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18WT 037:  25 Ways to Save Money!

12/7/2021  Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

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18WT 037:  To start out our hosts begin with a bit of a bang as Patrick gets Janet to swear, well almost. Is “it” a swear word or not? Listen and tell them in an email. Laughter erupts and yes, eventually Patrick swears, several times. They begin by going over Episode 12 and how it was all about Janet’s favorite subject, saving money. They tag team and go over the various apps from that episode and how they both are able to save money with them and you can as well. Here are the links to the apps from episode 12!

Previously mentioned in the show Episode #012:

  • Lowes app ~ If you’re a Veteran they will give you a 10% discount on your purchases at checkout every day
  • Grocery Store apps ~ For money saving and digital coupons from your local food stores, also military and senior citizen discount days.
  • Flipp ~  (finds deals and coupons) at your local area stores.
  • GetUpside app ~ Use code “PATRICK9582” for an extra $0.15 cents back on your first fill up
  • McDonald’s app ~ Earn Bonus Reward just for ordering food through the app.
  • Burger King's app ~ Earn Royal Perks and exchange them for free food and beverages
  • Receipt pal app ~ Shop, Earn Paid Rewards & Gift Cards.
  • Poshmark app ~ Buy and Sell Fashion.

Then the fun begins again as they start the list of apps and browser extensions. Most of these they use. The one’s they do not personally use, they did research on. Janet is always looking for new ways to save money. These are great ways to save some money.

  • Ibotta (cash back in the mail, finds coupons and deals) Janet’s share code is “idphtwn” once you join, you will get a share code to give your friends and save more money yourself
  • Groupon offers discounts that change on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. On just about anything you can think of, no subscription required https://www.groupon.com
  • Shopkick is an American company based in Silicon Valley that created a shopping app for smartphones and tablets that offers users rewards for shopping activities both online and in-stores such as walking into stores, scanning items, making in-app or in-store purchases, and submitting receipts https://shopkick.com my referral code is : "YAY871653 " earn more kicks when people sign up using your code and they earn an extra 10 “kicks” using it as well
  • https://www.coupons.com  (app too) digital and paper coupons
  • Credit karma you can save money by tracking your credit https://creditkarma.com
  • Apps like domino’s, pizza hut, etc. offer specials that are not advertised
  • My coupon hunter finds coupons as you search for them
  • https://www.Dailygoodiebox.com you will receive daily emails with links for specials, coupons, sales that aren’t advertised. There is a link in the email for a giveaway.  That is where you sign up the first time and the link you follow to find the savings after that.

So with these three extensions, Janet says “ I have it set so that when I am shopping online, they all pop open when I open up my shopping cart and click the coupon code box. After all my extensions for savings are open, I click the top box and let it try its savings codes. It will apply any savings available. Then I click the next box, and let it try, if it has a better price, in the box it will show it and ask if you want to apply it, click yes. If it is not the best price, it will ask if you want to share, and she says yes. Then the next box opens, and she does the same thing.

  • Rakuten ~ shopping extension (checks back in the mail)  They do all the work; You shop and save!
  • Capital One ~ shopping extension finds the best price on line. They do all the work; You shop and save!
  • Honey ~ Shopping Extension finds the best price and coupons codes online. They do all the work; You shop and save!

If you are not good at budgeting, our pair recommend trying out Quicken.
  • Quicken ~ for budgeting is one of the best tools.
Here is one way to invest for the beginners.
  • Money lion (investing) ~ Is really for 1st time Investors, under $2000, charges a monthly fee.    moneylion.com

Here are a few Mobile banking apps that are attached to online banks that they have checked out but do not use. Such as:
  • Qapital ~ online savings and investing. Prices begin at $3 a month
  • Chime ~ (backed by Stride bank) no overdraft fees no minimum balance no monthly service fees no foreign transaction fees no transfer fees FDIC insured
  • Ally.com ~ savings account (online) Has helpful tools. 24/7 support. No monthly maintenance fees or minimum balance requirements. A competitive, variable rate Account comes with tools to help grow your money faster. They found people have saved, on average, 2x more when they’ve used our smart savings tools.


Thank you so much for reading to the very end and checking out our money saving ways. Can you please just scroll down just a little more and leave us a 5-Star review and a comment.