18WT #065: Revamped, Ready To Roll And Here For The Long Haul!

May 23, 2023  Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

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Episode #065

Hi, Patrick. Well, hello Janet. How art thou Welcome to the 18 Wheel Talk podcast show. Oh, oh. You're going there? Well, you said don't Dillon, don't dolly, so I'm not. Let's get it done. Get it done. Take a drink. Water, ice. Cold water. I had to wet my whistle. I'll give you a wet whistle. Anyways, this would be our.

Returning episode because this is like, where have we been? Like 3.0? This is true. Where have we been? 23. I don't know. Where have we been? Well, we took a Christmas or a holiday break. Holiday. Yes. I mean usually, usually we take from Thanksgiving right up to New Year's off and. Usually if we have an idea for a show in between there, we'll, we'll, we'll record it and we'll push it out, record a few and, or get 'em ready for January.

How, however, it was an exciting holiday season. Yeah. Let's see. I went to, I went to work my day job on Thanksgiving Day. Well, and then the next morning I woke up Ill, mm-hmm. Like somebody ran me over with a truck on Black Friday. Yeah. And previous to Thanksgiving, I had gone and done all of my shopping for all of my holiday baking and the Thanksgiving dinner and Yep.

Everything. Got all, all of that shopping done and then spent a lot of money and bought the tins to mail it in and everything. Yep. And then I got sick and then two days later she got sick and. Two days after that, we went and saw the doc and found out I, I was positive. I tested positive for Covid and.

Influenza A, which is the flu. Mm-hmm. And influenza A is the worst flu that you can get. So I had covid in the flu together yay me, and, and I saw my doc and I tested positive for Covid. Mm-hmm. And because I share And bronchitis. Yes. Because I'm lucky like that. Yeah. Yeah. We were lucky like that. Mm-hmm. So not so much for anybody that wanted Christmas cookies though.

Yeah, I just like, sorry, I really thought that I was just gonna snap back cuz I don't get sick and the residual effects from Covid I, but. I didn't, I just really felt I was gonna snap right back a couple days and I'd be right back at it and feel fine. And three months later, yeah, I still felt like crap.

Oh yeah. Oh, I wanted to do was sleep. I had to ask, I asked the doc, I said I said, you know, I got aches and pains in places that I had aches and pains before, but a long time before. But now they're like, worse. Is that something I need to worry about? And she said, duh. Yeah. Mm-hmm. Welcome. Welcome to the.

Life after Covid. Yeah. I was like, oh great. Yeah. And I was having the same conversation with my doctor and he said that if you've ever had an ache in pain, broken something, had a severe illness that affected your lungs, your heart, your whatever, or an injury that it could be 20 years ago, 30 years ago, 40 years ago.

And then you get hit with a bad case of Covid. And poof said, injury now affects your life. Yeah, because I didn't know I worked my back the way my dad said I did. Oh yeah. Well, yeah, that's right. Because my dad's premonitions came true. Because Janet found out she has the arthritic back of a 80 year old, 80, 85 year old woman, man.

Yeah. He said, man, 85 year old man who worked hard all his life. Yep. But I did it in high heels luck. Luckily for you, you're only 29 though. I know. But you know, I did it in high heels on cement floors first military, then high heels on cement floors in the restaurant industry. And then I chose to go drive a truck and, you know.

Yeah. And all that good stuff and all that good stuff and lifting and everything. So, yeah. So, ooh, lucky me. So, so as we were recuperating, We, we, we've made changes over the years to the, to the podcast show. And cookies never got sent. No cookies. Never. All right. I'm done talking about cookies. Okay. All right.

That's 20 pounds. I didn't gain. Thank god. Whew. Okay. Never baking again. Okay, so we made changes to the podcast show. Wait, wait a minute. That, that's a little drastic. Okay. It's just I didn't get the covid 20. This year you didn't get the Christmas 20, you mean? Yeah, that, that too. Anyways, over the years, we've, we've, you know, pivoted the podcast show to kinda Yeah.

We started with trucking, then we thought we were doing something wrong. So we tried expanding. Yeah, we tried expanding into, you know, like life after. Trucking, and you know, what, what ways you can make money after trucking. And then we decided that, you know, truckers and travelers were similar and we want, you know, basically RVs and, and anybody, people that do a lot of camping and traveling and basically it's cross country trips and everything.

