18WT 005: Why We Called The Show 18 Wheel Talk!

May 27, 2020 - Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

The Guest Vitals!

Your Host and Co-host truly complement each other’s personalities and style, on and off the air! Patrick is a 20+ year truck driver with a passion for being an entrepreneur. Janet grew up in the trucking industry, her father and grandfathers’ all drove. She also drove for nearly a decade over the road. Her passion for entrepreneurship is similar yet different than Patrick’s. That is why it works so well for them. The one main thing that drives them both however is the desire to see him step down from the big rig and retire to the home office this year. Those headphones look good on him after all.
  They both love helping people learn new things and talking (a true-blue trucker quality) to just about anybody about anything. When you mix talking, making money, making new memories, reminiscing about old ones’; helping other people lift themselves up by learning new ways to get the most out of life oh and of course laughter, that is what these two are all about.

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18WT 005:  On this Episode Janet and Patrick tell everyone how they came up with the name for the Podcast Show. They talked about how Patrick has been driving for 25+ years and how after just 9 years in the Trucking Industry Janet was forced to retire.  The Love of trucking is in both of their Blood (how much diesel is in it?). It is a Love it or hate it type of Life. Whether you are an active Truck driver, a Bus Driver, or just have a Love of Driving, you will be able to relate to these two.
  They discuss Loving your work and hating your job; other episodes and Patrick wanting to leave the business due to the massive changes coming to the trucking industry. They talk briefly about how things have changed since "the virus" hit and how their living situation has changed.  They go on and discuss how they are beginning to make money in other ways (not driving). Much of it online, where you are able to work at any time of day or night. Some of it is basically hands off if you have investment money and time to set it up.
  You begin to get a feeling of the chemistry and laughter that Truly flows between the two of these Co-Hosts and what makes them tick. Hopefully you can learn something new even if it is just how to laugh.

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