18WT #071: Best Of 18 Wheel Talk From July 2020

July 4, 2023  Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

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Episode #071

Oh, did you wanna hear some bones pop? I could do that. No. Okay, just checking now. I need a drink. I got my dad Fuel. My dad fuel. I got my iced tea. You got your gallon jug. Mm-hmm. Morning Patrick. Morning Janet. Sup wit you talk about current events cuz they're so fun. Oh yeah. The world's gonna fucking hell. Really?

Yeah. We're on like day 198 of the Coronavirus being found in America. 190 something ish day. The official, by the time this is broadcast, it'll be day 200 and something. Yeah. Yeah. Right. It's all good though.

Corona Cootes is here. People don't come to Arizona. Not according to Governor Douchey. I mean, do Doucey. Yeah, douchey. Uh, you know what some people call him, right? Yeah. Governor Douchey. What? Governor Douche bag. Governor douche bag. I don't know. I, I don't know. Someone I love very much calls him that.

 I honestly believe that this, this Corona cootes is, uh, a government experiment. Gone, gone rampant. That's, that's my, that's my conspiracy theory people. So do you believe that? Oh, hey. Hey, Time out, by the way, this is, uh, 18 Wheel Talk. Episode nine. What? All right. Here, hold on a second. Let's see if we can do this. Right. Do, do, do.

Oh, Uh oh. Uh oh. Uh oh. I lost the background picture. Oops, I lost a picture. I forgot. Where'd the picture go. That's okay. I'll, I'll, I'll go get it. Hold on. All right. We're screenshot. What the hell? I got so much shit here. Check. Oh, check this out. Yahoo news people. This just. Uhoh ru Roll this just in Floyd's family file civil suit over his death. Friendly and frugal. Places to retire, um, in the US 101 degrees in Phoenix today, what am I doing here? What am I doing? All right, you. Let's get rid of this. Let's, let's, let's, that can go away. All right. This can come down here. I gotta go here. Here. There we go. Here I gotta go. Way over here, hewwo. Hewwo.

Graphics. Graphics. Oh, there. Damn. Check that shit out. Peeps. Nice. Now we'll do this kind of digging that rig. Yeah. Check that out. All right. Here we go. Oh, oops. All right. Even got music. What the hell happened? Where'd the picture go? Like where'd the picture go? All right, let's see. Here we go. Take two. And action.

(Musical Intro) 18 Wheel Talk, a podcast from a 25 plus year truck driver's point of view on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This is just his opinion of the world and much, much more. Much more. And it started in my heart. I used to, but then gave a brand and sinner and jesus christ.

Me too.

I do air base. All right. Uh, how did we get out this? Yeah, you click, oh, there we go. And you click on this and make us big again. And then I stopped my sharing. Check that shit out. That worked out good. Yeah. I'm gonna have to stop this recording and go back and see, see how see, see how it came out? Nope. Oh, come on. No, come on later. Tater,

whatever, whatever. So, so anyways, so we had a sneak peek at Yahoo News. Yeah. Yeah. Floyd's family's gonna sue for his death. Let's, let's just check. That's everybody. Sues. They're civil suing. Everybody sues for everything nowadays.

But you know what, I don't blame, I don't, you know, he was, yes. It was a wrongful death. And I, and yeah, by all means, sure. Sue the piss outta Minneapolis Police and, uh, get what you can for it. I agree. You guys are millionaires now anyways. Yeah. Gold casket. You know, I'm like, wow. Horse and buggy. I mean, come on, Floyd Money Mayweather. Paid, paid for all, all those. Mm-hmm. All those. There's pictures everywhere.

This is true. So let's go back to this. Oh yeah. Governor douchey. Governor douchey. He's being pushed by doctors and everyone else to push back the, uh, school opening, because I heard it was like they're doing it August 4th. I heard like fallish, like October-ish. That's what the oh, oh, oh yeah.

That's what everybody wants. But he was saying like normal opening, which in, in Arizona is like August 4th or something? August? Uh, no, they had a date of August 15th. Okay. August 15th, because everything, that was because Corona cooties. But, but I, I don't believe that. I'm sorry.

That's the Corona Cootes here in Arizona. I'm sorry. See? My, my fucking sister's got that embedded in my fucking brain. Corona cooties. Okay. So anyway, the Coronavirus is running rampant in the state of Arizona. So Mesa and others, Mesa Public School District is the largest in the state, is it? Yeah.

And I, I, I didn't know that. Yeah. Mesa is one of oldest cities. Well, yeah. Mesa's, old city, old school. I call that old school. It's old school. Mesa is one of the oldest. It's an old city and it's really large because of where it went down as the valley was growing. Uh, you have Phoenix and then east of Phoenix is Tempe and Mesa real close.

And then Mesa grew way east out to Apache Junction, which is a large land mass. Yep. And so there's a lot of schools within the district. Of course. So they had a board meeting. I don't know if it was virtual, but I know they had a board meeting recently and they talked about this and they went and they talked to like health officials.

Mm-hmm. And doctors and everybody else. There was a huge meeting they had, and I know that they were talking about when they do open, they're gonna have like staggered openings. Like the first week's gonna be virtual and then they're gonna stagger like who goes into classrooms at what times. They're not just like gonna shove all the kids in school at one time, is what I'm saying.

Right, right, right. So they've really thought it out and come up with the plan as opposed to like say, governor Ducey just wants to say, okay, everybody's going to school, and boom, here we are.

Well, I know that the federal government, has been saying that, uh, if you don't come up with a plan that you're gonna lose your funding. It's like

Yeah. If you don't return 'em to, I mean, if you don't return 'em to in-person school.

Yeah, in-person school. Yeah. That's what I mean. It's like you gotta come up with an in-person plan, but. With Coronavirus being as, as rampant. I, I'm like, screw you. My kid ain't coming to your school. I don't care how safe you're making it, it, it's not safe. It's just not safe.

Okay. Which I see, but then you have, for instance, my sister-in-law in Missouri. She's worked for the school district and quit that and when I saw her

misery, the Ozarks, speaking of the Ozarks, man, hey, I can't wait till season four comes out. I'm sorry.

I know I got family in that.

I done stuck that in there. Shameless plug. Shameless plug. Hey, you know what? See that, that was, I'm sorry. We binge watched the Ozarks and it was, uh, look, you know, I wish I could launder money like that.

I wish I had money to launder like that? I don't wanna launder it I just want the money.

I just want the money that comes out it, but I mean, yes. I mean, come on. That, that was, I have to admit, We were skeptical when we first got into it. Mm-hmm. After about the, the second episode, I think it like, like hooked us and I think we swallowed the hook and ended up binge watching Three Seasons.

Yes. Now we can't wait till season four comes out. It's like, it's like Sons of Anarchy

and they say season four is the last one.

Yeah. Yes, yes. Season four breath take will be the last drink One. Take a drink. I don't know when it's coming out though. Take a drink. I'm gonna my take a drink. I Your sister-in-law in Missouri.

