18WT #081 - 18 Wheel Talk Rewind: Episode 10 From September 2020

September 12, 2023  Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

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Episode #081

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Let's play ball. You're a stinker. You know that, right? I don't know. Shall we play ball? Can we play ball? I don't know. Let's talk sports, Janet. How are you doing, Janet? I'm good, Patrick. I'm just closing stuff up on my phone. Yeah. Technical difficulties, take two.

Yeah, the first video, uh, we recorded, there was no audio. Gee, I wonder who fucked that up. Patrick, so hasn't every sport on earth been affected by, uh, COVID 19? No. No? No. What hasn't? Uh, ping pong.

I don't know. I'm just, I'm, I'm grasping at straws. Okay, well here in America, oh, can we still say here in America? Yeah, just America. America.

We're Americans. We're Americans. Well, I know the big ones. The big ones, you know. Football. Baseball. Where do you want to start? Basketball. I want to start with baseball, because that's what affected us the most. Yeah. Season ticket holders for... Diamondbacks. Five years? Yeah. Four years? Five years? Oh, yeah. We got all kinds of stuff.

Whoops. Let's see. That's a Cattell Marte, butt bobblehead. I mean, bobblehead, not a... Butthead. Butt, um... Yeah. He's got a cute one. These two here are Nick Ahmed on the moons. Yeah. And we got... Um, I think that's a Robbie Ray. I don't know. Yep, that's, that's a Robbie Ray, that's a Beer Stein. Uh, let's see, this one right here, that is Archie Bradley, that's a Paul Goldschmidt stuffed pillow.

This one right here, that's a special one. That's a Tori Lovello. Yeah. The, uh, coach. You got that sign, didn't you? Yep, yep, that's, uh, that's the manager. Oh, that's another, that's the front part of the, um, Uh, could tell Marte. There's the front. That's the back. And we've got their Star Wars stuff. Oh my God, yeah.

There's, over here, there's like, there's like, there's like two or three, um, I think there's a, uh, I think that's, um, What the hell's his name? Uh, David, uh, Peralta. David, no, that's a Pollock right there. That's a Pollock next to him over here off screen. That's, that's a Peralta. AJ Pollock, David Peralta. All right, so let's see this one.

I know them in their uniforms, especially from the rear view. Yeah, she, yeah, she looks at their butts. This is Jake Lamb. This is Star Wars. Um, Gold, Goldschmidt. And then there's numerous Goldschmidt stuff. Anywho. Autographed baseballs. Most of those shirts. We're no cost and almost all the stuff I think on the top shelf was no cost, but we paid for the baseballs.

Yeah, the baseballs. These four are autographed by players of the Diamondbacks and these three are players of the Chicago Cubs. Go Cub's. Anyway, so it affected us because in February we went to Fan Appreciation Day. That was awesome. Oh, it was so cool. We saw Casey Dadio. Casey daddio. Oh, yeah. Daddio, dad, dad, daddio and Nicolette. Yeah. Mini me. Yeah. Munchkin. She bought this big and cuter than bug's ear. I have no idea what that means. So anyway, we, and we saw tons and tons of fans and people that work there. We saw tons of fans and tons of people that work there that we've known from previous years. Lots of, oh look, there's a Yasmany Tomas locker sign.

And I can't tell what that, oh that's a Star Wars thingy behind him, isn't it? Yeah, that's uh. Princess. It's not Princess Bitchy. No, no, it's Princess Armadala, I think. Oh yeah, I forgot. Episode, that's from episode one. Collector's item. What? And then there's a stuffed bear. Build a bear right, right there. I see that.

Biker dude. Anyway. Anyways. Hey, by the way. We had a lot of fun. Click down here to subscribe. Is it there, or? No, I think it's here. It's right here. There's a subscribe button somewhere, somewhere over here. There's a subscribe button. Subscribe to our show. This way. Yeah. And hit that notification bell, smash the like button.

Let us know that you're enjoying us and that, uh, we're making a difference in making you laugh. You have as much fun as we do. Yeah. Yeah. Right. Anyways, back to sports. So it was, it was an awesome day. Uh, they had We didn't know it was going to make it, that we had to make it last year. Yeah, well they, they opened the roof.

They let the sun shine in. They had a lot of activities. This is at Chase Field. So usually they have it over at Salt River, Salt River Fields. And they, it's just gotten so big that they said, you know what, we're doing it at Chase Field this year or that year, this year, this year, six months ago, February.

And then what a month, a month later we shut down. Yeah, a month later we shut down. Time flies and you have fun. Yeah, that's what you want to call it. But yeah, it was a lot of fun. And four weeks later we shut down and baseball went. But then it came back kind of, sort of live ish kabooble. Yeah, right.

Cardboard cutouts behind the home base. Mascots spread out. Mascots trying to rally up the cardboard cutouts. Team players spread out. No spitting. Yeah, no high fives. Yep, no peanut shells. Nope. Uh, you'd be in, you'd be in, uh, you would be, but that's just, you know, the players can't do that. Yeah. The cardboard cutouts, cardboard cutouts, can't spit.

