18WT #080 -  Trucker's Toolbox: Top 7 Tips and Tricks for Truck Maintenance!

September 05, 2023  Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

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Episode #080

Two. One Action? Oh my God. Are we alive? Can you push the button? Oh my god. I don't know. You pushed it. Oh my God. You pushed it. I did. I told you I pushed the button. Did you catch me? Counting down. Three, two. Hi, Patrick. Hello. Welcome to the 18 Wheel Talk podcast Show. Welcome, Patrick. often Imitated. Never duplicated. The one.

Oops. The only that one. That one over there. The only the green, the blue. The big rig. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Welcome to Taco Tuesday, everybody. Oh my gosh, yes. It's the last Tuesday, isn't it? Last Tuesday. To get your free Doritos loco taco from Taco Bell. That's my favorite. Did you know that? I did. I know that's my favorite football's coming people.

I saw football on TV and I turned it off. That was college. That's the best I know. Absolutely best. According to you. It is. Yes. Anyways. Welcome to the 18 Wheel Talk podcast show. Don't forget to get your taco. Yes, last day today. Run right in. If you're lucky, you'll get in there in time. Doritos free Doritos loco taco from Taco Bell. Shameless plug. Shameless plug. Shameless plug. Yeah, they never did pick us up. Why? No. I wish they would though. 'cause they still have time. There are their tacos are the bomb, y'all. Mm. I mean, there are other taco places, but they went outta their way to free up the phrase Taco Tuesday, so.

Mm-hmm. Thank you Taco John. This being Tuesday? Yeah. And tacos. We like tacos. Yes, we do. So on that note, don't forget, this month is our, well, last month I, I should say is our, our, oh. We turned four years old and we're celebrating by giving you a gift. I like gifts. Can I have a gift? So, no, we're giving our listeners ah, bummer.

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How'd I do you know what we forgot to bring? Uh oh. The story time bell. The story time Bell. Patrick, it was your job. You were in the kitchen. I'm gonna have to write a note. Stick it, get a sticky note. Put it on my screen before we start. You went to the kitchen. Get the dinger bell. Yeah, you've, you've got your jets cup.

You got that, but you couldn't get the bell. I forgot. That's okay. It wasn't on the list. I don't know about you. Anyways, welcome to the show today. Thank you. Thank you. What are we talking about today, Janet? The top seven list of tips and tricks to. Keep your truck in good condition. Top seven. Huh? Top seven?

Yeah. I couldn't come up with, you know, a hundred. So we narrowed it down to seven. Well, we could do the top one. 101 count, top 100 countdown or something in one of these days of parts on the truck. Oh, I could come up with music. Like number one would be the steering wheel anyways. Yeah. Anyways. Hood ornament, top seven.

Top seven list of tips and tricks to keep your truck in good condition. Correct A Mundo. You wanna start or you want me to start? You can start. All right. Tip number one, pre-trip and post-trip. Do a good pre-trip and post-trip inspection. Okay. Uh, be sure to check things like your fluids, tires, brakes, belts, hoses, yada yada, yada.

Um, 'cause they, I typed, yada yada, they can, they can become major problems and cause breakdowns if you don't keep an eye, uh, open an eye open while doing an effective pre inspection. So things like check your oil. Mm-hmm. Your transmission fluid. Yeah. Make sure you check your belts. I always check a belt when I wore jeans.

Yeah. Make sure it's tight enough. Yeah. I didn't believe my belt was tight enough. Yeah. Uh, make sure your hoses are in good shape. That's when I wear a dress. What hoses? Penny hoses. Oh. I'll be here all night. Uh, make sure your tires got, uh, proper, uh, tread, tread depth air pressure. Be sure you check all that.

Check your sidewalls too. Yep. There's people that just don, you've got crack cracks in your sidewall. Gotta get 'em changed. Yeah. Um, check your brakes and your, your, your rotors and drums. Mm-hmm. Uh, and make sure all your lights work. Yeah. It's, it's basic common sense. You're doing a pre-trip. Do a good pre-trip, good post-trip.

You'll be on top of all these things you'll know. Uh, that something's not right by doing, that's when I used to do things like fill my washer fluid too. Yeah. You know, 'cause I usually did it at the, uh, terminal. If, you know, if I was at a terminal, I'd do all that. 'cause we had a spot to fill everything.

