Natural Food Hacks That Give You Energy!

October 25, 2022  Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

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Welcome to the 18 Wheel Talk podcast show. Welcome, welcome. What are we talking about today, Janet? Something I really need. What's that? Best foods to eat for energy. All right. Whoop, whoop. So we, we, we have a list mm-hmm. that we're gonna talk about. We have a list of the best foods to eat that will, should help with energy quote in quote.

So before give you energy. I'm going to do the disclaimer at the beginning. What's that? This came off of medical news today. Okay. I compressed their, their notes. and just put their best like 27 or whatever on it. Okay. Because they had like a hundred. I'm like, how can it be best if it's a hundred? Right.

You know? I got you. So disclaimer is came from medical news today. Gotcha. That's the disclaimer. Badump on with the show on with the show, Best foods to give you to eat for energy. Yeah. And. What do you got? What do you got for number one? Bananas. I know bananas are good for like potassium. Mm-hmm. , but they're also a good source of natural sugar.

Okay. And they're rich in fiber and that helps slow the digestion of sugar. So anything that helps slow the digestion of sugar. Okay. Keeps you from falling asleep from carbs like I do. O Okay. So if it helps slow the digestion of sugar, it gives you more energy. So bananas. Bananas. And I can eat like half a nanner, an half a half a nanner, half a nanner.

Yeah. So, So you're a half a nanner? I'm a half a nanner. You're the other half? A banana and a half? Yeah. Okay. ? Yeah. Avocados. I like avocados. Mm-hmm. , they're great in health and nutrients. Mm-hmm. According to the reviews and food science and nutrition, they have nutrients, protein, and fiber that helps throughout the day.

Fiber makes you fart fiber, gives you energy too. Makes you fart, gives you farty energy. Said if someone said to you, Here's an avocado, uhhuh, you're just gonna look at them, I'm gonna be like, I know there's a way to open. . But if I said, Here's some homemade guacamole. Oh yeah. Like guacamole. Now I'm talking your language.

Yeah. Woohoo. Where's the chips? Yeah. Yeah. But that's fine. You, It doesn't hurt. Especially if I do the homemade chippies. I know right pass the chips. Mm-hmm. scoop me some of that. Guac Woohoo. Yeah. Home make Guac is really easy to make too. It's, I don't, know why I ever bought store bought. I don't. I don't know.

I was El Stupido for a while. Would, Yep. Wait a minute. Stop the presses. Okay. All right, go ahead. Oh, next. Have you ever had a goji berry? I don't know. Honestly. I don't know. Couldn't tell you. I've had 'em in stuff, but I don't think I've ever just like eaten a goji berry. Is that, that, Is that that JLo stuff?

Is that those JLo gummies. I don't think it is. Was it goji? I thought hers was so I thought it was goli. Yeah. Oh, maybe it's Goli. Maybe she just likes goalies. I have no idea, badum bump hockey goalies. But what Maybe she didn't. No, she's into Ben Aflac. Sorry. She's got Ben. Aflac. Aflac. Anyways, anyway, Goji berries have, specific antioxidants.

Give the body more energy. And they're a small red, reddish berry. Okay. And I've had 'em in like trail mix and I've had 'em in vitamin water. Like we've gone to business meetings that had different fruits and berries in them, right? You know how people do the water? You go to business meetings, got the fancy water.

Oh yeah. They got the schmancy minty water and the mint and all the berries. Goji berries are usually. Oh, okay. I know you've had 'em up in Scottsdale, but you didn't know that's what you had. I, I might have, I don't know. Yeah, that's goji berry. It's a poss. It's possibility. It's a possibility it's a very good, very good possibility.

I may have had some at one point in time. True. I'm pretty sure you've had the next one on our list, Apples. Yep. Especially being from upstate New York. Apple a day keeps the doctor away. They always say mm-hmm. I'm a poet and didn't know it. That's true. Whoop. What? They're, They're high in the noids. The what? Hide the noid.. I remember the noid..

Remember the noid? Yeah. I do avoid the noid.. Well, they're high in flavanoids flavonoids. Those help in ox oxidative stress. Okay. I don't know what that is, but I know they help in inflammation. Okay, so if you have problems with inflammation, apple's help. Oh, nice. Any kind. Just regular apples like Or apple juice.

Or apples. Apples. Apples. Apples. Apple, apple, apple. Yeah, because most apple juice, when you buy it has sugar added. You kinda lose everything when you add sugar to stuff. Oh, okay. Gotcha. I understand. You know it. It's kind like with strawberries. Okay, everybody, What are they? What's the first thing people do with strawberries?

 Eat 'em, dip 'em in chocolate. Dip 'em in chocolate or whipped cream. Oh. Or they dice 'em up and put 'em in sugar and let 'em marinate all day. And then put 'em on pound cake. Strawberry short cake because they want all that simple syrup it makes, which is really good. Don't get me wrong, but tasty strawberries are good too.