Yeah, I know. And, uh, they were supposed to wear masks. And we saw the one game where the one player shared the hand sanitizer with the other player from the other team right there at home plate. That was pretty cool. We saw, we saw the Dodgers game, Dodgers, Dodgers versus the Astros. We had a brawl. Oh, almost.

Oh, no, almost a brawl. You stay away from me. It's like, yeah, you're... I got my mask on, don't get near me. Ha ha ha ha. Screw you, I'm really mad at you. Yeah, right? Oh my God. It was like a, like you said... Almost every game the Dodgers play, there's a brawl. Yeah, I think they said something about that too. Yeah, they're still pissed either because they, uh, they got booted off the, uh, they didn't make it to the World Series.

Yeah, it is what it is. You know, it's a game, kids. Come on, I played it when I was little. Not for multi million dollars, though. No, no, I did not. Not for even hundreds of thousands of dollars. I was a catcher when I was little. Listen, I'm having paper issues. Yeah, you're having a paper issue. I know. I think I should fall on your pegboard up there.

It's gorgeous, but crazy. Your pegboard says, here, talk about this. Yeah. So. Baseball came back and with like 60 games. Yeah. Yeah. If they, if they even make those 60 games. Yeah. Uh, you know, the Marlins. If they can, if they can stay healthy enough. Oh, by the way, go D backs. I just realized you have my D backs.

But you had the Marlins that had a bunch of players go out. You had the Cardinals. Cardinals that had a bunch of players go out. St. Louis Cardinals, that is not Arizona. We're talking baseball, of course it's the St. Louis Cardinals. I know, I know, I know. Damn it, I lost my train of thought. Cardinals. The Boston team.

Red Sox. The Red Sox. Some of their players. Yeah. A lot of players are, are starting to test positive for this. So, and there's no way they even talked about trying to go into a bubble and I don't know how they're going to do baseball in a bubble, but good luck. Yeah. They talked about bringing it out here for a bubble.

I'm like, what are you going to do? Put the whole valley in a bubble. They're going to play all the games inside a dome. Yeah. One right after another 24 seven. If that's what they got to do to complete the season. I don't know. I think they should just say, take a big time out and say, you know what? It just ain't for us right now.

I agree. That, um, so I gotta grab my notes, okay? I mean, I know the, uh, NHL came back and just said, you know what? We're just gonna go right into playoffs. We're just gonna have, you know, everybody's just gonna, you know, play in the playoffs and then we'll settle it this way. Yeah, but you were talking about baseball.

I wanna quote you that. Oh, that's right. You said you had a quote there. Yeah, uh. That you wanted to read. Sorry. From Steve Rosenthal. He's an independent sports writer. Who's he? Steve Rosenthal. Okay. An independent sports writer. He writes for all this big stuff. Oh, okay. Oh, okay. Okay. What, what's his quote?

Professional baseball. His quote. His quote. Yes, I quote exactly word for word. If you'll quit interrupting me. Professional baseball is a nearly 11 billion dollar business. With a B. A b b b billion.

If it can't get its act together and pull this off safely, perhaps canceling the shortened season will serve as a wake up call that nothing is normal in this pandemic, and that premature openings, like many are proposing for school districts that aren't ready, will only backfire and put our teachers, our kids, school employees, and their families at great risk, just like the baseball community.

It's heartbreaking for those of us starved for baseball and hoping for a diversion, but until we get the coronavirus under control, America does not deserve baseball. Steve Rosenthal, independent sports writer. Yep. Control the cooties. And I believe he writes for the Independent and Yahoo Sports. What?

Yeah. Stop. Yeah. No way. This way. Oh, okay. Oh, okay. I agree. I agree. If they can't get their shit together, you know what? They shouldn't be playing. I agree. You know, but like I said, I like, I like, uh, what, what the NHL is doing. Um, went straight into playoffs. Yeah. Just went right into playoff. I said, you know what?

Our season was just about over with and, you know, we're just going to take, take the teams. And have at it. Go Coyotes. Yeah, go yotes. yotes. Go yotes. Go. Black Hawks. Oh yeah. Chicago's in it still, ain't it? Yeah. Chicago. You and your Chicago Goddamn teams. Well, the Black Hawks are now up against the Vegas team. The, yeah, right.

Yeah. The Golden Strippers. Is that their name? Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. The Golden Canucks. No, no, it's the golden gamblers, the golden knights. That's it. You know, I'm just doing this to screw with your sister. I know. I know she doesn't know shit about sports, but boy, she's rooting for the Vegas, golden, whatever they are, because that's our team.

Yeah, I know. They were new last year and now she's all of a sudden a hockey fan. Yeah. That's who the Blackhawks are playing. And she, she, she said that to me, I said, name one player. And the only player she can name is the one they advertise on the billboards. And the coyotes are up against the Colorado Avalanche.

I mean, I, I couldn't tell you who plays on the, on the coyotes. I just, I was hoping they would go play the Vegas Knights so that, and kick their butts so we can rub it in her face. Okay, but if the Blackhawks beat her, we still got. Yeah, then we go, meh! The Blackhawks are my team, too, so, meh! Rub, rub, rub, rub.