And if I was on the road, I always did it right there at the, um, on the road again. Fuel station. Sorry. No, you're fine. 'cause I'd, you know, be filling everything and checking everything and washing windows and stuff. You'd climb up on top of the truck? Sit on the engine? Yeah. Like a little monkey. Mm-hmm.

Okay. All right. So tip number one is do a good thorough, excuse me, a thorough pre-trip and post trip because that's essential to keeping your truck in good running condition. Yeah. I always like slack adjusters on brakes. Do they even still have them? I think now they're more automatic type of thing. Yeah, that was really big with my dad.

If you back up and jam on the brake really good. I think it adjust it on its own. Yeah, I think. Don't know. I could be wrong, but my dad was really big on Slack adjusters. Yeah. You better know how to do that. Yeah, lemme show you. You better know how to do it. Every time we'd stop and see each other on the road, he'd be like, lemme show you.

You got, show me how. Make sure you know how. Where's your nine 16th trench? He'll be like, come on dad, I'll show you. I dunno how to do this. Lemme do it on your truck too. Dad. Always a box wrench. Every, every driver should have one. Yep. So, not to mention every driver should have a good flashlight, but Yeah.

And, and a good hammer. Yeah. There's a whole list. But anyway, any who we'd divert. So number two, air filters. Okay. Be sure to check your air filter regularly as well, because if it isn't clean, your rig isn't running well or efficiently, that can affect air filters. Don't, people don't realize that's going to affect your fuel mileage.

True. You know? Yep. It's gonna affect everything. The efficiency of your rig, um, how it runs. You know, your get up and go. If you're loaded, heavy, get up and go. Is gonna get up and, and, and went and not go. Yeah. It's gonna affect, like if you're trying to climb a mountain and you're fully loaded. It's not going to, it's gonna, yeah.

'cause you're not getting the proper airflow to help help cool. The engine and everything else. Yep. And while I was thinking filters, I always tried to check my cabin filter regularly. Especially if you have a pet or long hair. Hmm. I had both. What? My pet had short hair. I had long hair, so it was a double whammy.

Oh yeah. But if you have a pet that sheds mm-hmm. Yeah, you've gotta check those air filters or the cabin filters regularly. Don't, don't the big rigs have more than one. Yeah. They have like one in the bunk area. One in, yep. And one in the front. One in the front. Yes. That's what I figured. And I was real good about, I never really, I, I just told the maintenance guy to check the filters.

I don't understand why you didn't have a problem with your cabin air filters. You have so much hair. I know, right? Well I was a smoker back then. That's true. Yeah. And if you smoke, you add that to the whammy. 'cause I, I did that too. So Yeah, I smoked, had long hair and a pet. So the trifecta. The trifecta.

That's right. At least I didn't have a longhaired pet that, that shed, so, yeah. Okay, good. Oh boy. I need a drink. Chin and tonic. Anybody anyways. Okay. Jack Daniels anywho? That's vodka. Straight up vodka. Same thing. Only different. Uh, okay. It looks like water but isn't, and it says Bem on it. Bam. No, BEM. B e m, BEM.

That's all it says. Bem. Bem. Bem. It says something else, but it went through a dishwasher. Now it has been. Okay. All right. Number three, trace Electrical. I find it electrifying. I'm sorry. Be quiet. All electrical,

keep it clean and tight. Mm-hmm. Faulty items in your electrical system can cause major breakdowns. Look for signs of wear and tear. Uh, keep your battery posts and straps and, and strap what? And straps. Tie downs. Yes. Some of the older rigs had like a tiedown type of strap. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Not, not a metal strap.

You know, the new ones have like a metal that goes across it and cranks down. Yeah. Yep. The older ones had like a strap, like a come along type strap. I gotcha. Yep. And there are still some of those out on the road. Yep, yep. I, I do know what your talking about. They're the ones that people, when they go by, they go, oh, look at that rig.

It must be like a hundred years old. Oh my God. Oh my God. What year do you think it is? In 98 or 99? Yeah. You say they got like a little, like a, like a bar that goes across the center and it just, Yeah. Yeah. But yeah, some of the older ones still have, anyways different. Keep your post, post clean. Mm-hmm. And, uh, your alternator and check, check your alternator and your belts.

