18WT #054:  Where Have You Been!?

August 16, 2022  Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

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Episode #054

[00:00:00] Thank you for joining us at the 18 wheel talk podcast show. We're a podcast helping truckers and travelers in the pursuit of a healthier, happier, and better way of life behind the wheel. In this week's episode, we're gonna talk about where we've been for the last four months, what we've been doing, why it took us so long to come back and where we're going. Now, we have so many exciting things happening. We hope you enjoy us being back as much as we do.

[00:00:50] I swear. What is wearing about baby you and your antics? I don't know what you're talking about. Hey, you taking a bit right. Left right [00:01:00] left, right? Howdy. Howdy. Howdy. Welcome to the show. Why? Thank you. Welcome to the 18 wheel talk pot cash show. Well is correct. What's that? We're up. That's when are we back?

[00:01:18] We're back. Welcome back. We've been gone. Two three, I think four months, four months. Was it five months, four months, five months, four months. I don't know. Four months. It's been a while we took a hiatus. Why? Um, well, because contrary to popular beliefs, I have a real job. Say it isn't so you have a job. I have a real job.

[00:01:49] Oh, I work for the man. I work for the man or the woo man. Yes, Virginia. He has a job. I have a real job, [00:02:00] unfortunately. And, uh, unfortunately cuz it pays some of the bills. Yeah. And most of them it, uh, They, they changed my days. So my, the hours that I work and then they also changed my days off. So that kind of messes put a wrinkle in things.

[00:02:20] Yeah. We had, everything was working real good on the schedule you were on. So now that you know, they kicked up a little bit of dust mm-hmm Janet decided to go into hyper drive and clean all the dust. That was fun. I like it because every day spring cleaning for her, I know isn't it fun? For you, maybe you can live in a really clean house.

[00:02:42] Well, I mean, I don't mind and it's comfy cozy. It's not like it's, it's a benefit. Yeah. It's not like it's a sterile hospital or something. No, but it's definitely a benefit. I like it. Imagine if we had three pugs and I didn't clean. Well, good. [00:03:00] Good, good news for you is, is, you know, the third pug planes. We, we now have a robotic pug.

[00:03:06] We got a, we got one of those robo vacs. I call it robo pug. Oh my God. The first time we ran it. Our two little pugs chased it around, barked at it, sniffed its butt. Like, like, what the hell are you? What are you doing? Well, and they sniff because it smells like them because it picked the hair up off the carpet.

[00:03:25] So they, it smells like a pug. So, so thus the name robo pug. And now they just ignore, it, runs into 'em if they're laying down and they look at it, like they sit right in its way. Like, go ahead. I dare to hit me. And it does. And they look at it like I'm not moving. So it goes around them. I didn't feel it. I didn't feel a thing didn't hurt.

[00:03:44] Run my toe over it. Didn't hurt mom. Yeah. So, yeah, it's funny. Oh, so anyway, so that we have a new addition and then on top of everything, we decided to do a [00:04:00] major upgrade to our, uh, studio studio equipment. Yes. And it needed it. Yeah. We had 10 year old laptops. I think mine was from 2005. Okay. So you're first, maybe it might have been, might, might have been older.

[00:04:18] I know mine or, uh, may, I mean like, like more like 2008, 2009 ish, but I, I, I believe my laptop was 2005 ish. It might not have been, no, my, my brain's a little fog. I know mine was about 10 years old. I bought it used. Uh, it's at least seven. We've been out here seven years. I know. Didn't you buy it just before we came out here and it was already old.

[00:04:48] I know, but did it wasn't that old? It was maybe a year old. About a year or two old then, so it's least. Oh, alright. Well, yeah, eight, eight to 10 years. Say eight to nine years. We'll say. [00:05:00] Anyways, yours was like bare bones though. And it was a bare bones computer. It was definitely not made for streaming. Mine was definitely when it was bought, it was a super duper, however, for its time for its time, it was back then it was a really good computer.

[00:05:13] So we decided to upgrade. So we got you a new laptop. Okay. Now let's see. I don't know if you can see it in there. There I'll even move my Janet's over there in the corner. Say hi, Janet. Hi, Janet. In the. He, he keeps me in a corner. So this is my new laptop that I absolutely love, but it's made for gaming, but I'm not a game.