They're, they're pretty similar. But we we gave that a whirl. It didn't work. And so while we were sick with Covid, we decided, we talked a lot that we're gonna revamp. Going back to our roots and we're gonna, we're gonna rewind and go back to our roots. So we, we sat around and brainstormed. And here, let me show you.

So hold on. Wait. Lemme show. Show. I'm just, let me explain something. You can explain. I'm gonna show 'em. Okay. We used to get desk calendars that we wrote on desk calendar, and I wrote on mine and I, I drew. And if you're not, and, and if you're not, subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can see this. You need to go to 18 wheel talk.com/youtube and subscribe.

But what we did was we took the I, I used to save all the calendars and on the, and I pulled out some scratch papers and we came up with 10 different topics, and underneath those topics there's five subtopics. And currently right now we got a, we got enough episodes right here, plus we got another sheet of paper floating around here with some ideas that we had just jotted down where to start with when we were first sick, where we could do at least 70 episodes right now.

Now, and based on these ideas, and we just recorded one right after another with these ideas. So these desk calendars, the reason we can get so much on 'em is. If you're not familiar with the old fashioned desk calendars, they're about 18 inches widen. They cover the top of a normal desk. And here, look, there's, there's, there's the, there's the episodes.

Yeah, I can't see it. I don't know if other people can, but from my camera, I can't see. We got, we got 21 episodes already laid out. Oh, you're on camera number three, aren't ya? Who, who we can, who can we talk to? What are we, some of them who will be interviews, et cetera. Yeah. You know, if it's just like a topic me and Janet could talk about and do 20 minutes, half hour and, and give you guys a low down, then that's, that's pretty much it.

Basically what happened is we decided that we took a wrong turn in Albuquerque. Had to make a sharp turn and kind of were turned back and we, we were in Amarillo by morning. Yep. So, so right now, you know, Amarillo, by morning you just wanted to sing. I like that song. Come on, gimme a chance to be me. You're not gonna make it big as a singer.

Otherwise you'd have been a singer by now. You know, Julia Child didn't even like start cooking or writing cookbooks or anything. Go to school for any of that until she was in her forties and fifties. I'm 29. Give me a break. All right. You got, you got your break. All right. There, there was your big break.

You, you sung your song. Now let's get back to the program. Fine. If you want a robot, I can be a robot. I don't want a robot. So anyways, so we decided where we wanted. We took a go. We, we, we were like Bugs Bunny. We made a wrong turn at Albuquerque. Yes. Decided let's go back to our roots, and which for both of us was driving.

And so, We are now gonna be solely into the trucking industry. Both feet. Yes. All about driving from beginning. People that are just starting to get interested and decide they wanna go to school. Maybe even if you just have an idea like, Hey, you know what? I think I wanna be a truck driver. Where do I go?

That's what we're gonna, we're gonna guide you from the beginning to the seasoned veterans who are ready to get out, if that makes any, even people that are retired and just wanna talk about it and have all those stories to tell. Cuz I know that growing up in the industry, the stories that retired truck drivers have are incredible.

I, that I was always taught. Listen to the old guys. Yep, me too. You know, the, the old. The old, the old wisdom that they will tell you about the industry where it began to where it is now, is unbelievable. And if you can catch someone that has been in it long enough to go from the old ways to the current ways, you've caught yourself.

The golden egg. Yeah, that's the golden goose right there. Yeah. Listen to what they tell you, you know, just absorb their knowledge. So that's what our new, I mean, combined, you know, you, you're probably saying to yourself, why should we listen to you guys? Well, combined, Janet and I have a combination of about 40 plus years of, of trucking experience.

I, and between us, we've hauled about everything. I, I, I started out as a garbage truck driver, and then I went over the road, you know, doing flatbed and then I, I, I, running a regional board, which is probably the one of the hardest, I think. In the over the road industry because you've gotta go, go, go. And then I, I, I got lucky and found a local job that I worked, you know, the last 21 years of my life so far.

You know, I I, I, I'm currently retired. She's retired, so yeah, we we're wanna pass our wealth of knowledge onto anybody that wants to listen to us. And I grew up in the industry hearing the stories and seeing how everything was done. And did local, you basically got diesel in your blood. Who are you kidding?

It's a mix of diesel and alcohol. Thank you very much. I'm Irish Alcohol, alcohol, fuel, diesel. Yes. So, but I grew up in the industry and then I hauled local. I haul gas oil and six oil up mountains in upstate New York and the eastern coasts. Yep. And then I hauled for that. Air Lumber. Air gas company.