'cause the alternator, uh, keeping my post clean. Well, uh, the alternator keeps your battery charged. Mm-hmm. So this is true. So keep an eye on that. If, if it looks broke, get it fixed. It also goes with any type of wires. Like if you're looking at your. Under your hood and you see any wire that looks loose or where it doesn't belong or hanging, take the time to look at it.

Yeah. Figure out where, where the hell it came from. At least. Yeah. There's corrosion that doesn't belong. Which no corrosion belongs on your rig. No. Not if you're out. Why not? If you're keeping an eye on it. That's right. Find out why, Go ahead. Where, uh, where are we at? Number number four. Number four. We're doing the top seven.

Tips and tricks to keep a truck in good condition. Coolant and radiator, I have to fold my page. Please hold coolant. Radiator, yes, my notes need folded so I can see what I needs to see. Oh, can you do it quieter.

Was that better? All right. I did them. All right. We're on number four. Okay. Coolant and radiator. It's crucial to keep your engine cool, especially in extreme weather conditions, especially here in Arizona. Well, but you know, it goes both ways. It's just as important in the winter. Yep. You know? Oh yeah. It's like, Extreme weather conditions.

I was looking it up when I was, we were doing research and I'm like, cool. Extreme weather. Well, it go extreme weather goes both ways. Yeah, exactly. Whether it's 20 below zero or, or 120 above. Yep. You know, I'm like, uh, so make sure you got the proper coolant Yeah. For, for the your, for the weather, your type of equipment.

Yeah. And for the type of weather. Mm-hmm. Um, and it maintain your proper coolant levels with the topper. Proper type of coolant and check that your radiator isn't blocked from the front uhhuh. Um, you can hit a small bird and never know it has even damaged your radiator if you don't take the time to walk around it at every stop.

Yeah. If there's, if there's a small obstruction and you'll, you'll notice a temperature rise mm-hmm. On your gauge if you got a gauge. Some of the older trucks. I, I had a, I had a temperature gauge. Yeah. Um, versus an idiot light. Oh, I forgot about idiot lights. Yeah. I forgot all about those. You know, the newer trucks have idiot lights.

I would prefer to have a, an actual gauge that tells me the temperature. I'd much prefer a Yeah. Gauge. So, but yeah, that's just my preference, my opinion. And you, like I said, own said you can hit a small bird and if it goes in beak first. What. If it goes in beak first, first of all, if you hit it, it's dead.

And if it's small enough, you're not gonna feel the impact. That's true. So, and eventually it's gonna wiggle its way out. Whoa. Not alive, just wind pressure. Whoa. And then you're gonna have a small leak somewhere and you're gonna be losing fluid. And it's gonna affect, and you see, especially if there's just an idiot light, well mm-hmm.

It'll be like, Hey, temperature. Temperature. You'll be like, what's this light? And you'll flip your visor down. You'll be looking at it going third lot to the left, second row down. Oh yeah. That's the temperature light. That's about the time you hit somebody. 'cause you're too busy looking at something else like your phone.

Anyway, I always kept extra coolant in my rig. Not a lot because weight matters, but I always kept just like a gallon or two. Yeah. But I also kept water. Well, it, it's like essential. Keep an extra gallon of oil gallon of, uh, antifreeze. Yeah. Yep. A gallon of water. Uh, windshield wiper fluid. Wiper fluid. Yep.

You know, those are the essentials. Yes, yes. You know, I, yes, it adds weight, but you know what, there has to be some give and take. Yeah. You gotta have it. Yeah. And I always bought in quantity, I always bought, there's a little leniency. Yeah. To, to the weight. You gotta be, I mean, if you're, 500 pounds over 80,000.

They're not gonna write you a ticket. They're not. No. Because you're gonna burn it off in fuel. You're gonna, you know, water, shit like that. If you're 2000 pounds over, that's a different story. That's, yeah, that's different. So, yeah. And they, they realize you're gonna burn stuff off in fuel, especially if you're going all the way across the country.

