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18WT 009: Current Events the Week of July 15, 2020

July 30, 2020  Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

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The Guest Vitals!

Your Host and Co-host truly complement each other’s personalities and style, on and off the air! Patrick is a 20+ year truck driver with a passion for being an entrepreneur. Janet grew up in the trucking industry, her father and grandfathers’ all drove. She also drove for nearly a decade over the road. Her passion for entrepreneurship is similar yet different than Patrick’s. That is why it works so well for them. The one main thing that drives them both however is the desire to see him step down from the big rig and retire to the home office this year. Those headphones look good on him after all.

18WT 009:  Patrick & Janet begin by talking about Coronacooties day 198 and the Gov… Is Coronacooties a govt experiment gone wrong? Let’s talk about it here on episode 9. A quick look at some graphics and a take 2! Air base, drums, and all they keep going!

 The shenanigans have begun even before the news. Floyds’ family is suing, like everyone does nowadays. But his family has a rightful case. Money Mayweather paid for the funeral, gold casket and all.

  Back to the Gov! When is school opening? Aug 4th, 15th? Who knows??? Coronavirus is rampant here in AZ. Mesa school district is the largest and one of the oldest in the state. People tend to pay attention to what they do. They had a huge meeting about opening staggering the opening. They spoke with doctors, health officials, ect. Will the federal government take away funding if there is not in person schooling? That is the claim. School districts are spending hundreds of thousands on ppe for staff and students. They are prepared for students that are immunocompromised, or who’s parents’ want their children protected regardless.

  As they are interrupted by Janets’ phone yet again, the Darth Vader jokes fly. But in all seriousness, not everything that is being sold is good. Some of it is crap, Janets’ sister-in-law buys ppe for a school district in MO and has said how some is crap. There is a company that “recycles” ppe, they basically put used ppe through what seems to be a huge autoclave. That way it can be reused safely. The company is saving hospitals thousands of dollars.

  California schools are staying closed, Military school districts are helping the students get the tools to distance learn. But Janet asks “are the kids being used as a political tool? Are we playing football with their lives?” Both Patrick & Janet believe the answer is yes. Because schools are basically being blackmailed with funding. Then you must think about the ratio of what each teacher is in contact with the students. Trace contacting comes into play here. A gym teacher for instance may see every student in a school. So if they have it, the entire school needs quarantined. Compared to a second-grade teacher that is contact with maybe a dozen students. Then from each of the respective students each teacher is in contact with, how many more people are they in contact with? A recent experiment was done with two hair stylists that had covid-19 and each had 70 customers. Did the customers know that they were in a chair of a stylist with covid?

  Next up money…how about those plain white envelope stimulus check debit cards that were sent out? Thousands of people threw out the envelopes thinking they were junk mail. Little did they know that they were real money, meant for them. Janet gets it, no seal so they couldn’t be stolen. But how were people to know it was coming? Bye Bye stimulus checks!

  Next up, PUA. So let’s talk about the people who do deserve it. People who work in restaurants, bars, gig workers, ride share, office workers, people with actual jobs. Then there are people scamming the government because the government is not on top of this situation. Mostly because so many of the government employees are so overwhelmed right now. This has allowed con artists to take advantage of the system. People that could simply log on to the PUA website and list that they were looking for a job, even tho they were not and get the assistance that others worked so hard for. The people that deserve the help cannot always get it. Because they get overwhelmed by the shear paperwork. The con artists just take these huge checks that they claimed after not working, and not looking for work for years, then they go shopping! They buy furniture, wide screen tv’s, toys for the spouse that they don’t need, HD four wheelers for the kids, and more. Then they do not even pay their rent, or bills. They get every single bill deferred, while they are splurging like they just won the lottery. But they did, didn’t they? Ironically, they watched those same neighbors that spent all that money on toys get evicted! Too funny!

  How about rich people? 83 of the worlds’ richest people started “millionaires for humanity” and said to their governments’ Hey, tax us and use the money directly for covid-19. Patrick and Janet have different opinions on how this all went down. She is all for it, he says it is going to the governments. She says there is a contract that is being written so that the money goes where it is supposed to. He says it is like lottery money going to the schools, no-existent.  Janet steers him back from left field…in other news! Notes to keep on track and back in line!

  Coronavirus has brought up mask use in retailers. In Arizona it is up to the city, the governor made not decision on it. Janet talks about two grocery stores that she goes to and how it is playing out. One does a great job, a really great job; the other, not so much. One is mandatory masks (worn properly for both employees and shoppers), maximum occupancy counts, one-way aisles, carts are wiped down, and more. And has been this way since March. The other, has dropped the ball entirely, despite what they are saying in the news. Walmart does a better job than the second store. So Janet took Kyle to work and the second store is where he works. There is now a big red sign up saying requiring masks. They also have a person wiping carts and handing out masks to people without them. According to Kyle, this all just started the day before. Janet feels they are doing this because they have lost business to their competitor. Patrick agrees, because the two are within a mile of each other. Other stores that are near by have also been doing a really good job. Unlike the one where Kyle works. This brought up the subject of where they picked up Chinese food at their fav Chinese restaurant. They had a big sign, no mask no entry, we will bring your food out to you.

