18WT #060: 1 Easy Step To Healthy Eating!

October 18, 2022  Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

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Episode #060

All right. And action. Hey, Patrick.

What's up, Janet? Hey, doing, I'm doing good. How are you doing? I'm doing just absolutely amazing. Amazing, amazing. What are we talking about today? We are gonna talk about healthy eating. No, I don't wanna, What? Why not? I want 'em to sit here and make excuses. Well, we, we posted a question on, on, you know, what's your biggest, Oops, sorry.

I bumped my camera. Rut row. don't Touch it. Stop. Touch, stop. Fucking what equipment we posted a question. You already swore, So we got that outta the way. Thank you. Yes. Posted a question on, on on what's your biggest ba Hold on one second. Hold please. Holding. What is your biggest challenge related to healthy eating?

Mm-hmm. So we're gonna talk about healthy eating. Yeah. Well, it really starts with people making excuses. Well, I know, I mean, I, I used to make excuses. Mm-hmm. , Well, a lot of it is, ah, I don't like eating healthy. Okay. I like my junk food. Yeah. Well, can we, I, that's further down the list. Oh, okay. Can we like, kind of go with the order it's in or?

I'll get confused. I'll get confused. All right. Anyways, this is the, this is the 18 Wheel Talk podcast show. By the way, if you haven't, thank you for joining us. You haven't noticed the 18 Wheel Talk podcast show the logo, the, the, the, the, the crazy person in the video. I meant, That's Patrick. I meant this, I meant crazy person and video.

This this logo right here.

I saw that. What? That, that wasn't nice, I thought it was very nice. Very, very nice. So anyways, so I just, Hey, hey. If you're watching a video in the comments, leave us. Leave us. Your what? What is your. Excuse why? Why don't you eat healthy? Or why can't you eat healthy? And then, or why won't you eat healthy?

Yeah. And we're gonna go over a list and while you're here, hey, like, and subscribe. Yeah. Thank you to our new subscribers. We've really appreciate the new subscribers this month. Yes. We got new YouTube Scribblers, We appreciate you joining our family. We hope you enjoy the show. Obviously you joined us for a reason, so let's get on with it.

Cheers. Oh wait. A cheers

a beers to you and vooz to me. Vooz, vooz. and booze, not booze. Vooz and booze. Mm-hmm. So, so anyways, welcome to our program time to eat healthy. What do you mean you don't have time? That seems like the time is you. You got more time than anybody. la-bah-fungoo. You're the busiest person I know. Especially for someone that doesn't have a real job.

I know. Well, you have two pugs to wrangle and you, so it seems like time is the place. Wait a minute. Dang it. Damn, you ain't getting away that easy. You're more work than any, any animal. I resemble that remark. Yes, you do. Thank you. Seriously, you're, you seriously went there? Anyways, All right. Thank you.

I'm just gonna sit here welcome to the Janet Show. No, I'm turning my mic off. Don't you dare Patrick. Oh, oh, please. I know better. You're just lippin awah wah wah wah wah. Okay. All right. Back to our show. It seems like time is the biggest problem for everyone. Whether it's trying to accomplish everything you do in a day at work or cooking healthy meals or getting your house clean, or taking care of your family or running errands or whatever it is, it's time.

Which really stresses a lot of people out, you know? Yeah. I get stressed over, Oh my god, I don't feel like I did anything today. How many times have you heard me say that? I've heard you say that. Like a gazillion million, trillion times. Almost every, and then, and then you ramble off a list of things that you accomplished.

Like you did six loads of laundry. You did. You might wanna move that outta the way so that you don't bump it again. I'm good. Okay. You might wanna lower it a little bit so people, guys see your face. No, I'm good. They don't need to see my face. Lower it better? Yes, Much better. Okay. Anyways Where was I?

Six loads of laundry. You, you loaded the dishwasher, did a sink load of dishes. You cleaned the counter, you rearranged the furniture, you vacuumed the house don't, No, no, no. I do not rearrange furniture. I'm sorry. I don't My bad. You dug through the plants. Yes. You, In other words, I, I, I told her, I say, So you went into the jungle mm-hmm.

and somehow managed to come out with two more plans and clean the bathrooms and Yeah. But it doesn't feel like I did anything. And then, you know, But by the, by the end of the day, you sit on the couch to relax and you've already done like more, more, more in one day than people do in a week. Thank you.

You know, So anyway, that, that's all I'm saying. So my point is, an, a nutritious diet should not be another stress factor for people in a really busy life. Well, it, and it doesn't have to be. It, it can be. And you don't even have to go, Whoa. Full footage. Phhh diet. Yes. You, you can do small diet, you can do small stuff.

I don't mean lose weight diet, I mean healthy eating. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Well, everybody, everybody says healthy eating or something like that. No. And they automatically, their mind is, is zoned in on, it's, it's a diet. I'm on a diet. I'm on a diet too. I, I I'm on a seafood diet. I see food. I fucking eat it again with the mouth.

Oh my God. My parents are listening. We're explicit. I can swear my parents are listening. Well, they, they, they alright. Beep. Okay. there I bleeped it out, food, when, when you sit down and eat it should help you relieve stress. It should make you feel better. Yeah. It should not stress you out preparing a meal except maybe holidays for some people that, eh, kind of cook.

No, not even, Not even holidays. I said some people that kinda Oh, some people kind of cook. Yeah. But if you get so worked up over cooking holiday meals, you're doing it wrong. I love cooking holidays. Holidays should be a great time where the family should come together and everybody put puts in their part, even if it's say, sorry, alright.

Here's, here's a for instance, we're gonna have holiday dinner here, okay? Mm-hmm. So brothers and sisters and everybody come here. Hey, we're gonna do the main course. What are you bringing? You bring something. Bring me, tell me what you're bringing. Bring us your favorite dish. Yeah. Tell me what you're bringing so I can work around it and, and I don't want to hear, you know, seven people say I'm bringing stuffing.

I'm just saying. Or seven people say, I'm bringing soda. Yeah. You know, No, you're gonna bake, cook, prepare some sort of dish for the meal. Yeah. Yes. That's how I, you know, I see it. You know when, that's why it shouldn't be stressful because everybody in the family should have that one dish that they love, that's their specialty and they know how to make Yes.

No matter what. So, so one way to, So that's one way to get creative about it. Yeah. And one way destress it de-stress, when you're trying to think of how you can eat healthier, more nutritious during the week so that you feel better, cuz more nutritious food makes you feel better. You get your vitamins and your minerals and Yep.

Yep, It's just a proven fact is if whatever your days off are, like we call 'em our weekends, whether it's the middle of the week or the actual Saturday, Sunday, is to do a little bit of prep work on an hour, cook off some meat, dice it, freeze. Cook, you know, dice up some vegetables, put you know, pre-prep, cut up some carrots and celery and onions and, and like the, the trio, the celery, onions, mushrooms, or yeah.

Celery, onions and mushrooms. Cook those off in a little bit of butter, olive oil and put 'em in your refrigerator if that way, if you need that for a dish that week, it's something you know you're gonna make. You got 'em already pre-cook, you just throw 'em in the dish. True. Little things like that help you during the week so that when you're ready to make that dish, it's just, boom, I got this to throw in it.

I got this to throw in it. Oh, I'm hungry. I already got carrot sticks cut up while I'm cooking. I'm gonna munch on some carrot sticks that I already got cut up type of thing. You know, What, are we all rabbits now? Yeah, pretty much. I, I like carrot sticks. Okay. So I like cucumbers. You don't? Alright, I, So let's, let's, let's speak to you, let's put it in a for instance, we're going on a road trip.

Okay? All right. or we're, we're over the road truck drivers, or we're going on an RV trip. Okay. Okay. Because well, we're trying to, we're trying to help truckers, travelers. Yeah. In their pursuit of health, happiness, and a better life behind Better wife. Better wife. Better wife. Behind the wheel, better way, better life behind the wheel.

Yes, behind the wheel, as I like to say. So in, in that perspective, if somebody wants to eat healthier, how could they do it? I mean, aside from, Okay. I can give you a a perfect example. Prepping. Well, no, this is a way of prepping. Yeah, go ahead. Instead of having that great big bag of potato chips and just, awe man, everybody likes a good bag of chips.

I'm just sayin? You and I would do this. We, if we open that great big bag of potato chips and you're driving and I'm sitting in a passenger seat, oh, it's gone. You expect me to hand feed you, first of all. Well, why not? That's like, that's like being, you know, air conditioner blowing on me. That's like being fanned.