Yeah. And you just left a fuel stop. Mm-hmm. Just fueled up ocifer. And I know from experience, do not call them ocifer too often. Especially if it's the same one, Uhhuh. Um, you keep calling 'em that and they start to take it either as a really funny joke or they get real serious. They take it as an insult and they write you a ticket for calling 'em an officer.

ocifer ocifer ocifer ocifer. Sorry, I said it backwards. I've said it the other way so many times. Yes, sir. Ocifer. Yeah. Don't do that. Salute that. But that's a Bill Murray stripes salute. Yeah. Don't do Bill Murray. Yes, sir. Ocifer. Mm-hmm. So, all right, where did we leave off? We're in number five. Number five. Number five. Number five.

Number five. Keep your truck clean. No, uh, keep it washed and waxed. Not only does it help protect the paint by preventing rust and keeping the buildup of grime and mud or salt from the roads mm-hmm. On your undercarriage, but it also makes the truck lighter. Mm-hmm. Once rust sets in, it's all downhill from there.

So lots of truck washes to choose from. Sorry. Oh, I was just gonna say before you go on, you drove up north? Mm-hmm. Okay. Didn't you ever get to that point where you walked around and just kicked Uhhuh, the backs of your wheels because the. The snow and ice build up. Oh yeah. Snow and ice. On the mud flaps.

On the mud flaps or between the mud flaps and the tires was so bad and it's like, I wonder what all that weighs. You know, once you've kicked all the axles off. Yeah. And it's like you have these huge chunks. It's like, you know, there's some weight in there, not to mention Oh yeah. Where they salt and sand or salt straight up, but, or the salt and sand mix.

All of that. Weight builds up, it builds up. And then like I've driven, you know, tankers and everything else, and that gets up underneath and in all the crevices, that's a lot of weight. And when you're spraying it, you can see the, the crap just fall nasty. Yeah. That's where you wish you had a wetsuit to spray in.

So, so there's lots of truck washes to choose from. Uh, a few of them that we know of. Blue Beacon's probably the biggest. Yeah, I think they are. That's out there. Uh, there's a ranger, you know, the ranger. Uh, gas fuel stations. Yep. They have their own, yeah, they have their own chain of, uh, washes too. And then, uh, Heartland.

Yeah, Heartland is a, like Midwest in the Midwest because Heartland truck stops, right. Are big in the Midwest. Yep. But. We actually, I doing research found a, um, a link to a blog on trucking that had a list of 50 that if you want we could Yeah, we can have, we'll put it in. Yeah. It's really easy. We'll, we'll puts it in here for y'all.

Has it has alot of them, but it doesn't have like wanna see others. It doesn't have like every single state. But they did some really good research from the looks of it. But Yeah. I mean, everybody's heard a blue beacon. Yeah. And their reason to be, but the other thing to reasonably priced. The other thing to remember, and I know this from hauling a reefer, when you haul reefer, you have to, you hauled weed?

No. A reefer trailer with weed in it. Yes. You mean a refrigerated trailer? Yes. Ha ha. You so funny. Janet hauled, reefer, Janet hauled reefer. Okay, now we've got that outta your system. When you haul a refrigerated trailer, after you've hauled one product or a food trailer, you have to have it washed out before you can haul another, and you can't just go to the local self wash and wash it out.

You have to have 'EM certified usually. Really? Yeah. Oh, no kidding? Mm-hmm. I did not know that. Yeah, because if you do it yourself and you have to do a really good job, they can just look and say, no, that's not good enough. And then you have to go back and do it again. What? Yeah. So anyway, anyway, so when you go to a cus I always, I always say that the customer that's, that's got stuff, they ought to have a wash, wash bay that people can pull in and wash out their trailer.

Yeah. They don't but they should. They, but they don't, but they should. Anyway, any who, so having delivered these for a while, you find out that, If you are delivering like that, you can find out usually from your customer, Hey, where's the closest wash bay? And it's amazing how many places that are not a quote quote, truck wash, where you can go and use their wash bay to just spray off all the junk off your truck.

Okay. You know, if all you want is just to spray it down and get all the road grime off it. Mm-hmm. You can do that. And they're usually not gonna charge you much when you're, that's all you're doing. Mm-hmm. You know, so if you're just in a, I'm not near a blue beacon or a big truck wash, I just wanna go get this done.

There's a lot of places you can do that at. Um, this is true. Yeah. That you'd go, they're a truck wash. What? Yeah. No. So, yeah. It's very interesting. Ask the place you're delivering, Hey. Um hmm. I just realized something. Hmm. It says top seven, but you got six on the list. Did I forget one? I don't know. Did we forget one?