In Missouri,

she works for the school district and she's the one that's been purchasing all the protective gear and she, they, she said they spent over, this was over two weeks ago, she told me that they had spent over a hundred thousand dollars Okay. On ppe. And she said some of the stuff that they got in were like the gowns, the paper gowns they're supposed to wear, like nurses and stuff.

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Yellowy covered, covered gowns. And then normally, really, really, really? You didn't learn from past episodes. Janet's fault. Janet's fault. I'm like, what's that? Oh, that's my phone interruption. Janet's fault anyway. And she said like, some of the stuff came in and it didn't have strings on it, and some of the masks came in and they didn't have the ear hoops.

It was pretty bad numbers. Let me make sure I silence my phone. Let me make sure I silence it I don't wanna get interrupted. Yeah, I hate for that to happen again. Much. Oh, that's freaking hilarious. The last time we did a, we recorded a podcast, death Star was calling.

Well, the pugs are under my feet today. The umbrellas are already up. I was like, all of a sudden you're done. Done. It's like, oh my God. Darth Vader. It was an alarm that she set. I thought her, I thought her brother was us. Like, family's calling.

You can't say his brother. Cause they're all gonna be paranoid. I think. I thought you had it set for all of them. No, they each have their own ring tone.

Oh my God. Right now one of them is Darth Vader. So it was like, it was like, it was like, I heard it. I'm like, I know that. I know that ring tone.

Mm-hmm. And I love them all very much. Which family members calling? Um, I know.

Alright, anyways, so let's go back to school. So, so a hundred thousand dollars some of the stuff No. Is crap. Is shit. Awesome. Yeah. It She probably bought reused. P p e No she didn't. No, no, no, no. What I'm saying is that, that there's a company that's, um, trying to sell it. No, no, no, no. There, there, um, there's a, uh, supply company that is, um, trying to save the hospitals by, by, uh, reusing, um, sterilizing and, and.

It, it, they, they take back like the masks. Okay. The respirators and all that. And what they're doing is they're putting 'em in, they have sterilizing rooms and they're sterilizing the equipment. And then the, the hospitals are buying this stuff brand new mm-hmm. Sending it back to them for sterilization and then buying it at, at like an Uber discount.

Okay. After it's been sterilized. So saving the hospital millions of dollars. I personally don't get it. I, I mean, it's like, well, no, I get it.

Because you like when you Yeah. But I, I, when you're doing operating, they use sterile equipment that's been put through an autoclave that makes it sterile again. Yes.

So that's kind of what, and that's pretty much what they're doing. I get that. You know, they're, they're, they're, it's. I don't know if they're autoclave. It's, they're not autoclaving it, so it's, but something similar. But they're, they're doing like, it, it's like the stuff's put on racks and it's sprayed with a sterilized and it just sits in an Yeah, it's gotta be like this big tall oven thing.

Auto, I saw it on the news. Like I said, it was, it was the weirdest thing. And, and actually because of my job that I do, because I'm in the medical waste business, I actually ran into the, the guy that, that does this and he says it's, it's saving hospitals. Millions of dollars. Well, it's gotta be like a big autoclave.


It's, it's, it's, it's, there's something, a big warehouse where they do this, and I think it's in Oregon. I think that's where he said it. That'd be a good place for a warehouse. There's nothing there. Well, I think that's where he says it goes to one of their warehouses in Oregon that they had set up for this.

And it's amazing because they are saving the hospitals millions of dollars by doing it this way. It's just, it sucks that it has to come down to this. I gotcha. So, so I mean, so maybe that's what she's, you know, ended up getting was some of this stuff that's been being, you know, they've been trying to re reuse, repurpose.

Oh, I gotcha. You know, and, but just got overlooked. No strings. No. You know, so you got stuff that's, you know, or it was mis manufactured and that happens. Yeah, that's true. You know, you buy stuff that's like, you know, you got supposed to have two strings and the one string's not attached and when you pull on it, it's like, I know some people, their brains are like that one string's not attached.

Okay. That being said, so am I gonna have to put a, a, a, I gonna add that in now? No. Great. Thanks Janet. Thanks. You're welcome. As if my editing of a podcast wasn't, wasn't hard enough. You wanna throw in a, a rim shot? Yes. So back to schools, LA and San Diego are staying closed at this time. Mm-hmm. Um, military is helping people to That are military families.

Yeah. For distance learning. Like if they don't have computers or stu or stuff like that, they're enabling them. They're helping them get the stuff they need to do. They're enablers for distance learning. Right. That's what I mean. They're, they're enabling the, the ability over.

So here's my question. Are schools being used as a political tool?

Are we playing political football with our kids, with our future generation? Are are you asking or are you meaning Yeah, I'm asking. I think we are. I think that that's, I think that when you look at schools and. Funding and politics and the president saying you have to have kids in school to get the funding.

That's a political tool. I think that's all politics and that's the wrong thing to do. He's, I think he's gone a little woo-hoo. Find the man a golden butterfly to play with, please. Yeah. You gotta find him a shiny object, you know? Ooh, look. A butterfly. Oh, ho. Pity he's gone. A little cuckoo, I think.

Yeah. I don't know what happened. I don't know. I don't wanna talk about it, but I think the kids are being, they're the ones paying for all of this. I think they're, yeah. Yeah. I, I honestly think that, that there's you, they're holding it over. Uh, school districts heads. The, the federal funding and schools are, are, we can't lose our funding.

Yeah. But yet let's, let's have our kids come to school and possibly get and spread the coronavirus and make it even worse. Yeah. I saw the chart where they were talking about, you know, the thing if a. Second grade teacher has it and she's in contact with 15 students. And 15 students have it. Okay. Have to be, um, secluded, what's the word?

Um, um, quarantined. Okay. So say if a, if that's for a, a teacher in one room. Mm-hmm. If a, um, a high school teacher has it where they see lots of students, now you're looking at, you know, more students that have to be quarantined, but say a gym teacher has it. Okay. And they see all the students in a school, like the gym teacher in my high school saw every student in my high school.

Okay. Now you have a whole school that has to be quarantined. If the gym teacher has it, he's been in contact with every single student. Right, right, right, right. Yeah. All those students are supposed to be quarantined. Yeah. Cuz they got to, they gotta do that, uh, what do they call it? That trace.

Trace thing?

Yeah. Trace thing. But then we saw on the news today, that's a trace thing. They did a test with two. Hairstylists. Right, right, right, right. Hair salons hair. It was two s stylists and they each had 15. Was it customers? It ended up being like a total of 139 customers. Okay. So it was a lot more. So 70 70 each.

70 customers each, and they say that the, everyone was wearing masks and both stylists had covid 19 and nobody else got it. Which, but here's my thing is, did the people that got their hair cut know that they were getting their hair Don't cut by someone with Covid 19? I don't think so. I would go to that stylist.


I I don't think they did.