And then, and then I have my maiden feed me. Oh, come on. What's better than that? And we would eat the whole bag just because it, just because they're not grapes doesn't mean it's bad. But rather than do that, if say it's two people do a quart Ziploc bag, prepackage some snack size bags. If it's an individual, go for a smaller bag.

If it's a family, put 'em in a little bit bigger bag. But don't open that great big bag and just, or put that gray big bag in your vehicle. I gotcha. I gotcha. Portion 'em just take a little bit of town time and portion things out. Okay. That is prepping. Gotcha. No, no. Prepping doesn't, Yeah, prepping doesn't have to be cutting up carrots, celery.

Peppers, whatever. That's all. I just wanted to simple it down so that everybody, you know who's watching and listening this, they, they gotta, they get the perspective, they get the idea like, okay, I see where Janet's going and I know like a lot of, and they can build off of it. A lot of drivers like to buy those little bitty cups of ranch dressing, you know, that have the foil and you just peel the foil back.

Mm-hmm. That's awfully expensive. That's like 87 cents an ounce. You could buy ranch dressing, good ranch dressing for like 17 cents an ounce or less and buy the little at the grocery store. Yeah. And then buy the little plastic ziplock style containers. There's generic brands and everything else, but that's what comes to mind.

Genetic plant. Oh, generic. Well that's generic. My bad. And pour some ranch dressing in it and snap the lid on it and snap it. You're good to go. Mm-hmm. So that's portion control. That way you're not spending so much money, you're saving a little bit of money. We like to save money and you're controlling your portion.

Yes. So, I gotcha. It's that easy. Most people like chips and dip. That's a chip and dip type thing. Oh, I get it. Ranch dressing. Add a little bit of sour cream. You got ranch dip. You know, just use your, use your brain. You, you, Yeah. Use your creativity. Get creative with it. You know? What do you like the snack that you know is healthy?

You know well, even if it's not healthy eating less of anything is gonna happen. Yeah. Portion control and something's gonna make it, I like a candy bar once in a while, but if we buy that great big bag at m and m's, oh my God. I always zip lock 'em down into small containers. Jelly beans. Jelly beans come out.

No, No, because I put 'em in bags. I know, but you, you open that great big bag thinking, Oh, we're gonna get the whole bag. I'll eat half of it in one sitting. So, But you open the big bag thinking the big bags, just that. And then when you open it, you're like, There's Ziploc bags inside my bag. It's like, who?

I'm like, grab a bag and close the big one. Oh, your no, fun. I'm lots of fun. This would be the reason that you're not as wide as you are tall, darling. Because you like food. Listen, I like, I was built for speed when I was younger. I'm built for comfort now. We both are. This is why we're talking about healthy eating, so, Got it.

Yeah. So what's next? All right, so, so where, where were we? Where'd you leave? All, all the individual bags. Yes. Mm-hmm. So try, try cook off like a batch of soup ahead of time. Yeah. And you can freeze it. And single serving containers. We, we've done that. Yeah. Rather than buy cup of. Exactly. You know, save more money, make a big pot and divvy it out.

You know, especially if it's something that you enjoy, use your creativity. If it's something that, I mean, I've made I've taken leftover Turkey. Mm-hmm. Went and bought a bag of egg noodles. Mm-hmm. and cut up some carrots and some celery and, and I threw in a, I, I think I threw in I forget what else.

There was something else I put in there On onions. Yes. Onions with the celery and celery and the pickles. Celery. And the carrots and, and made my own, like it was Turkey noodle soup. Yeah. And then you just, you know, portion it out, freeze it up, and you're good to go. Yeah. Then it heats up in the microwave. I, I've made it to, to where it was stick to your ribs, kind of, and, and I've also added rice to it.

Yeah. You know, tickings it up, Making it a thick, thick stew type. I feel brought it to work. In the wintertime when you're outside and it's freezing out? Yeah. soup. So, so like, I mean, it was just, it was just something that got leftovers in the fridge. Oh, I know. I can make, I can make a stew or, or something. Yeah.

You know, lots of options. Creative with it, you know, it's still healthy. It's still good for you. Just don't eat as much. Don't slow, slow your portions. Yeah.

What do you down here? Try a sheet pan sheet pan dinners. Pressure cookers. Pressure cooker. Meals don't require much time. Sheet pan dinners where you throw all your chicken and your vegetables. Like if you got a sheet pan, say it's this big. Right. All right. So sheep pan. We're talking like a cookie sheet.

Cookie sheet. Okay. Okay. Cookie tray, cookie sheet. Anyway, a baking tray, whatever you wanna call it. Whatever you put in the oven, line it with foil, spray it with some spray or, or swipe it up with some crico. Put your chicken in one corner. Okay. Or your pork or whatever. Put your vegetables in another corner.

Dice, you know, cut up some potatoes, you know, scrub 'em and clean 'em and put them in another corner and throw the whole thing in the oven. Ooh, that's, everything's there. It's just not mixed up. You know, I got like you would in a crock pott, if you don't have a crock pot, throw it in the oven. It works. Oh, throw it in your toaster oven.

It works. Throw it in your That's a good air fryer. That's a go. Oh, that's a good idea. Good's really quickly. Everybody's got an air fryer nowadays. I'm just saying just about. So then the next big complaint is I don't have enough money. Well, well, nobody, This is all welcome to 2022 people. Nobody's got enough money to, to eat healthy.

Yeah. And well, no eating healthy, The economy's going to hell. Depending on what you're eating. It can cost you more if you're going for organic. Most people think is organic, although the price it can cost, the prices aren't organic, are coming down. But what most people think is organic and what is actually organic or two different things.

Oh, for instance, when they say Gotcha. Grass fed beef. Okay, Mooooo. Okay. Cow. Or, or, My favorite is when you look at grain fed beef on a label. Okay, Cows eat grain. What else are you gonna feed 'em? I, I know organic grain fed beef. Okay, Cows eat grain. Give me a break. That doesn't make it organic. That makes it a cow.

Tell us how you really feel, Janet. Yeah, I know, but, Well, and then they had this big thing on the local news about organic versus what really is organic and what's labeled organic and it's entirely different. Yeah, it's slim pickings. Yeah, because you like eggs, like the actual organic eggs and what they're claiming is organic eggs.

Not the same thing. Not the same. No bueno. Yeah. So here's my Spanish for today. I'm so proud of you. I know, right? But if you cook instead of eating out or buying every single thing prepackaged saves you a ton of money. I agree. You know, it, it really does. I agree. You can get eight chicken breasts, you know?

Yeah. And make a variety of meals out of those eight chicken breasts versus going to the fast food and getting a chicken breast sandwich. Yeah. And boneless, skinless chicken breasts have come down a long way. Just like boneless skinless thighs. I don't like messing with bones. Chicken breast. With chicken thighs.

Listen, there's a lot that I like that's expensive or, or it has gotten expensive now. Like, Hello Bacon. Yeah. You know. Are you all with me? Bacon? I still use bacon. Leave a comment in the video. Under, under this video, let us know. Are you hashtag bacon or hashtag No, No bacon. Because Bacon's getting freaking expensive.

Well, and that's the problem. You still can use bacon. Just try not to use as much. And I save bacon grease just like my mom used to. Because you can add bacon grease to things to add flavor. You save the bacon grease, you add the flavor of bacon grease to items without using the bacon and save you a little.

Well, that reminds me, I went to one of the bike rallies. Mm-hmm. motorcycle bike Rallys. Yes. Not a bicycle bike rally, but a big a bicycles. A a big, a big motorcycle bike. Rally. And they had a all you can eat pancakes. Okay. And I asked the guy, you know, cause I, Yeah. We were there for a while. So, so I got, I knew who he was.

Yeah. And I think his name was Big Jim. Mm-hmm. and I, you know, so I think it was day three Okay. Of the, of the, it was a weekend thing. Mm-hmm. . And I said to him, day three, it's all you all, you can eat pancakes. And I said, All right, Big Jim, what's the secret? Why do they taste so damn good? He says, Think it's baking grease.

Yeah. He had a big old thing. You know when, when grease dries out it like turns white, turn turns white. Well you just take at slathering the grill with it just like I do. It looked like a big old bar soap. Yeah. I said, You're soaping the grill or what? He says, No, that's bacon fat. And I went, I love you

Of course you did. But you, I mean, that's what gave it, that's what gave the pancakes the flavor. And that's why people grant, it's not good for you, but once in a while it's not gonna hurt you. No. I mean, it's not, unless you've had, you know, major heart attacks and stuff like that, then you gotta pay attention.