Mm-hmm. . Yeah. Strawberries are really good. Yeah. Just strawberries. Just regular strawberries. Mm-hmm. , I used to put straw, just cut up strawberries on my. in milk. I like cereal and I like strawberries, and I like milk. You, just don't like 'em all together. I just don't like 'em all together. I know. I take the glass of milk, the bowl of cereal and the bowl strawberries.

Separate. What? Munch on this, munch on this. Take a drink. OhMy God, not together. No, not together. Oopsie it's not like all together now all together. Now what? What? All apart now? All apart now. Yeah, it's all, Giddyup mmchch mchch

speaking of, speaking of orange is Now does that go for navy oranges too? Oranges? I don't know. Doesn't They're called navy, right? Ha, . Are they military oranges? They're naval. Oh, I'm an natural blonde. I didn't, I thought they were navy oranges like they'd been in the service. Thank you for your service every orange.

Ah, come on. It was funny. Seamen orange. Aren't you glad I told that joke? Orange Seamen that doesn't sound right. That sounds really bad. That sounds, That sounds weird. We're just leaving that joke back on the curb. Baba psst, aren't you glad I told you a joke, but yes. What? No, you didn't go there twice. Took you twice to hear it.

Uhhuh. I heard it the first time I chose to ignore it. Mm-hmm. Oranges have vitamin C. Everybody knows that. Okay. And vitamin C helps reduce stress. Yeah. Oxidative stress in the body and prevent it has to do with something. Oxidative has to do with something with how much oxygen goes to your blood. I don't know the exact way it works, but I know that something in there they recommend at my current job that if you're feeling dehydrated to eat an orange Oh, okay.

It helps with fatigue, like if muscle fatigue. So what I'm hearing is we should keep more oranges around the house. Well, no, they say if you're fatigued again, I, I don't feel fatigued. I am talking about you, brother. Oh. Oh, okay. Then yeah, you should leave some around the house for Janet to eat. Thank you.

Thank you very much. You're welcome. Welcome very much. Okay. So, and it also helps, they've noted that young adult male students who have higher levels of vitamin C may have a better mood and be less likely to experience confusion and anger. Or depression and anger. Teenage boys with anger issues. Give them an orange.

Okay, okay. That works for me. Throw it at 'em. Hit 'em in the head with it. That'll help. Eat your fucking orange. That's right. Eat your orange. Anyway. Anyway, you don't even hit when you hit 'em. Don't even bother peeling it. You could put it in your fist and hit them with it that's how you really orange juice wow.

Where did all this anger come from? I don't know. Eat an Orange. God damnit. I'm not a teenage boy What are you Hangry?. Yeah. Well, so what about it? I'm just asking eat an orange. It's supper time. Let me look at my watch. It says Feed me Janet. It does. It says Feed me Seymore. Oh, that's you. Upside down and backwards.

Okay, anyway, onward to the next one, please. So the next is one of my favorites, which is dark berries. Okay, now what's a dark berry? Raspberry, blueberry back. Blackberry, boysenberries, all of those dark. Anything dark in color. You know, I love, I love, I love blueberries. I love raspberries. I love blackberries, and I love boysenberries too.

See, growing up.

There where I grew up. Mm-hmm. in upstate New York. There was, there was an old asparagus farm. Okay. So there was wild asparagus that would still grow in the yard, but we used to get it outta the ditches. There was a lot of raspberry and blackberry bushes. Mm-hmm. in the, in there. So, So I used to pick 'em right off the US too, where I grew up.

Cause I was a kid. Oh. It was, Yeah, The neighbor didn't like it, but , oh my god. Get out of my bushes our neighborhood. Yeah. Whipper snappers. Our neighbor had black grapes, but I was apparently the only one he let eat 'em. According to my sister. I was special. But anyway, yeah, I grew up in an area where there was wild berries and we could eat the wild berries, but there was also wild asparagus and stuff like that too.

Yeah. Like it was, Yeah. Really? And rhubarb, wild rhubarb. Oh my God. Oh my. But. Dark berries. They're the bomb Diggity. Bomb diggity. Yoyos. I like to put 'em in Greek yogurt. Yeah. You know. And then smoothies. Smoothies. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I'm with you. You're gonna make me drool I know, right?

Everybody wants a smoothie. speaking. Not of smoothies. Okay. Fatty fish. Fatty fish like salmon. Okay. High in omega three. Okay. They say it helps with brain function, but I'm too tired to tell you. Ba bump pss, yeah. Fish in general, you know. Excellent source of protein and b vitamin. Well, it is, it is. That's what they say, Sardines.

Yeah. Yeah. Know tuna. Yeah. Well, you and I both like too, and I, I love tuna. Yeah. I can eat it straight outta the can. You, you like it when I make tuna salad, I can eat it straight outta the can too. Mm-hmm. I used to be a Boy Scout. Were you really? How'd I not know that? I don't know. I didn't go far. , they let to go around the block.

