18WT #078 - Are You In The Know Zone?

August 22, 2023  Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

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that talks about the know zones

Episode #078

Final answer, yeah. Oh, okay. Okay. Welcome to the 18 Wheel Talk podcast show. That's not how we discussed it. I do that and you do the high squeaky voice. No, I'm not doing the high squeak voice I'm doing the. I'm doing the Welcome to the 18. Well me do it podcast, show. And then you do the squeaky one.

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Okay. Blooper Reel. No. Maybe it might be. You never know. We'll find out. Anyways. Any hang around, any who any who? Welcome to the show. Why, thank you. It's our four year anniversary month. doot-doot-dododododo I can't believe we can You believe we, we made it four years. Is that all feels like a hundred? I know. It feels like forever, but yeah, four years.

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What are we talking about today, darling? Football. I like football. Go Jets. Oh, football players and, and truckers go Jets. Ah, that's why you wanted that. So any who? Let me explain myself. Good. Explain it. So you know how when a football player's running down the field, he knows his zone. Okay. They know what zone they're in.

Right? Right. Well when a truck, well, it depends on what, what zone they're playing. Are they playing a four three A three four, whatever they're playing. They know their zone. They, they're talking defense. Right. They know their zone. Okay. Okay. That's all I'm talking about is football players are supposed to know their zone.

God, I hope so. Unless otherwise, they suck. Anyway, so when a truck driver is driving down the highway, he's supposed to know his zone or her zone. Okay. Okay. So far so good. Yep. Keep it between the lines, other zones, but not really because there could be a problem for both of them. Imagine a football game.

Okay. The players are in the zone, everything's cool. The game's in the fourth quarter, it's a tight game. Okay? Okay. The underdog, just pick a team. The Jets, they're so close to making it a, wait a minute. Okay. The bears. It could be the bears, you know that's probably the bears. They've been, they've been in the bottom too.

I mean, come on. Okay. The bears, they're really close to making the tie game. I wait, I'll tell you what, we'll we'll go Houston Texans. I don't care. 'cause they've been bottom feeders for God knows how long now. So have the bears lately. Anyway, any who? The bears are so close to making a tie game. I'll pick on my team.

Are you with me? Yeah. Uh, but wait, there's a fan on the field. What the hell is it? No way. Well, obviously they didn't get the message. The fan did not get the message about staying out of the zone. Oh, well maybe he's trying to run End zone. End zone. The fan's zone is up in the stands. Oh, okay. That gets, I mean, really, I think I, I think I'm picking up.

What you're laying down, what football player going down the field maybe to make that touchdown. Maybe they hit, hit the fan touchdown. Maybe they took the fan out. Go bam. Yeah, the fridge would've anyway. I'd a ran 'em over. What football player going down the field for a touchdown wants that game stopped by a fan on the field.

That's true. Okay, so here's another example. Mother Earth. You know, the world we live on. What has her, in my opinion, geographical and climatic zones, all in disarray for a while now. Okay. Otherwise, we wouldn't be having such drastic heat fires, flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, et cetera, all summer long, yada yada.

Yeah. And lions and tigers and bears of my bear, my and drastic cold and all winter long. I love how you could just do something like that and you, it's a sing along. I know. Drastic cold blizzards super huge snowfalls where they normally only get a foot or two right in the winter and places where it should be cold.

Like say Alaska, they're warm as a spring morning. Okay. So warm as a spring chicken. That's also a, a zone where, you know, mankind interfered with Okay, my, my opinion mankind interfered with the zone there. Right. So you're wondering where I'm going with this, right? Yeah. So you're talking truckers knowing their zones.

Okay. Truckers have zones. Okay. So if you're a new or an experienced driver, who's at that? Well, I just don't care. Okay. Point. Well, I don't think that anybody gets to the, I don't care point. Oh, I could tell you they do. They're just like, I'm just gonna drive down the road. I don't care. Someone gets in my way, they just move over or I'll run 'em over.

Oh, that's true. I've heard they get the I'm bigger mentality. Yeah. That's that To me, that's, I don't care. Yeah. Okay. It's the, I'm bigger mentality. I got you. Okay. I'm, I'm following you. I'm picking up what you're laying down. Oh, goodie. It could help whether you're brand new and don't know all of this, or you're back at that.

I'm bigger than you move outta my way or I will run you over. Okay. Okay. Because it's the info we're talking about hugely helpful to four wheelers because obviously some of them never been near a big rig. Well, my, it also helps truckers. Okay. So in my, okay. My years of driving mm-hmm. I have always said, That kids these days, when they go to get a permit, they should go and have to take a, a permit test to get a C D L license because on that permit test, they will learn just by knowing that stuff for a permit test, what it takes to manage a truck.

Now, I kind of disagree with you, but not entirely, but I'm just saying it's just, just, just for a permit. They don't need to get a C D L license. I, I think they need to take the permit test (the written) to be able Yeah. To be able to understand what truck drivers go through the, the no zone. No, I get you. I think they should have to ride in a truck, like do a ride along during their five hour course period.

Yes. That's what what I'm saying. Definitely I think at least one hour. I think they should have to have one hour ride along with a semi that goes through a city and on a highway. Yep. I, they have to go sit, they have to go sit in a dr, uh, truck school basically. And not just while they're backing up into slots, they have to sit in the trucking school and have to Exactly.

You got one hour at a truck school go, you know, to, to watch the instructor driving around or students Yeah, driving around. Be there. Yeah. Just be a passenger in the seat. So that would be funny. Yes. Hey, maybe we'll get ahold of, uh, Steve over at Southwest. See if, see if he can make that happen. Yeah. Anyway.