But then you gotta go Turkey bacon, which turkeys don't have bacon, Foe bacon as I call it. Anyway, anyways, sorry. Got sidetracked. I, I had to bring in the bacon scenario. So when you're trying to think about not having enough money, if you think about whole foods from the earth, produce grain, nuts, seeds. Now I know nuts can get really expensive, but compared to like the fancy health products, like pre bottled sauces, pre-made meals, snacks can get price here, but you don't have to get those to get to eat healthy.

Okay? Buy your grains and your beans and things like that in bulk. Okay? There's, I don't care where you live, there's bulk stores. Oh yeah. Well even the grocery, you don't even grocery stores have this stuff in bulk. They do. You can buy it by the pound. You can buy your coffee beans by the pound. Depends on what, Like we cannot go and buy red beans by the pound at the local Kroger store.

No, that's what I'm talking about. But there's certain things you can buy bulk. Yes. But you don't have, You can usually you can save money. Yeah. You don't have to belong to a, a store that you buy a membership at to find a store that you can buy things in bulk. Mm-hmm. . Well, there's like Whole Foods. That's what I'm saying.

There's Sprouts. Okay. That's why. Yeah. I think I said Whole Foods, but Oh my, my bad if he did, I apologize. No, that's okay. I might not have, but like I said, I mean, there are places but you can buy. I agree with you. That's what I was trying to get at. I agree with you. You save money and buy things like beans, rice, noodles, stuff like that.

Quinoa, and buy it in bulk. Mm. And save a lot of money if you are on a tight budget, which I've been there, done that, and I still like budget, money, tight budget in a big family. That's, if I know that I'm going past one of those stores on the way to, or from a grocery store that I already shop at, I'm gonna stop there and get my bulk stuff there.

Especially if I know I have company coming over. Okay. Or especially if I know that I use the containers that we use in our kitchen. Yeah. Or we're traveling or you know, like a lot of times I got you. Buy your produce in season, not out of season. The same with your your fruit. Buy it in season, just pay attention to what's in season, where you're at.

Yeah. When, when it's time to go pick the apples, guess what? They're, go pick, pick the apples. They're pretty cheap. You know why? Because there's a shit ton of them. Yeah. That's why buy your meat when it's on sale. You know, it's like chicken breasts. I don't buy it every week, but I pay you, You do get it when it's on sale.

I buy it when it's on sale. And a lot of times if you pay attention, you'll see it for one price prepackaged in the meat section. And then if you go over to the butchers section where the butcher's actually packaged stuff up for you, you'll find it less per pound. What? Yeah. There's a little tidbit tip for you.

And then I'll tell 'em like, Okay, I want two chicken breasts in each container. I want total of six chicken breasts, two per bag. And he'll put two in a bag. That's, and then wrap it in paper. See what people don't know is like say you're gonna buy steak. Mm-hmm. and you got, they got a prepackaged deal, say cubes steak, for instance.

Mm-hmm. Right. And you can bring it to the butcher and they'll take it and they'll grind it up for you. Yeah. And you can have ground steak. They'll turn a roast into ground. Ha. Into ground round for you. Yeah, exactly. I mean, it'd be save price per pound. They don't change the price. You just have to ask, they, they do that there to help you.

You do that first and then you say, I can come back in like 20 minutes, half an hour. They're fine with it. Yeah. You know, so I mean, you got, you know, more shopping to do, you might as well bring it to them, let them grind it up, boy, and then go back for it. And if you're already at the grocery store and you always go to the same grocery, Use their apps, use their digital coupons, get your money back.

Like some of them have used the points to get gas. Yep. And some of them are gas or money off of your next grocery. And, and I know that we've talked about this in past Yes. Past podcast shows. Yes. And I'm really big on that. When I see that I save 25% or 35%, or the one time when I saved 95%, I was just in heaven.

I was like, Yeah, I scored. It's like, it's like watching, It's like, Oh, let's make a deal. You could go better than that. Come on. No, don't forget to put these coupons in and don't forget my military discount, my senior citizen discount this, discount, that discount. I just, and, and I saw like $350 wanted to me, $97 and 50 cents or something like that.

It was, it was, yeah. It, it was crazy. But I did better than that one time. I was just like, How my best was the $200 shopping spree that ended up being like 10 bucks. Yeah. That was my best. Yeah. Like I said, I'm just telling you like, go, go over our episodes. There's there, there's at least two others where we talk about apps and, and different ways that you could save, save money on stuff and Yep.

It was I think one of it was 25 ways. I think it is 25 Ways to Save. 25 Ways to Save and the apps that we used to do it. Yeah. Something like that. I forget, I wanna say episode. It's in the thirties. I have no idea. That's all. I'll leave a link, I'll leave a link in the show now. That's all on. Yeah, I'll definitely leave a link to the other episodes in the comments or I'll leave it below in the description.

Yeah. So that way if you, you guys wanna go check 'em out? Absolutely. There are ways to save money and still eat healthy. Absolutely. Absolutely. Oh, get out. Cut it. Get out. Out. Get outta here. Cut it out. Get outta here. Okay, next. I don't have motivation for an overhaul. Nobody has motivation for an overhaul.

Like I said, baby steps. You gotta do baby steps. So, you know, I mean, come on. You don't need a diet makeover. It does feel overwhelming. Yeah. And, but it's not realistic to just, I agree. I'm just gonna change everything in one day. You're not. And, and, and that's why I said baby steps. You gotta take baby steps.

I wanna change it all at one day. No, no. You change one thing a week or what? It helps, it helps ease you in a healthier diet by, by focusing on adding more nutrients in your diet that you already have. Look at being old smarty fast. It's regular. You don't have to change your eating habits. You don't have to.

You just, you gotta do little changes. Do you know what my first change was when I started eating healthier like 10 years ago? What's that? I switched out most, well, I switched out most of my white rice for brown rice. Okay. And most of my rice for quinoa. Okay. It still picks up the flavors of everything that it's cooked with, Right.

Just what rice does. Yep. Quinoa has added protein. Okay. Little bit of a nutty flavor, but I, But it does not have nuts in it. It's a grain Yeah. Or a whatever. It's a, Yeah. It's quinoa, it, it's whatever it is. Yeah. But anyway, it's not Right. That was my first change. Yeah. And what, when I knew it worked was that Thanksgiving when I brought my version of red beans and rice uhhuh to your family's Thanksgiving.

I know. It, it like disappeared. It disappeared. And I got asked for the recipe when I told people, That's my version of red beans and rice, but there's no rice in it. What is it? Oh my gosh it's so good. It's so good. Yeah. And anyways, it got devoured. It did. And like I said, you don't have to go, you know, you don't have to change much, You just need to change a little.

Yeah. Start making baby steps. You do one thing this week and or just for two weeks. And once you, once you're comfortable, it's part of your habit. Change something else. Yeah. When, when you feel, when you feel full stop. Yeah. you know? Mm-hmm. visualize. Yeah. I mean, the more you put on your plate, use smaller plates.

Yeah. Don't put as much on your plate the first time, and then, and then if you're still hungry, you can go back from more. That's, that's what I started doing. Yeah. That was what you started doing. I used smaller plates. Yeah. And, and a smaller fork. Well, you always had baby forks and baby plate. I didn't always use baby forks.

I'm just saying, I used adult forks once. I don't believe it. Ever since we've been together, it's been, I You want a big fork or a small fork? It's always give me a small one. I'm small. I used a salad folk. I'm dainty. I'm dainty. But anyways, I all, all, I've changed now. Now, look, I used to weigh all through high school, I weighed 136 pounds.

Okay? Mm. And then I got up to like 180 1 between 180, 180 5. Mm-hmm and I stayed there for quite a while. Years, decades, you know, I mean, I had a little bit of a chisel to me. Mm-hmm but then I, I, one, I quit smoking. That was huge. All right. And I did that six years ago, six years ago, seven years ago. Anyways, Yeah.

My brain just brought was 20 16, 6 years ago. It was April 11th. I know. That means six and a half years ago, because that's my niece's birthday. Mm-hmm. So I quit on, I quit on her birthday. Mm-hmm. yo, shout out to Miss Amanda. So six years ago I just, cold Turkey quit. That's, And then all of a sudden, you know, I started eating more because food tasted better.

if that makes sense. Yeah. Because I quit smoking on, you know, you know, my, it taste tastes better when you don't have nicotine in your mouth. My, my senses started picking up flavors and I'm like, Ooh, I like this and like this. I tried everything. You know, it's like, I might not have liked it before, but Wow.

It's got a lot of flavor now, you know? I like it now, you know, so I, so I put on, I packed on some weight, you know, I retired from my truck driving job that I did for 21 years, and I got as heavy as 215 pounds. Mm-hmm. and I, you know, I retired and then went back to work. Right. So I had like a six month hiatus.

