18WT #087 - The Oddest Things!

October 24, 2023  Patrick Heller / Janet McCue

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Episode #087

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I just had to. Sorry, was that a little loud? Is it Taco Tuesday? Uh, yeah. Oh, okay. It sure is. Anyways. What are we talking about today, Ms. Janet? What is the oddest thing that you've seen or heard of happening to a load? You know, say, recent, last hundred years, history. Uh, I've, uh, my last job, I, I, you know, we did, I did medical waste.

Hehehehe, that had to be some interesting loads. And, I remember when I first started, we had some older equipment. Mm hmm. And we had some, uh, we had, we had these containers that were on wheels. Mm hmm. And they were, they were so big they had to be lifted with a, you know, stacked with a forklift. Um, and you could get three high, and then you could put three wide.

And I think you could put 90 containers total on the truck, front to back. And if it had a reefer unit in there, the first, the first set had to be two, uh, stack two. Okay. Turn sideways. Yeah. So, to take up that little reefer unit. Mm hmm. Um, I remember, uh, it was, it was the local hospital really close to the office.

Mm hmm. And it was Ellis. I was gonna say it had to be Ellis based on where your office was. And... It was all, all, all I had go around the block, get on, you know, it was not street to eight 90 and up the hill. Okay. And I come around under the railroad bridge and I heard the load move. Oh yeah. Oh. I was like, and lucky for me, I had to stop at the bottom of the hill.

Okay. Yeah. Lucky for me, because now I gotta drive up the hill without having everything rolled down. So when I hit the hit the red light, I called the boss. I said meet me at the dock that's all I said I said meet me at the dock and Lucky for me. It had it had a groove flooring Okay, so when it when one shifted forward because there was an empty space The other two crisscrossed like this and got caught in the grooves.

Okay, but they were leaning up against the walls Okay, so they never moved The load bar, the load bar broke off the wall, so they didn't really slide. I, I mean, I, I, I was, I could have gotten any, because that going under the railroad bridge is kind of like a little windy, so it made them do the teeter totter.

So I was like, oh, it wasn't as bad as we thought, but I was, I, I was like, oh man, there's gonna be blood everywhere. I was gonna say, you're talking bodies and... You're talking, you know. Yeah, body parts. The medical ways to that, well we, yes and no. It was more like, you know, you went in for surgery, or the, you know, bleeding profusely and you come through the ER.

There was a lot of, you know, emergency room blood and guts. Okay, so let me just say, if you're eating something, stop. You know, but yeah, that's basically it. It was, it was all, you know, I used to tell people, as long as there was blood and guts, I always had a job. Somebody had to haul it away. Well, you're not working there now.

No, I know. But, like I said, you know. But that was, that was my, I, I thought it was like gonna be stuff everywhere. And it was just me and my boss just had to stand everything up and then roll things back into place. Wow. Yeah, oh yeah. I, uh, yeah, I puckered. Cause you know when, when something shifts in your load, you can feel it.

And, and I felt it and I went, Oh, you gotta be kidding me. They didn't have it all the way. One row was just off one stack. Oh, yay. I'm not enough to make a difference. Boy, I puckered. How about you? Uh, yeah, that beats mine. That beats yours. You want me to, you want me to ring a story time? Oh, sure, ring a story time.

I like that. Story time! So, um, a truck driver that I was dating, and after that I said I'd never date another trucker. Was it me? No, it was not you. Um, anyway, Hey, who? He hauled grain, and had the, the grain trucks have like the bevels, you know, where they've got, um, top load, several Tank lids and then, um, deliver from the bottom.

Yeah. Like a normal tanker. Bottom, was it bottom feed? Um, yeah. Bottom fed. Bottom fed, but top load, bottom fed. Okay, so when you're at a customer, just like an oil tanker. When you're at the customer, you hook the hoses to the bottom and it delivers from there. So the bottom of the tanker is kind of sloped?