Um, d o t would owe him a lot of money for trucks. Anyways, if you missed that episode, that's episode 74. We talked to Steve Strong from Southwest Truck Driver Training. So this, this might, uh, anyway, we are in the high seventies, 70 seventies. I just don't know whether it's 77, 78, 79. So, like I said, this would be hugely helpful to any four wheelers.

You know, I agree. You know, anybody that drives a car back, back to the show, anybody you know, that drives a car, this would be hugely helpful to 'em. But it'd also help out, help out. Inexperienced drivers or drivers are just at that point. Mm-hmm. You know, um, it also helps truckers know that we cannot always see what might be there.

Whether it's driving down the road, you know, the highway or on a city street, backing down into a dock, turning a corner, blindside backing. This can help you save your license. I know people that lost their license 'cause they backed over things. Yeah. And I know people that will never recover stupidity from hitting things or backing over things or people Yeah.

Because they didn't know they were there. Well, I remember running, running over a car because the ding story time. I forgot the bell. Oh, you forgot the bell again. It was your job this time. You're research and development. I'm I.T.,, I.T. Should have the bell. Okay. Story time. I remember driving down into the city.

Mm-hmm. I'm on. I dunno. It was six lanes turning onto six lanes, I guess. And there was a car parked in a no parking zone. Don't you love that? And I had a spread axle flatbed turning radius of a water buffalo. Ah, yeah. Pretty much. So it's run it over or get ticketed. I wasn't about ready to get ticketed. So when I, uh, got, got that knock on the door from the New York City Po-Po, he says, move it or lose it.

I said, but he says no, but turned his back to hold off traffic. And I was like, okay. Crunch, crunch, crunch. That's funny. Doctor didn't know what happened. His little two-seater sports car was up on a flatbed when I was coming out. Oops. Whoopsie. Anyways, that was my ding story. That was your thing. That was my story.

The one and only thing I ever ran over. I won't even, I've, yeah. Nope. Oh, Janet, come on. Do you want mine? You could tell your story about the cell phone flying out the. Three times? Or was it four? Four. But we're not counting. Not I was talking about the car. We're not, I was talking about the car that I ran over that refused to move her car.

Well, I thought you were gonna tell us the story about your cell phones on the railroad tracks. Which do you wanna hear? How pick. Pick. Okay. Pick what? You ran over four of 'em and I'm sure they're all great stories. Ding story time. Okay. Ding story. Time for Janet. All right, go ahead. So tell, tell us your story.

You pick a story, I don't care. This has nothing to run your car run over. This has nothing to do with no zones. This has to do with paying attention to what's in your truck. Mm-hmm. I had a cell phone, the old flip phone that Uhhuh Uhhuh, and it was, that was when cell phones first came out. Flippity phones.

Yeah, go ahead. It clipped to my visor. Mm-hmm. Obviously not very well. Anyways, go ahead. Sorry. Your story. It was clipped well, in my opinion, to my visor until I was backing into the rail yards in Chicago, which were extremely bumpy and most people didn't like delivering there. I didn't care. I liked delivering everywhere.

Um, never met a delivery I didn't like. 'cause I like making money. Janet went everywhere, so I had my window down because didn't care if it was middle of the winter, middle of the summer, my window's down when I'm backing in. Yep. Backing in. Truck bounces, bounces. Saw something go past my eye. My head was kind of like that, saw something go past, didn't know what it was, but then I was like, Hey, wait a second.

And I stopped and I looked no cell phone. And one of the yard guys come running up and he is like, Mrs. Janet, Mrs. Janet. And I'm like, yeah, what's up? He says, I think you ran over your cell phone. Pulled up the parking brake, you know, put it in neutral parking brakes. Didn't see a cell phone anywhere. He says, um, pull forward a little.

So I did move your rig Lady. I, uh, got the little broom and the dust pan and picked it back up. But good news, I had really good insurance and got back to the truck stop there, just inside Indiana. Turned it in and got be, got a new cell phone same day. That happened four times. What, what was that? It didn't quite a hear you, I said that happened four times.

Four times. It took you to realize don't put your cell on there. No, I put it twice up on the visor. Uhhuh once on the dash uhhuh. It went swish as I was pulling out Uhhuh and once I actually set it in the ashtray, 'cause this is when trucks had ashtrays, uhhuh, and somehow it still managed to bounce off my steering wheel and go out the window.

Lucky you. I'm real lucky with cell phones. You know how you met. This is the same cell phones type? Yeah. Yes. And I had one on the roof or hood of a car go flying off my hood. This is 60 miles an hour and another one committed suicide on a balcony. Do not talk to me about cell phones, Patrick. Good. Cool.

Touchy subject. I have phone insurance for a reason. Okay. This is why they dropped you for a reason. They didn't what? No, they kept me. Wow. They crazy. Yeah, pretty much. Alright. They likey me. Alright. Ding. Story. Time's over. Okay, so where were we? We were talking about the no zones. All right, so don't hang out in the no zones.

So you might be asking yourself, well what are they? There's spots where cars, motorcycles, and in some places even semis cannot be seen. You can hide a big rig in a no zone. Yes. And. We, we spelled No zone, k n o w, when it's actually n o like no, don't go there. Zone. Yeah. Yeah. It's a no zone. Don't hang out directly in front of a, another big rig if you're driving a big rig or if you're in any other vehicle.