Air gas company. Yeah. Out of air products, air, gas liquid gas. Yeah. Yeah. I know what you're talking about. You know what I'm talking about. It's not, I can't think of the name of it. Thanks. Brain injuries anyway, briefly tried lumber. Didn't like it. Diat tried car cars. It was interesting. I did that on a side job for Jimmy.

Anyways. But, so I've done cars that was, you've done it all? Yeah. And tankers, cars, refrigerators. But you mainly did? Mainly did reefer cuz it was the love of my life. Okay. I did a lot of curtain side local also. Okay. But my love of my life was absolutely long haul over the road. Reefer, reefer. I, you either love it or hate it.

My dad hated it, right? He loved flatbed. I tolerated flatbed, loved reefer. And when we'd go to a truck stop together, if we were both staying the same night, he'd park at one end. I'd park it together cuz he didn't wanna listen to my reefer. Well see. Now I, I'm with your dad. I like, I like hauling flatbeds because I get it.

The only thing I, I had to worry about was making sure the load was secured. And tarped. Well, I, the rest of the time, somebody else had to take it off the damn thing. Somebody else had to put it on. You know, I didn't have to offload nothing. I made extra money, offload my stuff, but yeah. Well, like I said, there's advantages and disadvantages to both.

I got paid extra to tarp the load. I got extra to un tarp and then retarp it. Yeah, because I told, I told the dispatcher, I said, I said, does this,

does this say my paperwork doesn't say re tarp. Yeah, well we got to tarp it I said, well, then you go to pay me. Yeah. They're like, well, no, I don't. Well, then I don't have to tarp.

Yeah, because it just says tarp from, from, from the, the, the shipper. Yeah. I did that. So, so anyway, we've got a lot of experience and a lot of different things and a lot of different experiences, stories to tell. Oh yeah. Some you'll learn from, some, you'll just laugh about, oh god, yeah. But we're interested and we've started talking to different schools.

Yeah, we this way associations. Like I said, if you are, if you're you in US for the first time and you're like, you know what? That I, that sounds like it'd be a cool job driving truck. Trust me, it was probably one of the best jobs that I've ever had was driving truck. I met a lot of people along the way, and I mean, a lot of people do.

I remember 'em all. No, no. I got, I suffer from c r s where I can't remember shit. I didn't work for them, did you? No. No, it didn't work for them. Ha ha ha. I'm just saying, I I, it's a family trait. C r s can't remember shit. Mm-hmm. I, I, I remember the good stuff most people do. So anyways, we're, we're, we're working on partnering up with some schools to companies to, to give you ideas as to, okay, I can do this.

I, there's a, they recomme recommended a school or school. There's a couple of schools I could call to find out perks to different schools, different types of schools. Yep. We're go And most schools, we'll explain that in a pre, in a show that's upcoming. Yep. And, and most schools like, like you were talking about, companies, most schools are affiliated, which Trucking companies.

Companies, which will take you right outta school. It used to be that companies could train you. Yeah, they don't do that. There's not a lot around anymore. They'll do that. They can't. You have to go to a certified school well school. Well then, then you can go through their training and it used to be that you could if your license had expired for.

Five years, 10 years, you could just take a refresher course and you know, take the tests, the written test, take the driver's test, go down and get your license and done. Yeah, no power. You have to, if you're over a year, you have to go through the whole kit n kaboodle the whole spiel. So don't let, don't let your license expire.

Don't let it expire. It will, you won't be get, I won't be getting it again anyway. See, my, my whole thing is I still have my CDL, my, my MEC card expired. So I just gotta go get a go, go, go take a drug test and a and a D O T physical and pay the $20 fine or whatever they call it, and I'm good to go again.

So not that I'm looking to go again. Yeah, I was gonna say, I dunno where he's going, but he's good to go somewhere, anywhere. So yeah. Trucking schools. Trucking companies. What else? Trucking shows. What else? You were sits on the associations? Yeah. Okay. Like what, what kind of associations? Oh, ida, owner Operators, independent Drivers Association.

Oh, okay. My dad was a lifetime member. American Trucking Association. I was a member and most states have. Some sort of a Trucking Association. We're gonna, we're hoping to be a part of the Arizona Trucking Association, but we're gonna try to get be a part of as many, several, as many state affiliations that we can be.