[00:05:36] and the reason you're not, I'm not, but the reason I really like my laptop, even though I'm not a gamer is because of the speed. Right. I can do anything. I want for my computing, for taxes, for our bookkeeping, um, just doing a faster eight design work and the computer keeps up with me cuz I do a lot of that stuff for us, for our business, our [00:06:00] podcast and our personal finances and everyth.

[00:06:02] Yes, so, and it's really good. And what I like about it is Jen doesn't look that old Chinese movie yeah, it does keep up. And I, when I talk, it looks like I'm talking instead of like talking. He thus the bad Chinese movie. I know, but those were kind of funny sometimes. So, so that got upgraded and I got a new screen up there cuz I always wanted one of those.

[00:06:26] Yes. So we, we upgraded her and she's got a new upgrade there. There's her, there's her, her new laptop with, with a, with. External screen monitor. Mm-hmm curvy. When we bought my curvy monitor, we bought a total of three curvy monitors. Yes. I, I, I would show you my curvy monitors except well, they can see the bottom of one y'all can't handle my curves.

[00:06:52] they can see the bottom of yours. So, but the other two look just like mine. Yep. Just like hers. Uh, we got an awesome deal. I mean, [00:07:00] it's we did a lot of research. We did a lot of due diligence. Is that the word? That's the right word? Yeah, we, we did our, our due diligence. We made sure it was the right fit for us product for us.

[00:07:13] Yeah. The right fit for what we needed it for what we wanted. Um, cause we wanted it to work, not just for. The, uh, podcast we wanted it to work for, like I said, for finances and for computing and for all the word processing I do. And cuz me I'm writing a cookbook and yours, you also have the ability to use for gaming.

[00:07:36] Yep. I like gaming, but you do tons of streaming on yours. Your computer handles. Everything for the podcast. Mine just sits here and looks pretty for the podcast. Yes. And it makes me not look like an old Chinese ancient, ancient Chinese woman. Yeah. That's what we wanted. We wanted you to not look like ancient Chinese woman.

[00:07:54] We did the online research. We did the local shopping research. And if people [00:08:00] say, did you see Loco? I said, lo local, we are loca. We're crazy. Mo Loco. Yes. Twist more local Patrick. Yeah. Yeah. See, Janet's been learning Spanish also on the. On online. And, and I, I, when she gets tired, she comes up with her own. I, I tell, I tell everybody she speaks and mish is, and they're like, what the hell is that?

[00:08:25] It's it's Janet's version of English, German, and Spanish all rolled up in the one line. No, explain why. Well, Janet ex military. And she spent a lot of time in Germany and I learned German and she learned German. So then she adds Spanish to her English because I already, I already knew some Spanish to begin with from living out here as a teenager, before I joined the army.

[00:08:44] And then I learned more Spanish and now I'm taking Spanish online again and now it's and I kind of speak English. You speak Jan? Yeah, I, I speak Jan and now she speaks in mish. yeah. Okay. If you wanna call it when I'm [00:09:00] it's her version really? It's her version of English, German, and Spanish. When I'm really tired, sometimes sentences come out.

[00:09:07] English and German and Spanish all in the same sentence. Now, let me tell you something. If, if Babbel or, or du lingo is listening to our podcast show and they come up with a new, new language called and mish, I want credit. I, I would like some credit please. Mm. Just some, I want some money. Show me the money.

[00:09:25] Haven't that would be nice to have a little bit of sugar. The money is go with it line from the movie. Yeah. Jerry McGuire. So we, we researched some of the stuff we bought from local, you know, cuz people said, well, where did you buy stuff? They just figured we went into one store and picked stuff up. No, we, we shopped around.

[00:09:43] We hopped online first we stripped the office. Yeah. Oh God. Yeah. And then we shopped online. We did some measuring too, and obviously not enough measuring, but we did some measuring . Yeah, Patrick's computer, the, the monitors, [00:10:00] the, the, the, the tower itself. I wanted to keep it on the desk. The tower was. Was that much stupid, that much taller than, than the space he had than the space I had, which is okay.

[00:10:12] Cuz it's in a good spot on the floor. That's fine. It's in a great spot. And, and the monitors take up almost the whole desk, the monitors, they are touching it. This close. No they're are they touching it? They're this close. I thought you could put a piece of paper between them. No, there's no paper getting in there.

[00:10:29] Okay. So the monitors touch, we have cupboards above his monitors that we put up and they touch. See there's a, there's a cupboard right here. There's a door. Oh, yeah, you can see that. So, so his monitors touched that. Yeah. So anyway, so when everything came in while he was in the garage, unpacking things, because everything was that we didn't buy local.