Yep. Because, like Patrick said, if you can't see him through your rear view mirror in another vehicle or in your side mirrors in a big rig. 'cause obviously we don't have rear views. Right. If you can't see the whole thing, don't pull back in. Yeah. I mean, if you're in a big rig and you're riding down the road, you're gonna use the, there, there, it's called the, uh, west coast mirror, the big tall one.

Mm-hmm. Okay. And when you could see the entire front end of the big rig behind you, then you got enough, you allowed that, you got enough room to pull in and, and, and they all. In theory have enough stopping distance. In theory. In theory, yes. Unless they're trying to keep you from coming in. Yeah, because you're one of those, those boys, hell no, you ain't getting in front of me.

Big Rigger. You better step on it buddy. Step on it, buddy. I got more gears than you. So don't hang out in front of them. What? Don't hang out directly behind him either. Don't get up on a, oh, come on. Don't get up on a, you're taking all the fun away. I know, right? Don't get up on another. Can't hang in front. Don't hang out on the back.

Don't. Sorry. Don't get up on another big rigs, but Butt end. Butt end. Yeah. Butt end B behind. Yeah. Don't, don't draft them because A, you don't wanna draft somebody. You make enemies that way. Plus if they do have to stop suddenly, guess what you're wearing for Hood or another? Guess where you're going into trailer?

You're going into the trailer. Yeah. Um, you're gonna be a delivery. This is true. And if you're in a small vehicle, I know that those low bumpers are there for a reason, but yeah, I've still seen enough go through it. Yeah. Not fun. Trust me. They will tear a car open like a can of sardines and a big rig.

You're gonna do lot of damage to the axles and the grill and goodbye motor. Yeah. We've seen our share of wrecks. Yeah. Unfortunately, unfortunately the day purdy, um, plus if they're having problems getting up a hill and you're too close, you're not gonna be able to pull out to pass 'em. And if you try, you're either gonna get stuck, cause an accident, or say you do get out in the lane next to 'em and it's a two lane going up.

Mm-hmm. You know, say it's a four lane split, you're gonna piss off every vehicle behind the two of you. Yep. Yep. Yep. If you got a cb, which I don't know if everybody does anymore, um, you don't wanna listen to that radio for a while, like say 20 or 3,000 miles. So on the side of a big rig if you're basking or, or, or enjoying the shade on the side, uh, it's still, that's not, that's not a good spot.

Why not? Especially on the right side of the truck. Yeah. See, there's, uh, you remember the movie over the top with Sylvester Stallone? Mm-hmm. I remember his mud flaps on his, on his truck. Mm-hmm. The left one said passing side. Mm-hmm. The right one said suicide because the right side has more blind spots than the left side.

If you, if, if you can't see the driver in his mirrors, that the, the driver cannot see you. So I always say, you either wanna pass on, you wanna pass me on the right, that's the suicide shot. Go for it. Don't just hang out there because it's the shady spot. It's blocking the wind. It's, you know, whatever your reason is.

Rain, snow. Whatever. That's not, you know, that's the suicides, you know, side of the truck. So when I'm on my motorcycle or in my car, okay. And I'm out on, we live in Phoenix area, which, you know, eight lanes, one direction. Yeah. Um, sometimes you have to pass a vehicle, like a big rig on the right. Mm-hmm. You, because the way the highways work, you do.

However, when I do. I wait until it's clear and I pass him as quickly as I can. I make sure that the driver sees me like eye contact and then I speed up and get past him. That way he knows I'm passing you. I'm not hanging out. I'm just doing it, getting done and over with. But a good now, a good, a good driver though, checks his mirrors all the time.

So he'll see what's coming up. What's coming up on, on their right side usually. Yeah. And they'll remember that, but then if they don't see you, then it's like, all right, well where, where did they go? Why? Why did they, I didn't see them pass me. Yeah. So did they get off? Are they still there? Yeah, that's when I put the blinker on and I'll, I'll go one 1000, two 1000, 1003.

Three 1000. Oh, ran him over psych. Yeah. Right. I usually do a 10 count. I usually do a 10 count. Especially in bad weather. That's true. But to this, that allows, but that also allows people that are in the blind spot. know, Hey. They see the flashing light I'm coming over. Yeah. And he might not see me. You know, I can't see his face.

He probably doesn't see mine, so you better get outta my way. So if you think about the blind spots on the side of a truck, on the driver's side, it's like a small slice of cake. Like say your grandma might eat, this is how my dad described it to me, by the way. Yeah. It's like if you have a round cake, a small slice of grandma might eat.

Okay. It goes from the driver's mirror, small slice towards his back tires. Yep. On his trailer. Mm-hmm. Okay. It's gonna go the lane next to him. Yep. Little wedge. Pretty much. A little wedge. Yep. It's a small wedge. Yep. And on the passenger side, That wedge is really big. That wedge is like, say that like, like, like a third of the cake.

That wedge is like, say your dad or brother's gonna eat. That's like my, my, my size piece of chocolate cake. That's like the birthday boy or the birthday guy is going to eat and it's chocolate cake and it's his very favorite and it was made just for him. Yummy. He's gonna take like a third of that chocolate cake and it's gonna be a really big one.

It's gonna go the lane next to him and the lane over and part of that third lane, which is why, and it goes behind the truck, which is why a semi pulling a trailer can literally hang out in that zone. Yep. So think of it that way. You got a slot, small piece of cake on your left and a great big ass piece of cake on your right.

What was, what was the morning show we were watching that had that little segment on the know zone and they, they had a tractor trailer set up and they placed. Seven vehicles in the no zones and the, the, the reporter couldn't. Was that Good Morning America? It was, and I had already done the research for this.