Yes. It has angles. There's usually like three, two or three angles at the bottom. Okay. Um. I used to say they were shaped like cows, like udders. So anyway, he was down in New York City, which is where he typically delivered, and he decided to go off route. I don't know why. Uh, not my monkey, not my circus. And, but he decided to go off route and take a different road than he normally took.

Um, he was, anyone that's ever driven a semi in New York City knows you do not go off route in New York City. Or pretty much any major city. You stay the route that you're told to stay to. But he did not. And he did not pay attention to where he was at in terms of height. of his load. Um, he went zip de de doo dah through the city.

Um, he noticed that he was having a problem when the police stopped him. Whoops. And when they stopped him, he, they said, would you mind getting out of your truck? And he did. And he looked behind him, and the tops of his tanker, the lids, were in the road, along with electric wires and lights. And all sorts of cables and everything for about two blocks.

Whoa. That was an oopsie. That was a big oopsie. Um, needless to say, that load was destroyed too because you can't unseal those and just, hey, we're just going to put a lid back on it and say it's good. Yeah. Because that was food grade. He delivered to flours, to flour mills, where they took the grain and turned it into flour for bakeries in the city.

Yeah, that was history. Oh my god. That was definitely one of the best. And we were no longer dating at the time, but he was definitely looking for some sympathy instead of the... Did you tell him it was between shit and syphilis in the dictionary? No, I don't think he... I think he hung up in the middle of me laughing.

Just, oh my god, I couldn't, I was laughing so hard I think I can hear, I can hear now. You did what? You're pulling the phone away, you're laughing so hard. Yeah, I was just like, I just couldn't stop, I'm like, you did what? How fucking stupid are you? Oh!

I can't believe I said that! Oh my goodness, I can't believe you swore! But that's how You said the F word! Oh my god. Oh my god! Oh my god. That's a tale of this day in history. Your parents are rolling over in their graves. This is wrong. I'm sorry. Oh my god. You're Hail Marys and all that. Whatever they are's. I just, Wow, that's.

Janice said the F word, Janice said. I'm gonna give a prize away just because you said the F word. For people that don't know me, I do not swear. I was just Go to 18wheeltalk. com slash fan club, sign up. One lucky winner is going to get a prize because Janet said the F word. Wow, that's really rare for me to drop it like that.

Drop it like it's hot. Drop it like it's hot. Anyway, he was really stupid that day, um, and I just couldn't stop laughing at him. I don't think we ever spoke again after that. Oh my goodness. That might have been the end of our speaking ever. You think so? Could be. It's possible. Very, very possible. Um, yeah.

Ay yi yi. That was pretty much it. Hey, did you see the story, uh, out of, uh, where was it, Louisiana? with a helicopter? Oh, yeah, that was Denham Springs, Louisiana, which is near Baton Rouge, which I'm familiar with because I figured you was family. Well, ex family in laws down there. Trucker got ticketed after wedging a helicopter beneath I 12 overpass.

That was just last month. That was like a 30 what a 30 million helicopter. Yeah. Wouldn't you like to be the driver that did that? No, no, I wouldn't because uh insurance wise I don't want to be the insurance company that has to pay that. Yeah, he was on Range Avenue That's not the highway. No, that's under the highway.

Yeah, that's not the highway the top of the aircraft inadvertently rammed the i 12 overpass on a Friday morning Uh, September 22nd, I believe it was. Friday morning. Um, yeah. That'll, that'll make traffic come to a standstill. Yeah. Lucky he wasn't on the highway when he rammed it. Right, but he still, I saw the pictures Uhhuh.

I am, I still, and he missed it by that much, , by that much. My favorite show. Get smart. I know, right? Missed it by that much. So when you look at the photographs, uhhuh the, uh, the rotor, which is, you know, That holds the blades? Yep. Collided with a support beam on the underside of the bridge. Ahhhh. That's, yeah, because they take the blades off.