[00:10:54] Came through ups and we just opened the garage door, the guy, yeah. To the garage door and said, yes, guy [00:11:00] just brought the box. Don't stack it in front. Just, just, don't put it on the Harley. Just put it in between the bikes. Yeah. Just slide it or just put it in between the motorcycles. So he was so that way I could gradually bring the pieces in.

[00:11:11] And while he did that, I got to clean the office. I was so happy. It was like three days of Christmas. For me. Yeah. No for me. Oh yeah. You were unpacking. I was cleaning. So it was three days of Christmas for both of us. Yeah. Right now it's three days of spring cleaning for you, which is Christmas three days of Christmas for me.

[00:11:28] Yeah. Cuz then he got to put everything together and, and do all that programming stuff that he had to do, like update. I had to get. Stall, I get everything synced up and ready to go. And I got this new thing called the stream deck, which I can push these little buttons and it, and it changes the scenes or as I call it the button thingy and it, and it allows me to put all this fancy stuff on our videos, which if you're not subscribed to our YouTube channel, what are you waiting for?

[00:11:55] Yeah, because you can see all the fancy stuff on the videos there, get in what you can, because [00:12:00] pretty soon we're gonna, you know, you wanna see the videos you're gonna have to pay for 'em, uh, go to go to the number one, the number eight wheel talk.com/youtube. It'll take you directly to our YouTube channel so you can subscribe.

[00:12:14] So, um, so, so let me go into camera two angle here. And, and I got this little stream deck here and all these little buttons. Do different things like, like I could push this button here and it puts all this social media stuff up so that way, and it could, you get to see all our social media stuff. That's how you go to screen too.

[00:12:39] Also isn't or camera show. That's how I could adjust it, you know, through all the different camera angles, we currently have two, we, one going three. I wanna add more. but in order for me to do so, I gotta get a, uh, a USB hub. And because we have the camera stage it somewhere. No, we don't. I thought we bought two cameras at [00:13:00] that store.

[00:13:00] We, we did, I'm using one here and then, oh my bad. And one up there, my bad. And if we want a third one for like a behind the, the total behind or up here, one of one or tether, we have to have a USB hub or, or. Or the, or they have to be, or the means or the means to plug in it, or they have to be, um, wifi.

[00:13:23] Bluetooth. That's why I said Bluetooth or wifi, either one, I think. Yeah. It's but anyways, we, we, we figured look, we're content creators in general. And we, so this was a good business investment and we decided let's, you know, we're gonna do this, let's do this. Yeah. So, so I shopped at, uh, I bought my desktop through CLX gaming computers, highly recommend that and ease the ease was.

[00:13:51] It, it was just unbelievable. I custom built it to, to my specs. Yeah. His specific, he bought what he [00:14:00] wanted and put it together. They put it together and sent it to him. I figured if I'm gonna do I'm, you know, I'm only gonna go all in like this once, you know, and I shouldn't have to upgrade this. Hardly ever, all you had to do was what take the cover off and take the packing out of the center and then put the cover back.

[00:14:17] Yeah. I just had to take, cause they had everything packed really well. Yeah. They, they amazing. They put like a piece of foam in there to hold the, the, the video card in place. So it didn't bounce around and transit. So I just had to take something out, a little piece of foam out and then. Plug plug it in and go, you know, thank God for the money your company owed you plus our taxes.

[00:14:38] Yes. Because we're looking at 'em. Yeah, very good investment. So, uh, so, so with that, we did that. So with that being said, we also took two steps back and thought about our podcast and, and literally sat down and brainstormed on where we wanted to take our podcast show. And we [00:15:00] decided that. We are two retired truck drivers.

[00:15:04] We, the, the, the podcast show is gonna always be 18 wheel talk because of the fact that we're two retired, retired truck drivers, but we still love to travel. So we're gonna gear our podcast show to truckers and travelers hashtag come together. Mm-hmm , that's what we came up with. And the reason being is truckers and travelers.

[00:15:27] Basically have similar stories to tell. So our new slogan is helping truckers and travelers in their pursuit of health, happiness, and a better life behind the wheel. So, so that's what we are gearing our podcast show towards. Well, and if you, so if you know people that. go on vacation, travel RV, um, you know, any, anybody that drives a truck, let 'em know about our show.