One of my goals though, is to put together a PDF file that explains all the different, or as many as we can organizations. Yep. And what the fees. Are and how they work their fees like, like some of 'em you can pay so much per year or poosh, pay this for a lifetime and you're done. Yeah. Yep. That can get really expensive if you're paying definitely Lifetime for all of 'em.

You bet. You bet your bleep bleep my dad always said, if you're gonna be Lifetime member of say, OOIDA and a couple others, pick one Uhhuh, which you really wanna be a lifetime member of. For him it was OOIDA. Right. He paid his lifetime membership up front. Yep. Boom. Done. Then he paid his state. Membership by the year of a couple.

And then for the Illinois Truck Driver Association, he paid his lifetime of that next, right. Then there was a couple others. He bit like the Arizona, right? He paid, then he paid that one a few years down the road. So the ones he really wanted to be lifetime members of over a span of several years, not like.

1, 2, 3, like 5, 10, 15 years. Yeah, because he drove from the time he was 14 to the time he was 82. This is true. So he had plenty of stories. He had plenty of time to pay those five and he got his money worth. Money's worth out of OOIDA, believe me. He had some stories. I wish we had a, like a tape recorder and recorded some of those.

The only thing I got is in my ears. Yeah. In my head. It's all right. We'll take him outta your head. Put 'em to everyone else's ears. Yeah. My, my brother Dave knows him too, so, but on top of that, on top of that, we also are, are, are, are looking to do some sort of truck show type of. You know, if we can we're, we would like to get into the truck show in California in the fall.

It's so soon. I don't know if we're gonna be able to, I believe it, but that is one of our goals. I believe the California truck show is in October. Mm-hmm. Of this year. Mm-hmm. And this is May and we're, we're hoping to secure a booth if we can this year. If not, we're gonna try, we're gonna try maybe MATS.

Or, or the, the, the, the GATS I think that's the Great American Truck Show. Great American Truck Show. Matt is the Midwestern American truck show. Mid Mid-Atlantic. Oh, mid-Atlantic. Mid, sorry. Mid-Atlantic Truck Show. And then there's a California truck show, and then there's a couple other truck shows in between that are like Nebraska, Idaho, and somewhere else.

So there's a couple others. I think there's one in Montana. Yes. Which, Montana, those states. And then, yeah. That's a really good one. I, but we're, we're, we're really looking to maybe set up a booth, do live recordings from and interviews. Yeah. From these trucking events. So, so, so that's something that we got looking forward.

That's a future thing that we've gotta really work on. We've, and then we also working on a new fan club. Yeah. We've, we've started the beginning of the fan club page on Facebook. It's just gotta be. It takes time to get everything set up. Yep. We have a, that's a new one. We have a Facebook page. We have a Facebook group, and I think we're gonna dedicate the group only to the fan page.

Fan club. Yeah, to the fan club. Excuse me. It has to be converted and set up and. So we got yada, yada, yada. We have a lot in store. It's just so much to unpack that it's it's gonna be as we go kind of thing. Yeah. There's the mental unpacking too. So, so we, but we've also got, like contests we're gonna be doing and giveaways.

And you definitely want to sign up for our social media. And we're, and email list. And, and, and at the, at sign 18 Wheel Talk. Everywhere on social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. We're at 18 Wheel Talk now. Mm-hmm. But you can go to 18 wheel talk.com/youtube. It'll take it directly to our YouTube channel.

Well, you can just email us and get more information and they can subscribe. We have a new email address called The Hosts at 18 wheel 18 wheel talk.com. Yeah. T h e h o s t s, the hosts@eighteenwheeltalk.com. So, which is good. So be sure to be sure to go and like our social media pages and look for I always show it backwards.

Look for, yeah, yeah. Look for this logo over my, my left shoulder. Different colors. Right shoulder, left shoulder. During breast cancer awareness month. We change up the colors a little. Yeah, we turn, we turn a local pink in October, so, yeah, so, so for now it's, it's the green, this is the green, green and the blue.

It's everywhere that, that's we, we haven't deterred from it. We haven't created anything new. The, there might be additional colors on addi on some of the pages. The, but that's the basic of it, the. Difference between this and the fan club is underneath, it's gonna say fan club member. Mm-hmm. Or fan club or something to that effect.

And most likely we'll have like, gear to go with it. Swag. Swag, yeah. We're also, yeah, we're also setting up Etsy or something. I don't know. I dunno. There was, there was, we have a list, Shopify or, so one of those little have a list stores to sell our merchandise. We do have some t-shirts hanging up over here that have the logo on it.