Yeah, I just realized that. I'm like looking, no, maybe not the, maybe the bottom one is the seventh one. Just forgot to put the number in it. Uh, could I see our notes just in case? I don't know what you did with 'em. What do you mean you don't dunno what you did with the notes. I flew somewhere. You're the note guy.

I'm the, I'm the type of person Yeah, the well, okay. The top six. No, it's the top seven. My bad. Anyways. Where were we? Oh, number six. That's what, that's what I was like. Wait, honey. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Oh, I think I forgot one. That's all right. We'll just use nu that as number seven. Well, you, instead of giving a bonus, we'll just make the bonus number seven.

The bonus will be the list. Oh my God. Yeah. The bonus wouldn't be the actual list. Pretty trip. All right. Continue. Um, maintenance. Oh yeah, it's me. I'm up for maintenance. Yeah. Your on maintenance, follow your, you could look for those notes. Follow your manufacturer's schedule. Oh my God. They have specific guidelines to keep your rig running in optimal condition.

They have those for a reason. Right. Okay. Same with an automobile. Yeah, because by following their schedule or sticking as close to it as you can, it's designed to. I got an itch on my ankle there. It's designed to prevent premature wear and tear. Don't look at me like that. Yeah, I dunno what you're talking about.

Uh, you do too. I was just looking at you Anyway. Anywho, by following little. Schedule from the manufacturer that could save you a lot of money in the long run. Uhhuh. Okay. And it's the things like changing your oil and filters, keeping an eye on your tire pressure, inspecting your brakes, your brake fluid levels, all those little things that we've discussed.

Mm-hmm. Okay. Air filters, electrical, changing out batteries, tires, lines, et cetera. All of those things that we check, check, check, check, check, check. Your manufacturer has a reason for putting those down. Yeah. Like, like every 20,000 miles for an oil change. Yeah. Or change your, um, Tranny fluid every 50,000 miles.

Yeah. And, and a big rig gets a lot longer. Yeah. You know, you're talking like a hundred thousand miles, but they give you those for a reason and it's so that you can. Catch it prematurely, and instead of being broke down on the side of the road saying, well, I guess I should have had that oil change done, or at least checked the oil this year.

What? What? Oh, come on. You know, we, we all know someone that does that. Just you hold up right now. We all know someone that's done that. Yeah. To a car or a truck. Uhhuh. I know someone that let a. Car run bone dry of oil. Hey, listen, I remember when, and I'm not talking about your sister. Well, story time ding.

Okay. Brings me to my sister. She had a, she was driving an older car. Okay. And. It was, she, she had 99,000 miles, 99,900 and something miles. So I told her, I said, I, I said, when you get, when, when you get to, you know, a hundred thousand, you know you're gonna have to pull over and wait for the engine to flip.

To flip, to flip. Yeah. So not the odometer? No, the engine. I said, I said the engine, you gotta give the engine time to flip. And, uh, so I was driving dri, I drove hold up. How old was she? I probably 18 ish. Okay. Okay. I have to say about 18. Okay. 19 years old. Okay. Maybe. Maybe. Yeah. Yeah. She's gotta be at least 18, 19.

So she'd had her license more than a moment. Yeah. And uh, so she pulls over. Mm-hmm. To, because she was at 99,999 and nine tenths of a thing. And uh, I happened to be driving by and I saw she had the hood open and I, so I pull in, I go, i go, what's the matter? She says, you told me to wait, you know, pull over so that I could wait for the engine to flips.

I walk up, I close the hood. I said, okay, you're good to go. And I started laughing.

Her friend, her friend that was in the passenger seat told her to open the hood and give it room, which is the best. Oh my God, that's funny. So, so yeah, that's my story about my sister waiting for her engine to flip. I'm just so not surprised. Oh yeah. Oh, that, that was, it was like, I don, that was like one of the best brother pranks I could have ever come up with.

And it wasn't April Fools day? No, it was just, oh my God. Just perfect it. It was like just something that I, a little seed I embedded into her brain. So when she saw that, she was like, oh my God, I better pull over. And to have her friend say, open, don't you wanna give the engine some room? You should open the hood.

So that's your family's version of my family pulling the coil wire on each other. Oh yeah, yeah. Something like that. That was what our family did. It won't start. I don't know why. Open the hood. Alright. Ding. Story times are, yeah. Open the hood. Keep a spare coil wire in your purse. Yeah. Well, I don't, I don't carry a purse.