And. So they can transport it. Yeah, and the blades go on another vehicle, typically. Sometimes they'll be on the same, but usually on another. Well, usually it would take the, that. The rotor. Motor part. That's the rotor. Yeah, they would take that out. Not unless it's going a really long way. This was only going like, um, hold on a second.

I got it in there somewhere. Georgia to, or Texas to Georgia. Oh, Georgia to Lafayette. Sorry, it wasn't even that far. Georgia to Lafayette is like there. Um, but like if it's going cross country they would, but it was, yeah. Anyway. It was only 15 and a half foot tall. Well, the bridge is only 15 feet though. I know, but he, anyway.

So he hit the underside of the bridge. The bridge overpass is 15 feet. Yep. According to the signage. Right. And the specs for the helicopter from ground on top of the bridge was 15 and a half. Okay, so here's my On top of the trailer, I mean. Alright, here's my thing. If you're hauling something, that's that big, costs that much money, where's your escorts?

He should have had them. I, I totally agree. At least a lead car. It's an oversized. Okay, it, let me just. I'm sorry. Get to that. Okay. The, it says Range Road was, uh, doesn't say what time the accident happened, but it was open shortly after 1030 and the helicopter was removed. It doesn't, it says that the bridge did not sustain any structural damage.

Okay. So he hit it just right and it made his ass end buckle. That's the only thing I can think of which caused him to stop. He came to an abrupt stop. Yeah. It was a Texas based company. Um, International Machine Transport. The driver, 56 year old Miguel Rodriguez, was ticketed for careless operation. That would be a horrible ticket as a truck driver to get.

Yeah, no kidding. Um, the cargo was going from Georgia to Lafayette. Okay. Oops, sorry, I moved my mic. What? So, They didn't release all the details about the aircraft, but it was definitely, uh, looked like a Sikorsky S 92 from the pictures. Okay. Straight off the production line. That helicopter goes for 30 million dollars.

Alright, so is that an American helicopter? Yes. Okay. Very expensive. No. Okay. Pleasure Helicopter. Very expensive Pleasure Helicopter. I don't want to make that phone call. That's about the size of a UH 1H, a Huey. Sir, um, yeah, I, I, I, I wrecked your helicopter. Yeah. Um, you've heard me talk about Huey helicopters.

Yep. You kind of know the size of them. Yep. Okay, it's also about the size of a, um, um, Medical helicopter, which resembles a Yui for size. Okay. Okay. So, so we're talking like Vietnam helicopters for size for size Yeah, I'm saying yeah ones they use in Vietnam. Yeah, the guns on either side. Oh, well, they're the ones you always see Arnold Schwarzenegger Yeah, not with the doors.

Oh doors. Yeah, I don't yeah size wise. It was a big one like that from the looks of it Yeah from the pictures that I saw that's what it looked. Yeah sleeker looking because of you know Fifty years have passed. What? But, still, but size wise. Anyways. But that's what brought up this whole debate between us, which we kind of agree, but not everybody online agreed with us.

Right. Okay, he should have had escorts. We know that because if you drive oversized, which I have, I think you have, I'm not sure. No, I, I mean, I've, I've picked up some equipment that was kind of borderline. Okay, my dad mostly drove either oversized or overweight. Right. I've driven over height, I've driven overweight, and I've driven over length.

Okay. That's about as oversized as it gets. Yeah. Every time I did, except for overweight oil. Okay. I had to have an escort. Okay. Overweight oil, it was a dedicated route, dedicated load. But you also, you knew your load specs, you knew your height, length, width, weight. Every detail. You know, you knew everything about it.

It's, it's in your, it's on your paperwork. Well, yeah. It has to be. Correct. But I also knew that if I had to, Have a escort vehicle and you know in front behind the whole bit I knew where I had to stop to get them if I was crossing the state line I knew where to pull off to get them I go usually if you're crossing you got a specific route and you're gonna cross to a way station anyways Yes, where where you got to pick up your new paperwork and I'm correct and you pull in and if there's not a way station You pull off the side of the road at like the first exit first Rest stop whatever it's within a few miles of the border.

