18WT 007: Pandemic Stress and How We Are Dealing with It!

July 6, 2020 - Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

The Guest Vitals!

Your Host and Co-host truly complement each other’s personalities and style, on and off the air! Patrick is a 20+ year truck driver with a passion for being an entrepreneur. Janet grew up in the trucking industry, her father and grandfathers’ all drove. She also drove for nearly a decade over the road. Her passion for entrepreneurship is similar yet different than Patrick’s. That is why it works so well for them. The one main thing that drives them both however is the desire to see him step down from the big rig and retire to the home office this year. Those headphones look good on him after all.
  They both love helping people learn new things and talking (a true-blue trucker quality) to just about anybody about anything. When you mix talking, making money, making new memories, reminiscing about old ones’; helping other people lift themselves up by learning new ways to get the most out of life oh and of course laughter, that is what these two are all about.

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18WT 007:   On this episode Janet and Patrick start out with coffee and then go into talking about stress due to CoVid19. They continued talking about how some of their credit cards screwed them over when they called them to ask for deferments due to the loss of some of Janet’s income. There were some laughs due to an alarm on Janet’s phone to remind them to put up their patio umbrellas so that their tomato and pepper plants did not burn from the Phoenix sun. Janet went on to reminisce about when they moved from New York how they brought some pepper plants that Janet started from seed and how they ended up with peppers from those plants 2 years in a row.

  They continued with their talk about stress and the affects of CoVid19.  Janet gave a shameless plug to Chandler Fit Body Bootcamp and plugged the coaches Theresa and Janae and how they kicked her butt into shape. Then all of a sudden Patrick went into left field with how to pronounce the word literally then Janet joined in with Patrick’s rant on Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam and Paw Patrol all losing their guns because it offended someone.

  After a whoooo sahhhh they get back to talking about stress and how they deal with it.  Janet continues with how she has OCD due to a TBI (traumatic brain injury) at the age of 7. She goes on to explain how when she gets stressed, she counts because math calms her. She pulls out their bill books and bank statements to do math to make sure things are good right down to the last penny. Janet also talks about other ways she likes to destress like exercising, going for a walk, doing the dishes, cleaning, and vacuuming. Patrick likes to fish and play video games to destress.

  Patrick and Janet talk about how with the National increase in stress, suicides have increased and how vets have been committing suicide due to stress also. They talked about the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 (TALK) which is there if you need support and someone to talk to. So if you are feeling down and out or just need someone to talk to reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 (TALK) or go online at https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/

  Janet and Patrick ended the show talking about their new mattress they got from Allswell Mattress (which they are an affiliate for) and how it has relieved stress at night by giving them a great night sleep. If you go through their link at www.18wheeltalk.com/allswell it lets Allswell Mattress know that they sent you and helps out the show at no extra cost to you.

Bullet points of key topics & time stamps:

  • Credit Card Deferments 3m 59s
  • Patio Gardening 7m 21s
  • Elmer Fudd / Yosemite Sam Rant 18m 45s
  • Stress 27m 45s
  • Suicide Prevention Hotline 35m 32s
  • Allswell mattress 44m 47s

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