I, I roundabout, Yes. Okay. Now I've been a year at this job a little over, almost a year and a half now. Mm-hmm. and it, it's nothing major. I don't do any, anything stressful. You know, I, I work on a machine and that's it. That's all I do. I might do a little more little twisting and bending, you know, throughout the day and some walking.

The only thing I've changed in my routine and, and this started in June, is I had a protein shake for breakfast. Yeah. Because I work, I worked at noon to eight 30 at night shift. Yeah. And you never used to eat breakfast? Like, rare. Rare. It would be a cup of coffee and I might have like a Danish or something.

Yeah. But it was a rare occasion that I would cook breakfast. Yeah. So I have, Excuse me, I have a cup of coffee and, and a protein shake. I feel you. And that's a video that's coming down the road on the product? Yes. Because I'm gonna have before and after pictures of how, how we are doing. But I've dropped damn near 20 pounds in two months.

Three months. Mm-hmm. now of doing this. Yeah. So it's just that one little thing that I've changed. I, I feel better. I move better. Yeah. I, yeah. I've noticed my I gotta tighten my belt up a little more. Yeah. By two notches. And like I said, it was, I, I don't go out, I don't go to the gym. I don't go outta my way to work out.

Mm-hmm. You know, and it was just my eating habits. That's all. I changed my eating habits. Yeah. So if I, I know that if I can do it, then anybody else can do it. And, and I took baby steps. Yeah. You set yourself some shortterm goals. Yeah. It's baby. I still drink alcohol. No. You know, I listen, I I'm not losing weight to the point to where, Hey doc, something's wrong you know. I'm losing it slowly, slow enough to where I'm, I, I notice it, like I said, tighten my belt up one notch. Now it's two notches. Mm-hmm. pretty soon it'll be three notches because I still feel my pants falling down. told you I shouldn't have bought all those jeans. I'm, you know, Hey. Exactly. Anyways, I, I didn't mean to get sidetracked, but I'm just saying anybody can do it.

You just have to do baby steps. Yes. You know, you gotta, you gotta set your mind to it. So, And set yourself small, achievable goals, which I did. I said I'm gonna start, this is how, this is how I wanna do it. Let's, let's just add, you know, so my metabolism's changing. Yes, definitely. So, and I feel it because I know that between my, the morning shake and my call it lunch dinner at work at five o'clock at, you know, so between nine and, and five, I get that, you know, You're starting to get that, get gr like about two o'clock.

It's like, all right, all right, let's, let's, let's eat some of them. And you call me a gremlin for getting hungry at two. You get hungry every five minutes. You kidding me? not . It's like, like we'll have lunch and I'll eat twice as much as her at lunch. And then five minutes later she goes, I'm hungry. When do you want to eat?

I'm like, I'm still, I don't either, I'm still full from 10 minutes ago. Anyway, I do not. And now that he's drinking anyway, so I'm gonna take a sip of this and you continue on. It feels hard to be healthy and maintain a social life. So the reason for that is because most social gatherings, whether it's a family get together, going to a club, going out with your friends, wherever the park, a game, anything involve eating out or drinking.

And I don't wanna be a dud and not eat anything and not, you know, And I always try a little bit of everything. Exactly. It feels, you know, awkward. It really is awkward to be that person that's trying to pay attention to your, But I, like I said, it's, it's, I, I would try a little bit of everything that's available at a, At a family gathering type of thing.

Yeah, but here's my suggestion. What's up? If you have a mixed, say you're drinking beer and say you're at a family reunion and you're drinking beer, drink a beer, then a bottle of water, then a beer dehydrate, then hydrate, then a bottle of water. Okay. Dehydrate, rehydrate. So say you're eating pizza, as you can tell.

Dehydrate, rehydrate,

Listen, I got water to go with the alcohol. Just saying I got water, vitamin water to go with my vitamin water. What is that? Vitamin water? That's not vitamin water. Yeah, it is. Is it Vitamin Water? Yeah, it's Vitamin water. Oh my bad hydration sensation. It's got vitamins and minerals in it. What? Shut the front door. Oh, what is that?

Bang vooz bang vooz. Huh? It's vooz. V O O Z. V O O Z. Yeah. Made by bang. That's pretty cool. Anyway, How's it taste if you're eating, I'm just curious. Yeah, it tastes, You've had it. What flavor you got? The first one. I'm What flavor you're sucking on, Let say the one, sorry. Rag raspberry, hibiscus. Okay. It's really good.

I bet it tastes like raspberries.

It's not gonna taste good with beer.

Well, that's not. That's got a good taste. Yeah. And then the other one even goes with alcohol to say. And then the other one is a vodka there. The other one is Blackberry Blitz. That's my favorite. Whoa. And I caught 'em on sale. I know, right. On sale. Sale. Sale. Like sale, sale. Like like 10%, 2 cents a can. No, I bought 'em for 10, 10% of the original prize.

But anyways, anyways. Anyways, that's another story. Side tracked. So let me finish what I'm saying, Patrick. Okay. I apologize. So say you're eating pizza, you're out with friends and you're at a football game like pizza and you guys are eating pizza. Okay. At someone's house. Say we're having a party at football party.

Say we're having a Superbowl party. Okay. Don't just inhale all the pizza. Okay? Have a salad with it. What? Munch on some. some vegetables. Find something. Yeah. Cause they usually have a vegetable platters. Yeah, there's usually vegetable platters. You're gonna find something, whether it's some tomatoes, you know, some cherry tomatoes or grape tomatoes or some broccoli or something.

cauli, cauliflower. Or celery, something. You're gonna find something. It's the dip. It's that dip. Anyways, you're gonna find something that you like. Mm-hmm. typically, unless you absolutely hate vegetables, what, to munch on. So if you have a couple slices of pizza, take a break from pizza. If you're still hungry and munch on some vegetables for a while, and then wait.

And then go have another slice of pizza. That's all you can, you know, make the nutrients help your body, make you feel better. Doesn't weigh you down like all those carbs do. Boy do they put me in a carb overload. Put you to sleep. You kidding? That's what I'm trying to say without saying. Oh my God. Oh my god

buffy. And just like you, Patrick, I really love food. That's the next excuse. I know. Excuse. I, I do. I really love food. I do. You should Do, you know why? It's fuel and you need it to live and thrive, which is true. Just guessing. But I'm probably like the only person that loves to cook and hates food. Well, I mean, I love food.

You love to cook. We are like the yin and yang, right? Yeah. Remember we talked about that on a past episode too? Yin yang. Yeah, I know. And that, that, that, that was basically our two pugs. But anyways, anyway, it was still yang , if you talk about the diet industry, I don't think the diet, and I mean diet industry, I don't think they're out there to make people feel good because a true diet talks about making you feel good about yourself, okay?

If you go on a diet just to look good. You're not doing good for yourself. If you go on a diet to feel good, then you're doing it right. Yeah. You gotta start from the inside out. Yeah. You have to feel good. If your inside feels good, then the outside's gonna look good. Yeah. It's really that easy. You, you have, if no matter what you love for food, you have to balance whatever you indulge in with something that makes your body feel good.

Because I like cookies. Like cookies. I love cookies. But we both know I could, My taste buds love cookies. My stomach doesn't. I can do two cookies and I'm fine. If I do four cookies, my taste buds love them, but then my stomach is just like, Oh my God, I should not have eaten that. I'm gonna die. Oh no. My God i'm gonna die.

Patrick, I ate 4 cookies. Your not gonna die? No. I ate 4 cookies, I'm gonna die. Oh, quit whining. That's how I do it too. Just knock it off. Just stop. I do. I really, Your so dramatic. I give him that voice too. Your so dramatic. I dunno what you're talking about. So you just, And the Oscar goes too, my inner voice. So rather than have your inner voice talk to you like this, you, you should do something.

A little bit of intuitive eating. Listen to your body. Okay. Don't obsess over food. Okay. So my parents grew up in the depression. Okay. And a lot of people that grew up poor have the same problem. And that is they have to have their covered stocked. If you've ever been really poor in your life, been there, done that.

Yeah. You're one of those. My cupboard has to be stocked. My freezer has to be full, my refrigerator has to be full. Your mind, Your mind is saying, I'm never gonna do and I'm never gonna go without again. Correct. But then that other side of your brain kicks in and says, Oh my God, I got all this food it can't go bad.