It was Good Morning America. Yes. And we'll have to see if we can find, there's, I wanna see if I can find that video. I'll, I'll, I'll put that on our Yeah. Web page. There's a link to it. Anyways, seven vehicles were hidden. Yeah. And she was like, no way. And she sat up in the driver's seat. They blindfolded, they blindfolded her, they blindfolded her, put her in the driver's seat, and then told her to take her blindfold off and tell us how many vehicles she could see.

Yeah. And she says, I don't, there's no nothing near me. Yeah. Then she got out of the truck, walked, walked around, and was blown away at how many vehicles were in the way. Yep. That was really cool. I thought that was, that was the best way to describe the No Zones correct. 'cause they put 'em in the perfect spots.

Yeah. And I think somewhere we got a, uh, an infograph that shows the No Zones. I do. Yep. That will, will also post on under this episode in the description. Well, and I have to tell you all of the diagrams and links that we have, we got from uh, truck Smart utah.dot. Okay. A huge thanks to them because I wrote to them and got permission to use all of their information and links because United States, D.O.T., all the stuff through the federal government, not anything they had compared to the state of Utah.

Nice. I checked Arizona, I checked the U.S., I checked everything I could find. Utah American Trucking Association didn't have anything. Not compared to the State of Utah. D o t didn't have anything. Nope. State of Utah Federal Motor Carriers. Nope. Such didn't have anything? Nope. Nothing. Not compared to the state of Utah.

Hands down, I forget Janet. Janet throws the letters. All discombobulated federal. F M C S A, federal motor, D E F G, something like that. Anyway, the state of Utah had the absolute best good, which is why it took so long to get from seeing the G M A, which I was already looking into this. And then we saw that, and then I'm like, well, maybe I should go check here.

Right? And I checked a couple other places, couldn't find what I wanted. Well, your research, research and development. So when, when it's perfect, we do a show. I couldn't find what I wanted. And then I'm like, so I did some looking on YouTube and I ran across one short video through the Utah D O t. And then I went to their site and you went, whoa.

And went, wow. Yeah. That's when I, you know, started writing stuff and looking at stuff, watched all their videos, went through their whole website. Well big thank you to them. Thank you so much. Like I said, we'll, we'll definitely put, excuse me, the diagrams or whatever we, we have, we'll be on in the description.

So please stop by 18 wheel talk.com. Look up this episode. I don't know what we're calling it. Oh, really? The, the no zone, no football. The football players and truckers know their zones. Do you? Something like that. Something like that. Anyways, it'll, it'll have something to do with the zones. Yeah. Something to do with that.

And since I talked about football to start with, you know. Yeah, we gotta throw that in there. We gotta throw that in there for sure. Anyways, so, yeah, definitely have a diagram because some people will look at a diagram and go, damn, I never knew that. Yeah, it's really neat diagram. Those are the places you do not wanna hang out in if you wanna survive.

Yep. Yeah. So you stay outta the blind spot and don't tailgate or draft and, um, oh, ding story time. Oh yeah. Mm-hmm. Good. So when I drove, um, my dad taught me a lot about driving. Mm-hmm. Most people should know that by now. Um, what, especially when you're getting ready to I didn't know that. Ohh phh.

Hey, you got diesel leaking out. Yeah, right, right there. Yeah. Diesel leaking out of everything. Yeah, right. Um, probably did it outta my diapers too at that point. Oh my god. No way. Yeah. Janet pees diesel Janet pees diesel probably still do. Dunno what. Ah. Oh my God. It burns. Yeah. Right. So when I drove, when I was getting ready to change lanes, I was taught, pay attention to everything.

You know, always keep your head on a swivel. And I was pretty good at knowing what was coming up on both sides of me. So it was pretty easy in my opinion, because no matter how long I drove, even if I took a break from it and then went back, uhhuh my, even when I drive a car, I'm always, you know, heads back and forth, heads back, and always, and forths, mirrors, mirrors, mirrors, mirrors, mirrors.

And I didn't like fender mirrors. I hated fender mirrors because in my opinion, they, they gave me a blind spot. Uh, well that was my opinion. Here's my, okay. My theory on fender mirrors, okay. Having a fender mirror on the passenger side mm-hmm. Does show more, it takes away some of, some of the blind spot on that front part of the, the truck.

Mm-hmm. Between the spot mirror and the front trailer. Yes. So I get why a lot of companies will put one there. And I agree with you. It does take away some, A spot. Yeah. Some visual. However, it's a little lean here, lean there. You'll, you bypass. Bypass. That little visible. I did get used to it. I only had the fender mirror put on when the company that I was working for said, okay, here's the, here's the deal.

You either have a fender mirror put on both sides, or you have a fender mirror put on your passenger side. Which is, which is it? You wanted? I'm like, Ooh, passenger side sounds really good to me. Passenger side. It is. I love, that's why you see a lot of the old, old trucks only have the one fender mirror.

Yeah. And it's because that's the worst side. Because if you can't look out that driver's window to see if anything's down there next to you, you're pretty lazy. Uh, yeah. I mean it's like, I love spot mirrors on, on my big mirror. I love a spot mirror. Yeah. On the one on the door, you know. Absolutely. Even if it's got the two mirrors, I still want that spot mirror.

Oh, the little dinky little spot mirror. Yeah. The dinky little spot mirror. I love those. Okay. I had 'em on all my, all my car. Well, I have seen 'em. I had them on every car up until I started driving yours. Oh, excuse man. Oh, scare me. I sure I never asked you to put 'em on anyway. If you want it on there, you put it on there.