[00:15:55] Tell 'em tell me. And a lot of truck drivers have RVs or campers that they use, [00:16:00] you know, pull behind it well on their downtime, on their downtime. Like my dad, you know, we had a station wagon when I was a kid and he piled all the kids in mom in the station wagon and hooked up the camper. Loaded it with the tent and everything, and cause believe all of us all over the country.

[00:16:14] because believe, believe me, the two of us love truck driving. And love travel and, and we love traveling and, and checking out new areas and, and, and we've done road trips in the car where we stayed in hotels and we've done road trips in an RV. Yes. And, and we've had we've we got our share stories. I mean, definitely everybody, everybody plans for the perfect vacation, but are they perfect, but there's always that little hiccup.

[00:16:43] You know, so, and you know, so we're gonna try to, to, you know, to, to give you some tips and tricks and ways to hopefully maybe avoid the hiccups. Yes. A as, as I like to say. 

[00:19:45]  you were saying, oh, I was just gonna say that, you know, and like for instance, I remember the one hotel we stayed at is you can't [00:20:00] always judge a book by its covers. People always say that Uhhuh, but when we looked at the outside of the hotel and this hotel had great reviews, mm-hmm , but when we've went to the outside of the hotel, we're.

[00:20:10] Ooh. I don't know about this hotel, but when we went in the room, it was amazing. Oh, oh my God. Yeah. Beds the decorations. It was my God first class. And then the breakfast, the next outside. Wasn't wasn't to die for it. Wasn't ready. It. No, it wasn't ready. But it was like, it was like, you kinda looked anywhere.

[00:20:30] How did this place get such good reviews? And then you walked the door, literally you walk into the room and you went, wow. They put all you could tell, they put all their money on the inside. All their money was on the inside. The rooms were amazing that unbelievable, the dining hall as they called, it was absolutely amazing.

[00:20:48] The food was first rate, but we did our research. Yep. You know, and that's one of our. Tips that we talk about is how to plan your, how to plan your trip and do your due diligence on your research and [00:21:00] everything. And it really paid off. And I tell you, though, when we first pulled in that parking lot, we're like, whoa, I wonder if I made the right choice, are we in the right spot?

[00:21:08] this can't be damn me. But on top of that, not only are we gonna give you tips and tricks? Uh, you we're gonna do reviews. We're gonna, we're going, we're gonna tell you about products that we think might be helpful that we've used. We, we might, we're going, you know, a movie that's out there, you know, Hey, you gotta have some R and R definitely.

[00:21:29] You know, so, so we're gonna recommend some movies, some dining, uh, businesses that we deal with. And there's businesses that when you're traveling highly recommend and there's other businesses that. Don't recommend yeah. Yeah. You know, as a traveler, you know, there's some that when you're, especially in an AR big RV or a semi or a yeah, dudes, a truck don't or a SUV polling, a camper, there's some businesses you want to really avoid.

[00:21:57] Yeah. Yes. Yes. That we, [00:22:00] we ran into that. Yeah. But we're also gonna give you the, the, you know, some free downloads, definitely that have recipes, for instance, no checklists, um, cleaning tips and tricks, storage, ideas, storage ideas. Mm-hmm excuse me. Any, any little thing that we could do, you know, do to make your life easier pro provide you.

[00:22:27] to, to make your life a little healthier, a little happier and a little easier. well, and like with the, and that's, that's where, you know, that's what we're gaming for. Like with recipes, you know, you, and I know that I've got a ton of recipes that like you can, if you're traveling and you've got a crockpot crockpots can be, they have a crockpot, uh, the crockpots have a now elastic band travel.

[00:22:50] Crockpots yeah, that goes across the lid. So you can use 'em while you're trust for me, if you can't find one, ask a trucker. Yeah. that you can, but you can use 'em while you're [00:23:00] driving. Yes. Plugs right into a cigarette lighter plugs right into a cigarette lighter. Or now they all have power inverters, power inverters, but you can use a crockpot and I have recipes.

[00:23:10] You can put everything in the crockpot at the beginning of the day and buy noon. One o'clock in the afternoon, you're gonna have a really good meal or, or, or, or the type of meal that you're gonna. Like you said, wrapping the wrapping aluminum foil stuff, it in your, your camping coals and the kids gonna love them.

[00:23:26] Believe me, that's, it's something the kids can help, you know, the kids can help with stuff like that, especially when you're camping, when we were up quick and easy and we had, um, your son and my niece and her boys mm-hmm and we did all those spoil wraps in the fire. Yeah. They loved it. And, uh, it was, it was, uh, a little, we, we made.