How could they Who, how did you get 140 people to go sit in a chair and get their hair cut by someone with Covid 19? Exactly. I'm like, I don't care if you're paying me, man. It's, my health is worth more than that. Hell yeah. You know, but that's where I was getting off base.

Sorry about that. Yeah, that's okay. We, but that just came up on today's news show. We have a tendency to go in the left field. No. Got a real Janet back.

So let's talk about money, not our taxes either. Okay. I hear, I hear this. Uh, they're doing more stimulus. Well, most people got their first check, but some people got it in a plain white envelope in the form of a debit card.

How stupid is that? You know, it's like, just put the, put it put, put the, put the stamp, you know, the, the, the, the US Treasury seal on the, on the freaking envelope. So people know that my stimulus check came in because not everybody had direct deposit. Well, and I, which. The reason that they did that was because the ones that came with the US Treasury postmark and stamp on it were getting stolen.

So they thought we're gonna do it the way people get their debit cards from their bank, which is debit card from a bank when you get, comes in a plain white envelope. But then you should, what, what you should have done is you should have sent out a letter with the, with the, with the, um, the, the treasury seal on it that said, you're gonna get it clean.

That said, Hey, we're gonna get a plain envelope with a, a, a debit card in it. Please don't throw this away. Because a lot of people threw away their stimulus. Yeah. Cause they were like, oh, this is junk mail.

Yeah. Know And some people like, say husband and wife, there's $2,400 and half a dozen kids at $500 a pop. Yeah. Gone threw, threw away in the debit card. See, I don't need this. This is shit, this is junk mail. So, so yeah, they threw it out. And then you got stimulus checks and. P u I always say it wrong. P u a I always say P A U P U A. Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Checks. It's pua. It's pua. Now, we had, last month we had the highest monthly deficit ever.

It's pua. Pua Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. Pula, PUA. Pua. Okay. But then there's the, I disagree with everybody that's getting those checks, those pandemic unemployment checks. Okay. I don't think that people that, okay, first of all, people that had a job and lost it. Grocery store workers. Salon workers, um, theater workers, um, construction workers, all these people that had a job.

Yep. Absolutely. Mm-hmm. Gig workers, Lyft and Uber drivers. I love how they airport workers. I love how they, you know, they, they, they glbb, you know, Uber and Lyft drivers and as, as gig workers. They're not a band. They don't do a gig.

It's, it's, but it's still, it's, but you know what I mean? It's a 10 99. 10 99 workers is okay. Okay. Okay. That makes sense. Now, people that work for 10 and file a 10 don't call a gig worker, is it? But they have to call it something. They're independent contractors. Correct. That's what a 10 99 fucking is. Okay, so 10 99 workers. Yes, I absolutely agree. Deserve that. Me drinking. Okay. Shutting up, drinking and like secretaries that work in offices and got their hours cut or got, did you put whiskey in this?

Yes. Oh. Got their hours cut or got, I'm gonna love you. Or laid off some of lawyers laid their secretaries off because they didn't have the work and et cetera, because they were working from home now and everything else. All those people, yes. Deserve that money. Yeah, no, I, I agree. I agree. You know, um, ru bar workers, uh, all those, but people who haven't had a job in several years.

Mm-hmm. Okay. People who were already unemployed, not looking for a job and then say, well, well,

I mean those, there are people that are unemployed, that are collecting social services that are now getting poor. Yeah. I know you weren't wor you, you're on social services, you don't get shit. Yeah. Sorry.

You're already getting food stamps and everything else.

Why are you now saying, well, I couldn't find a job because of You weren't looking. You weren't looking to begin with. Why are you now getting this? You shouldn't be. And getting system and getting over a thousand dollars a week. Yeah. They're making more money than I need. They're making more money than you do working, you know, and I bust my balls.

I tried to find a job but couldn't because of the pandemic Bitch, please give me a fucking break.

You haven't, you're talking to me. No, but they haven't looked for a job in three or four or five years. Please. They haven't looked for a job at three or four years and now all of a sudden they can't find a job because of the pandemic. Yeah. Bullshit. If you weren't looking before, why do you think you're looking now?

Yeah, right. You know, I have, we have neighbors that. Received this p u a for the lame reason. Then they went out and got that huge check that back pay. And did they pay their rent? No. Did they pay their bills or the car payments? No. But did we watch 'em pull in two wide screen TVs? Brand new furniture? Oh yeah.

Oh yeah.

Remember? Yeah, we watched. Yeah. Cause the boxes were out by the dumpsters. Like cheer, we, we watched them pull in. Wonder where those came from? Brand

new sectional, two wide screen TVs, brand new beds, everything. Mm-hmm. I'm like, you not working? You haven't worked since you moved in. How on earth? Oh, we got pandemic unemployment come.

I'm like, but you're a housewife. You've never looked for a job. Oh, but I'm eligible. Cuz all I had to do was say that I was

looking, I was looking. I'm like, they don't know. I wasn't, oh, the one,

then she bought her husband a drone, one of those drone thingies, you know? Mm-hmm. And then she got, he got in trouble for spying on the people across the, across the lake.

Mm-hmm. I'm like, is that too bad to do? And then the, the other neighbor, other neighbor bought their kid a um, Harley Davidson. Oh God. Four wheel battery operated, you know that they ride on the little four wheelers. Battery operator. Yeah, kid. One kid would, yeah. You know what those cost? A Harley davidson one?

Yeah. Like 500 bucks. Keep going up. No. Yes. Harley Davidson. One honey. Uh, stop. No, no. Google it. All right. All right G. You Google it. Grab your phone and google it. I'm gonna Google it right here. Live. Live.

Harley Davidon. Four-wheeler for kids. No battery operated Davidson.

So yeah, it's like, pay your bills.

Why are you receiving it in the first place? Grant you? Yeah. Your husband does construction. He's got a job, but he's not out applying for unemployment. Your p uua, why are you applying for this and getting 12 weeks of back pay please?

Battery powered ride on toy? Yes. Harley Davidson. Okay. And they're not that inexpensive, is it? Like, is this it? I don't know.

Oh, here we go. Hold on. I can't see that far without my glasses. Okay, hold on. Let me, lemme do this. Oh, look at that glasses. Hold on. We'll, we'll do a screen. We'll do a screen share. We'll share this. He started screen share. Is this it?

Nope. That ain't it. No, the four wheeler. Oh the four. See you didn't say four wheeler. I did too. I said four wheeler ride on toy. Well, even still it's not. All right. Uh, holy crap. Holy add in four wheeler, ride on four wheeler toys. Right on four wheeler.

Still, I still don't see it. That's okay. Yeah. Nope, nope. Don't see it.

Don't see it. I just know that they're expensive. That's okay. That's okay. It's crazy cuz I know someone that bought their daughter one like four years ago. Um, I'm not gonna say names, but where we used to live. Yeah, the manager. Okay. She bought her daughter a pink Harley Davidson one, and she spent $600.

She didn't find it on sale then.