Really? You said you didn't go far. I just figured that when the troop marched, you went around the block. I didn't go far up the rank. Oh. Before I decided that I had better things to do than be a Boy Scout like, job. Gotcha. Make money. Okay then. Anyway. Anyway, I'm really particular about fish cuz we grew up eating a lot of fish.

 Because our grandparents had a cabin on the river. Okay. The Sangamon River down in Illinois. All right. And we spent a lot of time down there fishing and eating fish and frog legs and stuff like that. Oh, taste like chicken? No, I taste like frog legs. But my Uncle Bill had me convinced, that's my mom's brother-in-law.

Yeah. When he had me convinced when I was a little kid. Mm-hmm. Like we're talking, a wee little kid that when they took the legs off the frogs mm-hmm. That until the frogs grew new legs. Cuz he had me convinced they did that the frogs would get little wheelchairs and reel around and wheelchairs, on the banks of the river.

Oh. And the reason I didn't see 'em is I wasn't allowed to stay up. Oh, I was gullible. Like gullible travels. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You are. Anyway. I ate the frog legs so. So damn it. Damn crickets. I hear crickets. I hear crickets. Yeah, but beef, beef, liver. But you know, I didn't like, Yeah. Don't get me wrong. I did try.

I did try liver. How old were you? Uh mmm. Preteens maybe. Okay. When I was a kid, I didn't like liver. I don't remember exactly. I'd have to talk to, talk to pops and find out when. I know it wasn't often. We had liver. Yeah. Us either. I didn't like it as a kid and then I learned to cook it the right way.

Mm-hmm. and I love it. When I cook it, it's like fork tender and taste good. Okay. So when I cook it, I like it all right? It's, it's not something I want every day. But I like it the way I cook it. Liver and onions. I had a, yeah, I had a chef down in Florida teach me to cook liver the right way. Okay. And I was like, Oh my God.

I told him I don't like liver. And he's like, Oh, you haven't tried mine? Yeah, it's high in B vitamins b12. And he taught me how, and it's like, Oh, that's totally different than the shoe leather I grew up with. You know? Yeah. Maybe one of the best meat sources for vitamin b12. Wow. Which keeps the body, feel full of energy.

I could use full of energy. Well, while many cuts of meat contained vitamin b12, the difference in the beef liver has a large amount. Okay. The difference is that beef liver has a large amount That's, Yeah, I said that right? Okay. Yeah. It just didn't say, It came out. It came out, but my ears didn't hear it.

Right. Yeah, it's, It's right. A three ounce cut of beef flank steak has 1.5 micrograms of vitamin B12 a three ounce cut of beef liver contains 60 micrograms. Wow. That's huge difference. So eat your liver, eat your liver. If you can plug your nose, pretend it's pizza, do whatever. Make it into a smoothie if you have to.

And drink your liver.

Sorry for the sound effects, if that bugs you. Dry heave. Dry heave. Okay, so, I love yogurt. I like Greek yogurt the best. Boy, that's not a whew. Go from beef liver to yogurt. But now if you take the yogurt and you go back up to those dark berries and strawberries and goji berries. Yeah. And even the nanners.

Mm-hmm. mix that all together. Add a little grape nuts. You got yourself a little parfait. Yeah, I do that all the time. You knew that. I know. That's why I said it yogurt's rich in protein, fats and simple carbohydrates, which helps provide energy. Okay. So you need to start eating more yogurt. Yeah I know. I need to start making, I don't why, I don't know why you didn't buy any. Crickets. I know. I hear crickets. I hear crickets. That's all I hear is cricket. Chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp. Crickets. Yes. Okay, so get past my crickets. They make an app that you can go to. Actually, you can go to 18 wheel Uh huh And you can have, you can have yogurt delivered. I can, Yes, you can.

Will they send me anything else with it? They will go anywhere you want. Within reason, I think. I think, Well, they like if you go to their, if you go to 18 wheel, It tells 'em that we sent you for one and it, and it helps support our show at no extra cost to you. And it'll also, depending on where you live, tell you what stores are available, are available in your area.

So I can get my yogurt and my grape nuts and all my goji berries. All those berries that you want strawberries and blackberries and, and you can have it all delivered. My God. And I believe if your order's like $35 or more, you get free, free delivery. And do you know if you put the grape nuts on bottom and then the yogurt and then the berries, and then you let it sit for a little bit?

Mm-hmm. , then the grape nuts are soft and it's all good. Yeah. They don't hurt yourself. Hurt you, you don't break a tooth on. I, I, I. So anyways, that was my segue. Affiliate. I know. Affiliate like I'll put a link, I'll put a link in, show notes what you really like. I'll put a link in the show note for you. Yes, I'll put a link down in, in, down, down below here.

Below. The video can be down there somewhere. Yeah, down there. Oh no. Yeah, and like I said, it doesn't matter as long as you have a physical address, you can have Instacart delivered. That means you two truck drivers mm-hmm. get, get the physical address of the truck stop you're sitting at and you can have Instacart bring you stuff.