[00:23:46] uh, hamburger mm-hmm and then he puts, uh, a little bit of onions and carrots and stuff in, in, in with it. Yep. And, and we wrapped it up in, uh, aluminum, foil stuffed in it, under the coals bunch of vegetables in there with [00:24:00] swimming went swimming. I think we were into pool for what? An hour? Yeah. About that came back.

[00:24:05] Oh my God. It was so, and the kids went next and we had those soft tortillas that some of them were. They wrapped them in and threw some, oh my God, it was Sasha on some of you and the SAS and the hot sauce and, and the kids. But anyways, couldn't believe they were that good. this is, this is where we're, this is the kind of things that we're aiming for.

[00:24:24] You know, as a matter of fact, we have a checklist of, uh, the 15 top must haves, top 15 must have items. but the rest you gotta find out by going top 15 must have items. Yes, but dude, that's it. Can't say the rest. All right. Oh, Anyway, because if they wanna know what that list is for, how do they find it? They, they go to 18 wheel talk.com/resources, and then they'll find out what that top 15 must have items is.

[00:24:56] Well, it'll be the, it'll be, [00:25:00] uh, I think I'm gonna list it as the travel travelers checklist or our checklist or episode. What episode are we on? I don't even know what number we on 54. I think we're 54. I think this is episode 50. So, so it'll say top 15, go to in the tile 18, we'll talk.com/resources and look for the checklist.

[00:25:22] And it'll be at the top of the page. That's the, there you go. It's the best thing I can say. And then while you're there, just check out all the different resources that we have. We have a ton of good resource we're we we're affiliates with a mattress company. Oh, as well. Um, we're affiliates with, uh, buzz sprout who hosts.

[00:25:40] Podcast show. So you're interested in starting your own podcast show by all means. Please feel free to check out buzz sprout. Yeah. Um, Instacart, we got, uh, C let's go alphabetically, alphabet, alphabetically, C4, C4 energy, which is actually pretty healthy. It's all natural. All [00:26:00] naturals sugars. Zero, uh, natural caffeine.

[00:26:04] Not the type that's in coffee. No, no artificial flavors. Yeah. It's really good. I don't know how they come up with the flavors like they got, but oh my God, C4 energy is, is our go-to energy drink to podcast show, um, CLX gaming, uh, PCs. That's your computer, you know, but they also have laptops. and remember just because it says gaming doesn't mean you have to use it for gaming, cuz I've I have yet to, yeah.

[00:26:30] It's game anything. It's just, you got higher end components in it. That's the way I that's the only way I can describe it. It, it, it has a bigger processor, more memory, which allows it to, to go faster question for you. Answer. I use the calculator on my computer a lot. Does that count as. No, that's calculating.

[00:26:49] Well, I thought I'd ask, I know you're trying to make a calculated move, but , that's as close to gaming as my computer's been. So, so with that, we got, we also [00:27:00] have I, uh, Instacart, Instacart, where you can get, if you have a physical address, if your RVing somewhere and you're in an RV lot, and they have a main address.

[00:27:13] You can have Instacart delivered to you. You can have Instacart delivered to it. Like I'll give a Koa campground for. Yeah, because when you check in, they give you a lot number and you get an address and they have physical address, you can, and if you're gonna be there for a couple days and need stuff, you can get Instacart delivery right there.

[00:27:29] Cart we'll deliver it to you. Yes, we did the research for you. So it's just a matter of clicking our link. It tells Instacart that we sent you doesn't cost you anything extra bottom. Boom. Bottom me just says, Hey, off pasta, you you'll be eating pasta tonight. You used my line. you'll be eating pasta tonight.

[00:27:50] But anyways, anyways, go to our resources page because any of our tips, tricks, checklists, recipes, that's where you're gonna find it. You're gonna find it housed on our resources page. If for some reason it is not working right now, it is down because we're revamping the page. So that. We can house everything on there.

[00:28:11] Patrick's working on it as, as when he is not working for his job, as far as I know, it's still live and in, and, and, and it's not Memorex yeah. If they're too young, they're not gonna know what that means. I'm just saying our age group knows it, but if they're young, they don't know what that means. Just saying it's it live?