That's what I told her dad. She's not a bargain shopper. Yes. Anyway, I think her mom bought it, but still, uh, it's home like. I don't get it. It's like, spend the money on your bills, pay your car off. Give me the money, give me the pay your rent. And now the same people, the people that bought the, you know what I mean?

The, the new couch. All the new beds, the new toys, Uhhuh, the two TV 2 65 or 70 inch TVs. Yep. They got evicted two weeks ago. Outta here. Outta here. Yeah. I was, that's why that apartment's empty. Goodbye. Oops. Don't miss that dog barking all the time.

Not my, not my monkey, not my circus. Okay, so let's talk about something good for a second.

What do you wanna talk about rich people?

We're not rich. No, but why do you wanna talk about us? We're We're rich. We're rich in other ways. Yeah.

Oh yeah. That's just a load of crap. I'm sorry. Okay. Did you, I saw this story on tv. I haven't seen the whole thing, but 83 of the world, richest people are calling on their governments to tax them heavily.

I heard about this and then put the money into recovery efforts for Coronavirus. It's a publicity stunt, I think.

You don't think they're actually doing it? Millionaires for humanity. I think it's a tax write off. Oh, yeah. That's what I mean. It's, it's, it's their way of saying, yeah, we're gonna help, but yet we're gonna save money in the process.

So I'd do it, come on. If I was a, excuse me, what? But they're not gonna, they're just not gonna say, tax me baby. No.

Well, okay. But first of all, people like the owners of the founders of Ben and Jerry's or Abigail Disney. The Aris to the Disney Foundation. Yeah. Disney. Mm-hmm. First of all, they can afford it.

Okay. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. If I had that type of money, yeah. I'd be like, sure. Tax me do it because it's a tax write off by taxing me. Yeah. And they're doing something good. They don't have to do it, you know? Mm-hmm. They don't have to do it. Right. I just think it's kind of cool because I think it's kind of amazing that they did this when they didn't have to.

Yeah. You can look at it bad and say, well, they could have just given the money there and I'm sure they've donated millions. Yeah. Yeah.

I heard they said that they, you know, they can't help, like Dodgers and nurses are helping, so we'll do it this way.

You and I look at this so different. What would you do?

I mean, yes. If I had, if I had a gazillion dollars and I'd be like, you know what? I'm not a doctor or a nurse. I can't, I can't do what you guys do. I got, I got some money. Let's make it fucking rain. That's what they're doing. Tax the fuck outta me. But you know what, it's not gonna see. Yeah, it's gonna go to the government. The government's gonna get their money back for the stimulus money that you're giving away.

But that's not what this thing is. Is there, the way it's written is it has to go to coronavirus efforts, not to governments directly into the.


Well, if if it, if it actually goes through, if they actually do it, then know it. If it goes through that way, yes. Props to them. Yes. That's what I'm saying. I don't think it's gonna happen though. I think, I think it's gonna, it's gonna rig them roll around and it's just not gonna, it's not gonna go where it's all supposed to go.

Hopefully it will. It's like when, when, uh, when, when the lottery says, oh, we're gonna donate to schools, money's gonna go to school, the proceeds are gonna go to the schools.

You don't think any of it makes it to the school? Yeah.

Please. Come on. Yeah. When you, when you, when you, when you hear on the news that schools are like, where's our lottery winning money?

Yeah. Gee, I wonder if you're getting the money. I know somebody's getting it. It ain't the schools.

Okay. Patrick Leftfield, left field. Left field. Take a drink. I took a right at Albuquerque. Uh, you told me to turn right. Okay, well, ePEP, that's off, huh?

Okay. We're in in other news. In other news.

Okay. So this next spot that I have on there, we have notes. People, I, I make notes so that we can try and keep ourselves. You don't believe me. Well, because we go like this, we, we zigzag and my notes bring us back in line. Okay. But something in other news.

In other news did, did this just in something interesting happened. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Hold on, hold on. Find it. This just in the weather. In Arizona's currently at 140 degrees, it'll be 10 degrees higher later today. All right. Uh, and go ahead. And now we go to Janet. Okay. In current events today, the Coronavirus has pandemic, has prompted retailers to ask customers to wear a mask, maintain physical distancing, and avoid the use of cash when possible.

I wanna talk about the first part of it first, because we're, Kyle works. Right? Where, where is this? Second Do, second page. Coronavirus Pandemic has promoted retailers ask customers to wear a mask, maintain physical distance, and avoid use, okay. Of cash when possible. And stop. It's like, stop. Alright. Stop.

Stop. But stop.

Dip. Stop. I said I wanna talk about the first part of that first. Because when I don't, don't people wear masks now? No. Isn't it mandatory? No. I thought it was, no, wait a minute. No. Governor Douchey. I mean, Ducey suggested

No, no, no. He made it. He, he let the mayors of the cities, cities decide.

Decide. So very few Chand said Chandler. I, I don't know if Chandler, I know Mesa. This is all Arizona people. Okay. Sure. Wonder. I know Mesa says, yeah, you, you outside. You better have a goddamn mask on. And I think Tempe, I think Glendale. I think Gilbert. Gilbert. That's it. I think. Not Gilbert? No, I don't think so.

Chandler, Chandler. Chandler. Chandler's been on the fence. Chandler's like, eh, we suggested, because Governor Ducey says I suggest it. But like I said, I think there's, there was at least four that I know. Yeah, there's Flag. Flagstaff was one. Yes. So I know there's at least four or five. There's that said, yes.

Some You're in our city. You better have, you better have a goddamn mask on. But I say everybody should wear a goddamn mask. I agree.

Because they've proven that if everybody wears a mask, it cuts down on the spray when you're talking or lacky. I don't, I don't

Ray when I'm talking la laughing, talking, singing, whatever. La la, la. Breathing. Breathing. Yeah, I know, right? Like a plug. So stop. Look, when I have the mask and I can't breathe, I got CO2 poisoning. You do not. It's a proven lie. I know. So stop. It's a far, so I shop, it's two. It's a conspiracy.

Sorry, go ahead. I shop at two grocery stores. I'm not gonna say their names.

Well, there's, I'm not gonna say I shop. There's a bunch of grocery stores in the valley.

Yeah, the Piggly. The Piggly Wiggly and Wegmans. And Hannaford. You're right. Yeah. And Price Chopper, mark and Mark 32. No, no. Anyway, those are east coast stores, dear. Okay, so be quiet. Anyway. Anyhoo, I have two stores at the here in the valley that I primarily shop at.

Yep. One of them, wasn't it?

The wasn't that, uh, what's the, what's the one, what's that one store there? Los Lobos. Los Altos. Is it Los Altos? I dunno. We see the pli. I can never read it. It's Los Altos. Oh yeah. That's the store you go to. I can read. You can't. Yeah, cuz you can read. Yeah, you can read Spanish. I can't.

Yes, I know.

Are you dead for a second?

