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18WT 012:  7 Ways to Save Money and The Apps We Use
(The Fine and Frugal Edition)!

March 10, 2021 Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

The Vitals!

Some of the apps that we talked about in this Episode!

  • Lowes app - If your a Veteran they will give you a 10% discount on your purchases at checkout every day. 15m:20s, 40m:45s
  • Grocery Store apps - For money saving and digital coupons from your local food stores, also military and senior citizen discount days. 27m:00s, 28m:45s
  • GetUpside app - Use code PATRICK9582 for an extra $0.15 cents back on your first fill up. 29m:00s
  • McDonald’s app - Earn Bonus Reward just for ordering food through the app. 31m:28s
  • Burger King's app - Earn Royal Perks and exchange them for free food and beverages. 32m:13s
  • Receipt pal app - Shop, Earn Paid Rewards & Gift Cards. 33m:58s
  • Poshmark app - Buy and Sell Fashion. 43m:30s

18WT 012:  Amid the usual and expected jokes, our hosts review the last show with the Big Giveaway. Where you vote and enter to win one of twenty packages of a mug and a t-shirt. The drawing ends May 7, 2021. Vote to Win! The t-shirts that they have on hand are extra-large. They review what the five mugs are that you can vote for and that All the mugs are ambidextrous. Patrick gives Janet hell for having a dry throat and sucking on coffee candy. They also discuss their New Years’ resolutions to drink more and smoke more. Do you wonder what they are drinking and smoking?   Patrick as always teases Janet about her accent. As is usual they get off subject and end up discussing rice china. This came up because the cups are china of course. Add in a few pug barks and the fun ensues. Next, we see Ma Cushla Ta on the YouTube video. She gets to meet the world.

  Janet asks about the circus and sports. Patrick says no to one, Janet no to the other, and why are they doing a podcast. What is left to talk about, food? Again? Leftovers of course. So what is up with the two of them? They moved into a place with single pane windows! YAY! That makes it fun in Phoenix. Patricks’ job moved him to days, moved locations, Kyles’ job moved him to a closer location also. Eventually they get around to discussing saving money and links to do it and different apps that Janet uses to do it. If you look up above in the guest vitals area, you will see the links for all the great apps she talks about. 

  Janet is all about saving money and they shop Lowe’s for a lot of the household items. Patrick is like a kid in a candy shop in any hardware store. Just like most men are. They shop at Lowes’ to get the veteran discount of 10% that they give on so many items. They bought outdoor blinds for their patio to help save on the heat coming into the big windows   This of course goes into furniture shopping. Well because, it is Patrick and Janet. Janet reroutes Patrick to discuss saving money once again and again Patrick does his best to sidetrack her. He is the spender, she is the catcher, of money of course. He rants, she watches, until he gets her going.

  Janet discusses how insulated curtains saves money with utilities. She is the light Nazi because she is known for turning off light switches. She could spend the day following the two guys around turning off switches. She goes on to discuss that she writes a blog, and one is coming out about saving money. She uses the grocery store apps and uses digital coupons, combined with online coupons and newspaper coupons. Then store savings days like senior saving day or first responder/military discount day. She has a blog coming up that discusses all of her ways of saving money. Patrick attests to how she saved about $300 off a $450 bill when he was with her a while back grocery shopping. Janet goes on to discuss more ways to combine the savings to be a frugal person. Some gift cards or coupons say cannot be combined; it is usually stated on the coupon. They go on to discuss how people say that they do not have time to use apps or coupons when shopping. If Janet doesn’t save at least 35% or more she considers the savings a failure. Most Health insurance companies give gift cards for doing all your yearly appointments. Double check with yours to see if they do.

  Pug interruptus is next briefly, with Patrick chasing them as Janet attempts to continue discuss saving money and selling things that are no longer in use. This includes clothes, purses, and the baseball Bobblehead collection, some of which are autographed. See Janet for purchase of that, not Patrick. They also talk about collectable dolls and collectable Barbie's, selling and donating. They laugh about the girl who made herself into the live Barbie in Russia, facelifts, Joan Rivers and the Joker. Janet talks about Botox and allergic reactions looking the same. These two cannot seem to have a serious conversation.

  They continue to discuss saving money by taking care of things and people being stupid, and letting things go. Taking care of your car whether you are driving it or not. It doesn’t matter where you live, if you are not driving your car, rubber will rot or crack, gas will go bad and need an additive. Liquids will all need checked, literally. In general, no matter what it is, something that is not used, still needs cared for or it will go bad. Patrick then throws Janet under the bus. Janet then points out that the car isn’t even hers. All she owns is a motorcycle. She does however take care of the car and goes to strange men to take care of the air in the tires. She knows how, but in truth doesn’t want to ruin her manicure.  At this point you wonder how much they have been drinking (water & coffee in truth). Because Janet deflated and slid, and Patrick gave her crap for it. So, Janet’s motorcycle has a leak, and she discusses calling family to have it looked at. This leads to talk of garage cleaning by Patrick and him finding the leak. He once again gets on her for being a fidget. So her reply is to go all little girl on him and discuss how her chair hurts her elbows if she doesn’t wear long sleeves.

  A gentle reminder to vote & possibly win the coffee mug (& T-shirt) that you would like to see win the coffee mug contest. These would make great gifts with plenty of time for Fathers’ Day. Maybe enough time for Mothers’ Day, depending on the USPS. They only need your complete info if you win. To enter, you only need to put your first name and email address. By now Janet is tripping over her tongue and trying not to make Patrick laugh so much while talking about subscribing to the show, voting to win. Reviews are so helpful on Podcasts, so please leave a comment below, smash the like button on YouTube. 18wheeltalk.com/YouTube

  Frugal ideas are on this podcast, video, and more savings ideas as well as recipes, her blog, money making links, and more are on janetmccue.com her blog is “Chatting with Momma Janet”.  Most of the apps that are mentioned, Patrick and Janet do not make any money on by telling you about.