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18WT 023:  Movie Theater's, What's Next For Them?

June 8, 2021  Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

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18WT 023:  Amidst the usual laughter our hosts start the show with a large cup of coffee. Janet’s cup is so big it hides her face according to Patrick. They bring up bunny ears yet again, laugh and move on to thanking the listeners. Patrick brings up going down the rabbit hole and is it the blue pill or the red pill and Janet has no idea which. Their website as been revamped a bit for easier viewing.

Janet finds that when she listens to IHeart radio and is listening to the podcast she laughs at their podcast. She listens to podcasts on a cycle when she walks the pugs. This brings up psycho and Janet tells her favorite joke of her parents wanting a psychic child. Patrick changes the view and gets lost in the computer and swear again, throwing out the F-bomb.

Janet asks Patrick what they are talking about today, guns? He says, no but maybe a future one if she does the research. She got all excited about that. Patrick brings up people getting vaccinated and things getting back to normal. With that being said as things open up, he wonders about movie theaters. He said he used to love going to the theater. Janet says she loved it because it was their night. Dinner and a movie, a burger, or a steak dinner and then a movie. It wasn’t about the dinner, it was about the experience, the night. There is one here in the Phoenix area that for about 6 years has set the standard. It has huge recliners that 2 people could fit into, you can pull the armrest up between the two seat and make it an actual love seat. And the seat had big arms, cup holders, etc.… so that you were not close to the people you didn’t know. She used to bring a lap blanket like every woman she saw, kick off your shoes, some people brought a little pillow even. A very relaxing atmosphere, you could really enjoy the night. You can order the tickets online and reserve your seats also. It was great whether it was the two of them or if Kyle was with them. Now nearly all (maybe all) of the local theatres are like that one. The theatres here were a lot better than in N.Y. they were stadium seating there compared to a lazy boy recliner here.

It is a definite experience that they enjoy, and then covid hit and numerous chains went into bankruptcy. They laugh as Janet says it is like them and Patrick asks when they became millionaires. Patrick says that states are opening up and people are being vaccinated and masks going away. People have been home for over year. Now you have Netflix, Prime, HBO Max, Peacock, and others. Everyone is paying for them. Movies are being released the same day as in the theaters. How are movie theaters going to survive that? Janet says it is kinda like when people used to rent DVD’s. You could get black market copies of a DVD and see a movie that was just in the theater at home. Janet saw Jurassic Park on a black-market DVD at home but still went and saw it at the theatre. It was about the experience.

Patrick agrees because no matter how large you tv is and your surround sound system it is not the same as in a theatre. All the theatres boycotted a bunch of production companies because they were bringing out movies to streaming on the same day as to the theatre. Warner Brothers said go for it. They own HBO Max, so no matter if it goes to tv or the theatre they make money. The theatre however does not make money when it is streamed, only when it goes to the theatre. So same day release hurts them. Patrick brings up iTunes and movies not hurting DVD sales. Janet replies with the question of iTunes has movies. Janet brings up Warner brothers again, and Patrick researches the cost of streaming movies. By going to a movie theatre, you are paying for the experience. You can have dinner in a theatre out here in Phoenix, like the Alamo Draft House, Janet knows of another in Kinderhook N.Y.

After a brief break, Patrick brings up the cost HBO Max. It is $14.99 a month, unlimited and they give one new to theatre release a month. Janet thought the new movies were not included in the cost. Patrick says it is like Netflix. Then he brings up Prime that you have to pay for some movies. Janet defends Prime, it is shopping, food, clothes, items, music, books, movies, you are paying for everything.

They compare these services to music services. Patrick comes back to the experience of a really good action movie. Now does he want to wait and take the chance of the theatre closing. Janet brings up the boom in drive in theatres. She loved going to them, she saw ill Murray in Stripes with her sister Julie, her bf Joe, her niece Leann, and her brother Chuck. It was a triple show. Patrick and Janet discuss drive-ins in N.Y. The last one he saw was with his brother and the kids and they saw a Fredy Krueger movie. Janet last saw Transformers and Up with a couple gf’s. Vanessa, (RIP), a blanket on the hood of her jag, pillows on the windshield and they laughed their asses off.

Our hosts agree that theatres are in jeopardy still maybe next year will be better. Patrick heard they are selling their popcorn in Walmart and Kroger. They both heard that theatres are renting out their spaces to colleges and high schools for graduations and seminars. Janet heard that ASU was using their amphitheater and theatres for classes on a rotating system for more kids in live classes. Patrick feels bad for kids now growing up and having to zoom their friends. He jokes about his age and growing up in the 70’s was nothing like this. Nothing major at all, you could drink water out of a hose, ride in the back of pickup trucks and no helmets on bikes.

Janet brought up JR., their great nephew on Patrick’s side. She thinks he is 14 and his Mom Amanda had to quit her job to stay home and school him. Brenna their niece was a junior during all of this and with her dad being a school teacher that made it fun. Janet brings up that both sides of the family has kids that did remote learning. News! JR is 15.

Back on track, Patrick is making a face and Janet says she cannot imagine not being able to do everything with your friends, from swimming to hanging out and grabbing a burger to going to the movies. Patrick comes back in talking about the experience and this makes Janet bring up Robin Williams and “Good Morning Vietnam” in the theatre. It is ingrained in her memory. They go on to discuss the Star Wars movies and they are better at the theatre. They saw the last one at home and it was nice, pugs popcorn and all but not the same. There are certain movies and types of movies that you have to go see in the theatre Patrick and Janet both agree.

They bring up the “SAW” movies, Janet went to a few of them and didn’t care for them, Patrick liked them. This brings up seeing Godzilla or King Kong or Jaws 3D in the theatre. Patrick brings up that they need to do a 3 version of Aquaman. Now you’re talking Janet says, Aquaman in meggings, a poster behind her.

They are big fans of movies in the theatre, and they cannot imagine being an owner. And going through something like this from making hundreds of thousand a weekend to bumpkiss. They will always support the theatres. Imagine like the Original Star Wars. Now known as episode 4, when Luke had hair and both hands. They will be going back to theatres as long as they feel it is safe to do so.

As they end the show, Janet brought up Memorial Day. She tends to get wound up a bit on the subject. They discuss it and Patrick winds her back down.

This brings up July 4th and they both want to punch and alien on July 4th, “Welcome to Earth Bitch” KAPOW!

They discuss their connection with breast cancer and supporting it. You can help support the show by purchasing a breast cancer support show. ½ of the profits go to research, they will write the check in October!

They end the show with a request for likes, follows, 5 stars, support for the pugs and Peace!

Laughter is the best medicine.