I don't do the grocery shopping. Cause when I go we spend more money,

it makes it rain. Okay. One store that I go, since the beginning of the pandemic has. Had tape outside on the sidewalk for when they're full. Mm-hmm. Six to six feet apart. Mm-hmm. They have had a mechanical monitor that gauges when people come in, when it reaches a certain capacity, there's an employee at the door that stops people from coming in, and then as one goes out, one can come in.

Mm-hmm. They've had someone, when they're open continuously, they spray and wipe a cart and they push it towards you. Mm-hmm. When you want a cart mm-hmm. All their baskets are the same way. Baskets are clean stack and it's labeled Dirty stack. Yep. Okay. Mm-hmm. Um, require face masks to shop there. Not suggested require you wanna shop there, you wear a face mask.

Mm-hmm. They've had the acrylic things up. Shields up between the cashiers. Yep. They've had one way. Markers on all their aisles. Yep. Do not enter one way. Yes. People don't pay attention anyways, but they try, they try to get people to pay attention. They try. They're not gonna start a fight over it if someone doesn't.

But they try and their aisles are wide enough that, you know, I've, I've seen Walmart do it. Yes. Walmart's been doing that too.

Walmart has improved drastically. Okay.

So the other, the employees still suck, but anyways, sorry.

And all their employees wear masks properly. Yeah. Not down here. The other store I shop at claimed to have done the same thing.

Oh. And that store also, um, oh no, I did say about the monitoring, how many people are in the store. Mm-hmm. The other store I shop at says they spray the, or wipe the carts down, but they mix the dirty and the clean together. And at first they were wiping all the carts, but then they stopped and they didn't tell anybody.

Mm-hmm. They simply had someone there and they said, these are the clean carts. But then when you watch, they put the dirty and the clean together. With nobody wiping 'em. Right. Unless you ask. Could you wipe that cart down for me please? Yeah. You have to ask and shouldn't have to ask it shouldn be employees.

It should be automatic. It should be automatic.

Their employees would wear the mask like this. Mm-hmm. Or like this. Mm-hmm. Or not at all. Mm-hmm. They had no way of judging how many people were in the store. No social distancing guidelines at all. Yeah. They did put plexiglass up in front of their cashiers.

That's the only thing they did. Yeah. No, no things about social distancing. No attempts to keep people apart from each other. Nothing. Nothing at all. Nothing at all. So yesterday, yesterday.

Or was it today? Today, when I took Kyle to work, who works at the store that doesn't do any of these things, there were two big red stop signs on outside the door, and it said Stop masks required.

It said Stop masks required to enter the store. Okay? And I said, oh, when did that start? And he said, yesterday, they put the signs up yesterday. Okay. And now the person that's wiping the carts, if someone's not wearing a mask, has to hand them a mask. I said, so they actually have people wiping the carts down?

He says, yes. Yeah. Mm-hmm. So now they're wiping the carts and handing out masks because you can't enter the store without a mask. But the other store, Has been doing it since March. And if you don't have a mask on, you don't, Nope. Sorry. Yeah. You need a mask to enter our store. I personally think that this no mask, no entry, that the store he works at just started doing it because they've been losing business.

I agree. I, I agree.

Totally. It's, I think it's cuz they've lost business to their competitor who is only three quarters of a mile maybe away. I mean, they're really close together.

Yeah, yeah. Something like that. Yeah. Three quarters. Yeah. I'd say at least three quarters of a mile. They're on the same road.

They're mile away. Well let tops, let's see if

you, if you go this, wait, it's, if we, if we leave our place, we go this way and then this way we're at the one and then if we go this way and one's at the corner and so it's, I would say I would, I would say a quarter mile, no, quarter to a half mile anyways. Cuz it's a mi No, no, no.

A mile and a half. I think you're right. I think you're right. Sorry. Whatever you, it's all good.

Who that baby?

Well, because from this one stoplight to stoplight, I think is a mile. That's a mile a mile. So they're about three quarters of a mile apart. That's from, from, from this street to our corner to that next corner. From this street to that street. Yeah. So it, so the one store's a mile from us.


And then you make a left and go up to the other store. And that's about three quarter mile.


I, I'm just gonna say yes.

And that's why I love him. So I think the reason they started doing it is because they were losing business to the other store. And the other, there's also a few other stores around them. Mm-hmm. Why are you looking like the, I'm, I'm listening there. There's a few other stories around them.

Yeah. I have my ears on that also have been doing the same thing requiring masks, requiring social distancing. Like the one where I buy my rice tortillas. They've been doing the same thing. Mm-hmm. They're like, you don't come in without a mask or you're not no masking. You don't come in. Yeah. And we saw it some.

Oh yeah. When we went Chinese food. Chinese food. Chinese food. Oh my god. Big sign on the door, no mask, no entrance, no mask. You call us on the phone, we'll bring your food out, set it on a box and then you can get it.

Yeah. And they had a box sitting outside their door. It's like, oh hell no. You know? Come in here.

Yeah. Was when we got there, I was looking, I'm like, why is there a box on the sidewalk? And then we saw the center like, oh, well that's why there's a box on the sidewalk. It's like Corona, COEs free. Okay, so now if you wanna to talk about the whole No currency. Hold on.

Lemme look at my notes. Let look at his notes.

I think no currency's a bad thing for America. Think about it.

I told you, you know, what they're trying to do is they're trying, trying to put the little thing, the little, they're, they're wanna go. I'm telling you, they we're gonna get, we're gonna, they're gonna do away. They, they're trying to make our economy so shitty that the dollar's worthless.

They're gonna go to cryptocurrency. Right. And then they're gonna put that thing right. And then they're gonna put that little, they're gonna put a little chip in your freaking hand, right about here, Uhhuh. Okay. It'd be about the size of a freaking grain. Grain of rice. Grain of rice, yep. Maybe a kernel of corn.

I don't freaking know, but I might get hungry someday. Chew it outta my goddamn hand. I won't have it. No. No. Mm-hmm. You know, some companies have already experimented that.

I don't care, I don't work for that company. Hell no. They just go up and go bloop to pay. But they're saying, they're saying now when the virus comes out, when the, when, when, when.

I'm sorry. Not the virus. The vaccine vaccine. Sorry. I knew it started with a V. When the vaccine comes out, You'll get a certificate saying you've been vaccinated for the, for the Corona Cooties. Coronavirus. Okay. So quit saying Corona cooties. So, um, instead of having to carry this paper certificate, we're gonna put this little microchip on you that'll have all that information and all your money, and all your banking information and, and your social security.

All your health information and, and all that shit. That, not me. All that shit that, that, that you keep private. Yeah. Not me will now be hackable because you'll have a microchip in your hand that people could access. Cuz it'll be in a, a cloud somewhere.

People will be foil around their hand to keep people.

I'm like, I'm like, no, just what I want. I wanna be tracked. Big Brother can watch me all day long, suck my mm mm So anyway, sorry. No. In addition to that, not doing it. Think about it. When you were a little kid, how excited did you get when you found a couple bucks in a birthday card from grandma? I know, right?

That'd be gone. I know, right?