And if you're camping it can come to your campground too. Yeah. Cause because the campground has to get mail somehow you managed to get there. So it has a physical address's True. So that you could have put it in your GPS or you could go find a place. And this Instacart can too. Instacart can find it too.

And unlike me, they don't break your eggs. I know cuz. I'll break your eggs. Yeah, but you're not working for Instacart, so thank God. So anyways, next. Eggs, that's why I said that. Next eggs. Each egg has about six grams of protein and five grams of fat. Okay. Yeah. And eggs. Are that on again? Off again? Yeah. They're good for you.

Not good for you on again. They're great for you. They're horrible for you. They're great for you. They're horrible for ya. Don't eat em. Eat 'em. Yeah, eat 'em. I know. Now they're expensive or they did get expensive. Well they were exp they will be towards the end of this month. Yeah. Yeah, but I never quit buying them because even when they were super expensive.

I used apps and coupons. Exactly. We have a podcast about that too. Yep. But I used apps and coupons to save money to, I'll put a link. People afford them. Put a link down below for that. Yeah. We, we, we, we did a couple of podcasts. One was, I think 25, ways we saved money and the apps that we use. We had a whole bunch of different apps that we use mm-hmm.

 To save money. And, and we had, we got, like some codes that you guys could use to. Hook you up. Yeah. Kind, kind of help, help get you started. We hook you up and there was another one after that, I don't remember. But anyways, I'll put, I'll, I'll be sure to link, link those two episodes in, in the, in the notes below, so that way y'all can go back and listen to 'em.

Watch the videos. Okay. You know? Yeah. You know what I mean? So I have a funny note for you. What's that? . So most people don't, Well, I won't say most people. A lot of people don't know there's a difference between a yam and a sweet potato. Okay. They just don't, like, they go to the grocery store and they just think they're the same thing, but they're not tomato, tomato, potato, potato, yams.

It's more like, It's more like potato tomato. Yeah. Well, the way I look at it is do tell. An original yam is like a oblong. Mm-hmm. It's oblong potato, but it's real long. Yeah. Real long. Slender Looks like a submarine. Fat in the middle. Looks like a submarine. Yeah. Fat in the middle And sweet potatoes are what you mash up and, and add marshmallows and look like a brown sugar and stuff.

Looks like a potato. Yeah, but you can use both either way. Mm-hmm. you can bake 'em both and you can mash 'em both. People just, And they taste the same. Pretty much. Yeah. Yeah. People just don't realize they're, there's, they're like yam sweet potatoes. What's the difference? I'm like, there is a difference.

Well, like I said, there there a yam comes like, looks like a submarine. Sweet potatoes. How do they come? They look like a potato look. A regular potato orange, only orange. A big orange potato. A big orange potato. See, I just learned something new. I just thought they sweet potatoes came in a.

Please help me baby Jesus. Baby Jesus got nothing on me. I'm just kidding. Kidding. I know you kid. You kid I kid I kid kinda so, So do you like beats, drum beats. Guitar riffs. No beats from the garden like that. Beets, no beets from the garden. Those purple things that you can bleed. You know you can't bleed a turnip, but you can bleed a beet.

Okay. Yeah. The red veggie. Yeah. It's purple or whatever. Anyways. Yeah, it looks red. Do you like those? They're all right. They're all right. They're not my favorite. Yeah. Have you ever? But they're really good, I hear for you. Yeah again, antioxidents, nutrients, and they help improve, improve blood flow and energy.

That's what I just said. I understood you. That's why I was just translating for the listening audience. Yeah, but you can also use dried beet root. You can do chips and you can cook beets, and you can get bottled beet root juice. Okay. But now the, I know that was a mouthful, but the way that I like 'em probably isn't the healthiest because I like Harvard beets.

Okay. What's. It's got ingredients added, and I'm sure Sugar's one of them. I just don't, It's been so long since I made 'em. I'd have to look at the recipe. Oh my god. You know, it's been a while if I've gotta look at a recipe. I know, but I like beets, which again, I hated as a kid. Oh yeah. I, I've had 'em when I was a kid.

I've had 'em when I've grown up. They're still not my favorite, but I, I only know your tests changed. Yeah. Your, I, I, I can eat them. Your taste, your tastes change, change. I'm tongue tied tonight. Welcome to the Janet Translation Show. My tongue is tied. Tonight, well untie the fucking thing. Let me take a drink.

You can go to the next, Maybe you move the microphone too close to your mouth so you get scared or something. Lower it down just a little. A little more. There you go. See now you can take a drink. Wash the poop outta your mouth. Cause you're talking shit. You're supposed to be talking about leafy greens. Oh yeah. Next on the list, you maybe forget to take the lid off.

Next on the list, dark leafy greens like such as kale, spinach, and collared greens. Oh, I love collared greens. All right. I like spinach. Mm-hmm. I like. I think I've had kale before. I don't know. That's a funny looking green, but it's dark. That's the stuff they used to only use around banquet tables for Yeah, I was gonna say, that was the decoration, wasn't it?