Anyway. This is true. And if they win, we'll never hear the end of it. Oh, my God. Never. Yeah, I know, right? Blackhawks better not let us down. I swear to God, they better not. Okay. I'm sorry. Go, Blackhawks! Go, Blackhawks! Go, Yotes! Uh, did you hear this about football? Uh uh, what about football? Um... The Washington Redskins are now the Washington football team.

You know what their initials stand for? They have, no, they have a W, an F, and a T. What the fuck? They're going to be known as WTF from now on. Washington team football. What the fuck Yeah, they got a big old W on there go Washington read between the lines bitches

Well, they were gonna call them this I Code talkers, I think yeah, I heard I heard there was also rumor. They're gonna be called the Washington red tails Like a red tail hawk? I don't know, like some little, little league football team, like Well, a red tail is a red tail hawk, you know, like the Chicago Blackhawks.

I agree, I agree, I, I, yeah. Couldn't tell ya. Probably some fifth grader came up with the name. Yeah, in an instant online contest. Yeah, exactly. Because there's no school. Name our team! Yeah, there's no school in school. Yeah. Name our team! You can win season tickets. Go Red Tails! Yeah, no, that doesn't do a thing.

No, it doesn't. It doesn't. There's still going to be the Redskins. You know, you know, if you stayed outside, if you go outside and it's 115 degree weather, You're going there. Are you going there? Are you going there? Yeah, I'm going there. If you go outside and you stand outside for 20 minutes, half hour, and you get a burn, you'll be a Redskin.

At least a neon pink skin. Yeah. I'll see, I'll be able to see you with the background. You'll blend in. You get any whiter, if you didn't have glasses and the headset on, you would literally melt into the background. If I, I have on makeup, Patrick. So it looked like two eyes and a pile of shirts. I have on makeup here to give me color.

Here, come here, I'll give you color. Come here, come here, I'll give you color. See?

Color. I don't see it. So you're telling me if I do this? Where the hell'd you go?

And this? Yeah, look, see, you disappeared. Oh, wait, wait. Yeah, watch your horns. Yeah, see, I told you, you're gonna disappear into the close. Just about. Stripping

on camera. Oh my god. Show just went downhill real quick. Yeah, I know, our ratings just went to the shitter. Anyways, click the subscribe button down here.

Oh God. Woo. Yeah. Fix them. You're you're a little discombobulated.

Get them in right before your head falls off. It's a secret. It doesn't just hold the hair up off my back, it holds my head in straight. I hear, I hear that, uh, 60, was it 66, 66 players opted out of this year's season. Now, most people don't understand why. How opting out works. When they opt out, they're taking an advance off of, they're taking no pay for this year.

Okay. They're taking 150, 000 advance off of next year's pay. That's it. So, that's it. Okay. No matter how much they make, whether they're the lowest player on the totem pole or the They're getting 150, 000. or the highest paid player, they're getting I'll take it. Yeah, me too. I'm going to opt out for this season, Coach.

Yeah, I mean, can I opt out? Yeah, sure. Why not? I mean, if we're going to get 150, 000. What happens if they don't make 150, 000 next year? Oops. They're going to be sued. NFL will sue them. Probably. I think so. So, yeah, it's 150, 000 for the year. By opting out. Look at all the money the NFL saved. I know. Well, no, no.

It's not the NFL. It's the team owners. That's what I mean. Look at all the money the team owners saved. But, but, without all these linemen, what type of game are we going to have? 0 0, first quarter, second quarter, third quarter, fourth quarter, 0 3. Yeah, it's going to be... Whoever gets the best kicker at the end, field goal at the end is going to win.

The kicker yarder is going to win. Super Bowl is going to be... One by three to nothing, it's, it's going to be, everybody's going to run around with a six foot pole to try to rip a flag off that won't be tackled because you can't touch each other, social distancing, football, people, you heard it here first, 18 Wheel Talk Podcast Show those tongs.

Like people used to pick up, that's what I mean. You said, pole, I'm talking about the tongs. That's what I mean. They're going to be those six foot little grabbers there that I've never seen them six foot long, but I've seen them put them on a big stick. Well, three and three foot and three foot. There you go.

There's your six feet distance. Anyway, it's going to be flag football. Tag, you're it. Actually, no, what they should do is put a big hand on there and they slap them on the back, say, I got you. Be kind of like paintball. I'm going to be interesting. Yeah. You're down.

Uh oh. Oh god. It's all over the, it's all, oh god. Oh god. Did you like the sound effects? Oh my god. Okay, so the Vikings. You got a little something. I do not.

So we're talking about COVID in the NFL. The Vikings have a player named Cameron Smith. Yep. Who has COVID 19 and has to have heart bypass surgery. So, wishing him well. Heart I thought it was Heart valve replacement. Yeah, heart valve, I thought. Heart valve replacement. I was gonna say heart bypass, that's not bad.

Listen, I'm on round two of the same subject, okay? Sorry. You wanna make it round Three. round. I'll end it now. . Round three. There will be alcohol involved. Oops. . I hit the wrong button. ? Yes. Darn. We're gonna have to get some alcohol. So they're talking about in the locker rooms that. Um, different teams, different teams have spaced the players out as they've been able to and put plexiglass you know, what they're able to do.