That's, that's bullshit. And did you ever mow no more paper money? Did you ever mow grasses for cash?

I shoveled driveways, clean swimming pools, you know, clean people's neighbor's houses. I didn't go, I didn't go that far. I did, I didn't go that far. But

I helped Mrs. Ransom across the street.

I went and helped her clean her house for five bucks a week. Ransom. That was her name. Mrs. Ransom? No, she was a really nice lady. Now knock it off.

I'm kidding. There's a joke there somewhere. I know.

That was her name. She was really cool.

Dead silence.

I still say ransom. No yard sales. What?

Think about it. No. Oh, you would be so long. Yard sailing would be gone. You would be lost. Come on. You'd be lost. Yard sale. Do we No more offer up. Oh wait. Well you can digitally do this, right? Yeah, but yard sailing. No more garage sales. No more flea markets.

No more yard sales. No. Oh my gosh. Is this the world's gone to hell? Oh hell. That's it. Quick. I'm done. That's it. I'm done. I'm ending this show. Gotta go, right? Bye. See you. See you. 18. Yeah. Hold on. Hold on. Wait. Lemme get the music. Let me cue the music. We're out. We'll talk. We're out people.

Okay, so do you think there's gonna be a normal People talk about, oh, when we get back to normal, normal, what's what people say?

Is there a normal? I don't think so. Well, I know what the director of the World Health Organization says. The wow. The who? Yeah. Direct world. The who? Yeah. Uh, let's hear what the, who got to say's, let's see if I can pronounce his name. Who? World Health Organization. Director General Tedros AAM Adhan. Him.

There's, there's a few, there's a few silent letters in there. I bet Gabrielia said, I'll say that five times Fast said, said, said, said, said No. There will be no return to the old normal. There will be no return to the old normal first general, general chow. We'll call him General Chow.

No return to the old normal for a foreseeable future.

If the public does not follow public health advice, like wearing masks, the Outback outbreak is going to get worse and worse.

The Outback is just as bad. That's where I wanna be, man. The Outback No, no, no. I heard the Outback had a, you know, you, you thought Arizona was bad shit.

The Outback's worse. Yeah.

They got kangaroos. They got, they got an ozone layer problem. Okay. So he added that America remains the epic center of the outbreak that we, America has over half of the world's infections. Do you know that yesterday only we we're only got half people.

Yeah, only, only half. And Florida set another record yesterday for the record number of Go Florida, Florida, the record number of cases in one day.

That's like the fourth time they've done it. Hey, you know what we're, we're in a con. There's like a three-way tie between Arizona, Texas, and Florida. Let's see who can get the most cases. I know. Well, we got Governor Douchey, so I mean, hey, we're working on it. We're almost there.

Hey, guess what happened? I'm running for governor.

Patrick. I wouldn't want his job vote Heller. I don't want his job. Yeah, I don't want you to have it. Don't vote me. No. You don't want me Just send money. Yeah. Yeah. Just send. Just send money. Just send money for the campaign. It'll go nowhere, I promise.

18 wheel talk.com. There'll be a link in the show notes, right?

You can. You can put it on my PayPal or mine, and I take Venmo and I take all, yeah, right. If there's an app for it, cash app, I take it all. Yep. Hey, guess what happened? Get outside. I don't care. Get downside. I'll figure it out.

Guess what happened on my birthday last year? What happened on your birthday?

They put out a list of the 10 worst presidents in history.

It's true, but guess what?

Of the 10?

The current president wasn't on it. Five. Were not just slave owners.

Yeah. Not five owned slaves. And they, they were involved in pushing the cause of slavery. It's like, not only do we own slaves, everybody should, well, you know, what the fuck, you know, I was listening to and one was just plain old, corrupt.

He was like, if it was wrong, he was doing it. Well, you know, it, it's like they were saying that I was listening to another podcast and for life, I listened to so many, I, I couldn't tell you which one it was, but it was, somebody was talking about how back in the day, you know, you know the, the royalties, the royal, the royals.

The royals, yeah. Okay. You know, she, she, they, they were, they, they, they were told that if they don't invest in the slave trade, That they would lose their royalty status. That's fucked up. And that the people, sorry, dad. The people that were being traded were selling themselves. They wanted to come to our new world.

I'm like, like, what? Okay. They were happy to get on a boat. Okay, come on. A lot of these people died on a boat. But that was, that's indentured servants.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's what I mean. That they were like, oh, yeah, come on.

Yeah. So the big, one of the big arguments right now is that whites weren't slaves.

Whites were indentured servants. Okay. Ancestors. I, I'm Irish. My dad was full-blooded Irish.

I'm a mutt.

My nose is cold. Hu Hugh McCue is my ancestor that came over on the boat with his brothers. Mm-hmm. I, I have the information in the dining room. Yep. Um, he's on a boat,

I'm sorry, from ireland. Row stroke. You kill me.

Roll your boat. But anyway, the big argument's always been, and I say that indentured servants were slaves and here's why. Okay? Why? Because they became an indentured servant. Which meant if I became an indentured servant to you, okay. I came and you paid me to clean house. Mm-hmm. Okay? Mm-hmm.

For instance, I was your indentured servant in the house. Mm-hmm. Say you paid me a hundred dollars a month to clean house. Okay. Okay. Which is back then would be like, yeah, wow. Okay. But just say, we're just gonna use that for an example. Yeah, but didn't you have women board and meals and, but then I have to pay you for my room, for my meals, for my laundry that I do myself, but I still have to pay you cuz I'm using your water, your soap, your everything.

Well, yeah, well I'm paying you, but I have to pay you for all of that stuff. And typically the way indentured servants ended up. Becoming slaves was if they pay, if the, if the master, I'm gonna use that word cuz I can't think of the right word. They don't use that word no more, but I'm just saying, I can't think of the right word.

Okay. Yeah. If, if the owner, master boss, whatever you wanna call 'em Yep. Paid them a hundred dollars a month mm-hmm. It, it costs them 110 to live there and do the work for 'em. Right. Okay. So it is a type of slavery. Yeah. Now fast forward to current day. Yep.

Speak. Hey, I, I, hold on, hold on. I don't, I don't mean to get off topic, but you what you said master.

Yeah. You know how some real, real estate people are not using the, the word master bedroom. Master bedroom. I know, because it's called, do you know where, do you know where that came from? That originated from No, I heard that that was a Sears catalog thing. That's where that came from. Of course it is. It was Sears put it in their catalogs as a master bedroom because it was big.

It was, you know, master of your domain, you know? Yeah. It, it's a bad word now. I'm like, I know, but now it's a bad word because Oh my god, I don't care. I like our master bedroom anyway. That's right. I'm talking So fast forward to current days. Yes. Since we, you and I moved to Arizona five years ago. Has it been five years already?

Yes. Since we moved here five years ago this month. Okay. That's when I moved here, was in July. That's when, yeah. I was here in April anyways, in the news. In the news, yeah. There have been cases mm-hmm. In Arizona. Okay. Where rich people mm-hmm. Have gone to like Honduras, Mexico, um, Guatemala, all these other third world countries.