We do have colored, you know, we have per new ones too. Purple, black green, red. Yeah. I really like the t-shirts. This is what the t-shirt, one of the t-shirts looks like. There's, there's the logo. Oh, this isn't the wheel. There we go. Yeah, there you go. Just looks like the wheel. It's nice and it's, yeah, she cut hers.

I, I cut the neck on every shirt I, every t-shirt I own. She's a v Necker, which made us realize we needed a V-neck T-shirt. Yeah, but I don't think any of 'em are V-neck that No, not yet. Not yet. We're working on it now. As soon as I cut mine coming soon, as soon as I kept mine, it's like, Hey, coming soon. So anyways, so, so right now we, we we're currently working on hopefully getting a couple of schools on board and have some interviews with the schools.

Kind give you like what, what, what you're looking, looking like for criteria price. Student loans, stuff like that. What they have to offer. Yeah. Anything that they have done, what they can hook you up with. Because some of these schools offer financing, some of them have grants that they help you apply for.

Hopefully some of them, well, they used to, some of them have companies they work with, so they help with placement. Some of them offer lifetime placement. Yep, yep. When I went to school I could probably call 'em up right now and say, Hey, I need a job who's hiring? But anyway, anyways, lots of exciting things going on.

The first, most, first and most important being is we're back. We're back. We are back. And, and its is, why do I always do the backwards? I, I don't know him. Her, you're right there. Just look at me. I'm looking at you.

I'm looking at you. Quit poking at me. He's so silly. Anyways and, and then, oh, one other thing is, is we're working on doing something where if you have your own, you're, you're an owner operator for owner operators. Yes. I forgot. You know having you kind of like mailing you know, we got a little piece of paper to have you sign off on it.

Send us a picture of your, your truck and we're gonna enter you in into like, some, some big drawing that we're gonna do, but we haven't. We're, like I said, there's a lot of things we're ironing out, but just let me say, give you the ideas if you're an owner operator. Mm-hmm. Stay tuned. Stay tuned and keep your truck pretty.

Yeah. To Chrome or not to Chrome. That is the question. Yeah. That's another question. Whether you own it or not, that's a, that's a sore subject for Janet, but, but wait? Stay tuned.

Anything else you wanna talk about, darling? Mm-hmm. What? Oh, I, I had to unlock my mouth from the Chrome question. Yes. What else did you, no, I'm just really excited to be back and just to get back on board and keep our wheels turning. Get our wheels turning again. Yeah. Because if the wheels ain't rolling, you ain't making money.

Yeah. That's for sure. Oh, and that's another thing. We're gonna, we hopefully have like financial people come on to help help you owner operators with taxes. Well, even if you're not an owner operator, anything with new laws that are coming out. I know there's a few that legislation has right now that, that are going through that like, like, OOIDA and, and some of the associations are fighting Well, and that's.

So, I mean that's like schools, I think the schools have the best information when it it comes to that type of stuff. This is, this is what we're trying to relay to our listeners. Yes. You know, it's like, but this is one place we can get information from is what I was trying to say. Yes. 18 wheel talk. I forgot what I was gonna say.

That's what we're talking about. Eight. If we got 18 wheels, we're talking about it. I was trying to say Talking about finances, Uhhuh, even if you're not an owner operator, right? There's stuff you have to keep track of. Oh yeah. Because you have to know your paperwork inside out. Yes, dear. Well, people that don't drive don't know that new people that don't drive haven't.

Some of 'em haven't figured it out and probably never will. They will, the first year they go to do their taxes, they're gonna be like, oh shit, I should have done that well, and just think of how much more money I could have gotten back if I did it. Or if they hire the wrong tax person. If they go to H and R Block and hand it to 'em, they're not gonna, and nothing against H and R Block.

But if they go to the wrong person there, right. They're just gonna get their taxes done. Right. Normal? No, none of the incredible discounts you can get. Cause there's so many, oh, there's some other write offs you can get. And there's some other things that we're looking at too was, is health and fitness for drivers?

Cuz you guys, you know, everybody li you know, truck driving's a sedentary lifestyle. So yeah. So we're gonna do some, some health and fitness stuff and we are talking to a couple people that specialize in health and fitness. For, for drivers? Drivers, specifically, specifically stuff that you could do in, in and outta your truck.