That's gotta look stupid. I saw it on TV, it looked okay. It's gotta feel stupid. Yeah. You know. Yeah, it can't fit in between my plexiglass, coach. You know how big some of them linemen are, those 350 pound linemen. Speaking of linemen. The center that snaps the ball and hands it to the player. Oh, you're going to go there?

I don't even want to talk to you now. Tom Brady, Mr. Germano. Oh yeah, he can't, he can't lick his fingers no more. Can't lick his fingers and snap the ball. He can't deflate the football either. Well, he's going to have a crappy year. Well, now that you mention crap. Put his hand up underneath that center to get the...

He's gonna get sweat off his butt cheeks and grab that ball. Let's see what moisture he's gonna get. I went there. He's gonna touch a sweaty bunghole o. Bunghole o. You just gave football a bad name. He's hiking a turd. I'm sorry. You are so not sorry. Do you know that some of the quarterbacks make their centers put towels down their bridges so that there's no sweat on the ball?

I knew that you didn't admit it. I can't unhear that. . I knew it. You did. I. If it has to do with the butt or balls, guess who's on it? That one

just chokes you up, doesn't it? Yeah, pretty much.

Oh my God. Oh, come on. That's funny. Yeah, that was funny. Yeah, because you know a little. Like I said, Tom Brady can't lick the ball. He can't deflate the balls. He can't deflate his balls. He can't lick his balls anymore. If he can lick his own balls, man. He needs to talk. That's flexibility. I'm telling you, he might as well have stayed in New England.

I'm not sure he was welcome there anymore. I don't know. Uh, New England. All I know is... What's Gronk thinking now? I, I, I don't know. Thinking he wants a Super Bowl, so he followed Brady. That's why he came back out of retirement, was so that he could go back to New England. Yep, to get traded. Specifically, just to be traded.

Yeah, because he still had a year on his contract. Mm hmm. And, uh, you know damn well the, the Patriots got a hefty... Oh yeah. Hefty fetch for Grom. No they didn't. Oh yeah. Cause he had retired. Oh yeah. He was done. Well look at Jason Witten. He retired and then went back to Dallas and now he's a Las Vegas Raider.

Let's see how long he lasts over there. They're gonna go back to LA. You watch. Two years from now. Vegas Raiders? No. Not with that multi billion dollar stadium they got built. Oh hell no. They ain't going nowhere. They'll be there. Vegas Raiders will be there to stay. They're going to go back to L. A. and someone else is going to fill the stadium, just like happened to the Cleveland Browns.

No. See, the Vegas Raiders got a ring to it. What other team has a ring that could go with Vegas? The Las Vegas Chargers? How about the Las Vegas Washington football team? Yeah, that's got a ring to it. Alright, let's talk about the bubble. NBA. The bubble. The bubble. Yep. Bubble. Go Suns! Five in a row they got.

Five in a row. Five in a row as of, as of this recording. Yes. So, they're in the bubble. I hope they make it. I really do. It's been a while. Well, most of them are in the bubble. You had the one that left for a family emergency, which I'm not joking about the emergency. They said it was a family funeral, but he had to stop at the strip club.

Well, he needed to get his chicken strips. He had to get his chicken strips on, because they were named after him. A strip club. Chicken strips. Strip club. Chicken strips. Strip club. Named after him. Maybe the strip club was.

Were the chicken strips stripping? I don't know. Maybe it was a stripper named Chicken.

Hahaha. Too much? Alright, well he takes a water break. I think that was pretty damn funny. If you thought it was funny, click subscribe. Come on, go ding, ding, ding. We like you Janet. Ding, ding, ding. Click subscribe right down over there or wherever it is. Ding, ding, ding. Ding, ding, ding. Hahaha. That was funny.

Uh. So we're back to talking about... Basketball. So think about all those alpha males. Before we actually talk about the game, let's talk about those players. All those seven foot tall alpha males. You mean, uh, the bubble of testosterone? Testicular fortitude? I do. Yeah. What about it? Well, they all like to gamble to an extent or bet on stuff.

You know, they're very competitive, obviously. Yeah. Who would have thought that, you know? What you talking about, Willis? So what I saw on the news is that they're all playing like golf and they're playing, um, individual. Um, playing cards, volleyball and cards and video games. Of course. What else are you going to do?

Kickball, spikeball, cornhole, everything. Have you seen, have you seen the bubble they're in? Yeah, it's ESPN. It's the ESPN wild, wide world of sports. Yes. Say that five times fast. That, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that. I think you're funny.

Uh, anyway. I want to see the blooper reel from the bubble. I do too. NBA blubber bloopers. NBA bubble bloopers. Did you notice that they're all wearing different shirts? The backs of their shirts say different things like, uh, equality or... Stand with us or I forget what it's respect, but they're also wearing black live matter t shirts And taking a knee during the national.

Yeah, you can have that knee I don't know. I I also noticed that uh baseball had put the the black lives It's just the the mlb logo the baseball, you know, and then underneath this blm instead of mlb I was like you got to be kidding me. I know

They haven't proved that they're behind the riots, but I think they are.