Yeah. Cuz stuff does the clean your plate syndrome. Right. You gotta learn to balance it. You can't obsess over it. True. You know, my parents made us clean our plates when we were kids. Yeah. I You gotta learn to push it away and walk away. There's, there's children in Africa that are starving for that.

They would love to eat that food. Now, you better eat it. Or you'll have it for breakfast. I'm just saying. I mean, who, I grew up in the, You grew up in what? Sixties, seventies, eighties. I grew up in the seventies, eighties, nineties. How dare you. I'm 29. I grew up in the nineties of the zeros, . Oh my god. Serious. Yeah.

Seriously. Okay. Okay. Anyways, so we just talked about cookies, which is funny cuz I can't resist unhealthy snacks if they're right in front of me. Oh, I know. Portion control. It's like, don't, Oh, another thing. Don't go. Don't literal the grocery store hungry because you just buy anything and it looks good.

I'm even if it means stopping at McDonald's for a small fry or a, That was a large fry that we split or split a large fry before you go. However, grocery store, however that was on we, we went on the McDonald's app and got it for a buck. I'm sorry, saved money. I'm sorry. Dollar eight with tax. Yes. But anyways, 54 cents a piece or those were the best fries ever.

I got a sidetrack. I had fresh. I haven't had fresh fries in so long, but I haven't either. But if you're gonna do it, you gotta do it over lunch because while you might wait a little longer if they're gonna be hot. Oh, I know. Hot and fresh right out of the frier.

You gotta fuit. You gotta fuit. Yes. Fuit don't forget to fuit, right. Brenna

So what I'm talking about. I can't resist when we go to say Olive Garden and they've got the bread basket. Oh God. Yeah. Automatically automatically. I don't care who you are. You grab the bread, you go in there. It's almost anywhere that puts us in Texas Roadhouse with those rolls in the honey butter. Oh my God.

I know. Automatically, like I said, it's the bread you automatically, that's the hook. They, they get you in there to, you know, So that way they just do it. Well that's their hook when you work in an office. Cuz my first job outta high school, I worked at a place called Foster and Gallagher with my mom. It was an office building, an advertising building.

Okay. Lots of people, lots of birthdays. So they celebrated birthdays once a week, which meant once a week we had free lunch free cake. Free ice cream. Yeah. So once a week we, My mom and I ate healthy. We ate salads and stuff like that. Right. And tab, I used to love tab. Tab soda. Yes. Oh my gosh. We had that. I used four days a week and the fifth day of the week we had lunch at Fostering Gallagher on the house and we ate cake.

I used to, I used drink Jolt Cola. Remember Jolt Cola? I drank that too. Oh my God. It stuff was, it was a balancing at tab Jolt that was like, That was like a br a a body explosion and a bottle . Oh. Kinda like Mountain Dew that May No, no, not Jolt Cola Jolt. I know. Jolt Cola didn't even tastes like cola. It tastes like straight syrup.

Yeah, I know. But man it was the predecessor to all these energy drink man the rush. You would get up with that. Yeah, baby. So the point is, it's good to indulge and enjoy, but don't go overboard. Wow. This so my fun. So if the coworker has that, if it's a coworker's birthday or you have that once a week birthday, fine.

But that doesn't mean you have to have the biggest slice of cake. You know, Don't, don't eat until you're sick. You your use your brain. Use that intuitive eating. Don't do the, Oh my God, I ate so much. I'm gonna get sick. I gotta go home now. Oh, but then, But then you get outta working. Yeah. But then you, So that might work.

No, because then you get out of being paid too. Oh yeah, that's true. Unless you got sick time. Do you wanna use your sick time because you ate too much cake at a coworker's birthday party? Oh no, not really. Save it for when you get the flu or the C word. Covid, Not cancer. Sorry, I shouldn't have said that.

Sorry. My. What? Avoid getting over hungry because when you're overly hungry, your willpower goes nose dive, stay hydrated, drink lots of water. Yep. Stay calm. Stress triggers mindless eating. I guarantee you, I know about this when I'm stressed. I'm with crackers and peanut butter. Oh my God. Or pretzels, right?

Pretzels. One pretzel at a time. Mind you, pretzels, a Nutella peanut butter, whatever, or just pretzels, like gonna make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And you look in the peanut butter drawing, it's like, why is it like, got all these little holes? And because there's a little stick holes in the peanut butter for me, sticking the pretzels in it, it's like, what in the heck were you doing to the peanut butter?

Sticking, pretzel, in it until I couldn't reach. Then I used this spoon and put it in and out of bow. All Right? So another thing you do is change your environment. Yes. Yep. What do you mean by that? What I mean? Yeah. It's great for, for getting those visions of cake outta your head. Okay. So say you just find out you're diabetic and you can't have cake and it's a coworker's birthday party and you know there's gonna be cake.

I gotta leave the room. You're really tempted. Leave the room. I gotta go, go somewhere else. Go outside and eat lunch. I gotta go potty. I'll be right back. Unless you're in upstate New York, don't go outside in the winter. Don't go outside and eat lunch or Phoenix in the summer. All right, so what if I'm always on the go plan ahead.

What. You can make smoothies that you can prepare. You can make like my breakfast, the breakfast shake when I drove lift. Okay. I mixed all my powdered powders together for smoothies. Okay. I kept ice water in my cooler. Okay. And when I was ready That's right, I remember that. And then my powders were in my shaker bottle.

And then when I was ready to have my smoothie, I put the water in and then I shook it up. And then voila had my smoothie and it was ice cold because I kept that cooler. Really cold. Yeah. Right. Or keep some nuts. Some hard boiled eggs, some hummus and veggies. Keep something to that you can pack up and take with you chips and a small thing, a chip dip that you prepackage, you know, plan ahead.

Meal time should be sacred. Yeah. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Service reminders is we need to slow down and stay present so, Correct. Yes. And we, it's a sign that eating is a sign that you need to make time. Don't skip your meals. I, I, I was big for that. I used to skip meals all the time. I, I used to eat one meal a day.

And I know it's like, But don't skip your meals. And if you're with somebody in a room, put your phone down. I know. Yeah. Put your phone. You're more likely to be conscious of what you're eating if you're just eating and talking to, to someone, making, making sure it doesn't crawls up late on you. . Well, okay,

No, but your body needs nourishment. And if you're just mindlessly eating while you're playing a game on the phone or texting, or your face is totally in the phone, you're not gonna know how much you eat. It's true. You're gonna, you're gonna feed your face as they say. You're not gonna eat and pay attention.

Wrong. Feeding your face once in a while, especially if it's like, I was in the army. Do you know where they have you eat in the army? You get 30 minutes. This is how it used to. No, army food was good. Okay. Nobody should say it slop cuz it didn't used to be when I was in, I don't know what it's like now.

Okay. But when I was in, you got 30 minutes for lunch. Okay. Used, spent 20 minutes standing in line to go through the lunch line and then that 10 minutes you had to inhale it, five minutes going through the lunch line and finding a table to sit at. Okay. Because you, the table was, everyone in line sat together.

You didn't pick, you sat with the people you were next to, then you had five minutes to eat and get your ta, your tray scraped and back outside formation. Whew. I know all about eating fast and it is not healthy. Yeah. That, wow. That's mindlessly eating. And I did that every day in basic training. I'm sorry, three times a day for your service, by the way.

But I am sorry you had to mindless eat. You know that's what they used to do. I don't, I loved everything about it. Used to feed you beer and potatoes. Just, just so you can make weight. I don't wanna talk about skinny little thimble. You, I used to be, but anyway You don't wanna taco about it. I don't wanna taco about it.

You like tacos. I like taco. But don't mindlessly eat. Pay attention to what you're eating. Take a break. If you're working, and I'm famous for this, I have to force myself to not eat at my desk here at home. I have a desk right here. Yep. That I pay bills and type stuff for the podcast and everything else. I have to make a point to not eat at the desk when I'm eating lunch.

I have to get up and go to the front room or go to the dining room and walk away and not be doing laundry or trying to, you know, clean while I'm eating. Cuz I will, I'll mop a floor and take a bite of a sandwich. I have to make sure I don't do that. Relax and enjoy your meal. I know, but that's, that's my problem because I'm always go, go, go, go, go, go, Janet.

This is true. Okay. What's next? I don't know. I lost track. You was like, go, go, go, go, go. And I'm like, I don't see go, go, go. I always on the go. I work long hours and I'm too exhausted to cook a healthy meal or even think about working out. Well. Yeah. Yeah. Sacrificing health for the sake of your job.

Shortsighted. I'm guilty of it. Of it. And self destructive. Yes. You did that when you worked for the other company? Yeah. I, driving trust. I did 20 years. 21 years. 21 years. And what did you get when you left? Absolutely don't let the door hit you. Where the good Lord, Spliting. Oh, I didn't, but that's, I didn't even get a hey.