Yep, and you swap escort vehicles you know, goodbye to ohio. Hello, indiana, you know, goodbye Unless you're permitted to go the whole way. Yeah, which some some are some aren't um and drivers know this because a lot of time this comes out of the driver's pocket Unless escort vehicles. Yeah, I thought that, uh, usually they, uh, it depends on the value of the load, I think.

Because I know that like the company I worked for paid them, but my dad being owner operator paid them. Okay. So that makes sense. With this guy, he was, he worked for the company. Mm-hmm. maybe still does, I don't know. You don't know. Um, Maybe International Machine Transport pays for the load, or for the flag people, because, and escort vehicles, I mean, because it sounds like with the name, maybe that's all they do is haul this type of stuff.

Right, you would think. You know. You would think so. And if so, I would think they would have escort vehicles as part of their fleet. Right. I don't know, I don't know anything about this company, but if they don't, they should have everything lined up. Um, I know that if I had the money, and I just won the billion dollars, and I was buying a plane, or a helicopter that was worth 30 million dollars, I would be saying, Who's escorting my plane?

Who's loading it or helicopter? Who's loading and unloading it? Who's escorting it through each state? Right. What route is it taking? Exactly. I would ask all of those questions. Well, there's there's a designated, you know, when you apply for the permits from yes, you know Uh, they, cradle to the grave, basically.

Yes, that's what I'm trying to say. So, so where, where it originates to where it's destination, final resting place. Um. Under the bridge. Well, in this example, it was under the bridge. Um, every state that you go through, you got a file that it, it's, it's, it weighs this much, it's this high. Correct. And then, and then you're given a specific route that avoids low bridges.

Which is why, when you see, like a lot of times, if you see a low bridge on a highway, I don't know if you've ever noticed, sometimes they take an alternate route, and sometimes they take the exit ramp, and all they do is go up the exit ramp, and across the road, and down the on ramp. And that's the, but some off ramps don't, won't allow the straight across.

Yes. Those are the exceptions. Yes. When they have that, it uh, sometimes it allows the straight through. Some of them in Pennsylvania, that's the reason I mentioned that, some of them off I 90 in Pennsylvania have that. Yeah. And allow that. Yeah. Um, which are some of the ones that I took. So they allow that on some of them, but when you get your original paperwork, It gives you a rundown of every route, every state you're taking, who you're talking to in every state.

Exactly. It gives you the who, what, where, when. The phone numbers for every state. The when you're gonna, you're gonna reach Indiana at this time, on this day, or Louisiana, or Texas, or wherever. You've got every detail. And if you have a problem, this is the number you call. Yes. For this state. This is the number you call for this state.

I mean, it's all right there in your permits in order to... And the only thing I could think is, what if he didn't speak English? Because not all American truck drivers or not all truck drivers that drive in America speak English. This is true. You do have some that come down from Canada that speak French.

That's true. You do have some that come up from Mexico or that live in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California. Uh huh. Only speaks Spanish. What? And they take the test in Spanish. Well, see that's, I'm sorry. You gotta, you can't, you gotta read, write, and, and understand English if you're gonna be in this country and driving it.

Well, they're not in my, in my opinion, it's not a opinion. It's not a requirement though. Which is a whole different story. Should be a requirement. But yes, that's a whole nother podcast for a whole, oh boy, we can, we can't get on, we get on. Didn't even big topic. Didn't even think of looking that up when I.

Ran across this. I didn't even think of it. Yeah, that's a whole nother topic Yeah, I know. So whoever consigned the load should have made sure everything was done correctly Okay Whoever the ship or seller should have done everything properly You would think so whoever bought the helicopter should have done it all verified that everything There's like so many checkpoints that got missed on this load The fact that the bridge...

The fact that he made it to where he made it to is probably a miracle. Yeah, because he was going to Lafayette and he was in Baton Rouge. He wasn't that far from where he was going. Right. So, like I said, it's like he made it that far. It's like, okay, so how many close calls did he have on his way there? No tellin Um...