I don't care. I know. So anyway, I always kept my head moving. Yep. And the way I made up for no fender mirrors wasn't just the spot mirror, but my dad taught me that when you're getting ready to do anything on the right, you don't just look to the mirror, you lean forward. And look, Uhhuh drivers nowadays, apparently their asses are glued to the seat.

What? Uh, a lot of 'em that I've seen. No way. Yes. Way. No way. They don't know how to lean and look. Uh, that was just an automatic lean and look. Yeah. It wasn't just look, it was lean and look, lean and look, you know, that was like ingrained in my soul, I think. Mm-hmm. Um, but in addition to keeping the, the vision, the everything clear, I kept my dash clear too.

Oh yeah. I ha I didn't even want my CB on my dash. No, they got you. 90% of the trucks have have a, have a cubby or a mount. Yeah. But that's for the CBs. The cubbies were never big enough for the CBs, you know that I can, most of them, most of them, yeah, I know can accommodate, you know, but yeah, if not, there was a bracket that you could hang from or a space to put a bracket.

So anyway, but always pay attention. My dad used to say my head was on a swivel, you know, kinda like a bobblehead. But, um, pay attention to what's passing you, you know, if you've got three vehicles coming up. You see 'em in your mirror. Okay, you got a red SUV and a white car and then a coast is clear pay attention, okay, nothing's coming, nothing's coming.

You see the red SUV, you see the white car and you wanna go to the right, put your blinker on and nothing's come. Let that turn signal go at least three times before you start to move over, just in case someone's in your blind spot. Yep. That's a good rule for new drivers. Yeah. Just in case. Like I said, don't be one of those that turns it on once and starts to move, because that's how accidents happen.

Yeah. I now I, like I said, in bad weather. Mm-hmm. You know, especially in the rain because here in Arizona, I mean, it can rain and then rain for five minutes and then stop, and the road turns to an oil slick. The road spray is, you know, 90% of the time it's just like looking through, you know, I, I call it beer goggles, you know, everything looks blurry.

And by putting the blinker on, When you wanna move to the right and in your head going one 1000, two 1000, three, 1000. Yeah. And you start to slowly move over. That tells that car next to you, Hey, I'm kind, they'll either, they'll, they'll whale on the horn and speed up or they'll slow down. They'll either speed up or slow down or move over, you know, one of the two count.

Yeah. So, and that's that. That's always a good rule though, that, you know, yeah. Do a three count. I used to do five, five to 10, depending on minimum two. Minimum of three is what he always said. Oh yeah. Minimum of three on open road. Now in city, he always raised it, especially a states like here where it just became law about a year ago, lane splitting by motorcycles, even though it's only legal on city roads under the speed, speed limit of 45.

Right. They still do it on highways, they still do it on highways, you know, at 80 miles an hour. And in California it's legal on any road. That's just ridiculous. I'm sorry. Yeah. But they still do it on highways out here, which means if you're six lanes, eight lanes wide, the motorcycles are doing 80 miles an hour between every car.

Zoom. Doesn't matter if it's legal or not, they're still gonna do it. You gotta be extra careful when you're in that rig because you see the red SUV in the white car and the black truck behind it, you know, the black pickup truck. You're not gonna see the hi Abusa or the Kawasaki or the Harley coming up on you in between the vehicles going in and out of everybody.

Yeah. Because you just don't, yeah, you don't. He's gonna see you when he is wearing your fender for a face. Yeah, yeah. No, unfortunately that's a dead motorcycle rider. Yeah. Especially, and in Arizona they, it's not required to have a brain bucket. Yeah. There's a lot of states that don't require that. Yeah. To each his own, but yeah.

Oh yeah. I For you wanna be sign your donor card? Yeah. Oh, well, what I was gonna say is, sorry. That's the only thing I had extra for my dash was when I was parked my Rottweiler. All six pounds of her. Oh yeah. But my, ferocious little thing, my dog, even though she was small, if someone got down next to me in that spot on your passenger side where you couldn't see Uhhuh, she, you know, I had windows on both doors.

Lower windows. Yeah. She would bark like she was coming unglued. You'd have thought she was a crazy dog. Yeah. Just I'd be like, okay. She sees something. I don't, she's she, she was your spotter. She was my spotter. I'd be like up in that mirror looking extra close to see what was there. Like, all right, what the hell are you barking there?

You know, look down, look up. I'd be like, it'd be a motorcycle guy making googly faces at her. Well, if we used to, because that's what I would do. Well, and the thing is funny, because I used to get stuck when I was in Chicago. Went crossing the bridge into Illinois on the, uh, 80, 90 split there. Okay. Almost always I'd get stuck in rush hour traffic.

That's, that was the spot. Always stuck there. Always. Bumper. Bumper. She'd get down on that spot and she'd start barking until someone paid attention to her and then they'd start making faces at her, and then she'd just. Flirt. That's like the 60. Yeah. At rush hour. Mm-hmm. Bumper to bumper. Anyway, story time over.

Ding story. Time over ding. Yeah. You're a little six pound Rottweiler. Nice. That's how I worded it. That's how you word it. So I've got some extra stuff. The point is though. Mm-hmm. We wanna always pay attention. You know, mirrors are your best friend. Yes they are. And pay attention to your mirrors. Pay attention to traffic around you.

I always tell new drivers. Mm-hmm. Is when you're driving, always have an out. Always know you're out. Oh, that's really good advice too. You know, when you're, when you're, especially when you're in rush hour traffic in a place like Phoenix, you know, you want, and, and, but if you could see, you could see far, usually, you know, they say depending on the weather, your site, forward distance.