I think part of them are. I don't think that all of them are. I just, Well, I don't know. That's a, that's a touchy subject. Yes, it is. Tiptoe, tiptoe. We all have our own opinion of the BLM. I, I feel that, uh, if you were born and raised in the United States, hell, if you, if you are a United States citizen. Yeah, not even born and raised, just.

If you are a citizen, I don't care what fucking color you are. You, you know, you're an American and American lives matter. Like I said, it doesn't matter what color your goddamn skin is, you know. It's not black lives matter. It's, I can't say white lives matter because then I'm racist. Yeah. But I'm white. My life matters.

Yeah. You know, but I'm an American, so American lives matter to me. And, and I don't care what color they are. And if Janet gets any whiter, she's going to be transparent. That's my story. News at 11. Okay, so. You know, I talked to our gardeners. The guys that do the landscaping. What? We have gardeners? Well, the guys that do the landscaping.

Oh, those guys. Oh, those guys are a riot. They'd kill me. The pugs think they're delicious. I mean, love their lunch. Yeah, love their lunch and shit.

And because they started, when we moved in, the pugs saw the guys, the guys saw the pugs, and they were like, Oh, here, you like eggs for breakfast? Come here, my little chiquitas. And they started feeding them. The rest is history. Four years later, we have fat pugs. They were thin when we moved in. I swear to God, they were.

Anyway. So. My Spanish has improved. Their English, not so much. You may be able to talk a lot of Spanish. You sure understand a lot of Spanish. Oh, yeah. So, the other day, I got a pug licking my leg now. The other day... How was it? Keeping us in suspense. I'm getting interrupted. Well... As I was walking the pug, I was walking...

Tell her to move. By you. The other day as I was bringing the pugs home, we walked past the guys and talked to them for a couple minutes and then I walked away and they have a new guy and he's like, said something about me and I didn't quite hear what he said and then one of the guys that I know in Spanish, he says to the new guy, he says, Oh, that white chick with the, with the blonde hair and the pugs, don't worry, she's great.

She's all good. You can talk to her anytime. I turned around and I just looked at him and he's like, Oh yeah. Oops. Forgot she can hear me. Forgot. She understands. She understands. Rrrrooo. And I told him, I said, and in English I told him, I said, but you know that if I said that about you. Brown skin. If I said that, oh, that, that Mexican.

Oh, that old brown skin guy is pretty hot. He'd be all over that shit. He wouldn't, he wouldn't think it was bad. He'd be like, oh yeah. Chiquita love me.

If I made some comment about him. Either by calling him Mexican or brown skin or whatever, one of the other new guys would take it wrong. And him and I have had that discussion before. Of course. So, had nothing to do with someone being hot, you dumb hillbilly. I can't say that because I'm hillbilly. I'm Bill Hilly.

You went there? What? Did I I was joking. It was a joke. I was saying, like, if you said, Ooh, he's a hot He's a 75 year old man. I don't care. I mean, like I said, if If you We were doing a for instance. Okay, I wasn't doing a for instance. I was doing a this is what really happened. I know, but if you had, for instance, said, hey, hey, hot tamale over there, you know.

Oh, I see what you're saying. But I didn't get that over there. Yes, sometimes I really am blonde. Sometimes I'm blonde. Janet, you're really blonde. Just a second. Kaylin, get out from underneath. Get out. Thank you. Pugs, Pugs interrupt us. I just told her to move. And where'd she go? Right back, right? I said move!

Go! Pugs interrupt us. Okay, we're better. So, NBA Bubble, playoff wise and playing wise, Um, Other than the one player that isn't obeying the bubble rules, there's been a lot of strip joints getting his chicken strips. Yeah, he was hungry. His chicken was stripping. Yeah, he was hungry. What do you think about this?

Players, coaches, they were named after him. Train, the chicken strips, they were doctors, journalists, all the people that are down there are all. Tested and supposed to seclude themselves inside the bubble. Right. Once you, once you, it's like a roach motel. You're supposed to check in and, but not, not check back out again.

Do you know they have a hotline that if you're in the bubble, you can call and report people who don't obey the rules? I believe it. Because they're in high school. Yeah. Because, yeah, they, they've reverted to high school antics. Mm hmm. Do they get rewards? I don't know. I didn't hear that. I just know that they've reverted to high school antics.

No, I heard, I heard, um, I think it was LA They were, they were giving rewards to people turning in people for not wearing masks. I heard that. And being social distant. Yeah. That's a big thing right now in the us. I'm like, seriously? Wow. Yeah. It's the rules. People follow 'em. But the N B A started mid-season.

Mm-hmm. and they started with, uh, what was it, 22 of the league's normal 30. Yeah, I think they got 32 teams. No, 22 of the league's normal 30 ish teams. And then they added another 6 that were close to being in the playoffs. So they started with like 28 teams or something. Okay, that were in content 22 plus the six that were in contention to grab a spot.

All right. Go sons. That's how the sons got in is where I was going with it. Cause they were one of the six in contention. Now that they've won five, they're closer to being, they were like a game and a half out of the playoffs last I knew. Okay. Go sons. So that in there, you can do it. So they began by playing their regular eight regular season games.