Now everybody eats it. Yeah, it went from decoration to being eaten. You could eat this. Oh my god. It's good for you. What? Don't, don't, don't people put it in smoothies now. Yeah, yeah. Those greens you could buy. Green. The kale, powdered kale for Yeah. Smoothies. Yeah. Yeah, because it's really hard to digest for some people.

Yep. I gotcha, so as well as nutrients and oxidate, it, it's full of proteins. Mm-hmm. . And it also has nutrients and antioxidants. Yeah. All greens do. Yep. Greens may be difficult to digest for some people, like you said. Mm-hmm. , you know, So breaking them down by, by cooking them mm-hmm. and, And a bit of vinegar.

Yep. Or lemon juice. Yes. May help just saying. I know case you didn't know that there's, there's your, there's your cooking tip today and people also fry kale. I'm guessing that's not the healthiest, but I know some, Well, probably you and I would roast it in the oven, probably. Yeah. I like roasted cabbage. I wonder if roasted kale would come out the same way.

No, we like cabbage cooked on the grill, but roasted it too. We've done it. The oven. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We have, We've done it in the oven. Olive, olive oil, and sea salt. My gosh. Sliced, Olive oil, and sea salt on the grill or in the oven. All right. There's your recipe for the day. Yum. About what? 300? 375? Yeah, about 375. For about what?

40, 30 minutes? Yeah. It depends on how thick you slice it but. Yeah. Half hour or so. I know. I know. You like the next one. Ch. I'm a chocolate freak. I'm a chocolate freak. Aholic. Dark chocolate. You know, rich, dark chocolate usually has less sugar than milk chocolate. That's less sugar. Sugar means more energy, immediate energy.

Mm-hmm, more cocoa means the more benefits from it. More beneficial. Yes. More flavanoids. Yep yep my Dad always ate, one of the little one ounce squares of dark chocolate every day with his oatmeal. Yep. Our remember oh, goodie, speaking of which, Oatmeal, oatmeal, bowl of whole grain oatmeal may be a great way to provide the body with energy.

I used to eat oatmeal all the time. Me too. A kid. You know, I, I, I go in spurts. I'll eat oatmeal for a while, then smoothies. Yeah, and then oatmeal, then smoothies. It's, you know, yin and yang. Oats are rich, rich in fiber, and may enable the body to feel fuller for longer. Mm-hmm that's, that's what I liked about it's, other, you know, longer than other breakfast choices.

Excuse me. I took the, my tongue tied because I gave hanging out with Janet. I gave it to you. I just went Yeah, I know. Anyways, continue. So, popcorn, rich in carbohydrates. No, you gotta finish reading. Oh, I thought you were done with oatmeal. No, I, I tripped over it. Oh, sorry. According to the, Which journal is it?

Yeah, I don't know. Journal of Nutrition, Whole Grain oats, which are not the same as Instant Oats. Mm-hmm. are a source of essential minerals, vitamins, and phenolic compounds, all of which help energize the body. See, had you read that Cuz I had a tripped over that word phenolic. Yeah, I, I, a stumbled on that and you're phenomenal.

We'd spend 20 minutes for me to try to figure it out. Okay, I'm just saying I'm being truth. Truth in advertising. Okay. But I wanna talk about popcorn cuz I love popcorn. I love popcorn. Butter, salt. Mm, Cheese, shaky cheese on it, you know? Yes I do. My phone just buzzed and I see that. Call you back thingy.

If it's an emergency, they'll call again. All right. Popcorn is rich in carbohydrate rates. Has fiber to slow down digestion. Mm-hmm. . And if you know you've been listening slower, digestion gives you more energy and it makes you feel full for longer than other carbs. Yeah. Yepper, Uhhuh, so just, just a little titbit.

So how does popcorn compare to Tater chips? I dunno. How does it, Popcorn makes you feel full longer. Oh, okay. Mm-hmm. All right. So let's see. All right. If you're, If you're, if you're a dieter. Okay. Okay. Like every woman I've ever met popcorn is usually contains fewer calories than potato chips. Okay. That's the difference.

And popcorn makes you feel fuller longer. Exactly. That's why they made those rice cakes. It's like popcorn and styrofoam or something. Yeah, exactly. Styrofoam and like one kernel of popcorn per cake. It's just, And they, they waved it by a flavor truck. Like, there's your flavor. I hope. Look at it, it's, it's like they threw like flavored dust into a fan and blew it on it, and that's it.

No, and that's it. Blew it away from it because it was like, Whew. Yeah. This tastes like styrofoam. Your favorites. Up next. I know. Quinoa. Quinoa. I love quinoa. It's a seed. Most people think of it as a grain, and when I try and explain to someone what it is, I explain it like a grain, because you cook it like a grain, like rice.