Third world. Third world countries. Yeah. And brought women and men to the us. Mm-hmm. Paid them to. Clean house, do yard work, take care of their kids, drive, et cetera, as indentured servants. There was a case right here in the valley about it was when we moved into this apartment, so three years ago, almost four years ago.

Okay. Where in Paradise Valley? Um, north of Scottsdale.

Anyway. Fountain Hills. Fountain Hills, thank you. Yeah. In Fountain Hills. Mm-hmm. A family got raided because the woman that did their grocery shopping was illegal. Was illegal, but she kept reporting to the grocery store clerk that she wanted to escape. And finally someone reported it to the police, and the police met her there and she gave them the address.

When they raided the house, they found. Like her, her husband, two kids and someone else living there. And the people that owned the house said, oh no, they're paid employees. But when they did all the bookwork and stuff, they were paying them like $20 a month and charging them like a hundred dollars a month to live there.

And they were telling him, you still have to pay for your plane tickets here. Think about it, $20 a month. I'd be like, bitch, please. I'd be like, fuck you. So indentured servants still exist, and if that's not slavery, what the fuck is know? Tell us how you really feel,

Janet. I know. Yes, those, but I'm saying no, those were not white people.

But that's still a type of slavery that exists. Sex slavery still exists. What? Yes. Okay. They still, they sell little white girls. They sell little brown girls. They sell little white boys and little brown boys. They sell 'em for slavery. So it still exists. That doesn't mean it's right. I know. I got off subject.

I'm so lost. I know. I am so lost.

But yeah, it still exists. That doesn't mean it's right. So in some way or form it has always existed. It existed back in Cleopatra's day,

Mark Anthony. No. How did we go from, how did we go from General Chow? From the who? The, the, the who? Dictator. I mean director to slavery.

To, to sex slaves, yeah. Oh, easy. Because on my birthday, you, you went in a freaking still left field because on my birthday, they put out the five, I think that went over the fence.

The 10 worst presidents and five of them own slaves. Okay.

I'm like, I'm like, I am so lost on these notes because one minute we're talking about Dr. Who? Dr. Who, general Chow. And, uh, next thing you know. Hello. I'm so sorry. Next thing you know, we're talking about sex slaves. It's ok. Hey, China's had the worst. Gee, I wonder what's on your mind. China's had the worst flooding in decades. What do you think? Do you think the flooding will spread covid 19? Was it China or Japan?

China, Japan. China, China.

How was it somebody was flooded? How was it that President Trump called it? Chana?

China. China. It's China. China had the worst flooding in years. Well, flooding spread Covid. 19. You think in China? In China. I'm sorry to, we have some Chinese neighbors who I love by the way. I'm like, no disrespect. And guess what? They're from China.

Yeah, I just, and by the way, he thinks it's funny the way Trump says it. That's just, oh my God. Um, what else? I don't know. Suicides are up. Still.

Oh yeah. Did you hear what El Elvis, Presley's grandson died? Yeah. Benjamin committed suicide. Yeah. Benjamin, I was like, he had Elvis's voice too.

Oh. Oh, mm-hmm. He did? Mm-hmm. Do you know what the suicide prevention line is? Yeah. Well tell it.

I know what it is. It's a, it's a hotline that you call. Do you know the number? Um, yeah, it's like 800 something. 273 something something 8255. That's talk 800-273-Talk T A L K 8255.

What else you got, Patrick? It'll be in the show notes. What else do I got? Yeah, I, I got nothing. I got nothing. You printed the notes.

Well, you're the one that had your chair screened with all that stuff

on it. Oh, I know, I know. I just put up, I just, all I did was went to, you know, I opened up my internet browser. That's what I came up with these notes.

Okay. Here we go. Here we go. For the, for the fourth time in eight days, us breaks record in new cases of Corona Coronavirus. What a shot virus. Uh, United States reported 67,400 new Corona Cootie cases on Tuesday. Wow. A new record in a single day. That's a single day That's wrong. That's, I'm telling you, that's we're all gonna die.

That's like, I mean, shit, we had 66,600 on July 10th. So how do we cure it? How do we, how do we keep from getting it?

It's called put a fucking mask on and stay a fuck home. They, they, I'm sorry. Uh, Arizona was the last state to close and one of the first ones to bitch about it. And, and they opened No, no, no, no. They were one of the, yeah. One of the last to close and one of the first to open.

And, and it's like, and no wonder why we're like in a race for, you know, we want the unroll, I want number one. Yeah. US, Texas, and Florida. Yeah. Well, Florida has, you know, the spring break's gotta go to the beach. I want the beach bitches.

Florida won. Yeah. You know, I, New York had it, right? I mean, New York shut the fuck down and said, no, no, no. Nobody fucking in. Nobody fucking out. You're, you're grounded. You're grounded in place. Time out. Go, go to your corner, you know? And if you, I wish we had done that. And if you leave your house, you better have a goddamn mask on and we're gonna fucking write you up and, and find you and, and all that.

But I've been wearing a mask, people since November. When I first heard about it in Wuhan, wuh.

You wear it every flu season though because of your job. So you're used to No, I

I, the reason why I started is because the idiots that I work with don't owe 'em enough to call out sick. I know. You know? I know.

That's why, I mean, and they all look at me like I'm fucking crazy, but yet I'm the one that's making money in their home. Sick. I know. Look, I'm like, I'm I, I get sick once every year, year and a half if I'm lucky, you know? Yeah. You and Kyle were both sick this year. Yeah. January. Yeah.

Was it Corona? Cooties? I don't know. I think it was just the flu.

I couldn't, no, it wasn't even a flu. It was a, just a bug. A cold. The calm and cold they saved. Well, cold flu bug, something like that. Whatever it was. Couldn't tell you. I don't know. All I know is that, uh, you know, I had a cough. Yeah. And it woke me up when I was sleeping, so I had, I had a medicine that it takes, so I did have to cough and I see I gave you medicine.

See? I see. And boy, it made me sleep. Holy. Then I get calm medicine to make him sleep. Yeah. It's called a, yeah. You know, I do this thing with both Patrick and Kyle, joking around days one of these days, those nails are gonna cut us days. I always go like this. I go, well pow really quick in front of their face one of these days.

One of these days you're gonna see, I'm gonna be honest, just see like these nail marks on my face and everybody's gonna know that you struck me or on their noses or something. One of these days, one of 'em gonna have broken nose or a bloody face. They're gonna be like, they're like, Janet got mad at Patrick and popped in one.

Kyle and I were joking cuz I did that on the way to work the other day, taking to work. And I'm like, you know what? Of these days you're gonna lean into it and you're gonna have to explain to work what happened. And he's gonna be like, mama and Janna got mad at me and smacked me in the face. Then he says, yeah, they'll just probably look at me and say I deserved it.