  Next, they talked about no currency. Patrick believes they are going for cryptocurrency. Neither one of them believe that this is a good thing. It is a microchip about the size of a grain of rice that goes in your hand. It will have everything about you on it. Money, credit info, health info, everything. Cryptocurrency will also take away earning a little cash on the side. No more chores for cash, no $5 bills from grandma & grandpa for birthdays or Christmas. Selling things for extra bill money is done, yard sales and flea markets a thing of the past. Neither can imagine a world without cash. To them it is the beginning of the end of society as we know it. Imagine that your hand could get hacked.

  Will there ever be a new normal? The director of the WHO (World Heath Organization) who’s name Janet cannot pronounce…said there will be no return to the old normal for a foreseeable future. If the public does not follow the guidelines because America is the epicenter of the outbreak. Florida is breaking records daily at the time of this recording. Florida, Texas, and Arizona are the top three at the time of this podcast. That is not a good list to be on and many blame the government, the governors that do not make decisions. Patrick jokes about running for governor, but in the end says, no just send money instead.

  Speaking of lists, Janet brings up that last year on her birthday a list came out of the ten worst Presidents in history. And no, our current president is not on it. However there are five that were slave owners, and actually promoted the idea of owning slaves. They pushed the cause of slave ownership. One was just plain corrupt, if it was wrong, he was involved. Patrick spoke of another podcast and how he heard that the Royalty was made to invest in the slave trade or lose their titles. Also that some of the people that got on the boats, sold themselves to be there. Janet points out that this is called being an indentured servant. That, in essence being an indentured servant is very much the same as being a slave in her opinion. Because, for instance if you were an indentured servant and they paid you $100 to clean house and allowed you to live on their property. The person that you were indentured to charged you $110 for the room and board and the supplies you needed to do the job to live there. The longer you were there the more you owed. This was common in white people of Irish descent coming to America or Africa.

  She also brought up that right here in current day Arizona some wealthy families were brought to court for this exact thing. They brought some families from third world countries and paid them like $100 to clean house and take care of their lawn’s etc. Then they charged them enormous amounts to live here. In Fountain Hills one family was busted for this after the woman grocery shopping kept reporting that she was wanting to be released from captivity. The police got involved and after auditing the books it was found that the entire family was being paid something like $20 a month while being charged $100 a month room and board. Plus they were being told they had to reimburse for plane tickets to come here.

  Janet then got on a rant about sex slavery of children of all color. And how sex slavery has always existed in some form. They went from General Chao to Sex slaves. All the while looking at notes and veering off subject.

  China is next on the agenda with lots of jokes about how our President pronounces that word. But they went on to discuss the worst flooding in years in China. Janet questions if Covid will be spread thru the floods. Is it possible? Suicides are up and they discussed Elvis Presley’s grandson Benjamin and the suicide hotline 800-273-8255 (talk)

  Patrick goes on to say it is all on Janet and how she came up with the notes. He goes on to his browser and Cornocootie records 8 days in a row. What is the cure? Put on a mask and stay the fuck home? Arizona was one of the last to close and first to open. But Florida won with spring break parties and the beach. Both Patrick and Janet think that everyone should have masked up. Patrick has worn a mask at his essential job for ages. Because the idiots he works with, do not stay home when they are ill. So when he masks up, it helps him not spread it. But both Patrick and Kyle got a bug the beginning of January.  They both say it was just a bug, not the Covid. They then talk about how Janet when plays around and slaps at their faces but stops short of hitting them (slap boxing). One day they are going to lean into it and oopsie, nail marks on a face. Several states are mandating masks and Oklahoma’s Gov is down with Covid.

  Janet then tells people to appreciate their loved ones’. She recently lost her father and it hit her hard. They briefly discuss it and how lucky she was to go see him before he passed. They laugh about family, Cornoacooties and more; then one of the pugs, Cailin is under Janet’s desk and begins to scratch. You can here her thumping on the desk. Janet talks a bit about her Dad and his best friend Leonard. Len is 94 and just having bypass surgery. He is going home the same day for recovery. Unheard of, until now. People like him and his wife Miss Hannah are the reason you wear a mask.

  In AZ there are under 100 ventilators available. They then talk about how easily covid is spread thru contact tracing. Herd mentality does not work. A man in Texas died within 2 weeks from going to a covid party. This of course brought up a laugh about when kids ate tide pods and is Kyle a dickhead or a bastard. Then veterans’ discounts at the grocery store. How rich they would be if Janet got pregnant, kids having Patrick’s last name (the pugs already do, lol) and who gets the last word, Patrick.

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