Well, I know, but you know what I mean. Yeah. Locker, purse, whatever. Anyway, any who? So, all right, so number seven. And we call this the number seven icy icing on the cake. Yeah. Because boy, if you're not, what are you doing behind the wheel of anything? Drive responsibly. Why? Because how you drive affects the truck's condition.

Really? Yeah. Really? Avoid aggressive driving, sudden braking and rapid acceleration. I mean, not that, you know, big rigs have rapid acceleration, however, some of the automatics do you. All right, well that hair's been bugging me the whole time, so, oh, I'm just trying to finish fixing it. Okay. So it reduces stress on all the components.

Following these tips can save you money. Mm-hmm. And save lives in the long run. Yeah. Because if you're fully loaded, going downhill and a car pissed you off going uphill, you can catch it mother and Pssss. Yes. Run him over. Exactly. That will save money. It will if you don't do aggressively. Exactly. If you do it, if you patiently wait, get to the top, you'll catch him on the downside.

That's right. So being a responsible driver is essential to all drivers on the road. Oh, so you're saying I shouldn't catch 'em On the downside, everybody should drive responsibly. Just saying, are you saying I shouldn't try and catch 'em on the downhill side? No, that's supposed to be nice. Yep. So to recap the top six ish, seven, seven, uh, tips and tricks to keep your truck in good condition, number one.

Pre-trip, post-trip. Do a good pre-trip and post-trip inspection. All right. Number two is, uh, check your air filters regularly, including your cabin air filters. Oh, yeah, your, the in-cab filters. Yes. If you have them. I think all rigs do. I believe everybody does nowadays. Cars do too. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So Uhhuh, that sounds, unless you got a really old car, then you ain't got those or a really old truck then, then you're, they don't exist.

Then you're lucky if it has an air filter. Number three, electrical. Don't play with electronics. Little girl. Anyways, come on, don't shock yourself. Electrical, keeping it clean and tight. Yep. Battery terminals. Yeah. Because if you, what people don't realize is if your battery terminal posts are loose, that's where corrosion comes from and you get a bad connection.

And that could potentially not let lights work. Yeah. And that's won't let the truck start drain. Yeah. Ruins your alternator. Everything. Yeah. All right. Number four is coolant and radiator. Mm-hmm. Keep your check your levels. Number five is keep your truck clean. Mm-hmm. Because clean trucks run better and don't cause rust, which ruins your truck in the long run.

That's true. Uh, number six, maintenance schedule. Keep your truck on a good maintenance schedule. Okay, and number seven, so appropriate for me to say this time is. Drive responsibly and be nice to other drivers. So, side note, I really am, I'm really super nice and polite on the road. I just am a smart aleck. I cannot help myself.

What? You know, I'm a good driver. I'm like the most polite person behind the wheel. Yeah. Simply because yeah, you are. Get the fuck outta the way asshole. But that's where the fuck you. Where the hell are you going? That's it. Stupid. Cut me off. Take two lanes to turn left you son of a butt. I might say that, but do I drive aggressively?

No, no. You gotta be offense and defense out here in Phoenix. I might say that in my car. Yeah, I know. With my windows up and the radio on. I know, but I don't flip people off. I don't cut people off. I don't do any of that stuff. I don't like doing any of the side swerves that people here in Phoenix and everywhere across the world do.

Mm-hmm. By all means I leave the weapons at home. I do not pull a weapon on anybody in peace. What? It's like I said, if you, in spite of the joke about when we first moved here and you anybody listening that lives in the Phoenix metro area, they, they, they know you have to drive offense and defense and defense and I'm very.

I'm always the one that lets people in. Even, in a big rig, you gotta be on the offense and defense and it's easier to let someone in than cuss 'em off. Yeah. Cut 'em off and, you know, scream and yell and everything. It just let 'em in and take an extra second. Exactly. Just take a woosah. What a lot of people don't realize, most states have a, if you hit someone, if you rear end someone, it's your fault.

No matter what they did, if they cut you off and slam on the brakes, it's still your fault. You're, you're, you're guilty until proven innocent. Mm-hmm. So somebody has to, so I, I did that 1, 1 1 time. I rear-ended somebody because they didn't put on their blinker. To tell me they were turning okay. And then at the last minute, hit their brakes right as I hit my accelerator pedal.

