not bank insurance, correct? Or, um, I just had it in my head. Um, credit union, uh, there's a, it's like UAC or something for credit unions, which is the credit union insurance. Okay. Um, something that is. Insured because it's backed by stride is chime, right?

That's where I was leading. That's right. That's what I was trying to lead you into because, okay, then I'll let you take over. Well, no, no, you're doing great. FDIC insured and much, much like. Yeah. Because now you chimed in, you go ahead, dog, because you just chimed in and chime is backed by a bank. That's why they have brick and mortar, right?

They're an online everything. You can get a debit card. You can apply for credit cards. There's no overdraft fees, no minimum monthly balance, no monthly service fees, no foreign transaction fees, no transfer fees. And they're backed by FDIC because somewhere there's a brick and mortar. Hey, if you guys are getting value out of this, hit the like button, smash the like button, leave a comment below.

Don't forget to subscribe to the show, hit the notification bell. We go live Tuesdays at two, Tuesdays at two. So that there's one more for you there. Ally is an ally or alley. I don't know. A

L L Y.

Savings accounts online, helpful tools, 24 seven support, no monthly maintenance fees, um, no minimum balance requirements. Some banks require you to have a minimum, like I know my credit union, you know, to have a savings account, you've got to have at least a buck in it, robbers. It's my money. I want it

along with a competitive variable rate and no monthly maintenance fees. The, the Ally bank Online Savings Accounts, uh, come with tools to help grow your money faster.

All I hear is... That's because she's been pawing at me for the last five minutes. What's she want? Me. Oh. Pug, interrupt us. Say hi. I think she just did, didn't she? You got to get her up a little higher so that people could see her. Come on. Come on. Tell everybody your story. Yeah, that's it. Come on. Pick me up.

Get me higher so people could see me. You can hear her, can't you? Yeah, I can hear her. I'm sure everyone else can too. Okay. That's what I was saying. Adjust the camera so people could see her. Yeah, now you can see her. Pug, interrupt us. She's been pawing at me for ten minutes. I finally gave up and picked her up.

Oh. That's where I went. Anyways, we're almost finished, girl. It must be dinner time in her eyes. No, she's always looking for dinner. He's kidding. 45 minutes yet. No, no, it's going to be two hours. She keeps this up. So anyway, Ally Bank has a savings account. It's similar to chime, but I if I had to pick an online account, I'd probably go with chime.

Let's see, we find people have saved on average two times more when, when they've used our smart savings tools, that's an ally. Then maybe I'd have to compare them. So we haven't done a side by side comparison because we're set with our banks. Yeah, we're happy with them. But anyways, anyways, last but not least, the best tool ever for savings, common sense.

I agree. You know, use your brain people. If it doesn't, I always tell people go with your gut. If your gut tells you, you know, that something's messed up, you know, not doing it. Don't do it. Always go with your gut. And if you lack common sense, find someone that you trust that has it. Go out and buy some.

Yeah, go out and buy some. That's what it is. I mean, if you're going to find somebody that's got common sense, if they got real common sense and the knowledge, it's going to cost you. Yeah, it's going to cost you. Just saying. Anyways, we really do hope you enjoyed our show today. Yes, we do. Go to your favorite podcast player of choice.

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And where did I put it? Uh, our newest supporters, I want to, uh, we want to thank John and Sarah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for supporting us. I'm not going to tell you what your dollar amount was, but thank you. Nobody's business. Nobody's business but us.

But we thank them. Cushla thanks him. Thank you. All right. That's it for today. We hope you enjoyed the show and save lots of money, OK? Yes. Don't forget. Bye. Laughter is the best medicine. Bye from us. All three of us. All three. Jeez. Oh, jeez. OK, bye.