Because on an average, bridges are 14 feet in height. Yeah, or 14 and a half. Yeah. You know, you know, given, given the, you know, certain states. Yeah, it just depends on each state. Um, so there was a lot of people who had a lot of responsibility who blew it on this one. Yeah. What was lucky was the bridge wasn't destroyed.

True. And we, we have a, I'll tell you what the, where they can go to find the, um, pictures if they want to see this. Okay. Um, but I looked at the I'll put a, we can put a link in the show notes. Okay, and I looked at the pictures To the website. After this hit, and the cops came and everything else, they actually removed the rotor, which is the motor Right.

for the blades. Okay. They took that off the top of the helicopter to move everything. Yeah. They could have done that in the beginning and saved a lot of hassle. If they had moved, removed the rotor and the blades, put them on a separate truck, and moved the helicopters. That's what I mean. You would have thought.

It would have been a lot easier, but they didn't. No. Um, but yeah, like I said, as far as routing, it falls on the trucking company getting the right permits from state to state. You don't go off a permitted route with the right, with an oversize. But he was so close, maybe he was on what he was told was permitted.

But maybe they were supposed to take the rotor off, too. Who knows? Yeah, this is true. I mean, you missed it by that much. Ha ha ha. You missed it by six inches. Maybe, maybe he was supposed to drop his airbags and he forgot. Why would you drop your airbags with a fully with a load.

Oh, half a foot. Six inches. You know what I mean. Yeah. You can't get six inches from... Plus, you'd ruin your, your axles dropping it for that, for the width of an interstate? I don't know. Wouldn't you? I don't know. I'd love to know what people think. I know. Me too. It's one thing to drop your airbags for just a foot or two, but if you dropped your airbags to go across underneath a six lane, three, three lanes each way, interstate.

With a helicopter on it. Yeah, that's true. You're gonna break something. You're gonna break something is all I can think. It'd be one thing if you're empty. Did they have to, other than taking the rotor out, did they have to do anything else? No, the way it looked is all they had to do was drop his airbags, take the rotor off, and lift him back up.

No kidding. They had a crane, so they had a, um, a crane that was sitting Not under the bridge, of course, but you know, yeah, but with the crane went in and then they unbolted everything and the crane was able to slide it to the side and pull it out. So yeah, so we want to continue this topic on our on our Twitter page Twitter page Our X formerly known as Twitter page X Twitter Twitter Anyway, whatever the hell you want to call it Twitter X Next Twitter.

But I wanted to say, so the pictures that I found were taken by the, uh, were courtesy of the Livingston Parish Sheriff. Okay. I don't recall his name, but he was the sheriff there. Okay. Um, counties in Louisiana are called parishes. Right. As they are in a lot of southern states. And the pictures are on brproud.com. Okay. That's a newspaper, uh, BR as in Baton Rouge. Gotcha. Baton Rouge Proud dot com. Okay. So, but you'll put a link in there. Yeah, we'll put a link in the show notes. There's some interesting pictures. When I first ran across it I went, What am I looking at? But anyways, go to our... Go to our Twitter page at @18wheeltalk and voice your opinion and find this pin post What's the oddest thing you've seen or heard on you know on?

On your route and let us know be very interesting to find out Because this was definitely the honest one for me, oh my god, yeah Well, it's like, it's like, you look at it, look at the picture, you go, uh, where's his escorts? That was the first thing. Uh, duh. Yeah, because if you had him, the flag car in advance has the pole that goes well above the height of the load. Yep. And it would have gone ping, ping, ping, ping, ping.

And, and if he's hauling oversized, he should have had a pole to get out and measure. Yeah. If he wasn't doing escorts. He obviously didn't do either. I know but anyways go to our go to our twitter page @18wheeltalk and let us know What's the oddest thing you've seen? Yeah, some of the others aren't even worth mentioning because that beats them all And on that note

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Keep your rubber side down and your shiny side up. Whoop. Whoop. Okay. Bye.