In, in, in, out, in, around, in or out, or in and out? Both. Both. Combination. And we're not talking sexual, Hey, I didn't, who said that? Behave yourself. Patrick Peanut. Peanut Gallery. Peanut Gallery. Behave. This show just went sideways. Thank God we're explicit. 18 years and up. I don't know what, how many minutes we are into this, but I think it's time we say, say goodbye Patrick.

I'm not ready to say goodbye yet. Are we done talking? Did we, did we touch base on everything? My list is done. Your list is done? Yeah, because I know, I know. On this one we got, we're gonna give you like maintenance and repair ideas, safety tips. Route planning, how to, you know, all the new technology that's coming out, like GPSs and, and tools that, that, that you could use to help say fuel track your, your shipments.

How to, how to get a load, you know, you know, some of you people, you know, might, might still be new at this and not know how to your, your, you just made just made a delivery. Now how do I fill the trailer up and get it back? You know how to find a load and, and get it back to where you're going.

Yeah. Because. Even as a company driver's a lot of exciting stuff. I learned how to find extra loads if they thought they were gonna have me deadhead 500 miles. I'm like, oh, heck no. And I'd find a load and I'd say, how about this one? How about you call this guy and see if we can pick up a load for him?

Yeah. I just wish I did that a little more often. I would just like to say, thanks, dad. Yeah. Yeah. Right. So, but yeah, we, we, we, we have a lot of exciting stuff. That is coming down. And the best way is to listen, follow us on Twitter, follow us on Instagram, go to Facebook and like our Facebook page and follow it or whatever it's called.

Go to our YouTube channel, subscribe if you'd like to watch videos. We we're gonna have like you know, with small, short videos nowadays, you didn't even mention what. Go to your favorite podcast. Oh yeah, we got thingamabobby. Yeah. Any, any place you listen to us on, you know, we we're everywhere.

You can listen to podcasts. Yeah. And, and if you can leave a, a review and a rating, please do. Please, please. So let me just say, I really do listen to podcasts, but if you listen to the episode about me, you'll understand why sometimes a thing is called a thingamabobby, even if it's a doozywhatsits.

Even if I do know the word normal, you have to know who I am to understand why some things are doozywhatsits and thingamabobbys and that thing over there. This is, there's a reason. This is, there's a reason why she's the host and I'm the host because I Can I speak Janet? He's my interpreter.

Even though I speak more than one language, even though Janet speaks En Germ Ish. Explain that. I'll let you explain that while I take a drink of tea. Well, Janet, Janet's been, duo lingo'ing. Shameless plug right there. Mm-hmm. An app that you can get and, and she's been, that we make no money off of. Yeah. She, she's been learning how, she's been learning Spanish now, when she was in the military, she spent time in Germany, so she, she already knows German and obviously she speaks English as her first language.

And I already knew, although some Spanish, although when Janet gets tired, And she's texting me. It's like English, German, Spanish, English. So I say Janet speaks and a little Gaelic thrown in there, some and some Italian and, and, and, and, and I'm talking. Janet Speaks En Germ Ish. That's my, that, that, that's Janet's language, English, German, Spanish, all rolled into one and whatever else, I think.

And whatever else. She wants to put an acclimation point on the end.

But anyways, we we're, we hope you enjoyed this, this, this mini episode. We're gonna wrap it up. Oh, am I allowed to talk again? Letting you know everything that we got coming down. Please, like, share. Get on, you know, get on our website, 18 wheel talk.com. That's the number one, the number eight wheel talk.com.

Find our fan club page, click on it. Check out our website. We revamped it. We're now coaching generations and drivers fueling them with knowledge and passion for trucking, navigating the industry one mile at a time. Mm-hmm. Something like that. Yeah. We're. We're a podcast For truckers about truckers by truckers.

It's for you. It's about you. It's by us. Us two retired truck drivers with 40 plus years experience. Yes. One with marvelous manicures. I knew that was coming. And Pippi long stockings. I knew that was coming. hair today. Anyways, thank you for joining us today. We were, we were falling apart without ya. You knew that was coming.

You gotta stop saying that. Well, we would, we wouldn't. One of these days we are gonna fall apart. We wouldn't have a podcast if we didn't have people listen. Yeah. But if you keep saying it, we're gonna fall apart. No, we're not. Yeah. Keep your wheels rolling. We'll catch you on the flip side. Okay. How's that?

That sounds better. Okay. Keep your wheels rolling. We'll catch you on flip side. There you go. Blonie out. Okay. Bye.