Okay. Yep. It comes the, the. Red quinoa, White quinoa, which white isn't really white. White, but they call it white quinoa. Anyways, high and pros. Protein, The white's kinda like a brownish color or gray? Tan. Great. Tan. Tan. Before cooking or after? Before and then after. It looks whiteish. Yeah. More whiteish after cooking.

But not white. White. Not like white rice, they call it. I think it's more, More of a transparent, translucent. Yes. Is that the word? Yeah. Like a translucent color. Mm-hmm. It's, it's white, but kind of clear. Yeah. Well, and it absorbs the, the flavors Yeah. Of everything it's cooked with, it's got a little bit of a nutty flavor by itself.

Yeah. It's not, like I said, it, it's, it's not for everybody, but it's high in, protein, carbs, and fiber. But if you're dieting and stuff like that, that this would be a great well substitute. Yeah. Because it's slow. It is slow release carbs, but, and a lot of people, when you cook with it, they don't even realize you're, you've substituted it.

Like when I made my version of red beans and rice Yep. For your family on Thanksgiving. Oh my god. I made red beans and rice and I told 'em there's no rice in it. And it disappeared. Everyone loved it and asked me for the recipe and I told 'em I put quinoa, not rice and everybody's like You put what in everybody looked at it and went. And this is what. And so, what do you call this? I explained it Quinoa. I spelled it and I explained it. It's, It's exotic. No, it's pretty, It's getting pretty common now. Back then it wasn't, but I think, gosh, that you told. Anyway. It's an exotic rice. Eat it. You like it? I just told em eat it.

You like it. I cooked it. Yeah. And they trust me. So they did. This is true. So I know you like the next one. Brown rice. Mm-hmm. Mm. One of the benefits of brown rice may be that it retains much of the fiber from the husk. Mm-hmm. That's why it's brown. What? How now brown cow, Wait a minute, The husk is not there in white rice.

Mm-hmm. , Which may cause the body to absorb the carbohydrates content quickly. That's why white rice isn't as good for you. Mm. Lead to a spike in their, and then a crash in their energy. Now you go like this and then you go, That's why. That's why when I eat Chinese food, I get so tired and then I get hungry later.

Yeah, but what, anything that doesn't slow your digestion. That has high carbs. Mm-hmm. , you get the spike. And then you crash. Well not your car, but you, you mental crash and physically you're drained. So anything that slows your digestion makes sure you have sustainable energy. Gotcha. That's the best way to Yeah.

Release an energy more slowly. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. That's why brown rice is better for you than white rice. I know. I'm a smarty britches. You are smarty pants. Sassy pants. Oh, Miss Sassy pants, which you told me the other day. La tida tida take these soybeans and roast them. Okay, Go ahead. Dare you. Roasted soybeans or edamami a, what?

They're called edamami. Why would I want to eat a mommy? They're called Edamami beans. It's Ed Edam. If you go into some Chinese restaurants that look like beans and they're look dried and they're in a bowl and they serve 'em to you as like an appetizer. Okay, good to know. They're really good. can say's, Good to know.

Amino acids, magnesium, potassium. And protein, yada, yada yada. Yeah. They taste really good.

 I like edamami. Most people I've met do if they like Chinese food, especially if they like sushi. Okay. But it doesn't have any sushi and it's, it's literally roasted soybeans. Oh, okay. You can, I'll buy you some and bring 'em home some one of these days. I will. Cuz if you won't taste them, I'll eat 'em all.

I'll eat the whole bag. I'll try it. Usually, Oh, excuse me. Usually when I, I'll bet you need soybean. Whoa. Usually they're still in the shell. They're, instead of soybeans like you see 'em typically, you know, they're still in the shell. I gotcha. Oh, okay. I'm feeling what you're putting down. Oh, good. I wasn't sure.

I don't get nervous. I so nervous I to take my outer shirt off. Oh my God. Anyways, okay. All right. Lentils. Did I say that right? You did. Lentils, Yes. Are an excellent source of protein and fiber. Boy, all this stuff with fiber, it makes me gassy. . Well, it's a good, Yeah. People just fart around. What can I say that kinda know?

I'm just saying. Mm. I mean, fiber's good for you, but you get to a certain age over 40 and fiber's no longer good for you. Fiber. Fiber gives gives you gas. Yeah, it's, it gives you the afterburners

Sometimes you could laugh and you know, toot out a song. Sometimes it makes it a good option for people on a budget. Anything that has fiber and protein both and is inexpensive, makes it. Good for your budget. Okay, so, so the U.S.D.A. Note that that one cup of lentil contains about 18 grams of protein, 40 grams of carbs, 15 grams of fiber, and less than four grams of sugar.

So speaking in terms now, Len lentils are the small, the small like little noodle looking things? I think so, yeah. I think actually never had lentils. You found something I've never had, I've had lentil soup before. Yeah, no, and I think it's those little. Teeny wienie. You know how picky I am about soup. It's kinda like, well, it's kinda like quinoa in soup.