Mm-hmm. You know, you wanna look farther away. Yeah. Keep an eye on the road, but also look close to your surroundings. Mm-hmm. Well, my rule is always have an out, always know like, oh, alright, I see brake lights ahead. What's to my left? What's to my right? Where am I gonna go when I get to that point? You do that in a car too.

Yeah. I've seen you do it. Always. Always. You do that on when we're riding motorcycles, you do that. Yeah. Always, always. You're always looking for that out. That's a good lesson to learned. Yes. I, I learned that from the old school drivers when I was a newbie. Yeah. You know, some old drivers said to me, always know you're out.

Always know where you plant it in your brain while you're driving. Like, okay, if this happens, I'm going here. If this happens, I'm hitting the exit, you know, type of thing. I don't know if they teach that in school anymore. I know they used to. I don't, I don't. I Well I know they, they, they talked about having an out with the with when you're doing road.

When I was doing a road Yeah. Driving with the instructor. Um, God, you're talking 90. Well, I know when I 8 99. Whoa. Whoa. When I took my test in New York, they asked me, do you have an out? And I'd tell 'em what my out was like if traffic, I was coming up on traffic. Right. But I, like I said, I learned more from my dad than anybody else.

You know, I, like I said, I I heard that from, and it stuck. So anytime somebody would, Hey, what would you do? Always have an out. Yeah. Always know you're out. Whether you're in a car, truck, van, big rig, motorcycle. But I can tell you something that ding story time. Oh, it's short. Okay, go ahead. Not truck related, but Midwest related.

Okay. Everyone that was in school around the time I went to school learned from one of our instructors in school. Okay. Okay. There was a couple I learned from Coach Crawley. May he rest in peace. He passed. Richard Crawley passed away in the last few years. Okay. Um, He was coach and science teacher and driver instructor.

But the one thing that he taught everyone that I was learning to drive with, and I know he did, it was pretty much a given where I grew up in the Midwest farm town. Mm-hmm. Um, no, you're out in a car because you can be doing 65, I mean 55 what? Yeah, 55. Wait a minute. 120. What do you mean 120? You can be doing 55 down the highway.

The speed limit, the legal speed limit down the highway. The legal speed limit on the back country road was 120 plus. And have a tractor pull out in front of you Uhhuh season. Where? Where? Where's your out? Where's out? Do the cornfield? No. He'd be like, okay, if you're open, the river is through the woods.

Well, he'd say, okay. I can remember him saying to me, okay, you're the youngest McCue. I know how your family drives.

And then he'd say, okay, if you wanna drive 70, that's fine, but you're on a two-lane highway, you know? Yep. Route 29. And if you're gonna drive that way and a tractor pulls out in front of you, 'cause they, they will in harvest season or planting season, they're gonna pull out. Yep. Yep. They might not see you on a curve.

What? You know, they see as far as they can and then they pull out and they stay to the one side as best they can. But it's their season, it's their road too. Yep. And they're feeding America. He said it all the way back then. Yep. What are you gonna do? It's your responsibility not theirs to stop. What are you gonna do?

And I'd just say and go, uh, brake. Like hell, thank God I know how to work on brakes. I always had good ones. Two feet on the brake pedals, stand on it, feet, two feet and pray. 'cause you know where I go to church 'cause you go with me, you go to the same church. I do, you know, two feet on the pedal, pull on that steering wheel and I hope it don't come out in your hand.

Yeah, right. No, but it was, you know, even our driver instructors in the Midwest. They, they said things even for a car. They said stuff like that. I don't know. Right. Well, because, because of the fact, like you, the, the scenario you put it in, a tractor comes out of the field. What, what are you gonna do? You know, he thinks he's got it clear.

You know, cars pay attention in the Midwest because of tractors and spring season, he comes, comes out and you're, you're either gonna go under 'em or into the cornfield. One of the two. Yeah. And you take a pick, you don't wanna go into a combine. Yeah. You're, you're, I'd rather do a Dukes of hazard into the cornfield.doodootdododootdoodoo

Yeah. So that was my whole story time ding. Boy, that was like 20 minutes. That was not, but didn't you have like some sort of hazard or something like that in New York, but though I forgot Albany. Schenectady, yeah. No, my bad. No, I had a story here. We haven't made it. Okay, go ahead. I had a story here, but all, all, all I was saying is pay attention.

I'm sorry. You know, that's all I was just saying, you know, at, you know, pay attention to your mirrors and the traffic around. You always have an out. That's where my story came in. Always have an out. Okay. For the new, for the new guys. Okay. You know, um, if you're listening to your local radio station in whatever town you go through, I, I guarantee you'll hear, hear a commercial, right?

Oh yeah, I can hear the one in my head. Yeah. Which, go ahead. Which one? Um, oh, I can't think of their name. Um, but they always talk about, have you been in an accident with a big rig? Right? Exactly's, like they, they all do. They all do. It's like, you know, then call us, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You know, accident lawyers.

Yeah, exactly. But. You know. Oh, yeah. Yeah. They, they, they, they say we go after the big rigs. Yeah. That's how they were. I'm like, I can, I can almost like catch everything. 'cause they deserve to pay. They deserve it. This is not you. Doesn't matter that they po they that, the little car cut the big rig off.