[00:28:32] Where is it? Member X. Okay. So, but, so be sure to check out our resources page. That's what we're trying to say. Well, I just, and check us out on YouTube and get our checklist that we we're gonna have our checklist up there. Get the checklist 15, have 15 must items. Okay. Mm-hmm okay. Okay. All right. All right.

[00:28:53] Satellite, go to our YouTube channel, check out our YouTube. If you like videos. Yes. [00:29:00] I like videos, you know, feel free to sign up to be a subscriber to our YouTube channel. And what can they do? Go to 18 wheel talk.com/youtube and subscribe and ring the bell because they can ring.

[00:29:17] I can ring our. Ding. Dun Haer, ding dun. Hey . Oh, come on. You knew that was dumb. Not a ding Jong ding, Don. Okay. One of us is yes, you are. Okay. Anyway, that was my cutest thing. By the way, if you have a story that you want, you, you guys wanna come on. Podcast show we have a platform we wanna hear from you. You wanna tell us about your great experience traveling, whether it's truck driving or RVing or camping, or you wanna fishing.

[00:29:52] Tell, tell us about your, that time you drove from the Florida to New York or wherever. [00:30:00] Yeah, we wanna hear about it. Any good story. Any good travel story? Any bad travel story? Yeah, because, because we're the, we wanna let people know, Hey, all right, this, this, this happened to me. It was bad. This what it did to, to make it right.

[00:30:18] Yeah. You wanna know about, we wanna know about when that great big duck hit the windshield of the car and the windows were down and it did duck guts through the. Driver's side of the, nobody wants, hear about the duck guts, duck, guts, all over the dad and the kids and all through the station. Anyways, email us duck, Patrick, 18 wheel talk.com and the subject line, put guest put story my, whatever to get it.

[00:30:49] Let us know that you wanna come on the show and this way we can get in touch with you. And, and hopefully make arrangements to have you on the show because it's, we're here for, [00:31:00] we have, for us to hook you up on the video. We have a platform we wanna share it. We want, we wanna share our, our viewing audience so you can, so that way they can learn different things and you can help us teach people, help us entertain people.

[00:31:18] Exactly. That's what we wanna do. That's what we're here. so we'll have more podcasts and more videos and more on our website. Oh, and we got a new surprise and store hint for you. We do. We do. Do I know it maybe. Okay. We're not letting it know. Nope, but it's a, it's a surprise. Oh, okay. So be sure to look for the surprise, be sure to check out our resources page, be sure to check out our website, our.

[00:31:51] Um, look for those reviews coming re yes, like I said, we're, we're gonna do, we're gonna hit you with [00:32:00] reviews on products that we feel are gonna make you have an easier life, a little healthier, a little happier, make your life a whole lot easier. Like, you know, like, like, oh my God, there's this re uh, we found a launch here that reclines, you know, I mean, If you're camping and you just wanna just chill and it's a comfortable one, not one that falls apart.

[00:32:24] Yeah. Um, product reviews on like, like storage containers, product reviews on, on, on places to go eat out. Yeah. Uh, you know, reviews on movies, reviews on businesses, you know, we're gonna give you the tips. And tricks that we've learned over the years of being, you know, over the road truck drivers. We're gonna give you downloads that of, of, of checklists, recipes, [00:33:00] cleaning tips, and talk to you about driving.

[00:33:03] Like some people have no clue how to drive in a big. You know, like, like Phoenix. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Some people get into Phoenix and just go, Ugh, little tips that, that we could give you that make it a lot easier to maneuver. For instance, that will help you live a healthier, happier life, life behind the wheel.

[00:33:23] Yes. So look for our schedule and we're, we're gonna be out, uh, podcast episodes drop on Tuesdays. So very nice. So please stay tune. Yes, please. And thank you for joining us today. Thank you. 18 wheel talk.com/resources. Go, go check them out. If you happen to go to any of those resources and do and do purchase something, we do get something in return from that company doesn't cost doesn't cost you.

[00:33:51] Anything does not cost you anything. These are, these are our affiliates. Yeah, nothing extra. These are products that we currently use and. Yeah. And we hope that you love them too, because they make our life a lot easier. Yeah. We would never recommend something we don't use and love. So that's why we're gonna do product reviews.

[00:34:12] and we can tell you a couple horror stories too. Yes. So, but those are episodes down bridge. Yes. That's why I said that. I know. Right. So look us up on social media. Go to YouTube, sign up to be our, uh, be on our YouTube channel. We have a Facebook page. Um, you can find us on all the social media platforms at 18 wheel talk.

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