Yeah, but you know how that's the only way I can, I could describe the look. Yeah. I'm just, Yeah, no, I believe I'll try almost anything until it comes to soup and then it's like, Oh, well, well, tell me what you really feel. I just did. I don't try a lot of new soups. I don't roll that way. All right. Well, the fiber, The fiber may help to manage the digestion of carbs, keeping body full and providing the sources of sustain sustained energy.

Energy. Like I said, sustainable energy is what it's all about. That's right. Wow. Eat smart. Mm-hmm. All right, So if you're just joining us, we're, we're talking about the best foods to eat for energy. Mm-hmm and we've gone down a whole list, so you'll have to rewind it to the beginning, and I'm nuts about you, Patrick, and listen to the.

Wait. You'll be here for another 10 minutes. I know, right? The reason I'm nuts about you is as soon as I hit stop, stop recording. Anyways, go ahead why you nuts? Because they contain a blend of protein, fats, and some carbs. Okay. Gives you energy throughout the day. Well, I like nuts. I just don't have the.

Chopper form that the choppers to chew nuts. Yeah. Not right now, unfortunately. And I could chew on nuts all day, but they, you, you have to limit yourself to mixed nuts and, and any type of nuts because they're, they can be high in fat. Yes. Fatty acids. Yes. So like my Dad, not usually high in essential fatty acid, but they can also be high in just because they're high in, they can be high in fat.

Just like my dad would do, He'd have oatmeal, a piece of chocolate and some nuts for breakfast. Mm-hmm. I would do oatmeal, some nuts in it. I would skip the chocolate. Well, yes, nuts are high. If I could have put caramel in it, I would've, But that's not good for you. That's just sugar. I'm not as big of a chocolate freak as he was, but you know.

Or you, But you know, it's, anyways, yeah, I not nuts or high end calories as as well. So people should be careful. That's exactly right you know I do. It's all good though. Peanut butter. If you got a peanut allergy or a nut allergy, I, I apologize. I'm sorry. That sucks. Yeah, because you can't try nuts and you can't eat my cooking and you can't eat peanut butter or my cooking, you know?

 Peanut butter is typically rich in protein, fats and fibers mm-hmm. And help the person feel fuller longer after eating it. Yeah. And you can't eat my cooking.

almost all my Christmas cooking has peanuts in it. I, I know of some sort. I know. Or peanut butter. I know I have to make very specific things for people with nut allergies and I do for those I love. Yep. The rest of the world, I poison. I don't what this may. This may cut the need for consistent snacking, which may also leave a person feeling drained as their body has to digest.

Continuously. Continuously. Maybe that's what's wrong with me. I'm a gremlin, so I'm always wanting something to eat and I'm always munching and I just am always digesting stuff. I don't know. My body works real hard. I like peanut butter. I love, but I only love Jiff. Okay. I That's fine. Yeah. It's gotta be Jiff.

Okay. Okay. You can go to your Jiffy Place. I, That's not how it goes. I know, I know. Next seeds. All right, well we got your seeds. Pumpkin seeds. Oh, I like pumpkin seeds. I've never had chia seeds except on food. I don't just sit and eat chia seeds. I couldn't tell you. I have 'em on, I've had 'em on salads.

I like salted pumpkin seeds though. I do too. And flax seeds, I've had them on salads. I think I've had them on salads. Yeah. Most seeds I've had is pretty much on salads except pumpkin seeds. Roasted. Oh yeah. And it's the time of year. I know, right. Best thing is to carve a pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern.

Take out the center, make the, the meat of it into a pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread, and then roast the seeds. Got it. Yes. That's the whole recipe. That's all I'm telling you. Okay. Figure it out. You're you're up batter up batter. It's my turn again. I thought it was your turn. Yeah. And you got, you, you, you stopped at flax seeds.

And then like when I, They're rich sources of fatty acids and fiber, which translates to more energy and they're also easy to carry, and they make a great addition to trail mix. That is very true. And your salad? Yes. So this one here, I don't know. And bread, I don't know. Water, water's the most crucial energizing ingredient on this list.

Yes. And we'll have a link soon for something about water. Water is virtual. Oh, I'm sorry. Water is vital. It's not virtual. It's wa water's vital for every cell in the body to work correctly while most people think dehydration. As an extreme scenario. Yeah. The, the body may become partially dehydrated if a person goes all morning without water.

True. So, I, I use water in my coffee. That doesn't count as water. It doesn't? Nope. Oh, no. Only if it's decaf with nothing in it. Which brings me to the next, on the. We're talking about water right now. Oh, that's what we're talking about. You did hear me say we we're gonna have a link soon to something that regards to water.

Yes. And we've already made a donation to the water project that we're working on. Just say it. Why beat around the bush? You're beating around the bush. I'm beating around the bush. Okay, we're gonna be Just say it. Sorry. Go ahead. We are going to have for sale soon, some 25 ounce water bullets. You can put anything in' em.