Let's, let's have a party or anything. You didn't even get a card. You didn't get a handshake? Nothing. Nobody, Nobody. It was, it was a big secret. I, I was retiring. Yeah. Nobody, nobody knew about it until, Hey, where's Pat? So, Oh, he retired. So all those times when you retired, when I used to say, Take your break, you deserve it.

You earned it. Yeah. And I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so now when I say take your break, you earned it. You gotta remember now before you and I got together, I already had, you know, 15 years in on the job of doing one meal a day. Go, go gadget. I was, I was the guy they called to fix the problem until you got here to Phoenix.

You know, So, I mean, Grant, and she took advantage of you granted, I mean, I worked my ass off and I got paid for the hours that I worked, but Yeah. But you know, it's like the appreciation was not shown when it was time for you to leave. No, I'm sure they didn't, didn't ask you to stay. No, they didn't. They didn't even try.

Yeah. You were the senior driver, one of like second senior or something. Yeah, I was, yeah, I was second man. Yeah, Second man. And they didn't say, Oh my God, would you stay nothing? Nothing. They didn't stay. We really appreciate you. They didn't say, Hey, what do you want? What, what can we do to help you stay, make you wanna stay anyway?

So don't make me a boss, and double my money. Sacrifice yourself for your job. No, that wouldn't, It does not pay off. No, it doesn't. Like I said, so you need to eat well and move your body if you, if you sit all the time, get up and walk. We're talking to you truckers. I know you guys can't get up and walk, but, but you can when you fuel, when you stop for a rest break, cuz you're truck go for with those electronic logbooks.

The elts Yep. Or whatever the Yeah. El elts. Yep. Okay. You have to, you have ELDs, ELDs, electronic, electronic logs. Anyways, you have to take a break. And when you take your break, don't sit there, get out, stretch your legs, man. Get out and stretch. Walk around your truck, go kick your, walk around your truck, Kick your tires.

Check your lights. Yeah. You know, little stuff like that. If that's body emotion stays in motion, A body at rest stays at rest until it goes to the coffin. Yeah. I mean, come on now. I know it's, I know if it ain't broke, don't fix it. But if you're, I said, we're just trying to give you our little tips. Yeah.

And if you're stuck in a vicious cycle of being overtired, unproductive and unhappy, you need to make a change. So you need to think, Go ahead. What what? Patrick? No, I just, I was listening to you and I was like, What make a change. Patrick, tell me. I don't know. What is one small thing you can change right now to break your cycle if you're overtired, unproductive and unhappy?

Sleep more. Yeah. You could. Eat better. Eat better. We've working. You feel better now that we're eating a little healthier? Yeah. Okay. There. Poof. One change you made one change and now you're feeling better. Yep. Tada. That was a small thing that I changed. There's one small thing. Yeah. I introduced an extra meal into my day

And now I'm going to, I'm willing to wait to nothing. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. I wanna get into my stealy body again. I want you to see, I wanna see you in skinny jeans again. No, you'll never see me in skinny jeans. Never. You used to. No. Yeah, you did. Never. Oh yes, you did. I have a picture somewhere of you in 'em.

And a pair of skinny jeans. Yeah, those skinny jeans that had the straight legs. Mm-hmm. I don't know what you're talking about. I do. No, I don't ever wear, I don't like the tight clinginess to my, No, I don't wear skinny jeans. You looked really good at 'em. Anyway, I don't know. It must have been something that I was trying on for you, and you just got that vision and never got rid of it.

Okay, fine. So you say, Here baby, try these on and then come out and model 'em for me. Oh yeah. Hubba hubba. So when we're talking about breaking the cycles, some people say, Oh, just stop an hour earlier. Go to a fitness class. Most people can't just tell their boss, You know what, I'm gonna start working seven hours a day instead of eight.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. That don't work. Get, Or driving a truck, I'm just not gonna drive 11 hours anymore. I'm gonna drive nine hours a day so I can go to the gym. I gotta find a gym where I'm at. Yeah. Yeah. I don't even know what the hours of service are anymore. Is it 10 hours, 11 hours of driving? 11 hours of driving.

14 hours a day. Then you got the break. So you gotta have a 10 hour break off. 10. Yeah, 10 hours off. You can do a split sleeper still. As long as it splits. Like they, it's like they, it seemed like that's a podcast coming. Okay. Yeah. It seemed like they changed it. Well, that's a coming podcast. Someone get my thought.

It seemed like they changed it then. Then three months later changed it again and three months later they changed it again. Three months later, changed it again. And I was like, You know what? Screw this. I don't need the changes. I'm out. See ya. So look for, that's all. Look for that podcast coming soon, talking about trucking.

But so when you do get the time and you're off work, think outside the box. Just go for a walk. You don't have to go to a gym. No, you don't. If it's nice outside, go for a walk. Now if you're sitting waiting to be loaded, you know you can, there's things that you got a water bottle, you could, you just lift that water bottle a couple times.

When I used to sit and wait to be loaded, I used to walk around the dock area and I used to just go and tell whoever was loading, Hey, I'm walking around the docks. I'm tired of sitting in my truck. I, I know you guys normally holler at me on my cb, but can you just look out the door and holler at me in person?

Yeah. And they would, you know meditate. At the end of your day, before you go to bed, just take some time and meditate. And that doesn't mean just sit down and fall asleep in your, in the driver's seat. That's not meditated. Well, they, they, they say, you know, get away from the devices an hour before bed.

Yeah. Roughly. You know, that's what they say in order to get a better night sleep. Mm-hmm. So we gotta work on that, Patrick. Well, I get, I get, I, I go to, I die and come back to life every night, . Okay. You cannot say that out loud. You know how I feel about you saying that. I'm sorry I don't go to sleep and wake up like normal people.

This is true. But don't say the other thing. Excuse me. So if you are trying to think outside the box and you're running out of time, think of things like a grocery delivery service. So you can have fresh ingredients delivered to your house. And if you're a truck driver or you're at a campground, grocery delivery services, as long as you have the address of where you're at, they will deliver there.

This is true. Truck stops campgrounds, like KOA campgrounds. You can get groceries delivered there. Yes, you can. Instacart will deliver to you. Yes, they will deliver. You got a physical address, you can use that address to have your delivery. And, and, and I think there's a message box that says, Text me when you get here.

Yeah. Or you know, I it's a truck stop. I, you know, I, I'm call me and I'll and I'll guide you into my truck. What they do is they meet you up at the truck stop. Yeah. They, they'll be in the office. Yeah. They meet you up at the doors, basically the parking lot. But, but I mean, I mean, come on. If you ran out the, I've seen the prices at Truck Stop.

It's cheaper to have it delivered, especially if you have the yearly subscription. You can have it delivered anywhere in the us, continental US pretty much, that you're gonna run into some small towns. But how often are you running out of food in a small town that you, you know? Right. And, and if, if you, if you'd like, you can go to the number one, the number eight wheel talk.com/instacart and it tells Instacart that we sent you and cost you nothing extra.

It doesn't cost you any extra. Helps out the show and you can get free delivery, I think over $35. Yeah. I believe. Mm-hmm. you know, so, and you can go to multiple stores. So if you got, you know, there's stuff at Walmart that you want, they can go to Walmart and pick it up, you know, certain grocery store. Yeah.

Stuff from the grocery store, like a Kroger store and a Walmart. You can get 'em from both and have it delivered. You log into the log in and it tells you where you're at, what stores are available. Yeah. Doesn't matter where in the United States. So the bottom line is make yourself a priority. Yeah. Quit putting your job first.

Make yourself the priority because, and granted the job pays the bills, but still, you can be loyal to your employer and do a good job and make yourself a priority. This is true. This is true. I learned word. No, you, you are not your job. What? I was a truck driver. You was Okay. Before that I was a re or district manager in the hospitality business.

 Yeah. Okay. But I was not the job. Ah. Get it now. You get it. Yeah. I did the job. I loved both jobs. But the job didn't own me. No, it didn't. I worked a ton of hours in the hospitality industry, but I had a whole different reason for working so much. Exhusband, we won't talk about that. So next step is I wanna start being healthy, but I don't know where to begin.

This takes time. Yeah. And give yourself a break. I agree. Start small again. Baby steps. Itty bitties. Just do one thing different. Like any, anything real food. You know, Do, do one thing different. You can do anything different. You could walk, drink more water. Mm-hmm. eat real food. Yeah. Instead of overly processed.