That's always the big rig deserves to pay. Yeah. It's the big listen when you're driving a big rig mm-hmm. You're guilty until proven innocent. Always, always. I know, but still, you know, and if you're a owner operator, it sucks. Yes. If you're a, and if you're a company driver, it's even worse because they're looking at money, money, money.

You know, they do this. Yeah. We had my, my old company, they put in the camera, they put in cameras. Mm-hmm. All right. So they, it, it showed what was going on in front of us and then it also showed what's going on in the cab. So we say, okay, was it driver error or was it. Yeah. Surrounding error. Yeah. 90% of the time it was surrounding error.

Some of the stuff was, we rolled through a stop sign, driver error, you know, stop count to three, then go California. Go, then go. Yeah. You, this is California. California roll. Yeah. So, and it's not a motorcycle. We've had, I don't know how many times four wheelers pull in front of the truck and slam on their brakes to see if we're gonna hit 'em.

Mm-hmm. You know, it's like, that's just a death wish. I don't know what you, I mean, have you ever seen, I've seen, I've, I have personally seen a car cut off a truck, slam on the brakes, and then got run over and die. Oh, hey, there's your insurance. Have you ever seen in a city where the cars will go speeding down the alleys between.

Streets at night. Okay. Okay. You know what I'm talking about, right? Oh yeah. Ra racing down the alleys. Okay. Yeah. So my dad had a delivery years ago, I wanna say it was in Chicago. Okay. He's, you know, it's pretty B back then it was pretty dead the time of night he was delivering and he's in the flatbed and some woman comes racing down the alley and she went right up underneath his trailer.

Oh yeah. Yo, she lived, luckily, luckily she ducked, he stopped. Luckily, otherwise he would've drug her. Yeah. Because it was a smaller car. He saw and felt something hit his trailer like in the passenger side, but he Oh, on his blind side? Yeah, on his blind side. But he like felt and saw like a flash. Yep.

Because Chicago streetlights, et cetera. And then he picked up his cell phone and called nine one one and said, someone just hit me and. The cops, you know, at first they're like, yeah, sure. Someone hit a big rig. And then they're like, well, yeah. You can't, can't quite deny that someone hit him. Yeah. You know, that obviously wasn't his fault 'cause it wasn't near a stoplight.

He's on the road, she's coming out of an alley. I mean, kind of hard to say that that was his fault, but Yeah. It was like, that shook him up. She was okay. Luckily, I would definitely be shook up, but that still shook him up. Yeah. You know, and I, I can understand that. You know, um, when my, the last company that I drove for mm-hmm.

Uh, back in New York, one of our drivers was, uh, on a two-lane road. So, okay. So we had one lane and cars going the other. Yeah. And a car came at 'em at 75 miles an hour. Ooh. Actually, they were in the lane and then swerved at him. They saw a truck and said, I'm, I'm done, I'm done with this world. So they wanted to commit suicide by semi Yep.

That's what my dad used to call it. Yep. And our driver slowed, was able to slow the truck 'cause it was a 55 mile an hour zone. Mm-hmm. Or maybe it was 65. Anyway, anyways, he was able to slow the truck. He got the truck down to about 40 before the impact. Oh. And he said it rocked his world. Oh, I bet. And, and, and I told my boss, I said, if I ever hit and kill somebody, don't ever ask me to get behind the wheel again.

I don't know how he did it. He, and last I knew he's still working for him. I had a dispatcher that was in an accident where someone died and he, he became a dispatcher. Yeah. I, I wouldn't be able to do it. You had, I mean, granted, I, I, I, you know, when you, they say when you fall off the horse, you gotta get back on it, otherwise you'll never do it again.

I, I mean, granted I'd get behind the wheel, but, whew. You had a, um, you were making a right hand turn and a bicyclist, or was it someone walking? Yeah, someone on a bicycle. I had, I had an arrow and they weren't paying attention, and I about ran, oh. Just about, ran 'em over, saw some girl on a bike holding onto the side of the trailer.

I was like, that was on the right hand turn. Right? Yeah. I'm like, where the hell did you come from? Because I was sitting at the light. I got the, I got the green arrow. Mm-hmm. And I started into my turn and everybody was still, I, I mean, there was at least four people standing in the corner waiting for the, the crosswalk to, to, to cross and outta nowhere.

This chick on a bicycle was just like, there. I was like, where did you, like she fell out, out of the sky and was hanging on the, I was like, I just stopped, you know, because I saw, I saw her and, and she was like, like, my bad. I'm like, I just shook my head. I was just like, yeah, you are bad. You almost died.

Little girl. Yeah. I was like, holy. I remember talking to you later that night talking about butthole puckering. So yeah, it's like, Don't, don't cut someone off. Yeah. But don't cut someone off in a corner. Never. Never. You see a semi with a right turn signal on and they're kind of overhanging lanes. Leave them be, they're gonna make a right hand turn.

Don't sneak up underneath them. Yeah. They need that. They need that extra to make the turn. Same with a left hand turn. If they're coming out on a left hand, it's usually because there's a curb in the center. Yeah. Left hand turn in New York City for instance, you know, or Albany, like there's a reason or traffic's pulled too far forward.

Yeah. There's a reason I've had that happen. There's a reason why there's a line painted there. Don't, don't go beyond it. Don't go beyond the line. Go beyond the line. Then you might get run over or yelled at by a truck driver or a cop anyways. But yeah, it's, anyway, don't pass a turning truck. You know, make your, you know, pay attention to your wide turns.

Don't crowd intersections. It's all some pretty basic stuff until it's not, until you are so used to just. Like you said, you're tired of messing with John Q Public and Yeah. You know? Yeah. Yeah. I'm Joe Big rigger, and I'm bigger than they are. They'll get outta my way. I don't care if I do run 'em over, you know, you know, it does happen.

