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18WT 038:  Christmas Trends 2021 from YouTube LIVE Stream 12-07-2021

12/07/2021  Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

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Christmas Trends 2021 Slideshow!

18Wt 038:   On this LIVE show we talked about different Christmas trends for 2021. We talked about white Christmas trees (and pink ones too),
different types of wrapping you can use, holiday baking and much much more. Below is a list of Christmas trends for 2021 that we talked about on our live show.

Christmas Trends 2021

  •         White Christmas Trees
  •         Nostalgic Décor               Grandma's attic for vintage holiday decorations
  •         Recycled Materials         wrapping gifts with fabric instead of paper
  •         Inexpensive Décor           we won't be spending a lot of money on new decor pieces—rather, we'll be repurposing our existing pieces and pairing them with inexpensive DIY Christmas decorations so we have more budget left
  •         Holiday Baking                 Pinterest Predicts report, users are searching for holiday content way ahead of schedule—and we can see why! After a year where nothing felt normal, people are really embracing the normalcy of their favorite holiday traditions. So Patrick, baking is a “thing” this year. No other year, just this one.
  •         Pampas Grass Décor       it’s a thing, Pampas grass trees…
  •         Home for the Holidays   some people think this is new, being home or going home for Christmas. Haven’t they ever heard the song “I’ll be home for Christmas”? Bing Crosby
  •         More Is More                   people are going all out for the holidays this year. Because we had to keep celebrations small last year, folks can't wait to bust out as much holiday decor as possible, bake all the Christmas cookies, and host a big family dinner.
  •         Farmhouse Neutrals       Neutral is a thing for the Holidays this year. A neutral Christmas, I cannot imagine
  •         Holiday Classics               think tv, movies, shows, music

Start new traditions!

  •         Matching pajamas
  •         Fill a gratitude jar
  •         Serve a Non-Traditional Dinner
  •         Wrap Gifts in Fabric         wrapping gifts in fabric instead of paper. Invest in a few fabric bags or patterned furoshiki wraps that can be used year after year. Plus, you’ll save a fortune not buying new rolls of gift wrap each season!
  •         Host a Virtual Gathering
  •         Decorate like Grandma   the ornaments and style that your grandmother used to decorate are back
  •         Pretty in Pink                     pastels or various colorful trees are in style this year
  •         Winter Wonderland         no matter where you live turning your home inside and out into a winter wonderland is yet another theme for the year
  •         Farmhouse-Inspired         think buffalo check ribbon, large old fashion ornaments, lots of small ceramic animals, a cute mailbox, etc.
  •         Pick your desired theme               you can do a pastels or a shiny silver and golds, all naturals, all one color such as red or green or blue, or even go with a bright modern looking rainbow of colors

If you belong to a homeowners' association or a condo board, you might want to think twice before decking the outside of your hall with boughs of holly. That's because HOA rules may limit, or even prohibit, certain kinds of holiday decorations.

The goal of homeowners association rules is to regulate activities that may affect the neighborhood. You can typically find your HOA's rules in a document known as the covenants, codes, and restrictions (CC&R). These rules may include regulations controlling: Exterior paint colors Landscaping Mailboxes Sheds and other outbuildings

Swing sets, basketball hoops, and children's play structures

Along these same lines, CC&Rs may also limit your choices for holiday decorations and when you can put them up. And despite what the Queen of Christmas thinks, when buying a home in an association, you agree to abide by the CC&Rs.

What Can You Do?

If your HOA rules limit holiday decorations, there are a few things you could do. First, consider offering your neighbors some figgy pudding and a cup of good cheer (otherwise known as "talking civilly"). It's possible that association rules may not be strictly enforced during the holidays. (Although in this case, one of the Moffa's neighbors appeared to be the Scrooge.)

You should also consider taking your case in front of the homeowners' association board, asking for an amendment to the rules. The lawyer for the Moffa's HOA noted that rules — yes, even these — are in place for a reason and that there is a process for changing them.

"If there's enough of the community that wants to change, I believe generally the Community Association of Westchase will listen to the residents and will make changes," attorney Jonathan Ellis said.

If you decide to join the frontlines in fighting the War on Christmas© and violate the rules in your CC&Rs by decorating your house, though, be prepared. Nothing may actually happen, as enforcement of HOA rules varies widely from neighborhood to neighborhood. You may receive a sternly written letter or be issued a fine by your HOA.