Do you know that I saw on tv? Cuz it seems like every time we do a podcast and I do the notes, then soon it shows up on tv. Okay. 58% of Americans. Eat more processed food in their diet than they do natural food.

And he's done with the beer, Excuse me. Yeah. 58% of Americans eat more processed food than they do real food. Wow. So they opened more cans, more freezer containers. Okay. More takeout food that was highly processed have has tons of artificial ingredients, sodium dyes. Okay. Everything else then say cooking, hamburger, cooking, chicken breasts, cooking up some be dried beans or rice or noodles or whatever.

Vegetables. I gotcha. 58% of Americans. And we wonder why the country has health problems. What Amazing isn't it? Yeah. So if you're used to eating a cookie in the afternoon, try an apple once in a while. I like apples with nut butter. Like, I'll slice my apple up. I, I, it's not a big fan of mine. I've tried it.

Mm-hmm. it's, it's, it's right. A lot of people like apples with peanut butter. Now that's, I get into there cause you're still really good. It's still really good because peanut butter has protein in it. Yeah, I like that. But not everybody can eat peanut butter either. Yeah. I know. I like apples with peanut butter.

But I also like apple butters with cashew apples. I like apple butter too. Apples with like cashew butter or almond butter. I like 'em with that. If you drink two diet sodas a day, swap one of them out for water cuz people think diet soda's good for 'em. It is so bad for you. All these artificial diet, this diet that, Yeah.

If your going to drink a soda. Just drink a freakin soda. What the,

what was that? I have no idea. Woah ho ho? I was gone. You disappeared. I know I did. And it wasn't ready for my closeup. I was like, Wow. I'm like, Woah? Wait a minute. All those artificial ingredients are not healthy for your body. You weren't moving enough in front of your camera and it shut down. It said, Okay, I'll bob and weave more.

So I'm here . So give yourself a break. Give yourself some time and just set your plan and start. Like I said, baby steps. Stick with it. It's not gonna happen overnight. Anybody that's ever lost any weight, it's never happened overnight. Sorry, I moved. Yeah. Wow. You got fuzzy. I know, right? Thought my eyes went bad.

Camera had to adjust over. Move so fast. Okay, anyway, start small baby steps. Okay. If I could do it, you can do it. I quit smoking cold Turkey. If I could do it, anybody could do it. I did it. You know, all that's all I'm saying. It's a mind over matter thing. My mind don't matter. What, But you know what, I went through this.

Yeah. I'm addicted to sugar. I'm addicted to wine. Well, I wasn't really addicted to wine. I do like the flavor, but you notice I'm not drinking wine tonight. I know, right. But anyways, sugary afternoon treat or I know a lot of people that sit down and have a glass or two of those great big extra large glasses.

Like the one Yeah. You bought me for my birthday. Yeah. Of wine. Of wine. Yep. Everybody has a vice. Or most people, I will say I drink a beer or two or three sometimes. but most of these vices have some sort of effect. Okay. Mood, energy. Hello? Energy. Sleep carb is my, my negative energy thing. Yep. Sleep and weight.

Okay. Okay. Mm-hmm. it, it's really food. I food. Made me gain weight or I made myself gain weight when I started eating, I don't know, something happened. I don't know, but it's an escape. All right, So try, try detoxing from your day with an activity, not food, such as, Oh, like walking. Okay. That's one call a friend phone or friend.

Yeah. You can phone, A friend, phone friend. Will you be my phone a friend? Maybe. Oh, goodie I got other friend I can call too. You take a power nap. 20 minute nap does a wonder. believe me. 90 minute nap for him does wonders. I've, I used to take 20 minute naps, so behind the wheel. Well, not while I was driving , I was

Let me rephrase that. Yeah, let's rephrase that. Always just pull over and take a 20 minute power nap sitting in the driver's seat behind the steering wheel. You hit it behind the wheel. Mm-hmm. Yeah. I just put my head down on the steering wheel. Ah, and take it 20 minutes, send it a 20 minute alarm, close manager, 20 minutes.

And, and you'd be surprised at the amount of energy that you, Not 15 minutes, not 25 minutes, 20 minutes. There's a magic number. And it's proven. Yes. I don't know who did it. I don't have the statistics on it, but there's, there's somewhere 20 minutes is a good number. That's, it's always stuck. I've heard it somewhere and, and I've seen the statistic.

I can't say that it's proven facts, however, it's out there. There's a little, little, there's a little handheld device that everybody has nowadays, and you can Google what's the maximum amount of sleep for a power nap. And I think it comes up, So Google, Google owns YouTube, so if YouTube doesn't like it, they can suck a, you know?

Mm. Behave. I'm just saying. So you can also. Set your phone down and play with your pet. You got a dog or a cat or whatever, take your dog for a walk. De, de-stress, just destress. Some people take their cats for a walk. That's all. Do something to de-stress. I call it do a wooo sahh. If you have access to a pool, go for a swim.

Yep. You know, do something that's going to de-stress you. Again, baby steps, everybody baby steps. Mm-hmm. this, we're running a marathon, but that's the best way to describe it. It's a marathon. Yeah. It's not a hundred yard dash. Yeah. It's not a mad dash. It's a, it's, it's a marathon. Yeah. It's not gonna happen overnight, but in, in, in a month or two, you will see a difference.

Correct. You know, like I said, I, I've noticed a difference in the little bit, you know, in your one little change, just having a protein shake for breakfast. Yes. I've seen a drastic change. in three months. I've seen a drastic change in you in three months. You know, I have a little more energy. Like I, I have a little more energy.

Mm-hmm. But I, I have recently went to the doctor mm-hmm. and had some blood work done. Mm-hmm. and they don't like some of the numbers, so they changed my medication a little bit. Got medication. I know, right? I'm psychosomatic. No, I wish. Oh damn. I was gonna ask you to share. I'm on an upper though. It's supposed to gimme more energy.

I'm just saying. I haven't felt it yet cause it just started it. But anyway, so I get a thyroid thing going so they, most people do anyways, so, So we're, we're working on it. Yeah, we're working on it. We're working. But everything else is a Okay. Very good. So you just have to pay attention to when your addictions take hold like that, the snacking hour, like the rush of the addiction, you know, that, that.

Two o'clock or the eight o'clock at night after dinner. When you're watching movie, I'm, Listen, when you're watching a really good movie, you have to have snacks, pops some popcorn. Yeah. You know, and don't believe it or not, and don't put three sticks of butter on it. No. Yeah, I know. Usually. Usually you could buy it and it and it comes salted and buttered.

I know. And it has some pretty goddamn good flavor. There you go with the mouth again. I know people that add like a sticker butter to the bags, but per bag, Yes, I'm guilty. I like buttery popcorn. I do too, but not with that much. Well, I mean, too much butter makes it soggy. But yes, pop popcorn with a good movie is good for me.

Correct. So for me, like in my afternoon or right after dinner, those were my trigger times. I started doing different things like scheduling what you're gremlin all the time. I started making my meetings or my appointments to keep myself occupied. Okay. Taking the girls for a, Yeah, I know I can't say that word because the girls Okay.

Yeah. I can't say that word. Okay. Because then they'll wanna do it again. They know I to break how they know, but they know anything to break the cycle of munching. Okay. Helps. Okay. And like we said, you know, baby steps one little change and stick to it. Don't just do it for a couple of days and say, Oh, I can't do it.

No. You know, you gotta keep yourself, You gotta keep yourself. What's, what's the, what's the word of motivated? No. Well, that, but you gotta moving. It's like dead air. I'm gonna get on you to keep going. You're gonna get on me to keep going. What's it accountable? Oh, there you go. Keep yourself accountable.

Accountable. And if you can find someone to be accountable with, like we do each other. Yes. Even better. You know, That's why we said phone a friend. Get a friend. Get a friend to do it with you. Yeah. Just to say, Hey, how you doing today? You keep just to be an inspiration cetera. You know, Like I said, it's like tell them what you're doing and see if they'll, and let them know, Hey, you tell me one thing that you wanna do and then I'll keep you accountable for that.

You keep me accountable for the other thing. Yeah. So I wanna kind of slide on, All right, So have you ever heard the word hyper palatable? No. It's what makes food, It's too big of a word. It's what makes food. Addictable. Okay. Or addicting. It's a combination of sugar, fat, and salt makes it irresistible.

Think of like Caramel corn with nuts. I know. Or, All right. Or think of Christmas crack. All right. Hold, hold on. Wait, wait, wait. Christmas crack. Wait. It brings up something. Okay. All right. When you're, when you're at a bar mm-hmm. , they usually have, they used to put out peanuts, salt, salty peanuts.