But yeah, now we try, we try to educate and teach the, the new kids, Hey, like I said, always have it out. Always watch your mirrors. Mm-hmm. You know, your know zone, because I know they train you in, in, in your schooling. Yeah. So you always know that there's, there might be something there that might not, but if you're watching your mirrors, you know what's around you and, and if it's a red car coming up and you don't see that red car, it's still there.

Yeah. It's especially if there, if you, if there's no exits, if you didn't pass an exit, it's still there. Yeah. It's there somewhere. You might not see it, but it's still there. Yeah. It might look this freaking big in your mirrors, but it's there somewhere. There's a red spot somewhere. Yeah. Um, the other thing is, is if someone is trained with a B license to do, um, the one I never did straight trucks.

Yeah. That's the same thing. Well, but No, but my point is, and they're coming up on say, intersections, sometimes a B truck driver, if they've been driving only a B truck and that's all they're, and I don't mean it disrespectfully by any means, but they aren't really conscious when a in class A driver with a, you know, 80 feet of tractor trailer, I've had a B truck driver try getting on my inside.

Yeah. And I had to come to a dead stop until he found a way to back up because he blocked me and neither one of us could go forward. Yeah. Luckily, you know, people were really decent and yeah, everybody else backed up. Well, thank God it was a small town again, like I said, it, that's why we do, that's why we do episodes like this because we feel it's necessary to, to even, even the old school drivers sometimes forget, well, it's, and, and, and stuff like this is, is like a little refresher.

It's like they hear it in their ears. They go, you know what? He's right. Or, you know what, Janet's right. I never thought of that. I'm gonna try that. Or Patrick said something that on, on, on the episode where it's, oh wow, you know, I never thought of that. I never thought about having an out or counting the three, you know, when I wanna move to the right, just to give the four wheelers an opportunity.

Well, and something, for whatever reason you, we all share the highway. Something we never mentioned in this. What's up? Almost all of this applies to people that are either either. In big RVs or smaller RVs pulling trailers. Yeah. And if it's, you could utilize this in, in your own vehicle even. Well, yeah, but I'm talking every, everything has a, has a, has a blind spot.

But especially the bigger blind spots is what I mean. Oh, yeah. Because if you are a Class A or a Class B driver in an RV, you have an advantage. Yep. Because you, you at least know, because you've gone through some training, you know this stuff. But if you are someone who just has a regular license and you're all of a sudden in a, you know, 50 foot class A or whatever it is, big RV.

Yeah. Yep. You're just like, you're driving a, now you're driving a tour bus, now you're driving a tour bus and you've never been behind the wheel of one before. And they give you a one hour class at the wherever you bought it from. They say, here you go. This is how this works. There you go. Here's your keys.

Yeah. Here's your keys. Hope you like it. Luck. Oh yeah. You got a backup mirror because you bought a newer one. Yeah. Good luck. Did you wanna haul your motorcycles or what behind it? Yeah. Uh, yeah. No, but don't, don't don't rely on the cameras all the time. Yeah. I, anyways. Yeah, but like I said, I never even thought about how much this applies to, to RVs and we see so many RV accidents out here too.

Especially east on 60. Yes. Closer. You get to East Apache Junction, the closer more accidents you see aye aye aye with RVs. I mean, yes. Well, because this is, this it's RV world. It's the new Yeah, it's the new. Um, not everybody's gonna Florida anymore. We're they're retiring in Arizona. Yeah, well, that's been happening for about 40 years.

But anyway, but anyways, so yeah, just know your zone. Know your zone. Pay attention. Exactly. Stay in your zone. That's it. I think that's what we should call it. Stay in your zone. Stay in your zone. Like a football player. No. Was the No zone know. The no zone. No, no, no. Know your zone. No, no. Stay outta there. You get outta my zone.

You're in my zone. The no zone, the No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Sorry. I was kidding. I was waiting for you to start singing. I was No, I mean like the rest of the song. Oh. Wasn't there a song that started like that one time? No. Do do doot dodooot doot doot.

Great. Now I'm gonna sing Baby Shark the rest of the day. Thank you, Patrick. Welcome to Tuesday. Baby Shark. Does he eat tacos? Baby? Shark. Shark. Shark likes tacos. Baby sharks shark shark. Shark likes tacos. Now I'm gonna have to edit it out. No, no you're not Baby Shark likes tacos. Maybe baby shark likes tacos Tuesday.

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Talk about a retirement shit. My brother John will be a step up. Yeah. Yeah, right. Well, I doubt that he'll wanna go back to work by then. But anyways, uh, if you're listening to us in your ears, please leave us a rating and review on your favorite podcast player if you can. Mm-hmm. Uh, if you're watching us on YouTube, thank you.

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They don't want your shorts is what I was saying, boy. Oh, that's good. Yeah. Great. Right? You don't want it short. Yeah, you don't want my shorts. Anyway. Anyways, short videos. Anything that we've ever talked about in this episode will be listed in the description for this episode. So be sure to go check it out.

Uh, if you had any questions or concerns or comments you wanna ask the show, go to the ask the show tab on 18 wheel talk.com. We'll be happy to answer your question. Why does Janet's hair keep messing with her today? I don't know. Anyways, yes, we're glad you joined us today. We really appreciate it. We really do.

Keep your rubber side down and your shiny side up and we'll see you on the flip side. Say goodbye, Janet. Goodbye Janet. Okay, bye.