18WT 006: Common Work From Home Problems 

And How To Fix Them!

June 03, 2020 - Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

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The Guest Vitals!

   Your Host and Co-host truly complement each other’s personalities and
style, on and off the air! Patrick is a 20+ year truck driver with a passion for being an entrepreneur. Janet grew up in the trucking industry, her father and grandfathers’ all drove. She also drove for nearly a decade over the road. Her passion for entrepreneurship is similar yet different than Patrick’s. That is why it works so well for them. The one main thing that drives them both however is the desire to see him step down from the big rig and retire to the home office this year. Those headphones look good on him after all.
   They both love helping people learn new things and talking (a true-blue trucker quality) to just about anybody about anything. When you mix talking, making money, making new memories, reminiscing about old ones’; helping other people lift themselves up by learning new ways to get the most out of life oh and of course laughter, that is what these two are all about.

Special Guest!

Kyle Heller is the son of the Host of the Podcast Show Patrick and Stepish Monster to Co-Host Ms. Janet.  Kyle has adopted  a few nick names in his short time here in Arizona like "Lil Bastard", "Big Show" and "Princess" when he get his boxers in a twist. Kyle is a full time college student and works part time at a local grocery store. In his spare time he loves to play video games on his Xbox and watch B rated movies with the family.

18WT 006:  On this episode Janet and Patrick with special guest Kyle Heller talk about a blog post that Janet had posted on her website at janetmccue.com  titled 30+ Common Work from Home Problems & How to Fix them. They go on to talk about the polls that Janet put up on various websites and how she got over 500 responses to the polls. She used the data collected from the polls to compile a list and whittled it done to the 30+ most common problems people had working from home.
  The first on the list they talked about was Social Media and ways to not go down the "social media rabbit hole". If you have one of those jobs that requires you to be on social media set an alarm to take a break from it. If you just can't keep yourself from going down the rabbit hole they suggest to 1) turn off notifications 2) set alarms for your breaks and lunch start/end time and only go on social media at that time. 3) post on your social media that "your at home working and will be available at ??? time, talk to you after ??? time, have a great day."
  The next item on the list that they talked about was Stress. They asked Kyle how he has handled stress during the CoVid19 pandemic with having to do his schooling from home and online. They also go on to explain different ways to relieve some stress. 1) Meditate 2) Exercise 3) Yoga 4) Deep breathing 5) Laughter 6) Light a Candle 7) Count your blessings 8) pet/play with your pets 9) Read a Book 10) Video Games. Kyle also talked about how Janet and him love to watch B rated movies the dumber the better.
  They continued on to talk about Lack of Workspace like if you use the kitchen table as your workspace try having the kids eat breakfast on TV trays or the coffee table in the living room while your working in the kitchen. You can also make lunch an adventure if you have kids by lying a sheet or blanket on the floor and have a picnic inside this will save time from having to clear the kitchen table your working at off, turn your bill paying desk into a work desk temporarily by storing your bills in a file cabinet or desk draw but don't forget to set yourself a reminder to pay them.
  The Boss Thinks I Am Available 24/7 the boss is calling you after hours now that your working from home but has never done it in the past its time to have a phone conversation to set expectations with the boss. They went on to talk about video calls and Kyle said N.S.F.W. (Not Safe For Work) and that he would probably be all business up top and free ballin down below....hahahaha.
  Then they go on to talk about Forgetting To Take Breaks and giving Patrick a bunch of crap for not taking breaks while he works on this podcast.        They continue to talk about how people working from home have a tendency to forget to take their breaks and lunches and just giving money back to the company. Janet suggested setting an alarm and keeping a schedule to take your breaks and lunches and not give time back to "The Man" and if the boss wants you to work late put in for the overtime.
  Janet continued the talk with how women are Distracted by Chores but Kyle chimed in to say he was not physically distracted by his chores and how if he could afford for someone to do his chores he would pay for it, but just not to Janet because Janet's prices for doing his chores for him was a little to high for him thats why he said afford. Janet said don't get sucked in to doing the chores on your break just because your home. She continues with make a schedule and have everyone chip in and help with the chores.

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