All right. Hey look, other news Alabama mandates, masks. Good for them. Oklahoma Governor, positive Covid. Sorry to hear that. Yeah, well that's, you know, and Oklahoma was really tough. Oklahoma's one of the states that said, you're not coming here. If you're in the state that has high covid cases, you're quarantining for two weeks.

Oh, come My Arizonans are are banned from everywhere.

Everywhere. I was lucky that I was able to go back and see my father before he died. You know? I was really lucky that we were, you know, my brother and I were able to drive. I think if we'd tried flying they'd have said, screw you.

Yeah. Yeah.

My little tea. Your gallon. Your gallon. See, I have my hands over the label cuz it's not the brand I'm using. It's homemade sun tea. The best. Yeah. My mama taught me to make that when I was a kid. Been making it ever since. Mm-hmm. I miss my mommy and daddy. I, I know. I know you do. And if you have family that's still around you better damn well pick up the phone and call 'em people.

Yeah. Appreciate your family.

Yeah, yeah.

Yeah. Actually, I'm serious. Appreciate your loved ones. Okay. Patrick's mom makes him call her every day. I

love it. Yeah, I know. It's like check in. It's like, you better call and check in on me. So my dad's best because, and and the reason why is because the, the, the Corona Cootie cases that are going up, would you quit calling it?

And it's, it's, it's my sister's fault. She calls it Corona Co. Damn you, Elizabeth. Uh, anyways, Elizabeth Ann Coronavirus cases are up. We had wildfires that were around really close the other side of South mountain. Mom, mom would call and say, did you burn up yet? I go, am I talking to you on the phone? She goes, yeah.

Then I didn't burn up yet. Oh yeah.

Man's under my desk and she got an itch. Who? Someone's knocking on the door? No, someone's knocking on the floor. That was her footage. Oh, foot God. My desk. Dang. That's too cute. My baby. I started to say something. I don't know what it was. I don't know. Somebody knocked on the door. Oh my God. Aye yy. That was too funny. I'm telling you. Yeah. Call your people. People. Yeah. People appreciate them.

A y y. Anything else?

Oh, I know what I started to say. What Um, um, see I got really blessed because before my father passed away, like last fall, he was in town cuz he used to drive cross country.

At 91 years old, he'd get his pickup and drive from St. Louis area. You couldn't to Denver to here and back. McNeil him down. I know my rolling in stone, I love him. And when he was down here last time he took, had me meet him up in Scottsdale to meet his best friend, Leonard. Leonard. Miss Hannah. Mm-hmm. His wife.

Mm-hmm. So then when my dad fell and was in the hospital with a broken neck, Leonard had me come up. You and I went up there. Yep. And Leonard loaned me an iPad. Yep. And so I keep checking in on Leonard and Hannah still. And I always, when I talk to dad, I'd tell him, Leonard and Hannah say hi and they ask about you.

So now I have a book from the high school they went to. That has Dad and Leonard both in it and I'm taking it to Leonard. Okay. Oh, okay. So it's just really kind of cool. Plus I gotta return his iPad. Yeah, but tomorrow, tomorrow, actual tomorrow, not the day this is being aired, but by the time this is aired, he'll be outta surgery.

Leonard's having bypass and Leonard is 94 years old and he's such a sweet guy. Yeah, he is. Hess a nice guy, but you got people like him. So I just wanna point out you have people like that in your life. You need to appreciate them and people like that are why you wear masks? Because like, his son's coming from Vegas.

Driving from Vegas, not flying. Um, yeah. Cause I, I don't He self quarantined before he came. Yep. He arrived today. Okay. Self quarantined and made sure that him and his girlfriend, you know, weren't out and about and everything. Mm-hmm. So that he was safe around his dad. Yep. And Leonard's doctor is gonna have Leonard do the surgery and then get the hell outta the hospital, private, private room for a limited quarantine time, or then get the hell out recovery time and then literally going straight home for recovery, which is unheard of for a 94 year old man that just had bypass surgery.

Right. Because But they feel it's safer for him to recover at home. Yeah, because, because coronavirus is, uh, cases are high in the hospital that he's gonna be Yeah. And the hospitals are at like 98% capacity. It's ridiculous. And they say that in the state of Arizona there's less than a hundred. Um, oh, the, the device that makes you breathe at my ventilators.

A hundred ventilators in the entire state available right now.

That's, yeah. That's ridiculous. But we shouldn't be at capacity because I. We should have stayed closed. We should have stayed closed. And we should have been wearing masks. We were closed and we should have been social distancing. I think we were closed what, two and a half, maybe three weeks?

Yeah. We were barely closed.

One of the last days to close and one of of the first ones to start rolling shit out because, so yeah, because we wanna live God damn it.

And it's our right to go out and party with our friends and just, just because I go to this person's house and party and this person's house and party and this person's house and party.

It's not really a party. I was just with my friends and there was only six of us here and five of us here. And four of us here. Yeah. But y'all got fucking corona cooties. And every one of them did it. It doesn't matter, you know, and I see it with other states too. The herd mentality. Yeah. And the herd mentality, they've already proven does not work.

It's crazy Herd. Um, For the virus. The Herdman Tower. Yeah, the herd. Herd parties. Yeah. Don't work. The guy. Tell the guy in Texas that died, a healthy guy in Texas that went to a herd party. A Corona party. A coronavirus party, and died within two weeks. That's like, that's like when, tell him that's like when the fucking kids were eating Tide pods.

I remember telling Kyle, don't eat a tide pod. He said he was a gain kind of guy. Yeah, I know. I was like, you smart ass. Yeah, because we bought Tide pods to teach him how to do laundry, and we're like, don't eat 'em. Don't eat. He says, oh no, I'm a gain guy.

I'm a gain kind of guy.

I'm gonna give him Gain upside the head.

Little bastard. Mm-hmm. Lucky he's not. No, he's a little dickhead right now.

No, he's actually been pretty, he's been better. He's back. He's back a little bastard. He's somewhere in between still. He's backed A little bastard in between, in my opinion. Anything else? That's it. That's it. That's all you got.

That's all I got. That's all you got And nothing else. Nothing else. We got taxes to work on. Oh yeah. And grocery shopping today, veterans. 10% off today. Woo, woo woo. And you want half and half?

Well, creamer for coffee. Hello.

I know some people take it like that. Sorry. Not McCues. I'm Not a McCue. I know. Not gonna apologize, but you know, if we ever got married, you could do what your sister and Larry did.

Uh, no. Nope. I want our kids to carry my name.

Yeah, they do already.

Because believe me, if we have, if we have babies, we're rich. We're fucking rich. And if I get pregnant, we're really rich. Oh man. Yes. Yeah. It's gonna fucking rain. Rain, baby. Jesus. I want baby. I wanna have a baby. Baby. Baby Jeebus. Let me Get pregnant. All right. I'd be a miracle. Say goodbye, Janet.

Goodbye Janet. Later taters.

Later taters always gotta get the last word in.

Zip it zippy.

Goodbye everybody.