Mm-hmm. because it makes you wanna drink more. Mm-hmm. So don't eat the peanuts. But anyway, No, but I make it. No, but, but it makes sense. You're eating it, it makes you wanna drink more. So you're gonna order more drinks. Keeps you in the bar longer. I'm being pugged, you know? Yeah. But it that, that makes sense.

But if you think about like, I make a dish called Christmas crack. Oh my God. Because it's sweet and it's salty and sugary and sugary and has fat in it and it's gone. This is something I only make at Christmas and everyone I send it to asks me Could you send me more of that next year? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I want more of that.

I don't care about the other cookies. I want more of that. Well, that and my sugar cookies. I know I and certain people like my brother date sticks. But anyway, hyper palatable. Those are the things that Well wait, you got one brother that wants date sticks? You got one brother that wants sugar cookies and I forget what the other brother wants.

Sugar cookies. You got 'em addicted to sugar cookies. Wait, do they know that way? Wait till they see what we put in there? Anyway, anyways. I'm kidding. I'm so, that's a joke. So I looked up about nutritional challenges. Okay. And I, I found this survey about the eight biggest, but there's more than eight on this list.

It says the eight biggest diet problems based on a hundred thousand clients. Right. But they have a lot more than eight, and these are from highest to lowest. Okay. All right. So, so the, the biggest percentage is emotional stress. Eating 63%. That's the biggest nutritional problem people have. Yep. You've had to have to, you have to work around it and find other ways.

I'm sorry. It's like, All right. Hey, all right. I, I get it. He broke up with you or she broke up with you. You don't need to eat all the ice cream. You don't need to sit on the couch with a spoon in the gallon bucket. Listen, we've all been there. It's okay. This too shall pass. Just shoot him, get it over. If it's easier, don't kill him.

No, you don't kill him like it tell everybody, I'm not saying to kill him. I'm just saying just shoot him with a pellet gun. No harm, No foul. Okay, next step. Lack of planning. 50, 30, 50. I, I like, I have moved. Right on. Like, like you don't wanna tell that story? No, we're not gonna tell that story. Oh, come on. No, come on, tell it.

No, I can't. I'm not allowed to. You not says no. Says who? I'll tell it there. Der polizei. So what? The police, the police, they stop. They haven't How long ago? I don't wanna talk about it. Listen, I like tacos too. But how, how many years ago was it? Okay, so how many years ago was it? Come on, give me a number.

I know you're 29, but 22. All right. So it, it, it's over 20 years. You can't be prosecuted anymore as statute. Okay. So some, the statute of limitations is over. I'll just word it this way. Someone might have been cheating on me. Okay. And I might have pulled out my shotgun and loaded it with rock salt. Ouch.

And I might have shot him and his girlfriend in the ass from about. 10, 15 feet away. Oh, it mean the mistress. Yes. It wasn't the girlfriend. It was a mistress. It was the mistress. I might've who ha Who happened to be running across my yard naked. Both of them away from me. No, the mi mistress happened to be the county sheriff's wife,

I might have shot 'em both in the ass in the whole backside of him. Ended up with rock salt in him. I didn't. I'm a witness. I saw the pictures. No harm, no foul. I saw the pictures. No prosecution because she was the county sheriff's wife and the sheriff took the gun away from you as you were trying to reload it.

Well, deputy sheriff, my buddy. Anyways, he said, he said, if you shoot him again, it's premeditated. We got, take this away. That was heat of passion. And I got Maybelline back. Heat of passion. Oh baby. Yes. End of story. Food for thought next time. So lack of planning. 53%. All right, go, go ahead. Just ramble off a bunch down the list.

 Cravings, snacking when you're not hungry, which is usually important of percentages. Cravings is 52%. Snacking when you're not hungry. 51%. That usually has to do with stress eating too quickly. Military, 49%. I have a sweet tooth. 47% of you said that. Yep. Eating out frequently, America. Yep. 40%. I say that numbers a lot.

Yeah. I think that's a, I think that's a lot. I think people lie, Although, although I think this is probably pre pandemic post pandemic during the pandemic, during, during the pandemic. This is during the pandemic, so that kind of makes sense. Yeah. People didn't need out as much during the pandemic. Large portions.

Yep. Especially if you're in our age group. You were raised to fill your plate, eat your plate. Yep. Time to prepare meals. Yeah. I didn't have time, so, you know. Yeah. Wine and alcohol. Yep. 32% don't know what to eat. 16% that I, you know what I, I can see that happens a lot because it's like, you know, it's like I ask you all the time, what, what are you in the mood for, and you, you and me look at each other like.

I don't know, food. So, so I mean, I understand that. I guess it's a lower percentage. I think it's a little bit higher. Yeah. That's when you open the refrigerator and stand there looking at the food and the refrigerator change and it doesn't change. And your and your mom walks by and says, standing and staring at the refrigerator, the ingredients aren't gonna change.

It's still gonna be the same food in there. Close the door. Don't how many times you open and close the door, it's still gonna be there. Well, I'm imagining like a big pizza gonna be right there and it doesn't work. Okay, so dislike cooking or don't know how to cook 16%. And I know that number's higher. Oh yeah.

The number of people that I personally know, you personally know that don't know how to cook is a lot higher than 16 percent. It's not that difficult. There are, Janet has, and, and, and we have a, a future podcast. With with an S coming on on like five meals. Five, five minute meals. Yes. You know, So five minutes to put together, then you just walk away and they'll be done.

Yes. And they're amazing ones You could cook in a truck, in a camper, at a camp side, anywhere. Yes. And like I said, stay tuned for these. These are coming down, down rather quickly. So another challenge, nutritional challenge is family or peer pressure. What, you know, you go out to eat with someone and you're a small eater, or try to watch what you eat and the person that you're with a friend, Okay.

Is ordering all this stuff. Oh, here, try this, try this, try this. Well, you gotta get all the appetizers. Yeah, no I don't. Listen. I went, I think it was Fri TGI Fridays. Okay. And I went with a friend. Mm-hmm. And we were like, we were, we were hungry, but we didn't know what. We wanted, We didn't want a big meal. So you ordered a bunch of appetizers?

We ordered all the appetizers. Now see, And that's all we had was appetizers. My friend Lenore and I, we've gone to Applebee's and just ordered like three appetizers and split em yeah, Nothing else, but, but we ordered all the appetizers. Of course you did. And then we got a piece of dessert afterwards. That was it.

That was, and, and we were there for like two hours. Yeah. Okay. So, But it was fun. Yeah. It was just like, you know, eh, fuck it. Let's just do it. Let's just get all the appetizers. So the last on the list, the waitress. Wait, the waitress looked at us like we were fucking crazy. Prob you and that mouth, Patrick.

What? You don't swear this much in real life. Oh, yes, I do. Not around me. Well, I, I work part of the day. Yeah, I know. Thank you. Thank you. Sweet Jesus. Thank you. Thank you, baby. Jesus. That's it. I'm gonna stay home more often. Now I'm calling in sick. An unsupportive environment for eating healthy. Hey, y'all want, you want, you want support?

You guys want support, you email us here at patrick@18wheeltalk.com. We will support you on, we will hold you accountable. This is true we'll help. If we can email us, Patrick, at 18 Wheel Talk, let us know. You know, put it in a subject line, accountability, you know, and, and we'll help you. As a matter of fact, we got, if we got an easy peasy recipe, guess what?

We'll send it to you. Yeah. It's that. It's that simple. You know, especially, you want accountability. You want help with this. I mean, we're here to help. We're here to help truckers and travelers in their pursuit of health, happiness, and a better life behind the wheel. If you can't email us to tell us you need help doing this, guess what?

We can't help you. No, I'm no foul. I get it, but I'm just saying, what am I saying? I'm just saying, you gotta email us. You know what I'm saying? What? This has been a really long podcast. Hey, you know what? They, we had a lot to say. They take as long as they take, but we had a lot to say. If, if we have more to talk about, guess what?

I'm gonna talk about it, Taco about it. You betcha. You can make healthy tacos. I'm, I'm gonna give you a pizza on my mind. Ha yeah, I went there. It's cuz I'm getting hungry. That's okay. You're my sweet cake. Ooh. Or my sweetie pie? Ooh, I love, love pie. Pie. We can do this all night if you want. All right.

Comment below. Let us know what your favorite pie is. All right, Cookie. It's time to end. Seriously. You meant their sweetness? Yeah. If we're gonna play it, Uhhuh. Oh, my, my. Anyways, that's fun. We thank you for joining us. We'll see you in the next one. Bye. Okay, bye.