 They're double insulated, and we made, we bought them and made a donation to the thirst project through not vodka. Mm-hmm. , not vodka water. Yep. And the, you can, when you buy the bottles from us, you, there's a code inside that looks like this. So not an advertising, so it's not an advertisement. And then the other side has a, a thing.

With a code. Yep. And you put your code in when you go into the website and you can either donate to the thirst project, which helps end worldwide thirst or. Can donate your money to Code Red, which helps and thirst among homeless people in Phoenix, which is a major problem in Phoenix in the summer. This is true.

Code Red is the, what they call when it's triple digits in Phoenix, and they want people off the streets. They, they try to round up the homeless and get 'em, get 'em into shelters, get 'em off the street, get 'em the street and, and cooled down. And their animals too. Not just the people. So, So stay tuned.

There'll be links for that. Yeah, there will be. So, and it just happens. We had this podcast put together before we had that in plan. It just worked out nicely. You know, you might as well just spit it out. Stop in. Oh, okay. Fine. Water project. Look for it on our thing. Yes. Website being the thing. The thirst project.

The thirst project. And like I said, we're doing our part to help. So yes, we went out and bought all these 25 ounce bullets and look for 'em soon. So we got, we got, what we got, 25, 30, 40. 40. I think all right. I think we have 40 bottles. All right. Let's safely say we have 25 water bottles. Okay. That are for sale.

Okay. A variety. A variety, Yes. We might have more. We'll let you know when we, when we do an official count. Okay. All right. Unofficially official. Oh, okay. Okay, next. Next. Coffee. Everybody. I like coffee. Well, everybody recognizes coffee as an energy booster. Makes your mind and body feel alert and some people, not everybody, it makes you more productive, Has antioxidants.

You know, you know that guy in the office has had like six cups of coffee and you walk in, he's like, Hey, hey humma humma hey now.

What's for lunch? coffee anyway, coffee has antioxidants called polyphenols, which helps reduce oxidative oxidative stress and helps the body function better. Mm-hmm. however, it's also a stimulant, so they say consume it, moderation. And I tell my doctor I only have one or two cups a day that that'll hold a pot.

Yeah. That my cup holds a pot. My favorite cup anyway, Uhhuh. But anyway, no, I do consume coffee in moderation now. When I was over the road and drove truck, I consumed coffee from the time I woke up to the time I went to sleep, which I thought was in moderation. Me too! I had a 32 ounce mug mm-hmm. that I bought that had Mountain Dew it, and then when I was done with the Mountain Dew, I rinsed it out, kept a, it's, it was a plastic portable mug.

No, it was, Was it 32 ounce? No, it wasn't, It was 52 ounce. A big 52 ounce Slurpee mug. Yeah. Insulated. Mm-hmm. and I used to get coffee in it. But you put Mountain Dew in it? Yeah, well, I had to that's sacrilege that I bought it, so I get the mug. It was a Mountain Dew, had Mountain Dew on the label, so I, I bought the mug, so I filled it with soda and then the next time I went in, I filled it with coffee.

They, they were kind of pissed because I took all the coffee. Gee, I wonder why they were upset with you, Patrick. I have no idea. You know, they, they should have had more thermoses' out with coffee, you know, by the time I got there. Anyway, anyways, consume coffee with moderation, Uhhuh. But I will say this, after my Dad realized how much coffee I drank, okay, he did get me to drink my normal coffee in the morning.

Mm-hmm. . And then once I hit like. Eight hours of drinking coffee. I switched to half calf and then once I hit my second eight hours of drinking coffee, I switched to decaf. That was real progress, I guess. Yeah, it was real progress. I'm sure it was. Mm-hmm. so green. Last but certainly not least, green tea still contains small amounts of caffeine.

Okay. But it also has components that may help reduce oxidative stress. Mm-hmm. and inflammation in the body. The result may be a smoother transition than coffee to a more awake and energetic state. Okay. So, So I, they're saying, I guess they say green tea doesn't give you the jitters type of thing. Yeah.

And it helps more a lot more with like inflammation. It's not like that instant I'm awake you get with coffee. It's like a slow, You have slow burn. Yeah. Well, yeah. It's like a slow burn. That's a good way to put it. It's a slow burn. So, yeah. Yeah. So we're gonna put this list, available so people can see it. We can, we'll put it up on.

Under the episode. Okay. I forget what episode number. This is 61. Episode 61. I do believe so. 18 wheel letter E and 61. Take it directly to the page for this episode, or you can click on our episode library on our Very good very good. Whoop, whoop, and any information that we talked about in this episode.

There'll be links. Yes, I promise. Very good. Very good. I promise. I promise. I promise. So anyway, hope that you find your ways to keep your energy up. Yes. And and I hope these help cuz I know there's some that I was like, Oh, I never knew that. Well, I'm gonna have to try it now. So, And I was like, Oh, wow. I should have, never quit eating this.

Yeah, right. Why did I, why did I stop eating that? I don't know why. It's probably his fault. It's all his fault, right, whatever. Say goodbye, Janet. Goodbye Janet. Okay, bye bye.