Okay. That's what they're doing right now. No, I think it ended up being more than eight. No, eight regular season games. Then they start their playoffs next week. But they've been in a bubble for a while. I don't know. Well, you think of how many teams there are to play eight games. It's a lot. Eight games apiece.

Oh. Not just eight games. Eight games a team. I kind of figured that. Duh.

I swear, you're so damn silly. I swear I'm going to get you one of these days. So then the playoffs begin, like the middle, like around the 15th or the 21st or something? I don't know. Uh, I just know the middle of August, which is like next, yeah, middle-ish. Middle August-ish. Yeah. You know, I mean, look at my calendar, I believe.

Yeah. Uh, and then the middle, middle to end, I think, I think it is around the 20th. And then the finals are start September 30th. Yes. That's what you told me earlier. I believe. Yeah. Don't quote me on it. That might have been NHL. No. I don't know. You told me NBA Finals started September 30th. I don't know. I had so many.

I don't remember. I think the Super Bowl is going to be end of September.

They're just going to open up, go right into the playoffs, say, fuck it, we're not even going to play a season. Yeah, college sports is gone. Yeah. Nope. Forget it. It's done. Yeah. So many teams, so many colleges have canceled so much stuff that college sports is just pretty much done. Yep. I agree. I know. And plus, Well, I understand why, too, because they can't protect the players.

Exactly. Like you and I were talking before, you know, you're an offensive lineman, you're right there talking smack to each other. It's, how are you going to protect me from your spit? Yeah, because even with the face shield. Even if they lowered it down a little bit more, maybe. Yeah, but then they're in danger when they lean down of hitting themselves.

No, it just has to. I've got that bandaid on my face. It just has to go where their face guard is. But even if they lowered it a little more, then when they lean down, they're in danger of hitting themselves in the chest. Because these guys are big barrel chested guys a lot. So what are you saying? They're big boys?

Yeah, some of them are. Yeah, right. I don't know. Anyway. And in addition, college, um, sports. They're putting. Yeah, you're still, you're still.

No, I forgot what we were talking about. College. We were talking about the big boys.

Anyway, college sports. I'm trying to figure out if so much college sports has been put on hold, how and college has been put on hold, how they're talking about there being problems in college sports with. sexual harassment, sexual discrimination, and racial discrimination already this year. The year hasn't even started.

I How can they be talking a I don't know. I I don't understand. It's like, I hate to say I'm stupid, because I don't think I am, but if the si if the school year hasn't started I I No, I'm It's left over from last year. That's possible because, but I'm just saying. Because COVID hit and they weren't able to put the complaint in.

So now that things are starting to open up, they can complain again. I guess because it just does not make sense to me how you can be complaining about a season, a practice season that hasn't even started yet. It's like if they haven't started their season, they're practicing. How can they be complaining about all this stuff that if they haven't even seen them in person yet, maybe they look at them, you know, and not what there's, there's, I mean, the stuff they're talking about, like Colorado State University was one of them, you know, that's the one that I happen to read.

Well, they're too, they're too stoned to really figure it out. Anyways, it's Colorado.

They're mile high. I knew you were going to say that. Okay, I should have just let that one go. You should have just let that, you dangled it in front of me. I know, but we're talking about the toxic culture for this school year. I'll give them toxic culture. I don't even know if they're back in yet. Yeah, no.

No, there's a lot of, a lot of college schools are backing out. They're, they're saying they're, that they don't feel they, they're able to protect their players well enough. And so therefore they are opting out of the season. Okay. So do you think that everybody should opt out? All sports? Um. Is it worth the price of a life?

No, I don't, I don't think it is, but I would leave it up to the guys that are getting paid. You want to play? You know, I take it to a poll and if they get enough guys that want to play, you play, you know, how many people you've got to have on a team. So if you don't meet the standard, then you don't play.

Okay, so what happens if say there's a team, okay, and say the team wants to play and half the players want to play, but half the players don't, but they don't, but let me finish, but with only half of them playing is not enough to constitute. Putting a team together and playing now, they're going to say, well, we're punishing the ones that want to play.

That's like I said, if you don't have enough players to meet the standards of a full team, then we don't play. Yeah. I don't care whether you want to play or not want to play. That that to me is you set up the guidelines. All right. You need nine players like in baseball. You need nine, nine people. On the field.

Yeah. All right. You're going to need backup people. So you need a couple extra pictures, a couple extra players. So 30 people on a roster, maybe you need to actually play a game. Okay. So you, you leave it at, okay. If. If you've got 30 players that are able to play

and are COVID free, and we have X number of teams that have that amount of players that can play, then we'll play a season. We'll do something. We'll play something. Okay. If, say, you need 50 players on a football team. Okay. Because you've got offense, defense, and special teams. Okay, but some players can play other positions.

True. They do that in like the XFL. Right, right. Oh, speaking of that, did you hear The Rock bought the XFL? Yeah, I heard he had partners, but why is he bothered? Promotions. Promotions. Why, why put all your money in it when you can have other people help out? That's true. You know, he's, he's, he's gone real life ballers now.