What were you driving? I was driving, um, a big rig or a car. Oh, car. In my car. I was on my way to work to drive a big rig, which, oops. I was like, you gotta be kidding me. Meow. Yeah. So yeah. So anyways, there you have it. There's our top seven, six and a half-ish tips and tricks to keep your truck in good condition.

Uh, Most of it's common sense. Yeah. But it's one of those, some of it, you know, it's like I know people that basically kick the tires, check the oil and, and make sure the lights are, are, you know, are all working and then they get in the truck and go, I know people, if they did that, it'd be a miracle. I know people that open the door, turn the key and go, yeah.

You know, so if their rigs already hooked up to their trailer, even better, they just glance at the glad hands and make sure they're, oh look, they're hooked up. Are up. I'm good. Make sure it's pinned. Oh, look, it's, it's hooked together. I'm going, oh wait. I pulled out from under a trailer and the legs weren't down.

Whoopsie, whoop, whoopsie. Guess it wasn't pinned. So, yeah. So, but anyways, that's it for tonight. Oh, it was fun. It was, it was short, sweet. And to the point. Exactly. You know, so hopefully these, these tips and tricks will. Get you thinking like, oh man, you, I, I'm not, I haven't done that lately. Yeah. I'm not on a, a maintenance schedule.

I gotta, I gotta get ahold of my dealer and, and say, Hey, let's get this truck on a, on a regular schedule. Let's, let's get it in, rake it over the coals. Yep. And, and then we'll, we'll, we'll go from here. Or when's the last time I really did kick those trailer tires? I pull the same trailer every time.

Exactly. Exactly. When it, when was the last time I checked my battery terminals? Mm-hmm. You know, you, you could pull the cover off and you got corrosion on, on three outta six batteries. My favorite is when you ask an usually a newer driver, Uhhuh, where's your batteries? Where's your batteries? Oh, they lift the hood?

Yeah. Oh, under here somewhere. Come in here somewhere. Nope. Check. Try again. Check on the driver's side. No, I just don't tell. Oh my God. Do Does it run with batteries? Maybe it doesn't have batteries. Oh God. Maybe it's magical. Mary, maybe Harry Potter made it run. No, no. Nope, Nope. Not buying it. Not buying it.

I made the person look though. Wait a minute. Anyway. Jinx. You owe me a beer. Thank you for joining us today. Be sure to sign up for our fan club. Get in on our birthday bash giveaway, win some prizes. And, uh, yeah. Keep it real. Don't forget. Yeah. Good. Don't forget what. Last day. It's day for Taco. Tuesday last day for Taco Tuesday.

Hope you heard this in the morning. It's the last day to get your free Doritos. loco taco from Taco Bell. One at participating locations while supplies last. Yep. Everywhere but New Jersey. It sucks to be in New Jersey. Sorry, New Jersey. Unless that's changed. I dunno. I haven't checked lately, but yeah, it's the last day anyway, so I hope they bring it back.

I really liked it. I do. I like because sits right around the corner. I like Dorito's, loco tacos. That's my favorite. And they're right around the corner from us. I know, right? Mm-hmm. So, but yes, get in on the fan club, get in the contest. Gotta be in it to win it. Please, please follow us on social media. We are @18wheeltalk everywhere on social media.

Yes. Um, look for the blue and green logo. You can't miss us. The big rigs on it. That, that's correct. Uh, subscribe to our YouTube channel like. Comment, good or bad? If you like the show, great. If you don't like the show, that's awesome too. At least you're commenting. Leave us a comment. Let us know what, what we can do to make it better.

Ask the show. We haven't asked the show tab. Go right there. Tell us what we're doing good, what we're doing bad, what you want to hear. Let us know. We will most likely answer your question. What do you mean? Most likely? Most likely? Depends on the, depends on the question. It's, if it's private, I don't know if I want to answer that.

Oh, okay. private question. private questions might be answered privately, privately, privately, privately. But anyways, yes. Anyways, us like us, like us, don't like us. We just appreciate you listening to us. Yes, we do. So on that note, keep your rubber side down and your shiny side up. We'll see you on the flip side. Bye.

Okay, bye-bye.