Yeah, I say ballers, he just went real life with it, yeah. You don't need HBO now, he's got, he's got money back, he's got backers. Yeah, um. But no, where I was going with it is there's, um, there's a female star, uh, obviously female star of the WNBA whose doctor told her that based on all the medications she takes, she shouldn't play.

She shouldn't play, but her team told her if you don't play, you don't have a contract. She could fight it, I think. I don't know. She's playing. I know that. Yeah, because, you know, obviously, but you know what will happen is if she contacts it. Because she had a doctor's note and everything, and they forced her to play.

Mm hmm. If she does get it, and something happens, she's got a lawsuit. Oh, I'm sure. You know she will. But you know, it's like I'm sure she's even, you know, fighting, fighting them right now. The majority of the players of professional sports Yep. Okay. Are Millionaires, or very wealthy, we'll say. Yeah, I wouldn't say they're all millionaires.

Okay, not millionaires. Very wealthy, making a very good living. They get paid a handsome salary to do what they do. I wish, I wish I got paid to do what they do instead of what I do. Professional, healthy athletes. Okay? Yeah. We'll leave it at that. Okay. But they're family men or women, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, cousins, nephews, nieces, daughters, et cetera, blah, blah, blah.

Just because they're athletes doesn't mean they're not going to get COVID as is shown by professional baseball. Right. Right. Yeah. I mean, you can see, and it's not just baseball though. It's like football players. I'm just saying, for example, baseball, that's, I just said, for example, shown by baseball. Okay.

And say one of them dies of COVID. Who's going to be the one to go to their children, or their parents, or their siblings, and say, Well that's why I say you leave it up to the people that are getting paid to play it. You know, like if I had a contract to play, Hey, hey Pat, you want to play? If you want to play, and you don't test positive, If you got enough players on our team, we'll do it.

You know, leave it up to the players. The players have that option. Not, now they don't. They should though. In the NFL they do. Yeah, I like what the NFL is doing. That's why, that's why I'm saying it. I like it. now. In the rest of sports, they're being told play or lose your contract. I don't feel that's right.

So who's going to go to those children or, or whomever, the family, and say, we needed our sports so bad here in America that it cost your loved one their life. No, I don't think we need them that bad. Are people gonna be bored? Yeah, well, take stock in Netflix. Yeah, right. I mean, come on. We can recommend some good shows.

You know, yeah. You know, Prime. You know, hell, Amazon's a fuckin multi billion dollar company. Go to Prime, you know, watch, you know, sign up for Prime. You can get videos from there, too. Go volunteer! Nobody wants to do that anymore. You can't be six feet, you can't be six feet away from people. Yes, you can.

You'd be putting yourself at risk. Tons of people volunteer. Stay home, people. Volunteer. Okay, volunteer. Don't discourage people from volunteering, Patrick. It's up to them. Exactly. They have, they have that option.

I'm just saying. All right. I'm being the devil's advocate. Yeah, I'm gonna give you a devil's advocate. Just because you got the horns. Don't, you don't scare me. Yeah, you're, you're, you're way off. I'm gonna give you...

Okay, so, what I think is... I don't care who's winning what game right now. I think we need to take a break. I think the country needs to heal. And while after 9 11, the sign that when baseball came back, the country was healing, the country was getting better. That was a different set of circumstances, though.

I think that that was a totally different situation, and I think that we need to just give it a break and go and enjoy the rest of the year as the best we can. And, uh, I do love you. And see you next year, basically. I agree. You know? Like I said, if you can't do it safely, then don't do it. You know, there's tons of stuff you can do with people.

You can still do stuff with people you love. Now, who wants to do that? I said love, not are related to. Two different things. Oh, my bad. You're going to be bad. Not that you're living with and not that you're related to people you love and want to be with. Gotcha. Got it. Yeah. Okay. Anyway. Anyway, I feel that it should be left up to the players.

To make the decision on whether or not they, they feel they should play. I agree. But if you test positive, Go the fuck home. Stay home. and there's not enough people to have on a team, then we can't play. We don't have enough teams to play, then we don't do a season. I agree. You know? Do I feel that we absolutely need, no.

We can, we, we've gone this far without it. We, we can go. I

don't want to Janet's head's falling off. My head's falling off. Oh, yeah. So let's, let's do that now. Well, yeah, of course I'm gonna do that now. It's driving me nuts. It's a short drive. It is a short drive. I'm glad I don't have that problem.

What am I gonna do with him? Anybody like to tell me? There's no help for me. So if you'd like to tell me what I'm going to do with him, how I can help. Comment below. Comment below. Leave a comment, mark it, put a little something on it, tag me in it, hey. Don't forget to subscribe. Janet M is, you can let me know, subscribe down there.

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I meant to do that. Of course you did. Oh, Janet, Janet, Janet. Oh, Patrick, Patrick, Patrick, Patrick. I do love you. I love you too, Patrick. Hey, Patrick. Yes, dear? This is my radio voice you like, right? No. Why not?

What's up, Patrick? It's so you got a frog in your throat. No, no frog. I got Bart Simpson stuck in there. Oh, yes. I didn't do it. Nobody saw me do it. Can't prove anything. Don't have a cow, man. Don't have a cow, man. Ribbit. Ribbit.

So what else do you want to talk about? Anything? What's for dinner? We talked about, we talked about sports. The only sport we didn't talk about was, was golf. We didn't talk about soccer. Okay, golf. Tiger Woods is back. They don't miss the fans. Go back to TV the way they liked you in the 70s. They didn't need fans.

Okay, so there's golf. Next? Uh, let's see, soccer. My brother, my brother Chuck played in the 80s. I could call him and ask his opinion. I don't know anything about soccer. I know Phoenix Rising is doing pretty well. That's what I hear, anyway. Just from watching the news. Chuck, whose name is John. But then again, Arizona's biased.

They only talk about Arizona teams. Every state's that way. Well. It's all good. He played for a team here in the Phoenix area. Phoenix. Indoor. Indoor. In Phoenix. Yeah. In like, 81. Okay. Yeah, I remember sitting in the stands watching them play and drinking beer. What? Nice. Mm. So. What else do you want to talk about dinner?

No, we're talking about sports. Well, sports and food go together. Yeah, yeah, this is true. Mm hmm. Let's see, we covered football, basketball, hockey, baseball. Oh, horse racing. They fucked up my triple crown. I don't want to talk about them. End of story. Okay. Next year. I agree, yeah. Horse racing is done. Um, soccer.

We talked about soccer. You did a little bit of women's basketball. Do you know what they didn't mess up? They are playing in the bubble. You did know that, right? Yes. Yeah, okay. Racing. NASCAR? NASCAR. NASCAR! If you go to like drag races though and everything, people aren't wearing masks and people are just sitting in the stands like normal.

You know, you're right. Yeah, NHRA, yeah. But if you go to NASCAR, there's nobody in the grandstands. I know, but if you go to NHRA or local tracks across the country, Yeah, they were just here. They were just here. It all looks pretty normal. You're right. Well, not as many fans, but yes, they are fans in the stands.

And you're right. Well, some of them, uh, the, the, the crews are mandatory. They have to wear masks. Yeah, but the fans. It should be mandatory for fans. I'm just telling you what I've seen on. Facebook. I honestly believe it's going to be a long time before we have any big crowded events. I agree. You know, concerts, you name it, sporting events, it'll be a long time before fans are let back in again.

Okay, but here's your, here's my question. Pop quiz! Pop quiz. So now they have this COVID test that gives you like 15 minute results? I believe so, yes. So say they want to do a concert with a thousand people in it. Why can't a concert promoter set that up and set up, say, 50 of those stands with the 15 minute I forgot to turn that one off.

With the 15 minute thing

and run a, um, bunch of people through COVID tests before a concert. Never fail. You're almost done with the fucking podcast and then tail end, somebody's got to fucking interrupt. Should have just answered the phone. Should have just said, what the fuck do you want? Welcome to the 18 Wheel Talk podcast show, bitches.

Anyway. So, because they're pretty much within 15 minutes, why can't a concert promoter do that? Too much, I think it's, it's too much, uh, to try to get people tested before they can walk in the door. Because they have to do the test, and they have to wait 15 minutes, and if they pass, then they can be let in.

Mm hmm. And I think that's just too much. Okay. I was just asking. Too much of a crowd standing around waiting for their results. Asking for a friend. You know? I'm just saying. Okay. That's just my opinion. I think eventually it's going to go to something like that. Yeah, they'll, they'll get the test results down to where, where it's like you, you take a swab, you know, how they test for blood, they take a swab, put it in a thing and shake it up.

And if it turns a certain color, you got, you got COVID. If it's not, then you don't have it. Yeah, if it turns blue, you have COVID, you're dying. If it's blue, you're pregnant. Ha Easy pee blue. Ha ha ha ha. If it's blue, you got the V. Yeah, that's right. Yes! The V! Ha ha ha ha ha. Oh, what am I gonna do with you? Huh?

What am I gonna do with you? podcast after this. Not until this room cools down. Couple of bottles of beer on the wall, couple of bottles of beer. Give Janet a mudslide, me a beer and we ought to have fun. There'll be a fan in the background though. What the? No, cause that's too noisy. I don't care. I don't care.

It's hot in my corner. Ehh, ehh, ehh, ehh, ehh, ehh, ehh. Click! Say goodbye Janet. Goodbye Janet. Say goodbye Patrick. Goodbye Patrick. Thank you for joining everybody. If you enjoyed our podcast, please smash the like button. It does, it does help out our show. Subscribe down below here somewhere. Check out our other videos.

Help us out. We're still new at this. We're working out our bugs. But I think, I think we're doing pretty good. What do you think, Janet? I can't hear, I can't hear your pea rattle. You told me I'm not supposed to get the last word in. You're not. I asked you a question. Answer it. Please. Okay. What was the question?

I forgot. I said, we're, we're working the bugs out. We're doing the bugs. We're doing pretty good at this. Don't smash your microphone. I was trying to smash you on the head, but I can't reach that far. You know, you gotta be able to learn to move that microphone. So it's like closer to your mouth so people can actually hear you when you talk.

I'm sorry. You

are so not. Goodbye everybody.

She's blowing kisses now. Gotta go.